Chapter 1

○The Man Called Samejima Souichirou

“Samejimaaaaa!!! I will definitely kill you today!”

A loud dumb voice echoes throughout the corridor.


Wednesday at school, after the classes, there’s one male student who is standing in front of my path.

I don’t know what’s irritating him, but he glares at me with a face of an ogre.


His face is a bit unbalanced, so I certainly do remember him.

I think his name is……. It’s……. Aaah~…….

“Hey you, what was your name again?”

“Looking down on me huh! It’s Fujimiya-sama damn it!”

He kicks the plastic bin nearby possibly due to being pissed, and loads of rubbish spreads everywhere.

I saw a glimpse of a single student who came by and ran away frighteningly. I then remembered the guy called Fujimiya who is standing in front of me.

“Ah~….. I remember you. I’m immortal! You were the one who said that lame joke.” (In Japanese Fujimi means immortal which rhymes with his name. )

“What!? D-Don’t remember me with something like that!”

“Hey, Fujimiya-san, you actually said something lame like that!?”

Maybe he was hiding himself at the corner of the corridor, but another male student says that.

“Idiot, why did you come out for!? We were planning to hit him from the behind when I lured him in front of me, remember!?”

“Aggh, I’m very sorry! I will hide myself now!”

“It’s too late! Shit, it can’t be helped if we were caught, so let’s kill him!”


A fat short student with regent hairstyle appears.

“Lame. Hey you, that regent looks gay.”

“What!? Don’t make fun of my hairstyle! It looks cool, right!? Right Fujimiya-san!?”

“Eh, you thought that looked cool?”

“You are also cruel as well, Fujimiya-san! Can’t you see how awesome it looks!?”

He looks towards Fujimiya while pointing at his hair. Fujimiya makes a weird face.

“……Y-Yeah. You are right…… So that’s how it is, damn it!”

“How should I put it…… Why do I have to fight with someone like you guys?”

“That’s obvious! We can’t let you act all high and mighty in this school any longer!”

“I don’t remember putting on a mighty attitude. All my fights were started by other guys.”

“Shut up! Prepare yourself!”

“Well…….if you are asking for it, I will fight back. You guys know that I’m feeling like shit right now, right?”

When I threw my bag away, both of them froze like a rock.

“W-What? You are not in a good mood?”

“Yeah. That’s why hurry and start already. I will finish it right away. I will turn you into pulp.”


Both of them look at each other, and then after a while, they nod their heads after making up their minds.

“He…..Hehehe. Don’t rush it. We have one more special back up with us today. Hey.”

Another student comes out after being called by Fujimiya. It’s a female student who has her long brown hair tied up.

“So your special back up is a girl huh.”

“Kuku, if your opponent is a girl, then even you won’t be able to fight seriously. Let’s kill him!”

“Pathetic….. There are no genders during fights.”

Two guys and one girl jumps towards me.

I make a stance with my fist after making a sigh. Fighting is a routine I do every day. Guys who never learns no matter what always comes at me.

“I will have myself head home after ending this quickly.”

At this time, I still didn’t know about it. That my fate will change with the incident after this.

Yeah, it’s something unbelievable but………it seems like I will either become a ‘messiah’ or a ‘great villain’ in the future.

Can you believe that? No, you won’t. Even I can’t.

Yeah, this truly is an unbelievable story…….

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