Chapter 3

〇I Have to Get Going to School


“Got it? I have some things to do now. You stay still at my house.”

It’s morning. I warned Teeri who is sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed while eating her ice cream.

It seems like she got her hands on it by searching through my fridge without my permission, but I can’t be bothered warning her all the time.

“What is this thing that you are talking about? Are you really leaving? I would be bored if I have to stay home on my own.”

“Then I don’t mind if you leave my house. More like, get out of here right now.”

“I don’t want to.”

Teeri who is sitting in front of me is wearing my clothes I let her borrow as if it was an obligated act. If you ignore her wing, then she looks like an ordinary human.

“If you don’t want to leave, then stay quiet.”

“I don’t want to do that either.”

“Being hit with my left hand or right hand. Which one do you prefer?”

“There’s no way I can choose between such unreasonable choices.”

“So you think the unreasonable things you are saying to me are allowed? Huh?”

“Of course it is. I’m a Devil after all.”

She says that with a smirk where she doesn’t feel even a bit bad about it. She sure has a self-important attitude. Her attitude is no doubt rotten.

“So what am I supposed to do while I’m looking after the house?”

“Do things like taking a nap or reading some manga.”

“I can’t sleep that long. I’ve also read all the manga already.”

“You actually read all of it……”

“What was it called again? The manga, “Kazuo’s Great Adventure”, was quiet interesting.”

If I remember correctly, Kazuo’s Great Adventure is a crappy manga that was being sold in the second-hand bookstore for 500 yen for 40 volumes……

“Anyway, I’m really bored. Haven’t I told you several times already that Devils hate being bored?”

Incredibly, this is my first time hearing that.

“Then watch TV.”

“I don’t want to have a depurative lifestyle where I would have to watch TV from noon.”

Saying that, she lays down on the sofa while putting the ice cream into her mouth.

She loses her interest in me and moves her eyes towards the TV.

“……Aren’t you actually a human? …… Anyway, stay put. Alright?”

She waves her hand at me to make a gesture where she is saying, “Yeah, yeah. I got it”. I thought I should yell at her; however, I will be late if I don’t leave soon.

I decide to head to school even though I’m feeling dissatisfied about it.


I can see the school’s gate. That’s the Nishitakayama high school that I go to. The deviation value is a bit lower than average, and if you enrol in this school, majority of students will get accepted in. Due to the declining birth rate which is the recent problem of Japan, it seems like the small schools doesn’t have the flexibility of choosing who they will be taking in. So it’s a school which is below average, however, there are gifted students that will shock you, and there are also unbelievable kinds of delinquents here as well.

It must mean that there are those who chose this school because it’s close to their house, just like how I did.

In terms of that, then there may be different types of students here.

“Hey, it’s Samejima……”

I heard that coming from somewhere. Since there are students 360degrees around me, I can’t be bothered identifying who said that.

Also, it isn’t something that started recently, so it’s a waste of time thinking about it.

Several students keep their distance away from me when they realise that it’s me. If they are going to avoid me, then I will let them avoid me just like how they want to.

I doubt there are students who will willingly make a contact with me when they categorise me as a delinquent (Though I actually do belong in that category).


When I got near the school gate, one of the female students makes a sound.

Even I know her despite not remember the majority of my classmates.

Her black hair that is shining due to the reflection of the sun reaches down till her hips and her face is structured really well. It’s not exaggerating to say that the term Japanese beauty exists solely to identify her.

Her name is……Arasaki Momoe.

She comes rushing towards me soon as she realises me. It’s already too late by the time I try to turn my back on her.
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“Good morning Samejima-kun. It sure was raining hard yesterday, wasn’t it? Are you feeling well?”

“If I wasn’t feeling well, then I wouldn’t be coming to school.”

“Y-You are definitely right about that.”


“Ah. Hold on!”

I stop while feeling listless. The truth is, I don’t like her that much. The reason is because she isn’t the type of person someone like me would interact with.

More than that, if she talks to me in front of the school gate, then it’s natural for me to feel like leaving here immediately.

“You know, the thing is, yesterday there was a huge puddle in front of my house and—.”

She starts saying something which doesn’t make any sense.

“Is that something important that you have to tell me here?”

“That is……no, it isn’t……”

“You know, it might not be any of my business, but you shouldn’t talk to someone like me here where you will stand out.”

“Eh, w-why?”

“Why? That’s something which is so obvious if you think about it.”

“Oh, i-is it because people might start rumours about us? If that happens, then both of us will certainly be troubled about it, right……?”

Arasaki turns her face red, and she starts looking around herself. It looks like she finally understood her situation. After that, she starts muttering something. Something about misunderstanding, and things like she doesn’t mind it and stuff.

“Anyway, that’s how it is.”

I hold myself back from telling her not to speak to me if she doesn’t like those kinds of rumours going around.

She probably isn’t thinking about anything. She’s probably talking to me because I’m simply her classmate. She is rumoured to be kind to everyone.

Or she may have been acting kind to make people around her think that she’s nice.

“S-S-S-S-Sorry! You are right! You will definitely find me as a nuisance! Well, umm, if they think that I’m your……Samejima-kun’s gir……”

“It will be a bothersome for me as well, if they think that I’m bullying you.”

“Y-Yeah, a girlfri……huh, bullying?”

I don’t know why, but she looks at me in wonder, and has her jaws dropped down. ……Actually, it seems like she isn’t thinking about anything.

“Next time, don’t talk to me so carelessly.”


Arasaki has a dark shade in her expression, and she looks down like a puppy that got yelled at. I might have been too strict on her, but I said that for her own good.

While feeling Arasaki’s presence behind me, I head towards the premises.

When I enter the school campus, the bunch that realises my presence starts to look at me. Even though I have gotten used to this, I still find it annoying.

There are two types of emotion that those in this school has towards me. One is fear where those guys keep their distance with me.

I don’t care about these ones since I can simply leave them alone.

The problem is the ones who carry the other emotion. It’s the bunch that holds some kind of grudge or hatred against me.

However, there are ones like Arasaki who doesn’t belong to either category.

I went through the entrance, and arrived at the shoe rack.

I got out a plastic bag from my bag, and pull out the indoor type shoe. I then put back the shoes I came wearing to here, and put it inside the plastic bag.

Sadly, my shoe rack can’t be used.

If I leave my shoe inside, it will either get stolen or thrown away, and it can even have the corpse of an animal or pin filled inside it.

Ever since that happened to me in junior-high, it became a frequent harassment.

It’s probably because they can’t beat me in a fight. Therefore, I only find them as pests.

Thanks to that, I can’t leave my things at school.


The classroom with the sign which reads “2-D” is my classroom.

There’s nothing to explain about it besides the fact that Arasaki is my classmate.

The students inside the room are sitting together with their friends, and they are either having a chat or are playing with their mobile phone.

The room has this friendly-vibe between certain students.

Then a weak spirited male student who is wearing glasses sensed someone entering the room.

He lifts his face up without thinking, and his eyes meets mine.


He makes a weird sound and looks away while panicking. The other students sensed his reaction, and each of them starts to look at my direction.

Then they make a disturbed face which reads, “Oh crap!”, and they look away.

They are acting as if they are saying, “Please don’t get me involved”. It’s the same scenery as always.

All of them must be grieving because I’m their classmate.

I also don’t want be involved with them either.

“Fuu, fuu.”

Arasaki comes in after me while breathing a bit fast.

That instant, it feels like the classroom which was gloomy before got brighter as if a flower bloomed. It feels as if the time that has been stopped started ticking again.

“Good morning everyone.”

“Morning, Momoe~”. “Momoe-chan, good morning~”. There are voices that are flying around with a smile.

She gets an opposite reaction compared to me. If I’m the “negative”, then Arasaki must be someone with a “positive” value.

However, never have I envied her. I haven’t, got it?

“Momoe-chan sure is cute. I sure do get healed by her existence.”

“I don’t mind dying if I’m able to date her.”

Is there even any point to go out with her when you die after dating her? I make a comment like that inside myself.

“U-Uwah. Is it me, or did Samejima-kun glare at me……!?”

“Probably your voiced ticked him off, so be careful!”


When I put my bag on my desk violently, I can feel the whole area around me freezes only from the sound.

“It sure is hot today as well~. Huh? Why are all of you looking like that?”

Apart from Arasaki who can’t feel the atmosphere of this class.

I sit on the chair, and I got my mobile phone out to search some stuff on the internet until the class begins.

Things which got me curious are “Devils” and “Hell”. I was actually thinking about searching about them yesterday, however, I ended up sleeping because I was worn out.

It’s the first time in my life looking up these suspicious keywords. People will think that I have an hard-core “Eighth Grade Syndrome” if someone peaks at what I’m searching.

“H-Hey. Right now when I went pass Samejima-kun from behind him, I saw his mobile phone’s screen. There was something about Hell and stuff—.”

“You idiot! Be careful! He’s definitely searching for his finishing phrases!”

“Finishing phrases!?”

“The one who will be sending you to Hell is me! Something like that?”

“That’s scary…… Oh yeah, it seems like he took down about ten delinquents who came to seek their revenge on him the other day.”

“Don’t try to get involved with him. You’ll seriously get killed.”

……Not only did he saw it, but he also categorised me as having an “Eighth Grade Syndrome”.

More than that, do these guys want to get killed by me?

They say it secretively while making sure people can hear them.

I’m really in a situation where I’m possessed by a Devil.

But no matter how much I search about them, I can’t gather any useful information from the internet.

The bell which signifies the start of the lecture rings, so I put my mobile phone in my pocket.

It’s a boring lecture, but I’m going to study seriously. That’s the rule I gave to myself. I write down the things the teacher said on my notebook, and I also answered the question written on the blackboard.

“Ehm, for the next question—.”

The teacher looks around to give a question to someone.

If it’s a question which is that simple, then even I can answer them. So even if it becomes the worst situation where he asks me it, I will be fine.

When I was looking at the teacher, our eyes meet.


He makes a weird voice, and looks away immediately. Ever since I enrolled in this school, I have never once been given a question to answer……


“……I’m back.”

Words that I had been saying every day at the entrance of my house where there is no one besides me living here. I never expected that there will be a day when someone hears me say that.

Maybe she heard my voice, or maybe she heard the sound of the door being opened. I can hear footsteps coming from the living room.

“Welcome home.”

With a gentle voice, Teeri comes to greet me. How do I put it? For a moment, I thought that it isn’t bad.

Since her appearance is cute where she has no flaws, there will be no reason for me to get mad at her if she stays quiet.

No matter how she came here and what kind of situation she is in, I thought that it’s a happy thing to have someone at home, waiting for my return. Even if that person happens to be a Devil that is.

“Do you have something to eat?”

I knew she was going to say that, so without saying a single word, I hand her the plastic bag which has things I bought before coming here. It has snacks that were being sold at the super market for a discount price.

“This is a human’s world food and—.”

“It’s a snack, isn’t it? Good work.”

She stretches out her arms quickly, and the plastic bag disappears from my hand. She then takes out the things inside, and throws the plastic bag away on the spot.

“Why do you know about snacks……?”

“You shouldn’t look down on Devils adaptability.”

Maybe she’s satisfied, so she nods her head once and then goes back to the living room.

After retrieving the plastic bag on the floor, I also follow her to the living room.

“You were staying still, right?”

“Of course. I didn’t even take a step outside, so you should thank me.”

She crosses her arms, and nods her head with pride. It seems like she is admiring herself.

But first, I’m going to relax on the sofa.

With that in my mind, I arrive in the living room which is the place of relaxation; however, it was no longer the living room that I know of.

The furniture’s are in a mess beyond my imagination. Manga. Magazines. Manga. Magazines……they are all scattered around the place.

“Oi, Devil. What’s this?”

“Huh? This? What of it?”

She doesn’t even feel anything about this disastrous scene, despite seeing it with her own eyes. She sits on the sofa without feeling anything. However, the sofa is left clean.

“It’s not, what of it. I’m asking you about the manga and magazines that are scattered around here.”

“Oh, this? I read all of it. So go and buy me new ones.”

She then opened the bag of snacks, and starts munching them. Maybe she’s feeling well, so she starts to flap her wing.

“I’m not asking about that. I’m asking you about these books that are scattered around here.”

“Huh? That’s “Two Piece”. This one is “Kazuo’s Great Adventure”. And this one is—.”

“I don’t care about the names of the manga. I’m asking you why it’s all scattered here.”

“Obviously because I read them. Are you an idiot?”

Teeri shakes her head as if she is disappointed in me, and then directs her eyes at me with pity.

“Don’t you know the word, cleaning? You damn Devil!”

“Souichirou, you know your looks like that of a Devil when you get mad? Maybe you have the quality to become a Devil?”

She looks into my face. Her big eyes approach my face, so I stepped back in panic.

“Shut up! Clean this place!”

“No can do. I’m good at messing up the places, but I’m bad at cleaning them. Souichirou, good luck!”

She raises her hand. She’s practically saying that she doesn’t care about it, and that it’s not her problem.

“You damn Devil!”



When I finally finished cleaning the living room and was relaxing, there was a door bell that echoes throughout the room.

“Looks like someone’s here. How about you go and check?”

The freeloader is reading the manga so proudly, and she uses her chin to order me around.

“Don’t you even think about working a bit? Do you want me to put my finger inside your mouth, and start drumming your teeth?”

“That’s quite a fascinating phrase. I will be using that next time.”

I wonder where she’s planning to use it…… Rather than being afraid of me, she shows behaviour where she is admiring at what I’ve said.

I glare at her while having veins popping out on my forehead; however, she looks back at the manga as if she lost interest in me.

I seriously need to teach her a lesson at least once.


“The visitor. You need go and check quickly.”

“You really are……”

“Am what? If you want, I can go instead, you know? But if I get my Devil’s wing seen… really will be a ruckus if the existence of Devils gets revealed~. I’m sure it’s going to cause so much uproar that it will become a major issue~.”


“Ah, shit! Damn that’s noisy!”

“Yeah, that doorbell sure is getting on my nerves.”

“I will say that back at you!!”

To begin with, why is someone here to pay my house a visit?

The only ones who come to my house are mostly those who come to sell newspapers or to ask me to join their religion.

Obviously, those people stopped coming to my house since I gave them my glare every time they came.

I went towards the entrance while being alert.

“What the……?”

The entrance door that I have been seeing for the whole time, and the visitor that will be standing in the other side of this door. I can feel something like chills from there.

Have I ever felt uneasy like this before? It feels similar to the impulse I felt from Teeri yesterday for an instant. However, it also feels different from it.

Either way, I decide to peak the other side through the hole on the door.


The one who is standing on the other side of the door is a girl whose beauty is beyond my imagination.

She doesn’t even have the faintest idea that I ‘m looking at her. She’s staring at the door; however, she’s keeping her faint smile on her face.

Her straw hat on her head that is blocking the sunlight, and her blonde wavy hair that is falling down from it. Her beautiful blues eyes. The pendent of a cross around her neck looks really good on her.

The well-developed bosom of the blonde beauty which is a rarely seen feature in Japanese women will definitely captivate all the men of this world.

Gulp…… Like that, it’s a scene where I will be swallowing my spit down; however, I got more cautious instead.

I narrow my brow and start to think; “Why is there a blonde beauty visiting my house?”.

Is it some kind of new recruitment thing? Or she may have moved to this neighbour and came here to give her greetings to me. This is strange……it’s clearly strange.

I can feel my heartbeat increasing in a different way.

Either way, it’s certain that there are people who come to give their greetings when they just move in. I do hear often about how misfortune brings more misfortunes.

I can’t guarantee that this blonde beauty isn’t a trouble, similarly to Teeri.

I’m thinking whether I should act as if no one is home, but it will be troublesome if she comes afterwards.


I turn the door knob which hasn’t been locked, and I open the door really slowly.


Moisturous heat comes into the house.

At the same time, something that smells good stimulates my nose. It must be the smell coming from the girl who is standing in front of me.

“How do you do!”
 photo KTTK01-NC05_zps41241a47.png
Flower blossoming. Maybe that’s how I should expression it. The girl’s smile alone is so charming that it can captivate the men’s heart.

Her small peach-pink lips open slowly.

“Samejima Souichirou-san, I presume?”

“……And if I am?”

“There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“Well, I don’t.”

I close the door without mercy.

“Ah! U-Umm, I’m sorry! Please open the door!”

She raises her panicked voice at the entrance.

“……What do you want? It will bother the neighbours, so don’t make such a loud voice.”

“Oh, I’m so glad. You opened the door for me……except, why is there a chain on it? There were no chains before.”

“Don’t mind it. It’s just a door chain. That’s not important. More than that, what do you want?”

“Oh, umm, it will be a bit of a problem if we were to discuss it here while standing. If it is okay with you, will you let me in?”

Her smile that is too bright for my eyes. I can only smell fishy about her. Just what on earth is she plotting?

“Sorry, but I have some business to take care off, so I can’t waste any time on you. Leave.”

When I pull my hand back to close the door, she comes to stop it in panic.

“U-Umm, it’s a really important discussion. It’s something that is very important for you, Souichirou-san.”

She smells even fishier. Why does she know my name? And why does she want to come in to my house?

I started using my knowledge on full throttle that I have gathered throughout my lifetime.

“You can’t be……!”

“So you’ve finally realised it!”

Maybe she is expecting something from me as well. So it feels like her eyes are in sparkles.

“NHK? Are you telling me to sign the contract?”

“Huh, NHK? What may that be?”

“You probably want to come inside my house and check whether I have a TV or not. But too bad for you, since I don’t have a TV in my house!”

I close the door once again.

“That was close…… This is probably one of those situations where they use a woman to lure guys into signing a contract.”


“Please don’t close the door!”


“Oi, dammit! You will disturb the neighbours, so don’t knock on the door and stop screaming loudly!”

“It’s an emergency! There’s no other way!”


“I’m telling you to stop knocking!”

Thinking that it won’t be funny to leave her knocking on the door, I open the door once again.

“I’m so glad. You opened the door for me again……”

While having a bit of a teary eyes, she moves her gaze at me as if she is pleading. I can’t allow myself to be bewildered by this woman’s body movement.

I need to change myself into a villain, or else I will be the one who will be in trouble afterwards.

“You damn spy from NHK! Go and die!”

“Aaah, umm, you definitely have a misunderstanding. I’m not from the NHK that you mentioned.”

“You are telling the truth?”


“I see. Then it’s fine.”

“So you believe me now……lord, I thank you.”

She draws a cross front of her. ……Damn it, she’s part of “that” kind of group huh.

“Sorry, I’m one of those guys who can easily step onto portraits of Jesus with confidence. I will probably do a Cossack dance and step on it.”


“Eh!? P-P-Please listen to what I have to say!”


“I’m telling you to stop knocking! I’ll fuckin kill you!”


She gets scared at my threat, and the woman starts to put on teary eyes once again.


Oops, I responded like how I usually do…… I have to be calm, and act calm……

“Then what are you? It’s not normal for someone like you to visit my house.”

“What do you mean by not normal?”

“People basically don’t come to my house. A lot happened.”

“A lot?”

“I have punched persistent contactors before, and I have also lectured a guy who brought wrong mail to me for two hours.”

“Oh my……so that means you are a worthless trash then, correct?”

She gives me a wonderful respond with 100% smile and 100% sarcasm.

“……You sure did talk shit to someone who you’ve met for the first time. Wanna get tortured?”


She called me a trash despite having a cute face…..she’s probably someone I can’t let my guard down against, after all.

Probably feeling scared at my face, she takes a step back. I’m sure I have a destiny where I have troubles with women.

“Anyway, I can’t let you come inside this house. If it isn’t something you can discuss here, then leave.”

Yeah, not only can I let some blonde whom I have never met come in to my house, but I also have a Devil flapping her wing in the living room.

If she gets seen by a chance, then it will bring troubles……

The girl looks troubled but also looks like she’s speechless.

I deducted that she won’t be persistent anymore, so I decided to close the door once again.

“I guess……it can’t be helped then……”

The woman bends forward and opens her mouth. I don’t plan to answer her even if she says anything—.

“Right now, there’s a “Devil” in your house, correct, Souichirou-san?”

I panic for a moment at her words I didn’t see coming. I then calm myself to say it.

“Huh…… I was wondering what you were going to say. Well, I certainly am called a Devil-like guy from those around me……”

“That’s not what I meant……I’m talking about the female Devil inside.”

This woman—!?

“If I say that, will you allow me to come in?”

After making a serious face for an instant, she changes back to her smile.

“Who the heck are you……?”

So she knows about both Teeri and me?

“Please let me explain myself in order, also including the fact about that. Of course, that will be done inside your house, Souichirou-san.”

Is she perhaps a same Devil as Teeri? Either way, she definitely knows about the existence of her kind. If I carelessly chase her away, then it will only bring more troubles to me afterwards.

“…………Alright then.”

I close the door once to take off the door chain, and open the door slowly. The woman has a smile.

“I thank you very much for understanding the situation we are in.”

“Get inside quickly.”

“Then, please excuse me.”

She takes her shoes off, and her long elastic feet steps inside the flooring of my house.

No matter how you look at her, she only looks like a human. It also seems like there isn’t anything strange on her back.

“Is the living room alright?”

“Yes. Is she also there?”

“She”……that’s definitely Teeri that she is referring about.

She knows everything huh. I didn’t argue against her. I walk front of the girl and went towards the living room.

“Hmph, hmph, hmmm.”

I return back to the living room, and there is a Devil girl who is still reading a manga so leisurely.

“Oi, dammit.”

I slap Teeri’s head.

“Ouch! What was that for!?”

“It isn’t, “What was that for!”. You have a guest.”

She opens her eyes wide and looks up to the woman standing behind me.


She stands up in panic.

She makes a stance after taking a short distance from her. Like I thought, this woman isn’t an average person.

“Who is she?”

I ask Teeri under this heavy atmosphere, and she moves her lips a bit.

“………………Who are you?”

“You don’t know her!?”

“I don’t. Not at all. Not even a bit.”

“So you aren’t a Devil!?”

“Huh, who is a Devil?”

“I was referring to you……”

She looks puzzled, and it seems like she doesn’t understand what I just said.

“I’m not a Devil, you know?”

She shakes her head to the side to show that she isn’t a Devil. So she isn’t a Devil? So how does someone who isn’t even a Devil know about Teeri?

“……Then, what are you?”

The instant I ask her that question, she puts on a really big smile.

It seems as though she was waiting for that question to be asked.

“I still haven’t introduced myself to you yet, so please allow me to introduce myself to you now.”

She makes a single cough, and breathes meaningfully.

“My name is Marc Bisfonde Toulschweine Soir Du Cultique Elise. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”



Both the blonde and I tilt our head at the same time.

“I mean, what did you just say?”

“I’m sorry. Was that hard to hear?”

“Hard to hear isn’t the issue here……”

“Cough. My name is Marc Bisfonde Toulschweine Soir Du Cultique Elise.”



We look at each other again.

“Well, I didn’t understand that, but you are called Elise, right?”

“Umm, well, in a way……yes.”

It seems like she is shocked so she shrugs her shoulder. And for some reason, Teeri gets unpleasant.

“So, what do you want with her? Will you exorcise her for me?”

“In a way, yes.”

“Hey, why did you bring such a dangerous girl in!?”

The one who got shocked is obviously Teeri.

She jumps back immediately, and she shows a gesture of being alert……actually a behaviour where she’s in panic.

“Is that it? Looks like she’s going to kill you.”

“Ah, umm, please don’t be agitated about it. I only came here to send you back to Hell.”

“Damn, so you didn’t come here to terminate her huh.”

“Why are you feeling so sad about it……!?”

Maybe Teeri is still being alert, so she walks around Elise while keeping her distance.

It also seems like she is checking whether Elise has any weapon hidden in her body.

“I didn’t come here to talk something so cruel, so be rest assured. You do know about the existence of the gate, yes?”

“To some degree, I do.”

“But she’s saying that she doesn’t remember going through the gates, you know?”

“There are rare cases when they wander into the gate without knowing about it. Maybe the same accident happened to her?”

“That’s good to hear. If that’s the case, send her back this instant. I was really troubled by her.”

“Hey, can you stop saying it as if I was being a nuisance?”

“You were nothing but a nuisance.”

“Oh, is that right? So I just have to leave right? I also want to go back to Hell after all……”

Why are you looking down and making such a sad face?

No……rather than putting on a sad face, she has a disgusted face where it looks like she squashed some bug.

Why is she making a face like this when she is able to go back to her world?

“Either way, if you are here to send her back, then get right into it.”

“Yes, that’s my intention. However, may I please explain the situation we are in first?”

“Explaining the situation? I don’t need it. I’m fine as long as you take her with you.”

“I cannot actually do that. That is the reason why my job is difficult. After all, it is a situation where you are also greatly involved in it.”

“I’m also involved? ……Damn, anyway, if you need to speak to me about something, then sit down first.”

“Thank you very much.”

I make her sit on the chair, and I also sit on the chair opposite of her. For some reason, Teeri also sits next to me.

“So you are Teeri-san the Devil, I presume?”

“I am……but how did you know my name?”

It seems like she knows everything.

“I’m sorry. I was assigned to surveillance you by the people in Heaven. I came here as a messenger from Heaven, and I’m an Angel.”

So the Devils come from Hell and Angels come from Heaven huh. It feels like anything is possible in this world.

When the blonde beauty smiles, her breasts bounces. That was enough for me to realise how she is someone with such enormous breasts.

“Do you even have a proof that you are an Angel? For example something like a solid proof that is similar to a Devil’s wing.”

“Since no one is here to see us, it looks like I’m able to show it you.”

When Elise nods without any pause, she closes her eyes and smiles.

The moment I thought there are shallow lights emitting from Elise’s body, something that is white appears from her back.

It’s neither a magic nor trick. A real, yeah, it’s an Angel’s wings that anyone would imagine.

“Will you believe me with this?”

It’s different to the tiny wing that Teeri has. Her wings are so big that it looks like she can envelope her own body if she wants to.

I suddenly thought of wanting to touch it, but I hold my urge back in. If she shows me such thing, then I will have to believe her right away.

“So then, the real Angel-san, can you take her away right this instance?”

“Unfortunately, I believe that task will be a bit difficult. I will explain it you by steps. Cough. In order to have her return, we need her to go through the gate.”

“See? It’s just like what I said, wasn’t it?”

“What are you acting so proud for? You were acting as if you didn’t know much about it yesterday.”

“Was I? But I did know more about it then you, Souichirou.”

I’m absolutely certain that it’s wrong for her to compare herself with me. She makes a face that she doesn’t care anymore when I glare at her.

“This human world is connected to each of Hell and Heaven through the gates. We call the gate connecting to the Heaven as “Heaven’s Gate” and the gate connecting to Hell as “Hell’s Gate”. Obviously it isn’t easy to pass through the gates. It’s impossible, unless you satisfy certain criteria.”

“What is that criteria?”

“You really don’t know anything, do you?”

“I did tell you. That I don’t remember how I came to the human’s world. It’s something rare for a Devil to come to the human’s world.”

“However, that gate isn’t something you can pass through anytime as you like since it opens in certain periods only. The next time it will open is in three days from now.”

Oh, so that’s why she can’t take her right away. Now I’m convinced.

“So am I able to go to Heaven and Hell if I want to? I mean by passing through that gate.”

“That’s impossible. Not anyone can pass through the opened gate. You would need a pair of wing to pass through the gates.”

“I see, then that would be impossible for me. Well, looks like it was simpler than I imagined. If that’s the case, it seems like she can go back right away.”

“It isn’t that simple.”

Her serious eyes carried an atmosphere where I can’t possibly tease her about it.

“Souichirou-san, right now you are in the position where you are standing in the serious split way of your life.”

“Split way of my life?”

“You know—”

Then the Devil who can’t sense the atmosphere we are currently in butts in.

“It sounds so troublesome, so can the two of you talk between each other?”

“Geez, this is a something important for you. Listen to it seriously.”

“More than that, I’m more interested in the continuation of this manga. Where’s the next volume?”

I’m so astonished at how easy going and irresponsible she is.

“Umm, may I continue on with what I was talking about earlier? This is a serious matter.”

“Yeah, whatever. Go on then.”

“……Souichirou-san. Has there been any change to you lately?”

“Huh? Why the sudden question? Not only has there been a change, but I have a Devil staying in my house. And now I have an Angel in my house. If you don’t count this is a change, then I don’t see any kind of changes at all.”

“I’m not talking about a change around you, but a change in your body, Souichirou-san.”

“……What do you mean?”

I ask her while being stiff since there’s something I’m concerned about. Maybe she sensed it, so it seems like Elise makes even more of a serious face.

“Please answer me.”

Is she talking about the weird feeling around my shoulder blade I felt yesterday?

“So there has been a change then……?”

“Does that even got to do anything with you and her?”

“I think there is a high chance that there is.”

“Well, I kinda had one. I have a weird feeling on my back.”

“A weird feeling……? If it’s okay with you, can you please show it to me……?”

I can decline; however, I decided to obey her by being modest. I take my clothes off, and turned my back towards Elise. I realise when I felt a cold hand touching the area where it was sore yesterday.

Her fingers stroke my back. It was a bit ticklish; however, I didn’t have the confidence to start laughing with something minor like that. There is clearly something wrong with me. There is something happening to me.

“Speaking frankly……this is an omen where your qualities of becoming a Devil sleeping within you is about to bloom.”

“A Devil’s qualities……?”

“There is no doubt that the weird feeling you felt is the existence of the “wings” inside you, Souichirou-san.”

So you are telling me that the weird feeling I had on my shoulder blade was the existence of a wing……? Things like that are even possible……? However, if I think about the situation I’m currently in, and the location where it’s swelling, then there aren’t any factors I can use to disagree with her.

“Why is there a wing that is trying to grow out from my back? And what’s this thing about qualities of a Devil?”

“Angels and Devils are the species that humans can become after their death. In other words, you can say that we are humans if you look at our roots.”

Angels and Devils are former humans? Then does that make Elise and Teeri a former human as well?

“After death, humans will definitely reincarnate as one of those species. And that will depend on your action when you were alive. Those who did good deeds will become an Angel, and those who did evil deeds will become a Devil.”

“Hold on. Even if that is the truth, doesn’t that happen after death?”

“That’s where the concern about you comes in to our discussion. If leave you like this, you will become a Devil while being alive.”

I……will become a Devil……while being alive?

“It must be terrifying. I can’t blame you for being speechless. However, please don’t feel down. There’s still some hope left in you.”

It will be more accurate to say that I haven’t actually accepted that reality yet, so I wasn’t that shocked.

“You are going to turn into a Devil, Souichirou?”

“Keep your mouth shut. You will just make everything more complicated.”

“Rage. The way you said sure did tick me off. I will pull all your hairs out while you are sleeping.”

“Don’t even think of trying it, you Devil!”

“U-Umm……is it possible for the two of you to listen to me more seriously……? This is quite the serious situation that we are in.”

“Sorry about that. She doesn’t know when to be serious.”

“The same goes for you, Souichirou-san.”

She’s smiling, but for some reasons she also looks mad. I stop myself from saying anything else.

“May I start then? For a human to turn into a Devil while being alive is something we cannot allow to happen. Once you change into a Devil, there’s no way for you to change back.”

“Why is that happening to me?”

“We think that it has to do with you being in contact with Teeri-san. If you get touched by a Devil, or if a Devil is near you, then it is possible for the traits of a Devil sleeping within you to bloom.”

“In other words this short pipsqueak is turning me into a Devil?”

That makes her even more of Devil, this girl I mean. When I glare at Teeri, she glares back at me.

“Of course, I’m sure that Teeri-san has no intention of doing such thing. However, the longer a Devil stays with you, the more influences she will give you in different ways.”

“Alright, get out. Get out right this instant, you Devil. Perish, Devil!”

When I tried to make her leave using my hand, rather than leaving, she comes closer to me instead.

“Isn’t it something so simple where you also become a Devil, Souichirou?”

“Stop screwing around. Who on earth would willingly turn into a Devil?”

“Originally, Souichirou-san, you would have spent many decades of your life as a human, and then turn into either an Angel or a Devil depending on what you have done until that time comes. However, the longer you stay in contact with Teeri-san, the more you will turn into a Devil, regardless of whether you want to or not.”

“Alright. Like I thought, you, get out right now.”

“I definitely won’t.”

“You heard what she just said, didn’t you? I will turn into a Devil if you stay with me!”

“What’s wrong with that? You should turn into a Devil! Is there anything wrong with it?”

Teeri makes a loud voice while being enraged and glares at me. Why is she the one being pissed?

“Oh yeah, can you make her stay in a random hotel or something? If its money, then I will pay for─, wait I don’t have any money like that……”

I feel upset after saying that on my own.

“Money isn’t the only problem.”

Elise looks at Teeri. I also look at Teeri who is sitting beside me.

“If I take her to another environment, then the people who are present in that location will receive the influence of the Devil. We don’t want to spread anymore harm.”

“So, what? You are telling me to have her stay here while knowing that I might turn into a Devil?”

“Please don’t be pessimistic. Of course, I will help you much as I can.”

Hearing Elise, I got so tired that I make a heavy sigh.

“Devils and Angels, huh. Even though I know they exist, I still can’t believe it…… The only serious thing I am feeling right now is this weird sensation on my back.”

“So are you concerned about it after all? The wing inside your back, that is.”

“Of course I am. After all, you did tell me that I might turn into a Devil.”

I thought of staying at some hotel to keep my distance from her, however, if I do that, then there’s no guarantee that my house will be safe during that time.

The living room turned into that state while I was only gone to school. Thinking about that makes all the hair on my body fall.

“So will you please allow her to stay here until the time comes for the gate to open?”

“It can’t be helped. Seriously, this really pisses me off.”

“I’m very sorry for asking you to do this.”

“You should be. ……By the way, it’s getting late you know?”

“Oh my, so it is already that late.”

Elise stands up, so I also stand up to take her to the entrance.

“It seems like your kitchen is in a mess, so I will go and clean it.”

“Okay. ……Wait, why!? Go home!”

“I did tell you, did I not? That I will be helping you much as possible.”

She stands front of the sink. She pulls her sleeve up and turns the tap. She starts to wash the dishes as if she is used to chores.

“That shouldn’t be about doing that. Weren’t you supposed to help me by stopping me from turning into a Devil?”

“Of course I will help you in regarding that matter. Anyhow, since I will be under your care from now, there is no way I can stay here without helping you.”

“……What do you mean by helping me?”

“I can’t go back while leaving Teeri-san all by herself here.”

I’m sorry to say this while you are giving such a wonderful smile, but I’m about to faint because I’m getting a headache.

“Don’t tell me that……you are also planning to stay here……?”

“I may be inexperienced, but please do take care of me.”

She gives a smile like those people who tries to sell things to you, and then she bows her head.

“Hell no. I’m already having a hard time with taking care of a single Devil!”

“You know, you can simply think that by having a Devil and Angel, it will cancel each other out.”

“Rather than cancelling each other out, it will simply just multiply the amount of work for me!”

“Oh my, the multiplying joke certainly is fabulous.”

“Are Angel’s wings tasty if I fry them huh? Answer me dammit.”

“You words won’t work on me even if you say such vicious things. After all, you are a kind person, Souichirou-san.”

Where did she hear that from? From where did she get that information……?

“Anyway, I don’t want to have any more freeloaders living here.”

“So you are saying that you are fine with turning into a Devil?”

“I don’t have any intention of turning into a Devil. I also don’t have any intention of having anymore freeloaders in my house either.”

Yeah, that’s right. Whether they are a Devil or Angel, they have no right to change my future. As long as I’m focused, I’m sure I won’t turn into a Devil.

“I will not disagree about the fact that it will cause difficulty to your lifestyle. However, please think about this situation calmly. Souichirou-san, there is no doubt that your body is receiving influence from her. I am also an Angel, so I will end up influencing you to some degree, however, it will also become the key to stabilise the power of Devil that is blooming within you. We have no choice but to use the power of good to counter against power of evil. Naturally, humans have the traits of both of them after all.”

Her white hands which looks like it doesn’t know any sort of filth grasps onto my violent hand firmly and it wraps around my hand. Elise’s hands are a bit cold.

I, who never had anyone, hold onto my hand gently by someone, got a skip beat for an instant.

“My existence of being here will have the power to supress the traits of a Devil. Can you please endure it for two days from now?”

“Is that the so-called cancelling out you mentioned before?”

“Yes. It means it will be a situation where the power of good and evil will cancel each other out.”

“……It’s seriously for two days right?”

“I promise you.”

I don’t have the confidence to decline this Angel who is smiling.

“Damn……I got it……but it’s only for two days, alright?”

“I thank you. Another thing. There is an issue I need to warn you about, Souichirou-san.”

“What is it? I don’t want any more troubles than I already have.”

“It’s related to the weird feeling on your back……the Devil’s wings. I did say that it will be influenced if Teeri-san stays with you; however, I need to add few more information regarding it. Even though I have the power to supress it, it will certainly become hard to supress it depending on your actions.”

“Supressing it? What are you asking me to do?”

“I need you to supress the power of evil inside you, Souichirou-san. Violence. Abusive language. Malice. Jealousy. Hatred. They are emotions that everyone carries. Obviously, I carry them as well. However, if you were to bring out those emotions while being in a state where you can easily be influenced by a Devil, then it will end up progressing your traits as a Devil even further.”

“……Are you being serious?”

“Yes I am. This is nothing but a truth.”

In other words, if I do things like fighting and abusing someone verbally, then I will make myself turn into a Devil?

This is something which will reject the person that I am.

“More importantly……that’s like the worst scenario. If I keep on taking her seriously, then I will just end up turning into a Devil even more……”


“Why are you blushing for!? You are causing a huge trouble for me!”

That’s practically telling a fish to survive without water for two days. Is it possible for me to endure fighting and abusing others?

Even though it’s only for two days, the path I’m walking towards is filled with darkness.


“Are Angels able eat the same thing as humans?”

I ask her after she finishes cleaning the kitchen.

“Yes. I’m told that it is fine.”

“I wonder if there are enough ingredients for three people……”

The only thing inside the fridge is the small quantity of left over from yesterday.

“……Looks like I have to go and buy them.”

“You are going out? Then I’m coming with you.”

“I will come with you as well.”

“Stay quietly at home—wait, what are we supposed to do in a situation like this?”

I don’t want to take them, however, I feel uneasy leaving an Angel and a Devil at home.

Maybe by the time I realise it, the Angel might have exorcised the Devil.

No, having her exorcise the Devil will be a great help for me, however, I don’t feel good if she gets killed in my house.

Instead, there’s the possibility that the Devil may take down the Angel. Rather, the possibility for that to happen is higher.

Either way, I want to avoid a situation where I have to leave both of them behind since I don’t know the relationship between Angels and Devils.

“Why do I have to get worried about things like this……? Is this a trial given from God?”

“The lord does no give trials to human, you know?”

“I don’t need a reality opinion like that.”

However, the wings of an Angel sure have an overwhelming pressure. Just looking at it makes me step back a bit.

Maybe she realised I’m staring at her, so she says it in a panicking voice.

“Oh my, how rude of me. This would stand out in a human world.”

She smiles lightly while saying that, and she closes her eyes slowly. After a moment of silent, her wings get smaller without making a sound.

No, rather than getting smaller, it seems like it’s vanishing as if it’s melting away.

Eventually, her wings are gone. When I went behind her to check what’s happening on her back, there’s nothing there.

It seems as if the wing never existed from the beginning.

“That sure is convenient. You didn’t have them growing out when I first saw you. Can you make it appear and disappear as you like?”

“Making the wings disappear isn’t easy, you know? You will need practice to do it.”

“And you don’t know how to do that right?”

“Shut up. I don’t need to know how to do that.”

In her case, her wing is small from the beginning, so I doubt anyone would cause a stir.

However, just because you can’t see their wings doesn’t mean the problem is solved.

“Is there any other problem?”

She asks maybe because she noticed how uneasy I’m feeling.

“No……it’s nothing”

Is there anything wrong with me? She starts checking her body while saying that.

There is a problem. Yeah, no matter how you look at her, Elise’s appearance stands out.

Her blonde wavy hair. Her ideal proportion that isn’t possible for a Japanese to have.

If she walks outside for a bit, she will be at the centre of attention in no time.

On top of that, if she stays with me who am famous in the neighbourhood in a bad way, I can easily imagine people making rumours about us.

But it can’t be helped. My main objective right now is to stop increasing the problem about the Devil-thing in me.

It’s better to bring Elise with me who is here to watch over Teeri.

“……Let’s go!”


For today……yeah, let’s have some Japanese curry. Thinking like that, the three of us leaves the house.


“Doing things like shopping is quite fun.”

“Don’t do things like suddenly screaming, or suddenly rolling over, or start making a weird laugh, okay?”

“I won’t do such things. So rude.”

“We don’t know about that……”

While feeling uneasy, I left the house while bringing the two of them with me. Since its July, it’s so hot outside.

While I walk in front of them, Teeri and Elise are following behind me.

“I did hear that it’s quite tough during the summer of the human’s world, but it’s more than what I imagined.”

“Maybe I should have stayed home……”

The Devil starts whining thirty seconds after getting outside. She walks weakly towards the right and then the left. She really is useless.

“Do all Devils act like her?”

“Umm, I don’t think it’s a good idea to say the word “Devil” so openly outside……”

She comes to stop me while panicking, but there’s no point to worry about something so minor like that.

“There’s no need for you to worry. There’s no way that anyone would think she’s a real Devil.”

“That may be true, but……”

“Is it that bad? I mean for the existence of Devils to get exposed.”

“You absolutely can’t expose it, Teeri-san. The human world will fall into chaos.”


Teeri shows a creepy smile while sweating from her forehead possibly because she imagined a dark world. Elise makes a bitter smile when she sees her.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to reveal the existence of Devils, but to begin with, why doesn’t the human know about the existence of Angels and Devils?”

Teeri seems like she knew about the humans and this world even before I met her. Elise on other hand has more knowledge than her.

Well, humans did point out about the existence of God and Devils since thousands of years ago, but there aren’t that many people who know they really exist.

They think of them as fictional characters that appear in television and films.

“That’s because humans are in a neutral position. If they come to understand the existence of us, then it will disturb the evil and good within them that was supposed to come out naturally.”

“So you are saying that you will be leaving the fate of humans into the hands of humans themselves?”

“Yes. Since they are a being that can become either a Angel or a Devil, it was cause disrupt in them if we get into contact with them.”

If I was asked whether I understand this situation clearly or not, then the will be no. I’ll probably say that I got a vague idea about it. If a human gets involved with the animals living in Savana, then it may destroy the nature’s law. So that’s basically what this is like.

There is a twenty-four seven super market, Nico-Ichi, roughly ten minutes away from my house by walk.

It’s really popular among housewives, and on top of the products being much cheaper than the ones in a convenient store, there is also a discount on bentos from around 6 o’clock.

However, there’s a different reason why I shop at this place.

The students, in other words the guys at my school, rarely come to shop at this place.

There’s a shopping mall that was recently made near the school, so they must be shopping there.

To tell you the truth, I don’t like myself being caught shopping that much.

I don’t want rumours like “That tyrant who is heinous, vulgar, and a scum, is shopping in a carefree manner!” going around.

“Being a vulgar and being a scum……what’s the point of talking crap of myself……”

“Eh? What’s wrong with Souichirou who is the only trash that is impossible to be recycled?”

“Did I even say a single word like that!? More importantly, don’t butt in when I’m talking to myself.”

“I would obviously feel sick if a guy starts talking to himself on his own. Right?”

“I-I would be troubled if you asked me for my opinion……however, even if it is the truth, it is something you should not say. I am sure that acting as though you did not hear him would be good manners……”


Anyway, I like the fact that those who knows me rarely shops here.

On top of that, I have a set of a Devil and an Angel with me today.

I can’t have myself be seen if someone is here by any chance.

“I can buy anything I like, right?”

Soon as we arrive at the market, Teeri asks me a troublesome question with a high tension.

“I don’t have any money to use on extra stuff.”

“I came here while having studied about the human world; however it certainly is an interesting place. I’m surprised since there isn’t any place like this in neither Heaven nor Hell.”

Even though she looks around with keen eyes, she isn’t looking while causing any trouble. Just to be expected, Angel sure does know how to behave.

“That also looks tasty. I also want to taste this one here as well.”

The Devil on the other hand seems like she will be looking around as she likes.

“If it’s okay with you, may I please look around the market?”

“Are you interested in this place?”

“Coming to a human world is like once in a lifetime chance.”

“Yeah, do as you like.”

“Thank you very much.”

Elise will probably be alright. She’s hundred times more reliable than Teeri since she knows common sense.

“Alright, we will also continue with our shopping. You will follow me quietly.”

I said that to Teeri who is supposed to be next to me—but she’s gone. I’m left standing there since I got left here by myself.

“I want to discard everything and go home……”

That’s what I thought, but since it will get even more of a trouble afterwards, I went to find her.



When I went to look for Teeri, someone I know appears within my sight. It’s Arasaki.

She’s holding onto her shopping basket, and possibly it may be the ingredients she will use for tonight, so there are several vegetable that is sticking out from her shopping basket.

I don’t want to meet her much as possible. She already has her eyes on me at school, so I don’t want to show her a situation where I’m with an Angel and a Devil.

It will be a hassle if she asks me about this situation.

“What are you acting so suspicious for? Souichirou. Is that some kind of perverted act?”

“Idiot, don’t say the word, “pervert”, so loud! More importantly, where were you?”

“Buy this for me.”

The products she is holding onto with both her hands are all sweets. She has things like snack and chocolate. She chucks them inside the basket.

“One, two……I can’t buy six of them! Return them to the place where you got them from.”

“What? I chose all of them very carefully, so buy all of them.”

I check inside my wallet, but I don’t have enough money to buy all of them. If I force myself to buy all of them, then we will have to give up on our dinner.

“Then five, no four of them…… Alright, three of them will be fine! Alright then, two of them! This is the conclusion I came to after thinking so hard!”

Who on earth is she fighting against……?

“A no is a no!”

“Hmm, I see. You know I can open the packets here and start eating them?”

“Is that a threat?”

“I’m fine with you taking this as a threat. I will live on like how I want to.”

I will hold on both sides and open it. That’s the posture she has.

“……Only one.”

I went on my knees against her threat and decided to take that offer. Teeri on other hand put on an expression where it looks likes she stepped onto a bug.

“You are asking me to pick only one among these. Reality sure is cruel……”

While making such a bitter expression, Teeri picks one sweets among the six packs.

“I will choose this one……”

“You picked this one because it was the biggest, didn’t you?”

The one she has in her hand is a family pack. The price is also that of a family pack obviously.

“This should be okay! One is one after all.”

“Fine, I got it. Then take back the rest to the places you got them from.”

“Isn’t it fine to leave it around here?”

Saying that, she randomly leaves the sweets at the cup noodle corner.

“Don’t. I hate that kind of behaviour. Put them all back to the place where you got it from.”

“The old lady from before left her bento here. Look.”

At the direction she points towards while saying that, there is a bento which is supposed to be in the bento corner. It certainly is a customer with a bad manner.

If I was the employee of this super market, I would have chased her and put the bento into her mouth by force so I can pass her into the register.

I will also take the bento along with Teeri’s sweet, and put them back in the places where it is supposed to be.

“You sure a trivial at weird things. It would have been better if your lifestyle was also trivial.”

“What would you possibly know about my lifestyle—.”

I try to approach Teeri, but I noticed that there is a girl who is wearing a uniform behind her. She’s stiff like a rock while holding onto the basket.

“I-It sure is coincidence, Samejima-kun……”


Maybe she came by hearing a Devil’s whisper, but that female student is Arasaki who has an expression where she looks a bit sorry.

“Souichirou, who is she?”

“S-Souichirou……she’s addressing him without honorifics……”

Arasaki looks both at Teeri and me. It seems like she’s trying to figure the relation between us. But obviously there’s no way I can tell her the truth (That Teeri is a Devil).

“It’s nothing. Don’t let it get to you.”


Why does she keep on putting on a sad face? If she’s scared of me, she can simply avoid me.

Anyway, I don’t want her to know that much about how Teeri is related to me. Not only that, but if Elise shows up here……

“I found you Souichirou-san. So you were here.”

This time the Angel appears at the worst time as if she’s trying to lead me to doom. Why does it keep on going towards the bad direction?

“Are you two purposely doing this?”

“Meeting is always influenced by the will of God. You can call chance a fate as well.”

She makes me listen to some weird crap that I don’t even understand.

“A-A foreigner……-san?”

“Don’t look. Don’t look at anything……I beg you.”

“Is this lady over here someone from the same school as you, Souichirou-san?”

Elise who has more knowledge than Teeri for this time only seems like a Devil more than a real Devil. I open my mouth desperately, and I can make things up.

“She is……umm, my distant relative. I came to know about her during the summer holidays. Right?”

“Yes. My name is Elise. Let’s get along. She is Teeri-san.”

“Umm, my name is Arasaki Momoe. Let’s do get along.”


Teeri also replies while finding it bothersome.

“Elise-san, Teeri-san, where did you two come from? Your Japanese are very good.”

“Oh, my parents are foreigners but I have been living in Japan ever since my birth. Teeri-san over here was raised in the same environment as me.”

“So that’s how it was.”

Elise plays by my lies perfectly. She’s really different to the Devil who isn’t doing anything in this situation.

“I know! If it’s okay with you, how about you come over to Souichirou-san’s house now?”


“Oi, what are you saying without even asking me?”

“We will be having our dinner from now. I was wondering if you would like to join us if it’s okay with you. How about it, Teeri-san?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Well said. That’s a good decision coming from you.”

“If she comes, then I will have fewer shares.”

“That’s what you are worried about……!?”

“I think I will be a nuisance so……”

“That’s not true. If it’s okay, I’m hoping you will join us.”

“I don’t have the same opinion as you. Actually, come here for a sec.”

I grab Elise by her arm, and got myself closer to her to whisper into her ears so Arasaki can’t hear us.

“What are you thinking? You two are an Angel and a Devil. Is it okay for her to find about you two?”

“Of course having the identity of us being found out to her is something we have to avoid. However, avoiding and distancing yourself from people because of us will cause hindrance to your relation with other people in the future.”

“Relation or not, she’s merely my classmate. She’s not even my friend.”

“If that’s the case, then there’s no difference that our existence will cause bad influence to both of you. That’s why I want to fill that hole.”

“I’m saying it’s okay. To begin with, I only find it pointless to have a relation with someone.”


There’s certain intensity in Elise’s smile.

“I’m an Angel. I need to take care of the relation between humans.”

“That’s why I’m telling you that I don’t have any relation with her—.”

“You do.”

“I’m asking you why!?”

“It isn’t good for me to reveal this, however……”

Elise brings her face closer to mine quietly, so my heart takes a jump. Even if I don’t think about it, she is insanely beautiful. She’s so beautiful that people who walks pass her will turn around.

I thought of avoiding the situation where we are close like this, however, Elise’s lips gets closer to my ears before I can move. For some reason, Arasaki makes a bit of a sad face seeing me in this situation.

“We, the Angels, and also Devils carry a “power” that humans don’t have. It’s something where we can feel the power of friendship, love, and bond. It’s not like we can do anything special with it, however, we somehow know when the relation between people changes.”

“It sounds convincing but it kinda doesn’t……”

It seems like she also thinks this is something I can’t come to understand right away, so she just smiles at me gently.

“Can you please accept my wish? At this rate, I won’t be convinced and can’t return to Heaven. Please, I beg you.”

To be honest, this isn’t fair. I’m also a guy who’s in that kind of age, so I can’t decline her like that. And she seems to be stubborn in a different way to Teeri.

“……Sigh. Fine. But only if she says yes. I won’t allow you to bring her over if she doesn’t want to come.”

“Thank you very much!”

Elise is so happy that she is jumping. I can smell something nice from her wavy hair for a slight moment. I gulp down my spit without realising it. I realised that my mind is about to blow, so I shake my head as if I’m punishing myself in order to cool my head.

“Umm, so how about it? Souichirou-san is also asking for you to come over.”

Hold on, I didn’t say anything…… More importantly, Elise is almost breaking our agreement. I want to tell her off, however Arasaki asks me.

“Samejima-kun, is it okay? I, umm……”

It seems like there’s a side of her that is saying that she wants to come, however due to her usual timid personality, it seems like she can’t decide what she wants to do.

“There’s no need for you to force yourself to come—n-no, I mean if you want to come you should. It seems like these two also wants to talk to you……”

I back down at Elise who is smiling behind Arasaki while glaring at me with intensity.

“Then……if it’s for a bit, then I might excuse myself over to your house. ……My parents are coming home late tonight after all……”

It seems like my words resulted in having her deciding to come over, so Arasaki accepts to come while nodding her head.

“Then it’s decided.”

She smiles happily while putting her hand together. I will need to keep in my mind from now on that Angels are unexpectedly rotten.

“I will say this first. I won’t give you my share of dinner.”

“You will definitely be getting your share of dinner. Okay?”

“Then I don’t mind……”

After that, the four of us that consists of Teeri, Elise, Arasaki, and I, continue to shop.

Elise is talking actively to Arasaki, and even Arasaki looks like she is enjoying talking to Elise despite being a bit nervous. Arasaki asks Elise about our dinner tonight. Elise turns around to me and looks at my eyes. She’s most likely saying, “What are you planning on making?”. I tell her that she can decide on it by lip movement. It seems like she understood what I said right away, so she smiles really happily to me.

“Hey, your face is a bit red.”

Teeri who is next to me looks into my face so I can’t help myself but to smack her in the head due to my reflexes (Obviously very weakly).

“Ouch! What was that for!?”

“Ah, my bad. It just happened……”

“It isn’t, “My bad”! Let me hit you three times as well!”

It was only one hit but it somehow got changed to three hits immediately. I dodge her weak jab that comes towards me. I dodge all her punches coming towards me despite her saying, “Don’t dodge it!”. Maybe the two of us who are acting like this looks childish, so the two girls walking ahead of us chuckles. I don’t know why, but it seems like I showed a really pathetic side of me.


We finished our shopping and we are on our way home. We went right into my house to avoid this heat. I got the remote soon as I went inside the living room to turn on the AC.

“Well then, please sit down. Though this house isn’t that clean.”

“This is my house. Stop treating as though my house is dirty.”

“I can’t even call this a clean house is a compliment.”

These two…… They are a Devil and an Angel, but they show good combination at weird times.

“E-Excuse me……!”

She sits on sofa while being reserved.

“Souichirou, isn’t dinner ready yet?”

“We must first wash our hands, Teeri-san. I think it will take a bit of time for preparation.”

“That can’t be helped then…… I will wait for it while watching television.”

“Can’t you come up with an idea where you help us with cooking?”

“I can’t!”

She says that arrogantly while she puts her hand on her waist. She’s so wrong for acting so bold about it.

“It certainly does feel like this is a boy’s house. Like the part where the manga are scattered everywhere.”

“The one who messed this place up isn’t me but her.”

“Hey, what are you doing!?”

When I grab Teeri by the collar, she starts to act violently like a kitten.

“Here are some cheap teas.”

Elise who came while bring a tray which carries four cups of teas starts to place the cups on the table as if she is used to this. Her consideration and politeness for others are totally different to the Devil.

“Don’t call it a cheap tea. I’m actually picky with tea I drink.”

“But it was written that it is a cheap tea-bag.”

“……I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Souichirou sure does have a flexible brain where he forgets things that aren’t in his favour.”

“That’s my line!”

Arasaki who is looking at our comedy like conversation starts to chuckle.

“Ahaha……it’s my first time seeing Souichirou-kun acting like this.”

“Gu……she is a Devil after all.”

“I don’t think it’s good to call a girl a Devil.”

Arasaki laughs while giggling. So she laughs like this. Despite having known for more than a year, this is my first time finding it out.

“So Momoe-san, you are Souichirou-san’s classmate, correct? How is Souichirou-san at school? Is he taking the lessons seriously?”

“Don’t ask her something like that. ……Never mind. I will be making dinner, so you guys go ahead and talk.”

I won’t know what to do if I’m surrounded by three girls. I got up as if I’m running away from here, and head towards the kitchen.

I place the plastic bag I got from the super market on the chopping board. There are meats and vegetables that are necessary for making a curry inside. I randomly take them out of the bag.

The ingredients which has twice the amount than usual. Since I’m living by myself, the most I made is for the portion that will serve two people. I should get right into it, and to make sure I distribute the portion carefully.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

I thought the three of them will be having fun chatting, however Elise shows up in the kitchen.

“Is it okay?”

“Since I did force myself into your house, I should be doing at least this much.”

“Well, that’s true. I would be spoiling all of you too much if I prepare everything on my own.”

“Yes, it sure is.”

“Then wash the tableware we will be using. We will be using that big plate over there. Since I haven’t used it for a while it’s full of dust.”

Maybe she’s familiar with doing it, so Elise who got the plates from the shelf stands front of the kitchen. I can’t help myself but to stare at her who is washing the plates with water. In terms of appearance, she looks like a foreigner. However, she seems like she is close to me where her actions is like that of a Japanese person. I don’t quite know the reason for that. Except, due to her perfect appearance, I’m struck by feeling nervous. She looks at me where her expression is saying, “Is there something on my face?”, so I shake my head to the side and look away.

“L-Let me help you with something as well.”

The one who came while saying that is Arasaki.

“Oi oi……no matter how you think about it, three people preparing for dinner is just too much.”

“Am I troubling you……?”

“You should let her. Let’s ask Arasaki-san for her assistance as well.”

“……Then can you chop the vegetables? Can you do it?”


She stands next to me while smiling happily. Obviously, Teeri who is all alone by herself doesn’t show up……and when I check to see how she’s doing, she is laying down to watch the television.

Arasaki washes the vegetable quick and thoroughly. When she puts them on the chopping board, she starts chopping them rhythmically. When I was looking at her, she looks this way after she realises I’m looking at her.

“W-W-W-What’s wrong!?”

“Nothing, I just thought you’re quite good at it. You must cook quite often, right?”

“Oh my, I’m not a good-wife material girl, not even a bit!”

I didn’t even say a single of those words…… Her chopping that was being done rhythmically gets disrupted, and she starts chopping the same part of the vegetable.

“It’s dangerous to chop like that. Hold it properly.”

Since I can’t stand it if she cuts her finger, I grab hold of Arasaki’s hand and fixed the posture of her hand.


However, maybe she got shocked since it was a sudden thing, so Arasaki screams while stepping back.

“I-I-I’m fine, it’s okay!”

She then starts to swing around her hand that is holding onto the knife. You don’t look like you are……


Even though I’m a bit worried, I open the draw to take out a pack with curry powder inside it to see if there is some left.

“Crap……we don’t have enough powder……”

I didn’t buy it since I thought I had enough at home, so there’s only enough powder for two people. If we continue to make this simply by using this portion, then it will become a curry soup with not much taste to it.

“I will leave the preparation to you two. You do know how to make a curry, right? There isn’t enough curry powder so I will go and buy more. Don’t overdo it, okay?”

“Y-Yeah, I’m okay.”

Arasaki does a small nod. Elise is also here so I’m sure it will be fine. She must have some common sense after all.

I left the preparation to these two and then head towards the super market once again.


At the kitchen where there are only the two of them, only the sound of vegetables being chopped can be heard. Elise is honestly impressed at Arasaki who is skilled at chopping.

“You are very good. Do you always cook?”

“No. Only days like today when my family comes home late due to work. Besides, I can’t make anything impressive at all……”

“Being able to do even that much is impressive. Umm, if it’s okay with you, may I ask you a question?”

“S-Sure. What is it?”

Elise speaks while smiling. She is thinking that she is able to ask a private question while Souichirou isn’t here.

“Momoe-san, which part of Souichirou-san made you like him?”


Arasaki puts her hand up at the question she didn’t expect. While making a sound, the knife flies up in the air and impales down into the chopping board.

“W-W-W-W-What do you mean by l-l-like!?”

“Oh, umm, I obviously meant as a friend. It seems like Souichirou-san has few friends……”

“Y……Yes. Of course you meant as a friend…… No, I don’t even know if someone like me can be considered as his friend. I realised that the Samejima-kun I knew until now was simply his outside image after meeting you and Teeri-san today.”

Souichirou always has an unpleasant face, and he barely shows any emotion. That’s what Momoe thought.

However, Souichirou shows different kinds of expression when he is with Elise and Teeri. She is envy of them even if that was his angry expression he shows to them.

Seeing her look down weakly, Elise realises her feelings. That’s because Angels are capable of sensing human’s emotion really sensitively. But then, unless you are really dense, you will realise her feelings just from seeing her face.

“Since when have you known Souichirou-san?”

“Since I entered high school. On the day of the school entrance ceremony—”

While chopping the vegetables, Momoe starts to remember the day when she met Souichirou. Even till now, that incident is carved strongly into Momoe’s memories.

───On the day of the school entrance ceremony.

Oh her way home a bit late. Since it was an entrance ceremony, there were only few students that remained at school. It was told in the weather broadcast that it would be raining from evening, and when she tried to leave the school in a rush, she was stopped by three male students. Due to their body build and their uniform that has been worn quite a lot, she didn’t need that much time to realise that they were her seniors.

“U-Umm, do you have some kind of business with me?”

“A business? Hear what she said? You sure are cute. Wanna have some fun with us from now?”

The male students were delinquents that had just become a third year student. It was an entrance ceremony on this day which would be a holiday for them, however due to their smoking habits; they were suspended at the end of the third semester. They were called to the school for that reason.

“I…..need to go home, so……”

“Who cares? We will teach you about school life.”

He reached for her shoulder by force, so Momoe gripped onto her bag tightly. The delinquent who seemed to be their leader brings Momoe closer to him by force. She sought for help from others, but she couldn’t say anything. She saw several new students from afar, but they returned home as if they are escaping and tried to not look at Momoe and the delinquents. Who in their right mind would cause a stir with their seniors’ right after entering the school?


She was scared, and her body started trembling on its own, but the delinquents got even more excited seeing her.

“Seriously, that sure does stimulate me. Such an innocent behaviour. Oh yeah, come over to my house, I will at least give you tea.”

“Please stop……”

“Please stop, she says! Kyahahaha──!”

The guys around him clap their hands lively and walks around Momoe. It happened then. One of the delinquent that isn’t paying attention to his surroundings walks front of a student that was heading home and crashed into him. While making a noise which went “Don”, the delinquent student falls down.

“That hurts dam it! Where the fuck were you looking at while walking!”

Even though it was clearly his fault, he yells after he stands up, and grabbed the student he crashed into by this collar.

“Ah? That was your fault.”


Seeing the powerful glare, the delinquent who has a bigger physique and was older than that student backed down for a moment. He didn’t flinch even though he had someone holding him by his collar and instead grabbed onto the delinquent’s wrist.

“You’re stretching my shirt. Let go off it.”

“O-Ouch, it hurts!”

Having his wrist gripped while it made weird noises, the delinquent backed away from the student as if he was running away from him.

“You are a first year? That’s quite a cocky attitude you got there.”

The leader of the delinquents who was putting his hand on Momoe’s shoulder puts on a smile like a child who had found a new toy, and looked at the cocky student.

This cocky student was none other than Samejima Souichirou. On the entrance ceremony day, Souichirou was called and received a strict warning from a teacher, so he ended up going home late.

The teacher that had heard his rumours about his time when he was a middle school student warned him not to cause brawls at school.

“Good timing. We’re about to have some fun with this girl. You should come along.”

“I’m in a bad mood right now. I want to get back home soon as I can. Do that next time.”

“Ah? Hey, you guys heard that? Seems like the freshman of this year is quite cocky. Hehehe.”

“Then we won’t waste your time and play around with your right here!”

The delinquent that went behind Souichirou kicked him without any mercy. However, maybe he predicted that kick, so he didn’t back down.

Instead, he acted as if he was waiting to be kicked, so he then turned around and punched the delinquent to his face quickly. It made a sharp sound and the delinquent flew back.

The delinquent’s front tooth chipped with that impact, and his white teeth flew up into the sky. While the delinquents stand there puzzled because they didn’t expect a freshman, and furthermore someone who is by himself to hit back, Souichirou shortened his distance with the remaining two delinquents. He aimed at one of the delinquents jaw, and made him go flying with a single punch even without making a proper posture.


The third delinquent finally realised the abnormal situation he was in. His opponent wasn’t an ordinary freshman. He knew he can’t win unless he initiates his first attack.

He swung his arm to the fullest after he took a big step forward. He wasn’t aiming to attack in a way where he had his guard down, but it might possibly be an attack he did because he wanted to finish this fight immediately.

Souichirou didn’t even dodge and instead took the hit. Momoe who thought he was going to be hit closed her eyes and looked away. After that, a sound if something had been squashed echoed.


The one who made the scream was the delinquent who was supposed to be the one who hit him. He used his own school bag to block that hit. There were thick stationaries inside his bag that he would need for the studies he would be taking this year. It certainly could be used as a small shield.

It was already too late by the time the delinquent who was in agony due to the pain of his fist sensed the danger in front of him. Flexible leg that had been extended came towards him.

After being hit with a powerful kick, the delinquent kneed on the ground with a single hit. It was easy for Souichirou to target them while they were defenceless, but the opponents had no intention of continuing any more.

“I-I’m sorry! It was our fault!”

“Take those two and leave already. I don’t want to get involved in a mess from my first day here.”

The delinquent woke up his friends as if he was running away, and left quickly. After he made quite a distance with Souichirou and Momoe, he turned around and made a taunt.

However, by this time, Souichirou didn’t care about those guys and the delinquent’s words didn’t reach Souichirou.

“……T-Thank you very much……”

Momoe who had her eyes red and who was about to break down in tears bowed her head towards the mysterious student who risked himself to save her.

“It was nothing. I only fought back because they came up to me, so don’t get the wrong idea. The thing is, those guys and I are the same.”

Souichirou picked up Momoe’s bag and handed it to her. Momoe couldn’t move and reach out her arm due to being stiff, so Souichirou forcefully made her carry her bag.

“See ya.”

Momoe didn’t have the courage to stop Souichirou who said few words and headed towards the school gate. Except, she simply bowed her head down.

Even though he spoke as if he pushed her away from him, Momoe saw a glimpse of kindness that wasn’t in Souichirou’s words. When she looked around before seeking for help, she saw Souichirou who was walking in the direction far away. He changed his course when he saw Momoe. He changed his route where he would purposely crash into the delinquent’s path. As a result, he ended up crashing into them and he took them down. If he didn’t purposely change his route, there wouldn’t have been any fight.



After she spoke about her experience and her meeting with Souichirou, Momoe shows an expression where she is feeling bad about it.

“After that, teachers found out he caused trouble during the entrance ceremony……so Souichirou-kun was suspended on the next day. Everyone found out about the fight……and he became isolated because of me.”

“That was not your fault, Momoe-san. The people at fault here is those people that tried to take you away by force.”


“It was quite an unexpected episode coming from Souichirou-san.”

“Ahaha……I’m sure he’s just clumsy at these sorts of things. My friends at school simply don’t understand Souichirou-kun that well. He’s actually a kind person.”

“Yes, I also feel that he is somewhat clumsy. I am also sure Souichirou-san has a kind side in him.”

Momoe shows a bright smile. That’s because there is someone besides her that understands Souichirou. However, that also means that she isn’t the only one that knows that side of Souichirou. She also feels uneasy because there is someone cute like Elise who understands the good qualities of Souichirou. Even more so if it’s someone who stays and eats in the same house as him……

Maybe it’s her first time speaking to him properly today, despite attending the same school as him for more than a year. Even though she greets him in the morning or after school, he only replies back to her with one or two words.

Souichirou who acts that way speaks to Elise and Teeri while having fun. She sensed strongly the difference in them.

After they chopped all the vegetables and the water started to boil, there is a sound from the entrance. And when the living room door opens, Souichirou who has just came back is there while acting as if he’s listless.

Both Elise and Momoe look at each other and chuckles.


Arasaki stands up after the supper.

“Thank you for today. I ended up receiving dinner today……but my family would get worried if I don’t return home soon.”

“Souichirou-san, how about you walk her home?”

“What? Why do I have to……”

“Umm, it’s okay. It isn’t that far anyway……! I’ll take my leave here……and thank you for today.”

Arasaki bows her head saying that and heads towards the entrance door. Elise looks at me with a worried face. Is it really okay you don’t walk her home? That’s what she’s saying I guess.

“Sigh……fine, you’ll be satisfied if I take her home, right?”

When I said that, Elise puts on a big smile and starts shaking her head. Despite being reluctant to do this, I walk towards the entrance door quietly.

Arasaki who just walked outside turns around after hearing the sound of the door being opened and sees me.


“I’ll walk you home.”

I walk ahead after saying that. I don’t know where Arasaki lives, but I can kinda guess where she lives from the direction she head towards after school.

“No, I’m fine even by myself!”

“Quit screaming and start walking.”

“Ah……yeah……thank you……”

Arasaki comes running towards me and follows a little bit behind me. She then walks besides me so we walk on the road together at night. There’s nothing special that we can talk about either.

Our relation was originally like this anyway. There’s nothing to it, even if Elise was being concerned about it. Instead, I feel like she was concerned over nothing.

While we walk without a word, Arasaki looks at me several times where she wants to say something but stops. If she wants to say something, she should just come out and say it.

“What is it?”

“……Umm, well, I just wanted to say thank you for today……”

“I heard that already.”

“Y-You’re right……I’m sorry……”

Was she hesitant just because she wanted to say that again? I sure don’t get that.

Our conversation stops there and only the sound of our footsteps can be heard which echoes throughout the path of the residential area. Because it’s night right now, I can’t see Arasaki’s face clearly.

I wonder why she decided to have dinner with us today. That’s the doubt I’m having.

There isn’t a single thing she would benefit from by hanging out with me.

“Well, the thing is.”

Arasaki who is looking down speaks up slowly.

“If it’s okay with you……can I come over again?”

Why? But I stopped myself from saying that.

“I doubt you would be able to see those two again.”

“You mean Elise-san and Teeri-san?”

“Yeah. They are returning to the place where they live.”

“I-I see……”

“So there’s nothing in my house even if you come.”

“In my case……that would be……”

She says something really quietly, but I can’t hear what she’s saying because her voice is too low.

“Why are you trying to get involved with me? Wouldn’t you avoid me normally?”

“Avoid? Why?”

“Why? You don’t even need to think about the reason since it’s obvious.”

If she hangs out with me who is surrounded with ad rumours, then its obvious nothing good will happen to her. That’s how it is, but Arasaki simply tilts her head in wonder.

“I don’t think you are a……bad person, Samejima-kun……”

“I am bad.”

“You’re not!”

“I’m saying I am. I’ll seriously hit you.”

I try to scare her by glaring at her. But Arasaki looks upto while putting on a serious eyes she never shows.

“You won’t do that, Samejima-kun.”

She doesn’t have anything to support her opinion. She’s never calm. But why is she really confident in her words?


“You’ll be fine if I walk you till here right?”


We went through the small resident area, and by the time we realise it, we arrived in a road where it’s bright. She’ll be able to go home from here herself.

“See ya.”


I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel like talking to Arasaki any longer than this. So I left the scene as if I’m fleeing from here.


When I return to my house after walking Arasaki home, Elise came to welcome me back home at the entrance. While putting on a smile that is.

“What’s with that meaningful smile?”

“No, nothing. I am curious how it went.”

“What do you mean how it went? I dropped her home as I was told.”

“That’s not what I meant. Did any kind of event filled with joy that is embarrassing to share happen?”

What on earth is she trying to say?

“Nothing happened.”

Arasaki and myself are simply classmates so we aren’t even friends. There’s no way there would be any progress in our relation.

“I see……”

For some reason she puts on a sad face and follows after me who am heading towards the living room.

“Excuse me, I forgot to ask, but in which room will you be allowing me to rest in?”

“Even if you ask which one, there isn’t any spare room. Just sleep with that Devil on the second floor.”

“There’s no way I can sleep with a Angel. She might kill me with her cross (glare). Ahahaha!”

When I thought she made an angry face at me, Teeri starts laughing on the floor after watching a joke that is on the television. No matter how I look at her, Teeri is a human, no, a Japanese.

I wonder where that Devil went who said she can’t laugh even if she watches a television……

“I would not do such a scary act! Angels does not like quarrels!”

“More than that, what’s wrong with her compatibility to this world? She blended into the human world so naturally that it scares me.”

“Devils are tribes that is strong in the changes in the situation they are put in. It’s matter of time until they get familiar with the human world.”

“It’s not exaggerating to say that she completely blended in with the human world.”

“Anyway I would hate that. I’ll sleep by myself. You can just sleep with Souichirou.”

“S-Staying in the same room with a man is an act that God would not allow!”

“The Devil here should allow it then. Kyahahaha!”

No matter how I think about it, a Devil doesn’t have such authority.

“Ah, t-that’s it. How about that room over there? It seems like it is not used at all.”
The room she points it after saying that is the other spare room on the first floor. The room which is opposite the room I’m using.

“……Not that room.”

“It’s not like you’re using it, right?”

The Devil butts in.

“I’m telling you it’s a no.”

“Who cares? It’s not like you are using it.”

“I’m the house owner and if I said no, then you obviously can’t use it. Use the living room then.”

“The living room……?”

She looks at the living room with clearly a disturbed eye.

“If you were to get thirsty Souichirou-san, you would come to the living room, correct?”

“I’ll obviously will since I would need to get the drink from the fridge.”

“That would mean you would see my face while I am sleeping, correct?”

“I won’t try to look but you’ll certainly be visible.”

“An embarrassing act like that is something I cannot endure!”

I’ll be troubled if she turns her face really red and starts swing her head to the side.

“Then where will you sleep? The bathroom? The toilet? Or the veranda?”

“The room you are currently using is the one opposite the room that is not being used, correct Souichirou-san?”

“Yeah, and? ……Wait, don’t tell me……”

“Then I will use that room and you sleep in the living room, Souichirou-san.”

“That should be fine, shouldn’t it?”

“It’s not fine……and why the heck do I have to sleep in the living room when this is my house?”

“Because you are a guy.” “You are a man after all.”

The Devil and the Angel says that at the same time.

“Are you guys messing with me? Listen. I’m keep on saying this but—”

“You want to say this is your house right? You’re a man with a small vessel for being obsessed about that.”


The Devil that was watching the television until now walks towards me. I take a few step back because I got a weird feeling from her, but she shortens our distance.

“Is there something in that unused room that is stopping you from opening that door?”

I have myself whisper into my ears from a Devil. My hearts takes a beat because of her words that nailed the spot. I look away from Teeri in order to hide my shock.

“T-There’s nothing in there……anyway, you’ll be sleeping in the living room. Got it?”

“Yes……I do……so it means that Souichirou-san wants to see my face while I am sleeping, correct……?”

“What? H-Hey, what are you……”

“Souichirou, you’re so low.”

“It is okay. It was my fault for asking such request……and everything will be fine if I have to endure this embarrassment!”

Women are dirty, they truly are.

“Shit……you’ll be fine if I let you use the room I’m currently using, right?”

“Is it okay!?”

Elise’s gloomy face changes into a smile soon as I allowed her to use my room.

“Do what you want. By the way, there was something which has been bothering me.”

“Yes, what will that be?”

I want to ask her the question I wanted to ask but couldn’t due to Arasaki who was present for our dinner.

“When you explained to me the situation I was in, you did say that you would have to fly with two wings, right?”

“You mean in order to pass through the gate? You are aware that Angels and Devils have a pair of wing, correct? That will be the key. It is also the reason why those without wings cannot go to the Heaven and Hell.”

“That’s not the problem. She only has one wing, so will there be any problem with it?”


“Ah……yeah. I only have one wing.”

“You only have one wing……?”

“Check for yourself.”

Teeri shows her back to Elise after saying that.

“E-Excuse me.”

Elise who goes to her in panic checks it.

“I-It’s not there……”

 photo KTTK01-NC06_zpsb6afaf98.png
She shows it will looking a bit shy. Because I was staring at Teeri, she glares at me so I look away.

“W-Why is there……only one wing……”

“I got into a huge accident when I was a child so I lost it then.”

“It cannot be……in order to pass through the gate, you would definitely need two wings……!”

“Maybe you can pass through it with one wing? As you can see, she was able to come to the human world.”

Elise simply puts on a complicated face at my words I said passively.

“Looks like she’s seriously thinking about this.”

Maybe our words didn’t reach her ears, so she just stares at one point and isn’t even moving.

Seeing her act like that, Teeri puts on a fearless smile as if she came up with an idea. So she moves slowly behind Elise.

She then approaches her slowly and starts to bend her legs. It seems like she’s trying to use her knee to push Elise from the opposite side of her knee. Their legs touches each other.

After checking the timing to actually do it several times, Teeri pushes her knee forward.

But at the same time, Elise looks up and takes a step forward.

“I-I will go and confirm it right away……I am very sorry but please let me go outside for a short while.”

Teeri’s knee gets pushed forward without hitting anything. Her eyes meet my eyes. She then blushes and turns red due to the embarrassment.

“D-Don’t look at me!”

The prank of a Devil ended pathetically and sadly.

“Where are you going? The next time the gate opens is two days from now right? Do you have some sort of mobile phone that allows you to contact with those in Heaven?”

“That is not it; however, it is quite similar. In the human world, there is always a middle level Angel present, so I will be reporting about this to her and ask her for her orders.”

“It’s already dark outside. How about you try it tomorrow?”

“We do not have that much time till the gate opens……do not worry, I will be back very soon.”

“Geez, can’t help it then. I’ll walk you to that place. It will be weird if I don’t walk you too when I walked Arasaki home.”

“B-But. I am troubling you already by staying here……”

“Having one or two more troubles right now won’t change a thing.”

“Seriously, Angels sure are being that causes troubles. Souichirou, get me some drink on your way home.”

Maybe she’s trying to hide her face that is all red, so she gives me an order while turning her back at me.

“You should work hard to have a single troubles disappear!”


“Teeri-san sure is a interesting Devil.”

Elise and I walk within the residential area that is really dark. Looks like it was the right decision to stop her from walking outside alone. It will be dangerous to have a woman walk alone by herself if it’s this dark.

“Interesting? She’s just selfish and does things as she likes that would make you go nuts.”

“I am sure it is special in her case. Devils are normally very dangerous beings.”

“Would that be the same as those Devil that I would imagine?”

“It is most likely the same. They are species that loves blood and fighting.”

“Angels and Devils are originally humans, right?”

“Yes, they are their reincarnation. Angels and Devils are humans as well as humans are Angels and Devils.”

“So does that mean she was a insanely evil woman in her previous life?”

When I asked her that question, Elise shakes her head to the side to reject it,

“No, she is a Little Devil so that will be not the case.”

-and gives such answer.

“Little Devil?”

“Those that are born between a Devil and a Devil are called Little Devils. There are high chances for pure Devils being very evil like you, Souichirou-san, and their brutal personality would not change forever. However, Little Devils such as Teeri-san may grow up to a Devil with intellect depending on how you educate them.”

“Is there a way to distinguish between the two types of Devils?”

“Certainly. Pure Devils has horn after all.”

I try to remember Teeri’s face, but she certainly did not have a horn.

“That sure is a easy way to distinguish them. So if there are different species for a Devil with both their parents as a Devil, will there be a similar thing for the Angels?”

“Yes. You would be able to distinguish them apart with the shape of their wings. I am a Little Angel.”

So it means Elise is a Little Angel that was born between two Angels.

“To be frank, I was very shocked with Teeri-san’s wing. I never predicted she would only have one……”

“Is that rare?”

“There is no end to war in Hell. There are those that have lost their wings. However there are no records of those without wings appearing in the human world. To be honest I am not sure what I should do……since I was only given the order to send her to the gate and explain the situation to you, Souichirou-san……”

Elise has a gloomy face. It means that’s how unexpected this situation is about Teeri having one wing.

“But she appeared to this world. Since that’s a fact, there’s certainly a way for her to return.”

“Yes, you are correct. It was too early for me to think so negatively.”

“In my case I want both of you and her to leave my house immediately.”

“I am very sorry.”

“Well……the one who picked her up was me so that is my responsibility. I won’t mind if it’s only a bit longer.”

“……Thank you very much.”

An Angel’s smile is something I can’t get used to.

I should be angry since they caused me lots of troubles, but I’ll forget them with a single smile of hers.


“We have arrived.”

“Is this a……shrine?”

“A middle level Angel is living here as shrine maiden. I was told to rely on her if something goes wrong.”

“Lives here? An Angel?”

“Yes. She cannot work as an Angel openly after all.”

“So it means she’s an Angel who is imposing as a shrine maiden then.”

“That is a rude way to put it, but yes, that is correct.”

“Can’t you have Teeri stay here then? Shouldn’t it be easy for an Angel like you to explain it to her?”

“That would be impossible. There is a powerful consecrated ground around the area of this shrine.”

“Consecrated ground?”

“Perhaps, if it is the current you, then you should be able to feel it a bit, Souichirou-san. So please be careful.”

I follow after Elise who went past the shrine archway and step foot inside the territory.

That instant, I feel as though an electric shock passes from the tip of my foot to my head.

Yeah, I can’t tell whether it’s the so called “consecrated ground” Elise mentioned, but there’s certainly something I can feel.

“It has the power to repel evil. Devils such as Teeri-san would not stay safe after touching the consecrated ground.”

“I see……”

Since I awoke my traits of a Devil, it means that I touched that consecrated ground.


A quiet ground. The main temple building has fire lit the ground so I’m able to look around even though it’s dark. There’s a person sitting front of a statute of Buddha and has her back at us.

“It has been awhile, Falzelis-sama.”

“I never thought there would be a day where you would descend to this world. Time sure does fly.”

The one who turns around is a hot chick wearing a maiden shrine’s costume.

“Is this shrine maiden an Angel?”

“Yes she is. Oh, this person here is Samejima Souichirou-san and he is a human that got involved in a bit of a mess.”

“A mess? So the reason you came to me is regarding that then?”

“I came down to earth by the order of Archangel Michael-sama, but it turned into a situation where I would need his help. For that reason I came to ask for your assistance, Falzelis-sama.”

“I see. I will be happy to assist you if that’s the case.”

“Help? How are you planning to contact the Heaven?”

“Middle level Angels and above can use their own body as a medium to have the Archangel-sama possess their body.”

“By possess, you mean the one where someone else enters their body?”

“That is correct. By contacting them from this side, the Archangel-sama who is in Heaven will be able to descend here.”

“Things like possessing are considered a fraud among humans.”

“This is very real thing.”

“I’ll decided that myself after witnessing it with my own eyes.”

The hot chick called Falzelis closes her eyes slowly.

“This is the ritual for being possessed. It requires a lot of concentration so please do not disturb her.”

“You think I would do that?”

“I am sure the possibility for that to happen is not low.”

“That’s a harsh thing to say considering that I only met you today……”

“I have come here after studying a bit about you, Souichirou-san.”

What will happen if I kick her while she’s concentrating? I’ll hide the fact about that coming into my mind.

The shrine maiden front of us stops moving. Then she opens her eyes slowly.


Then a voice of a woman belonging to someone else can be heard. It must mean the ritual for being possessed worked.

“Looks like I was able to come down to earth safely.”

I can’t believe my ears since this voice clearly belongs to a different woman. It’s not a voice which she can make by changing her tone.

“Archangel-sama. Thank you very much for accepting my sudden request.”

“It’s fine. I was also concerned about this matter so I had myself observe the situation from Heaven. You must be Samejima Souichirou. How do you do?”


“Awww, m-my apologies, Archangel-sama!”

“It’s fine. I have come to understood this person in my own way.”

“Hmph, so you’re saying you were watching me as well? Don’t tell me that you think you can get away anything simply because you’re an Angel. It’s called intruding other’s privacy.”

I don’t know how he did it, but it sure does piss me off having myself searched through without my concern.

“Unfortunately that is the general idea in the human world, is it not?”

“So you’re saying you won’t feel like shit having someone else spy on you without saying a word?”

“Fufu. You are interesting person as I imagined.”

“Hmph, I know, right?”

“He was not praising you, Souichirou-san! That was not a compliment!”

“Elise. The reason why you contacted me in urgent was regarding about that Devil having only one wing, I presume?”

“Yes. I thought those without a pair of wings cannot go through the gate.”

“If I have it to say it from a fact, yes, that is exactly correct. You can’t go through the gate unless you have a pair of wing.”

“I knew it……”

“I want to explain it in details, but looks like I can’t.”

When I look at the shrine maiden, she has lots of sweats dropping from her face. The amount of her sweat is unusual simply from the heat.


“Falzelis’s power as an Angel has weakened due to her staying in the human world for a long time and has affected her body. Her limit for having her body possessed would be few minutes only.”

“It’s a waste of time having you explain the situation for so long. Tell me how I should cope with this situation since I had enough of this.”


“Fufu. You are a lively human. We are also very interested in your existence.”

“I’m not even happy in the slightest by having guys above me spy on me.”

His words are soft, but the vibe of this atmosphere is serious.

This is merely my own imagination, but I can only feel that his words and attitude is different from the way he thinks.

“We’ve decided to send our messenger from the gate that would open in two days from now. It will be over once you hand the Devil to those messengers. We’ll handle the situation after that.”

“I see. That sure will be helpful and easy.”

“Elise, you will have to watch over her to make sure she doesn’t cause any trouble.”

“Yes! But how will you send her to Hell?”

“Unfortunately I can’t answer you that question. This is a method only those in certain ranks may be told.”

“I understand. I will make sure I finish the order I was given till the last moment.”

“There’s nothing I should be worried about if it’s you.”

Michael smiles gently and looks towards me.

“Souichirou. You will go through many experiences from now on and go through growth as well as feeling frustrated. I sincerely hope that would lead you to become a messiah.”

“Messiah? What the heck is that?”

“Now then……I’ll entrust the rest to you, Elise.”

The shrine maiden that is currently Michael right now, smiles and then falls on the ground.


“There’s no need for you to worry…… Fufu, looks like I’m getting weak.”

There are lots of sweats around the area she put her hand at.

“I never imagined it would be this hard to get possessed for a short time……”

The shrine maiden takes a breath while bending forward. Due to how she’s dressed, the area around her breast is exposed so I catch a glimpse of it. No, I shouldn’t look, but my eyes moves towards there.

“Souichirou-san, I can see your negative emotion is appearing.”

She looks at me while putting on a scorn expression. Elise walks towards Falzelis and covers her breast.

“I-I don’t know what you are talking about……”

Even though I did have such feeling, I look away in order to hide it.

“Oh yeah. Elise, tell me one thing.”

“What is it?”

“What was with his word when he said he would hope for me to become a messiah?”

“That is……”

Maybe it’s a question that is hard for her to answer than I thought, so Elise doesn’t know what to say. After making a face where she looks a bit hesitant, she looks at me.

“Souichirou-san, you are a person who has the possibility to become either a “messiah” or a “great villain”. Though I think that will happen in a distant future.”

“……I don’t get it.”

“I am sure it will be fine for now. Souichirou-san is Souichirou-san after all.”

After Elise and I witnessed that Falzelis has calmed down, we head towards home.


“……Oh, it’s quiet.”

“I thought she would jump at me and ask for some drink soon as she find out we are back.”

The television was on when we went to the living room. Teeri is on the sofa sleeping while holding the remote.

“Looks like she is asleep.”

“Geez. Sleep on the bed if you are going to sleep.”

Right now this is my bed……

I can just leave her like this, but I’ll be troubled if she jumps at me in the morning due to the panic.

“I’ll take her to the second floor.”

Elise starts smirking when I said that.

“Do you think I’ll do something to her? And what’s with that smile?”

“I just thought you are a kind person, Souichirou-san.”

“Idiot…… I’m simply taking her upstairs because she’s in my way.”

“Fufufu, I will clean the mess that Teeri-san created.”

I don’t like her attitude of hers that thinks she can see through me. But I keep my mouth closed since I know talking to her would be a waste of time. I then lift Teeri who is so light. I thought she would wake up, but it seems like she’s deep in her sleep. I then walk up the stairs. I go up the stairs while making sure I don’t make a noise due to the floor making creaking sounds. The door of my room is left opened.

“Close the door properly once you open it.”

That moment, her words come to my ear.


Teeri holds tightly on my shirt.

When I look at Teeri from the side, she has tears in the corner of her eyes. I think she said her mother was killed.

She always acts noisy and says cocky thing. She causes lots of troubles to people around her. But she may also have her own problem which I’m not aware of.

Her wing growing from her back seems like its speaking for her. When I think like that, I can’t make myself hate her.



Her words she said while in her sleep.

The next moment—Bite! I got myself bitten on my neck. And really hard that is!


I was about to scream due to the intense pain, but I endure myself from doing it by desperately bitting my teeth hard in order to not wake her up.

“Y-You idiot……!”

“……It’s hard……mumble~mumble……”

Let me take that back. I hate her!

I walk towards the bed despite having tears in my eyes and put Teeri on the bed.

I then left the room in a rush.

“Ouch……this will definitely leave a mark……”

When I go down the stairs while holding on the area she bit, there is Elise who is waiting for me downstairs.

“How did it go? Did she wake up?”

“No, she’s asleep.”

“I am sure Teeri-san is also not sure how to live in the human world. So please be soft on her.”

“……Yeah. I may have overreacted a bit.”

If I get thrown to hell for example, I won’t know what will happen to me.

“I’ll sleep in the living room. So you should go to your room and get ready to sleep.”

“Excuse me, why are you not using that room opposite my room?”

She asks while being reserved. She must have understood that I have some kind of issue from our conversation back then.

“Looks like the Angels didn’t bother checking the things like that.”

“Archangel-sama might know the reason. However, I was only given limited information about you, Souichirou-san.”

“I see……”

The room with the unopened door. That door hasn’t been opened for years. It’s not like there’s anything special in there. It’s just a normal room.

It’s left in a way as if someone has been staying there till yesterday, so it still feels as though it’s being used.

“That room is my mum’s bedroom. She disappeared when I was a kid and I haven’t seen her since then. I didn’t touch that room when I was a kid so my mum could come back anytime. I thought she wouldn’t return if I opened this door. That’s simply it.”

Yeah, that is really the only reason for it. I’m not a kid anymore. I know that my mum won’t come back anymore. I know nothing will change even if I do something to that room. Except, for some reason, my habit when I was a kid has still continued.

“I-I am very sorry! ……Without even knowing that, I……”

“It’s the past. There’s nothing you should worry about.”

Yeah, there’s nothing to it. Instead, I feel I’m pathetic since it seems like I’m still caught in my past.

“If I wanted to, I can open this door easily—”

I put my hand on the doorknob. If I open it now, I can discard away my useless emotion—


She puts her hand above mine as if she’s trying to stop me. She then unties each of my fingers slowly from the doorknob.


“How about we keep it as it is? To make sure your mother can come back anytime.”

She looks at me with serious eyes. Maybe she thought she won’t allow me to destroy my feelings of when I was a kid.

“It’s nothing……I’m not even concerned about it anymore……”

I let go off the doorknob.

“Soucihrou-san, you are kind like I thought.”

“I’m not kind. If I was a kind person, then I wouldn’t awaken my trait of becoming a Devil.”

“ I see, that certainly is so.”

She says it while clapping her hand together.

“At least try to deny it a bit……”

I somehow overcame today’s obstacle, though I wonder what kind of obstacle awaits me tomorrow.

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  1. I am so disappointed with this latest chapter… It has crushed all hope of where I thought this story was going…. I was thinking he was gonna turn into a demon in this chapter or the next, but now you’re telling me there’s gonna be some stupid angel there preventing that…. Damnit angels suck….

  2. Weird. I’d swear I had posted this already. Yuu have written “beranda?”ベラン”, that I take as you asking if anyone knows what’s that supposed to be. The answer is a “veranda”, that is a roofed balcony, gallery or porch. It can also be written as “verandah”, but, while being usual and correct, is not the preferred form.

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