Chapter 4

○The Day After Elise Arrived


“……It’s so quiet.”

I returned from school and opened the door. But what awaits me is silence. There are no broken windows, the room isn’t in a mess, and furthermore, there isn’t a corpse of an Angel. It’s simply silent.

Silence is a time which calms you down most of the time. My body gets nervous as if it’s getting controlled by fear that I can’t see with my own eyes.

While walking with an heavy step, I look into the living room. I can’t find Teeri who would usually be reading a manga. Maybe she’s on the second floor? Or maybe something more terrible is happening.

I put my bag on the living room’s table and look around the surrounding. I wonder where the Angel and Devil went. Or was all that a dream?

In the kitchen, there are plates that has been used yesterday by four people. Sadly, that wasn’t a dream.

Don’t tell me either one of the Devil or the Angel got killed……? The worst possible scenario passes through my mind.

In order to find the truth, I went up the stairs. I then try to open the door—.


I can hear Teeri laughing her butt off from inside the room. She’s most likely reading a manga. Strength leaves my body. I return back to the first floor since I can’t be bothered opening the door. It’s also hot today so I’m sweating quite a lot. I’ll go and have a quick shower then.

I head to the changing room and stop front of the door.

“I did get wrapped up in a situation you often see in manga and novels……”

I remember the thing that happened between me and Teeri the other day. Teeri was on second floor, but I’m concerned that I didn’t see Elise.

“Hey, are you inside?”

I called out from the changing room in order to make sure. There’s no response. There’s no sound of anyone taking a shower either. There’s not even a single sound coming from inside.

But then, it’s risky to say that those kind of situation won’t happen here. It’s possible for Elise to say, “I was getting changed!”.

I open the door and made sure I didn’t look inside. There’s only silence after the sound of the door being opened. The changing room is dark and no one is inside. It’s safe.

“Why do I have to be so concerned in my own house……”

I take a shower while feeling as though I’m in someone else’s house.

Ten minutes later. I stopped the shower and step outside to the changing room.

“Ah, that was refreshing.”



When I stepped out of the bathroom, there is Elise who is half naked and has her hands on her underwear. Why? Why? Why?

We became stiff like a rock as if the time has stopped.

“……Eh, eh……?”

Maybe she doesn’t realise the situation. So she keeps saying “Eh, eh” and looks my way dazzled. I feel like holding my head down.

I thought I would have avoided such situation, but I never thought she would be the one who came into such situation……

“Can’t you tell I’m inside by the sound of the shower……?”

Despite saying things to her, I can’t keep my eyes away from Elise’s body. A body different from Teeri where she has curves. The two mountains on her chest is so splendid that it’s like Mount Everest.

It’s merely a piece of cloth, but her underwear has such destructive power. I shake my head to the side while knowing I shouldn’t look.

“Huh, eh……why, eh……”

It seems like she still hasn’t realise the situation she is in while I’m having trouble being in this situation. But it seems like the device inside her that reflects her embarrassment is increasing, so her face becomes red.

Then Elise’s gaze moves from my face to my chest, then to my stomach, then lastly to my lower body. Hey……
 photo KTTK01-NC07_zps08e7668a.png
“Anyway……I……ahm……will return to the shower room……so get changed and leave here during then.”

I close the door. It happens right after that.


Her scream echoes very loudly. So loud that it won’t be weird if my neighbours would break into my house.


“The thing is, I’m the one who had my body seen, so don’t you think I’m the one who wants to scream?”

I started to make an excuse as soon as the three of us gathered in the living room.

But there’s no way my excuse would get through to them. So I have myself getting a powerful and chilling stare from the two of them.

“I! ……Umm, I had my b-breast seen by you!!”

Elise cries for real while she makes her eyes go red. Teeri is simply nodding her head. Well, I did see it…..but I didn’t see it because I wanted to.

“Souichirou’s at fault here.”

“Why!? It’s usually an accident at time like this, so it’s equal!”

“There is a huge difference between a man and woman. It’s different like Heaven and Hell. Besides……weren’t you happy seeing it?”

“Oi! Stop kidding around!”

Elise cries even more possibly because she heard our conversation. Teeri approaches me quietly.


She comes so close that her lips is about to touch my ear. For some reason it feels creepy.

“You saw it, didn’t you? Elise’s important part…… Did you get excited, Souichirou?”

“D-Damn you—”

Whispers that sounds as though she saw right through me.

“I cannot get married anymore! Ah, please forgive me, the great Archangel-sama……”

Elise then breaks down and repent to God. It kind of suits her doing that but that isn’t the time.

“Besides, it’s also your fault for coming in even though you could hear the sound of the shower!”

“I have a reason! I asked Teeri-san to fill the tub with hot water so I thought that was the sound for it!”


Teeri looks up as if she just remembered something.

“Did you ask me to do that? Ahaha, I totally forgot about it☆”

She plays dumb by sticking her tongue and closing one of her eyes.

“……What……so if this isn’t my fault, then……”
“And it’s not my fault……”

“And not my fault either.”

“It’s your fault!” “It’s Teeri-san’s fault!”

Both of us jumps at the Devil at the same time.

“W-What are you two doing!?”

“Elise, make sure you her hold down tightly.”


I grab onto Teeri’s feet who happens to be the source of all evil and leg locked her by using a kneebar submission.

“Y-You Idiot! You perv! You Lecher! Don’t touch my feet!”

“Shut up. This is a divine punishment!”

By moving around my fingers, I put them against the back of her feet.


Her body twitches, and she screams due to the ticklish sensation she is currently suffering with

“Have you ever gotten this kind of torture in Hell? Kuku, it’s too late for you to repent on your mistakes.”

“Y-You look very evil……”

“Ahaha, ahahaahahaha! Hii, hiii, hiii! S-Stop! I’m telling you to stop—! Hiii, stop!”

She shows that she’s giving up to this torture by hitting the floor. But there’s no way I’ll stop.

“Reflect on your mistakes if you cause trouble!”

“I, I will! I’ll reflect on my mistakes, so please stop hiii!!”

“Are you really?”

“I am, I will, I definitely will!! Ahahahaha!”

Even though she’s saying she’ll die due to this suffering, she has a smile on her face where there are tears in the corners of her eyes.

“I’ll probably stop here then. Right, Elise?”

When I look up to check my partner in crime’s face……


Elise who is standing has an evil smile while looking at Teeri for some reason. ……I’ll act as if I didn’t see that. I then take my fingers away from her feet.

“Haa, haa, y-you better prepare for what’s come afterwards, Souichirou!”

Tickle tickle tickle tickle.

“Ahahahaha! Ahahaha! I-I’m sorry, that was a lie, a joke! Ahahahaha!”

Even after that, I punished her with the tickling torture.


It happens when I was spending my leisure time at the living room after dinner.

A drama on TV ended. Teeri speaks when the news started.

“Tell me something interesting about the human world. Isn’t it boring if the only things you do every day is to eat, sleep, and play?”

“Don’t you feel a thing about having the fortune to eat, sleep, and play for the rest of the day?”

An ideal life like that isn’t so easy to get in the human world.

“I don’t get what you’re trying to say.”

“You really have a flexible brain which works in your favour.”

“There are many Devils who thinks positively.”

So does that mean most of the Devils has a similar brain as Teeri? If that’s true, then I really don’t want to get involved with them……

“If it is okay with you, I would also want to learn more about the human world, Souichirou-san.”

Elise asks me that right after Teeri/ I look away due to having the two of them looking at me with passionate eyes.

“……The human world huh…… I’ll tell you about it, so tell me about the Angels first.”

“About the Angels? What may it be?”

“Don’t you have a question to ask me as well?”

“I’/ not interested in the Devils. You keep your mouth shut and listen.”

“That’s a Devil discrimination, an discrimination towards Devils.”

Teeri complains by putting her thumb down front of her. I’ll just ignore this outsider.

“You knew there was a Devil in my house from the beginning, remember?”

“Yes, I certainly did.”

“The guy from yesterday, Michael, also said the same about watching me. How did you guys even watch me. To be honest I don’t feel good about it.”

“I am very sorry. You are very right about that. Well then, please allow me to answer that question. Regarding about how we watched you……we, the Angels, have a power to look into the human world.”

So it’s not like that have a hidden camera in various parts of the human world.

“Is it like an power that humans don’t have such as that possessing power?”

“That is correct.”

“And you are saying you used that power to watch me?”

Then that means it will be useless to hide things no matter how private it is.

“Of course this is not the only measure we do to Souichirou-san but also specified humans.”

She says it while feeling bad about it.

“For example at times when a Devil escapes into the human world and interact with a human.”

“You mean like the same thing what happened to me?”

“That……certainly is a part of it.”

“It bugs me that you’re not clearly about this.”

“Since I was not told keep this as a secret so I will tell you…… Souichirou-san, you have been under the surveillance of the Heaven even before you me Teeri-san.”

“Huh……? What the, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“It is not like we, the Angels, can surveillance the human world twenty-four seven. You can say we regularly check those who has the power to possibly become an “Angel” or “Devil” in the future.”

“Didn’t you say that all humans become an Angel or Devil after death? It’s not like I’m the only one.”

“That is true, however, your case is very rare, Souichirou-san.”


I have to say that I don’t remember having a life where I should be treated as a rare specimen among humans. Instead, I only have the confidence that I had a life below the average people.

“You know how there are those people who become the historical people in the human world? For example Einstein and Hitler.”

“Well yeah, even I have heard of those names.”

“Such historical people has the rare possibility to becomes an “Archangel” or “Devil-General” after their death.”

Archangel? Devil-General? It sure does sound like names kids would come up with. I would usually laugh with my nose at such thing.

“Souichirou, don’t you know anything? That’s referred to the those who are very strong and has a high position in Hell and Heaven.”

“……Are you telling me I may become one of them?”

“We are not certain at this point. You can say that you may have the possibility.”

I’m going to become something like that in the future? It can’t be……that’s impossible.

“Please do not think about it too hard. Even in the past there were many of those rare people who had a fulfilling life where nothing happened. Archangel-sama is just making sure a Devil won’t approach those type of people and is having them under his surveillance.”

“About that surveillance thing, just how much do you guys know about my privacy?”

“That is—”

Elise becomes hestitant to answer.

“Can’t answer it?”

“No, that is not it. Even I do not know about it. To begin with, not all of the Angels have the power and authority to observe the human world. It is an act that may only be done by those who are called high-rank Angels.”

“In other words the higher-ups huh.”

“I simply came to the human world with an order to send back the Devil that has interacted with Souichirou-san. Though I did study a bit about the human world.”

“I see……so it’s something only that guy called Michael knows.”

“That is correct.”

“It sure is a disturbing thing……”

I lay down. I can only see the ceiling I’m familiar with. But the Angel must be watching me from somewhere even higher than the ceiling.

“Tell us about the human world already.”

“Ah……yeah. Something fun, right? Yeah, there’s none. Not even one. There’s not a single interesting thing in the human world.”

“Huh? What’s with that answer. You just can’t be bothered answering, right?”

“You can say that.”

“Stop screwing around! Bark!”

“Wow! Don’t bite!”

I left the living room in order to run away from Teeri who started to jump on me.

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  1. You gotta hurry up with this series, I don’t mind if you slow down on DxD a little. I wanna know if I should keep reading this series or not. To be quite honest I’m kinda bored with the new DxD arc involving vampires. I wanna at least have the first volume of this finished.

  2. Just asking becouse you told that you will try to end it with dxd 16….. do you plan in the near future to end first volume? its really good novel (for me on par with dxd).
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  4. Hey Code-Zero, any plans on finishing the first volume of this great series or is your focus on “Sekai no Owari no Encore”? Thanks!

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