BR Drama-CD 3

The Night in ORB ~SIDE M~



S= Shinn Asuka
A= Athrun Zala
M= Mu La Flaga
W= Waiter





W: Welcome. Are you here alone today?


S: No, I’m waiting for someone ——Ah, Athrun……!? Why is here……and he’s alone!?


W: Oh? Are you with that customer?


S: No! There should be a booking under the name Flaga……


F: Oh.


S: Ah!


F: Looks like you’ve just come(To Shinn). I’ve booked here and it should be under the name Flaga. (to waiter)


W: Ah, yes, confirmed.


S: Ha……


W: Mr Flaga who had booked for 3 people


F: Yup


S: Eh!?


W: It looks like the other person……is already seated. Please come this way.


F: Alrighty
S: Eh, eeeeeh!?

A: ……Ah
F: Yo, sorry to keep you waiting.
A: Ah, it’s okay.
F: Hey, what are you standing there for, over here! (To Shinn)


A: Shinn……?
S: …… You never mentioned about this person coming today……


F: Huh?
S: That’s why I’m saying that you never told me that this person will be here!
A: I could say the same about you too.


F: If I did then both of you would make such face. Both of you would come up with some excuses and wouldn’t show up.


S: Ugh……


A: But what is the meaning of this? I’ve come today because you said you wanted to talk a bit about the state of affairs from now on, Colonel.


S: That’s what you said to me too!


F: That’s why we are going to talk about it personally. Personally about both of your state of affairs from here on forth.


S: Ugh?


A: Huh?


F: Did you know that Colonel Ramius, Ensign Hawk, and also Lieutenant General Kira Yamato are all worried about you two? Representative Attha went so far to give us special funds for today.
A: Eh?


S: What!?


A: Did you use us as bait to take cash for drinking from her?


F: Hey, I’m in a position where ZAFT asked me to take care of both Shinn and Lunamaria. When both sides are coming up with new military securities we are going to feel gloomy if both of you are giving out weird atmosphere when you are standing right next to us!


A: I wouldn’t do such thing!


S: I wouldn’t either.


F: If that’s the case let’s enjoy ourselves and drink! No need to care about formality today, alright?
A: Ah……but, that is……


F: I’m responsible to report how it ends today to the people I mentioned earlier. Or do you want me to tell all of them that both of you simply ran away? Then what will happen next? Looks like everyone will come in to fix this even though we are so busy right now!


S & A: Ugh……


A: …..Understood. Looks like there’s no way out of this.


F: Here, you should just give up and sit. Choose your orders quickly.


S: ……! Dammit……


F: Excuse me! (Calls out to the waiter)


W: Yes. What would you like to order?


F: The haumea beer, in a jockey.


A: Then I’ll have…… the scramblelaunch.


S: I’ll have the allweaponsfree.


W: So that was the haumea beer, scramblelaunch, and allweaponsfree
F: Yup. For the food……just bring 4 or 5 random dishes for the start.


W: Yes, understood.


S: Ah, I’m allergic to eggplants. Also I’m bad with eggplants, mushrooms, and sour food.


A: Huh? What’s with that?


S: ……It’s better if I tell him first. If both of you ask me to eat something I can’t then–.


F: Looks like it.


A: It’s a miracle you survived the survival training at the academy with that.


S: There’s no one who would do that seriously. Everyone would sneak in something and especially the girls—


A: You would ask for food from the girls?


S: Listen! I also brought something as well!


A: Sigh……


F: Alright, that’s enough you two. Geez. You two being at each other’s throat when we haven’t even begun drinking or talking. Ah, anyways, those will be our order for now (to waiter).


W: Yes. So our recommended dish which excludes eggplants, shells, and mushrooms.


A & F: And also sour food.


W: Very well then.


F: But man, why do the two of you hate each other so much? Since when?


A: Ah, this is……


S: Even if you ask me since when……
F: Was it because you were shot down? (to Athrun) You did shoot him down didn’t you? (to Shinn)


A: You were also shot down by Kira-san, when you were on the Saviour. (whispering)


A: ……! …… This is why, Colonel Flaga.


F: What?


A: It’s not that we hate each other. We just can’t get along. It’s because he acts such way.


S: Hey, I simply told the truth!
A: So am I.


S: Gu…..


F: Okay okay, I get it. Shoosh shoosh, calm down the two of you.


W: Sorry to keep you waiting!


F: Alright then, drink up! Cheers! Ah, but even if you get drunk don’t go scramble launching on your own, Athrun. And Shinn, today isn’t a all weapons free day. No attacking!


A: ……Is it just me or are you enjoying this situation……?


S: ……


F: No, no, I’m dead serious here.





F: Kuu, tastes so good!


A: Is that so…..


S: But, what do you mean by I act in such way?


A: Eh?


S: What do you mean by how I act!


A: Do you want me to say it?
S: ……Yes.


A: Can I really tell you?


S: Eh, ……is it something you really can’t say? What do you think I am!?


A: Why are you getting mad before I say it? I haven’t even said anything.


S: Gu……
F: Now I see it. No wonder everyone gets worried. Haha.
A: This is how it is. He comes right at me from the start and keeps on coming at me. Even I want to ask him the reason.


F: Is that so?


S: Well, you were initially a ZAFT red but when I met you for the first time you were the ORB representative’s guard. When I was like WTH! You suddenly showed up as a FAITH! Of course I wouldn’t be able to understand the situation!


A: That has got to do nothing with you.


S: There’s no way it has nothing to do with me if you suddenly become my superior! On top of that you are always lecturing me and even punched me.


F: Oh, you punched him (to Athrun). You were punched (to Shinn)?


A: In the battlefield he didn’t obey the order of me who was his superior. Even when we returned he never reflected on his action and kept on saying he didn’t do anything wrong.


F: Oh my, that sure is a problem. Gulp-gulp, phew~


S: I mean I do think I was also at fault back then since I acted without thinking, but–


F: But what? Athrun was also at fault?


A: If that’s the case then you should say it. Since we were given the situation tell me what was my fault? What part of me don’t you like?


S: U-Ugh……It’s because–!


W: Pardon me!


S: Ugh……!


F: Oh, the foods are here!


W: Here are three dishes consisted of seafood salad with no shells, deep fried gristle, and grilled chicken on skewer!


F: Ah, bring me another beer.


W: Yes, will do!


F: Thanks. So, where were we?


S: That’s why I was saying that he’s someone whose action is beyond understanding. And he’s kind of bossy and it feels like he’s speaking from a high position.


F: Oh


A: In what kind of way am I supposed to talk to you when I’m older and also higher rank than you! “Shinn-kun, you know~, it’s about that battle before~”……are you telling me to speak to you like that!?


S: Stop that, it’s freaking me out!


A: See!?


F: Hmm, that really is freaky! Haha, unless this is Kira we are talking about! Ah, this tastes great.


S: ……Kira-san is an amazing person. How should I say it, he’s great, warm, quiet and kind……


A: He’s basically not thinking at all.


S: How can you say that! Are you feeling inferior or are you feeling jealous!?


A: How does it turn into that? Am I always the bad guy no matter what!?


S: No……that isn’t it.


W: Pardon me. Here is the beer, small fish fritter, and soft omelet.


F: Thanks. Ah, hey, eat the small fish! You need calcium! So, which one of you is the being angry here?


A: It isn’t me.


S: I wasn’t either.


F: How about drinks? Do the both of you want the same drink?


S & A: ……Yes.


W: Yes, please wait a bit.


F: From what I can understand this is how it is. Shinn doesn’t like everything of Athrun from his manner of speech to his actual existence.


S: Wha, no that’s a bit……


F: How about you Athrun? Which part of Shinn don’t you like? ……Oh my, this tastes great.


A: ……It’s not like I don’t like him or not. ……Since I have this opportunity I might as well say it. What’s really troublesome is the part where he only listens to the words of those that benefits him and the part where he goes berserk with simply his feeling while he forgets about his rank or situation. Not only does he not acknowledge his mistake but he simply snaps when you point it out!
F: Well, isn’t that something.


A: He becomes fill of himself when he’s acknowledged and he simply comes at you when he’s depressed.


F: Oh man


S: Ugh……


A: I thought it couldn’t be helped at the beginning when you think about his past and circumstance.


W: Pardon me. Ah, let me remove the empty glasses.


A: Ah, thanks


A: Anyway! He won’t try to understand it no matter how many times I tell him, but instead he goes against and runs from the truth where he becomes more and more reckless!


F: Oh my


S: Ugh……


A: It’s more troublesome because he is a skilled pilot


S: ……Eh?


A: I believes that all of his traits are turning into his strength, but it also means he’s a wild horse who does whatever he wants! There’s nothing I can do about it!


S: Ugh……


F: I see. ……But Shinn, it looks like Athrun knows so much about you.


S: Huh?


F: And I can kind of understand what Shinn is saying too.


A: Eh?


F: Both of you should work together again. Athrun is probably a better person when it comes to take caring of you, Shinn. You wouldn’t get bored either and you would be having days without boredom


S & A: Eeh!?


A: No, I kindly decline!


S: Same here!


A: No matter how you look at him he’s a Yzak genus from a Yzak family! We can’t stay together!


F: Eh?


S: ?


F: What the heck is that?


A: W-What……I’m trying to say as……it’s not like we don’t get along but we can’t become friendly. You know how there are people like that?


F: ……There are?


S: Please don’t ask me! ……It’s not like we don’t get along but we can’t become friendly……?


F: Sounds like a riddle.


A: Anyways! It’s better for Shinn and I to not be close to each other. That way we won’t irritate each other and will help us not get tired with each other. That will be our state of affairs from now on.


F: ……Oh man, this sure did wrap up smoothly.




F: Oh? It’s from Colonel Ramius.


S & A: !


F: She wants me to report the situation I presume? I guess. —Hello, Flaga speaking. Yeah, it’s fine. Yup, this is going so smoothly that we are having a peaceful and valuable discussion~.


(Flaga starts walking away as he is speaking on the phone)


S & A: ……!


F: Ah, yeah. That was a lie. Ah? No, nothing like that is happening. Yeah—.


(Flaga exists the restaurant)


W: Welcome. Please seat on this table.




A: ……Sigh. Geez, what the heck.


S: ……


S: …….Are they really……


A: Hmm?



S: ……Is everyone that worried about us……


A: ……Who knows.


S: ……This discussion today.


A: Hmm?


S: Are they……going to use it as a reference of some sort or something……?


A: You don’t want them to?


S: Well……I’m not bothered by it.


A: We shouldn’t lie about ourselves or put an act about it either. To yourself and to others…..


S: ……


S: …..Umm, I……


A: Eh?


S: That final battle on moon……thank you very much for stopping me!


A: Huh?


S: ……That’s what I wanted to say for a long time! But every time I see you, it stops me from saying it for some reason so…..


A: Ah……eh, hold on a sec. No, stop for a sec. Okay?


S: Eh?


A: Ah……I can’t. The only thing which will come from my mouth is to ask you if you are drunk or have a fever.


S: Huh!? What the heck are you saying!


A: Wait, I got it! I got it so let’s stop!


S: ……?


A: It doesn’t feel like I was thanked properly but what I can say is I understand what you want to say!


W: Thank you very much (waiter saying to other guests)


A: ……Well, if you are going to Kira’s place then do your best.


S: Eh.


A: But be warned. Despite his looks he doesn’t show mercy.


S: ……Eh.


A: He’s usually careless but at things he’s stubborn at he will stay stubborn no matter what. If it goes wrong he will cut you down without mercy.


S: ……You mean like how he did with Saviour?


A: Gu……yes!


A: Don’t be shocked when you find out he’s thinking of nothing at all! He hates doing complicated things and he will never even try to do things he hates!


S: ……S-ure.


A: He won’t even try to move unless he gets troubled by something!


S: O-kay……


A: Somehow he turned into a lieutenant general but he hasn’t taken any formal military training at all. He most likely has no plans to do one in the future as well. He’s a noob at using guns, martial arts, and even strategies so the only thing he will be useful at is Mobile Suit battle only! Just remember that!


S: Y-Yeah……


A: If there’s someone who is trying to trouble, grieve, or hurt Lacus then Kira will completely snap! Just be prepared because he will be unstoppable when that happens!


S: Yeah…… ……But Lacus-sama…… She was your fiancé before right…..?


A: !


S: Ah, but right now you are with Meyrin……wait, what about Representative Attha……huh?


A: A-N-Y W-A-Y-S! Just remember that he’s that kind of guy! Don’t go off and say something like he’s great or amazing and have such misunderstanding!


S: ……To be expected from a childhood friend. You really do know him well.


A: What……well, yeah……


S: Even still! You were taken down by him twice? Why?


A: ……!


S: Though I was able to beat him once. You haven’t beat him even once right?


A: What was that!?


S: It’s surprising you can say all of that with such result. Isn’t there something wrong with it? Are the things you are saying even right?
A: I dare you to say that again!




(Flaga who is outside)


F: Eh, is that right? Ah, yeah, we will have that kind of problem too. ……Yeah, ……yeah……well, even so.


(Athrun and Shinn comes out from the restaurant. They both walks the opposite direction)


F: ! H-Hold on a sec, sorry! Hey, what happened!?


A: I will be entering the atmosphere zone!


F: What!?


S: That’s why I didn’t want him here, seriously! Why did you leave the two of us by ourselves!? This is none of my business anymore!
(The two of them leaves)


F: Huh? Ah, ……eh, oh, it’s alright. That was nothing. We are doing fine. It seems like they were able to say things they wanted to. Yeah, I understand—. Yeah, I will probably return now as well. Okay? Eh……yeah, I will tell you the result later. See ya~


(Flaga hangs up the phone)


F: Hey Shinn! Athrun!


W: Excuse me, here is the bill.


F: Eh, ah, yeah……


(Scene changes to Shinn)
S: Dammit, geez, seriously!


(Scene changes to Athrun)


A: This is so frustrating……!


(Scene changes back to Flaga who looks at the bill)


F: Eh, eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?