Koakuma Thiiri to Kyuuseishu!?

The Little Devil Teeri and the Messiah!?

Author: Kinugasa Shougo (衣笠彰梧)

Illustrator: Tomose Shunsaku (トモセシュンサク)

I, Souichiro, picked up this little girl on a certain rainy day. Even though she has pink hair and wears unfamiliar clothing that looks like a cosplay, she still looks like a normal girl. If there is one thing not normal about her, then that would be—the single black wing that is growing out from her back. She who claims to be a Devil says that she has no place to return to, so I couldn’t help but decide to have her stay in my house.

But the situation doesn’t end there. Then on the next day, a blonde beautiful girl claiming to be an Angel visits my house. And according to this girl, I have a hidden possibility to become either a “Saviour” or a “Super Villain”—!? The ecchi love-comedy of a Delinquent boy×Devil girl×Angel girl brought to you by the super popular creator duo!

 photo KTTK01_zpsb5abd5fc.jpg

Volume 1

27 thoughts on “Koakuma Thiiri to Kyuuseishu!?

  1. i hate myself and i going to be 16 not late to learn Japanese Chinese but born in us so i know how to speak Chinese and it similar a little speaking to Japanese so now just need to know how to read and write Japanese any one help please give me a link that helped u learn Japanese

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  3. Code Zero-san, Konichiwa ^_^
    Been lurking around here for quite sometimes, first of all thank you for your hard work. Volume 17 of DxD was a blast 😀
    Anyway I just want to ask you about this LN series. Are you going to continue translating it? For all I know this already has 6 volumes right? And I’m quite interested in the plot and the illustration, too. Teeri is like a clone to Kotori or something xD
    Again, thank you for your work

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  5. Seems good, can you tell me who is the publisher? also if its still on going and how many volumes does it have? i tried searching for info but none of its in english -_-

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