Otherworld “Re Aphal”.


The world of sword and sorcery which had been dominated by the Demon King for a very long time. Such world of darkness is about to finally end.


By the hands of one Hero.



The Sorcery Knight Artis Ataraxia.



He who is 14 years old. He received the oracle at the age of 13. He travelled through the world and liberated all of the territories ruled by the Demon King within just one year.


What’s left is……the Demon King’s castle.


Right now, the very powerful enemy he is about to defeat———the only place left to liberate is that castle now.



He had majority of his comrades who he journeyed with killed and his remaining comrades retreated due to their injuries. By the time he enters the Demon King’s castle he was by himself.


The continuous battle against the last fighters of the Demon King’s army, the Group of Ten.


After surviving such fierce battles against them while being covered in wounds and bruises…… Despite being in that condition, Artis still stood in front of the Demon King.


And then———






“Let’s settle this, Demon King ‘—————————’!!”






The world……is liberated by the hands of Artis.


At the end of the very long battle to the death, Artis defeats the Demon King.



Except, Artis never spoke of the details about his battle against the Demon King at all.


The people made many speculation regarding it.


[He chose not to boast his achievement to defeat the Demon King]


[Perhaps he didn’t win in a way which would be fitting enough for it to be considered as a heroic tale?]


[It must be a way of the Hero Artis’s respect towards his greatest enemy.]


Which one of it is true? Or is all of those wrong? There’s no one who knows the truth.


Except for Artis himself…..






Right after the defeat of the Demon King———


A light is brought back to the world that was covered in darkness.


Artis who fainted in the Demon King’s castle was found by his surviving comrades. He was taken to the shrine where he received the sorcery of healing from the priests and a week had passed since.


Artis who healed to the condition where he is able to walk by himself went to have an audience with the emperor.


The castle town welcomes back the return of the Hero where his triumphal return was so lively like a parade. Artis continues his way to the emperor’s castle.


The kings of all the nations in the world praises Artis’s achievement. Even the emperor praises and gives his recognition of Artis’s service.


For Artis who had lost his parents by the hands of the Demon King had been told by the emperor himself to “think of him as his father”. He worked behind the scene by aiding Artis’s journey to defeat the Demon King and continued to give his warming words to Artis.


But now……


Underneath the emperor’s smiling face is this very dark and evil mass of emotion directed to the boy in front of him. He sees the boy is a monster who will become the biggest hindrance of world peace now that the Demon King is gone and the boy now being the greatest figure in the world.


“I praise you for your service, Hero Artis. Sir Artis, there’s no longer any need for you to fight. I shall award you a territory and a castle in a quiet valley. You shall live there peacefully now.”




“Do you not understand? A sword which is too dangerous is no longer needed in this world which has gained peace. You will become a seed of insecurity of the people by simply standing there.”


“Please don’t misunderstand our intent, Sir Artis. His Majesty is saying this by considering your wellbeing. He is simply speaking in the behalf of this world and the whole society.”


Artis became disgusted at the smiles of the kings that was followed by the words from the emperor as their emotion towards the boy is filled with respect, fear, gratitude, and aversion.



It isn’t just the emperor or the kings.



Even those people in the castle that were dependent on Artis is now looking at him with a forceful smile filled with fear.


Artis doesn’t remember how he left the audience.


The heart of the 14 years old boy was shattered.



The territory given to the Hero Artis is located in the regional area. His new home is the small, old, and lonely castle which is built by the lake shore located deep within the mountains.


The castle which was made in the ancient past to battle the savage tribe of darkness but the castle had lost its purpose and master for a long time already.


Artis feels as though this castle is his graveyard.


The cheers towards him are far away……


And his glory is also far away……



Later, the servant maid who is known to be monitoring Artis in the command of the emperor couldn’t forget the hollow face and words of Artis when he first arrived to the castle.


“I……am no longer needed.”



Artis looks up to the unfamiliar blue sky which is different to the ash cloud during the Demon King’s region.



At the place which is so quiet that it’s sad.



The Hero realised that he has been abandoned by the world.