Wizard Formula.


The sorcery vehicle which moves by the power of mana, the ultimate racing machine.


The ones on board, the racer and the navigator, are knights capable of using the power of special sorcery.


———Drivers (Sorcery Knights).



The Wizard Formula machine attains new pair of wings which allows further speed by the power only acquirable by mostly women as 99.9% of them are women.


The contact and the closeness between the racer and the navigator.


Their mana increases the more they are closer to each other.


The 1st Wizard Formula Grand Prix, the World Series Final


Inside the WF machine. The driver, the girl called Madoka, shouts at the navigator, the girl called Senali, who is sitting on her lap.


“Senali, press your body onto me even more!!”


“I-I know……”


Both of the girls are wearing a thin red leotard which is exposing quite a lot of their breast. The special costume is making the curve of their breast and buttocks even clearer and is making them appear more seductive. It can appear to be more sensational than a mere nude.


This costume is a special driver suit which has a catalyst weaved into the costume which increases the sorcery transmission performance rate between the two.


Senali who is pressing her body covered in that costume onto Madoka’s let out a small shout and brings her body closer to Madoka.


The more the rate of contact through the driver suits increase, the more the mana which can be transmitted to the machine increases due to the expanding of the catalyst surface which increases the circulation amount of the plus mana particle and minus mana particle.


Touching of the skin which is equivalent to 1 square centimetre increases the mana by 350μ mana square. At the highest velocity that would be additional 0.3km/h. At a glance it is a minor change but you can attain this power even when it cuts through the increasing air resistance due to the squaring of the velocity.


By having the racer and the navigator hug each other the WF machine which can go over the velocity of 700km/h can gain more than 100km/h acceleration on top of it.


Even if it may be the same 100km/h increase, the amount of power which you require to go from 100km/h to 200km/h is 1 mana. Though for the power you need to go from 700km/h to 800km/h you will need close to 50 times much mana.



Madoka who is fed up with Senali who is still hesitant hugs Senali strongly in order to attain such overwhelming power.






Senali’s J-cup breast which has a size of 108cm is strongly groped by Madoka that it changes its shape


The flirtatious voice comes out from her mouth along with her long breath. The mana which is inside her breath increases the temperature and mana density of the interior of the airtight cockpit. Partial of it is used by the intake of the WF machine’s sorcery engine. It increases the number of revolutions of the sorcery engine along with the velocity of WF machine.


The power of sorcery within a human’s body. ———In order to release the mana particles efficiently to the atmosphere the best way is to release it along with the heat. In other words by having the condition where the body liquid has the mana particles dissolved in it and the most efficient way is to release it outside in the form of sweat, saliva, and sexual fluids.


The atmosphere with high temperature with mana particles released in such way gets filled up in the airtight cockpit and then gets consumed by the engine room located at the rear part of the machine.



Madoka’s hand which has sink deeply into Senali’s breast touches the tip of the breast which is very sensitive.


“Hold on……M-Madoka……!?”




It appears that Senali’s shocked words hasn’t reached the ears of Madoka who has her mana increased along with her mind’s stability rate. She starts to rub the pink tipping point of Senali’s enormous breast with her fingers mostly by instinct.


The exaltation of one’s mind…… Especially by contact and upsurge by sexual means opens the chakra of one’s body which makes it easier to bring out one’s mana and make it easier to dissolve in one’s body fluid.


For that reason the sexual fluid has very dense mana particles.


On top of that the body liquid with mana particles dissolved in it evaporates very easily.


“Ah~♡ No♡ You can’t♡ Ah♡ Hyaa……♡”


The pleasant feeling which feels like an electric shock runs through her whole body. Senali has drools pouring from her mouth. Those drool drops onto her breast.


The tip of her soft breast which is changing its shape like rubber ball within Madoka’s hand gets stimulated from over her driver suit which in turns make that part of her breast harder and stiffer.


“No……Madoka……you can’t……not so strongly……♡”


The speed increases due to the increase of mana and the gravitational acceleration starts to shake and bounce Senali’s enormous breast so much.


Responding to this, Senali’s body around her lower abdomen starts to have a restless and aching feeling. Without even trying to, a light sense of lustful emotion is enough to have Senali rub her thighs together.



“Here we go Senali!!”


“I-I’m……coming……I’m going to come……♡”


Madoka who has one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand grasping Senali’s breast is still concentrating on the race but Senali on the other hand doesn’t have the right mind to.


Simply her sexual feeling increases along with the increased temperature of the cockpit room which has mana filled in and that power gets transmitted to the WF machine.


The last home straight. The top groups have already made the goal. But by overtaking the car at the front will allow them to receive the 8th rank award…… They are already in a position where winning the Grand Prix is gone. Even so, Madoka steps on the accelerator while having the motive to do one final retaliation.


Then, Madoka’s hand which was groping Senali’s elastic breast slips down to Senali’s lower abdomen due to her sweat and saliva.


Her fingertips goes down into that region with a strong force. The region where she has her thighs closed and rubbing against each other is forming v-shape. The region where her sweat, her saliva, and the slippery sensation has formed a liquid and the part of her body down there which has a faint pinkish colour due to the feelings.




Senali’s body twitches strongly along with the slippery and watery sound. The moment when her breast bounces and shakes so much in every direction in random. The strongest mana till now goes in and passes through Madoka’s body which has her body in contact with Senali’s which then flows into WF machine.


The mana can certainly be sent from the steering wheel but also from the atmosphere with high mana and temperature. But in that case you require a very high amount of consumption of mana and sexual excitement during the highest point as well in order to reach such level.


……But at this point they have already reached the level where they can bring out such high level mana.




That instant, an explosive force to charge forward is created. The WF machine driven by Madoka and Senali overtakes the machine driving slantingly ahead of them which allows them to cross the goal line in 8th position.


“……I guess we were able to show our last retaliation with that. Good work, Senali.”


Inside the high temperature cockpit which is moist with mana and lewd-sweet smell. Madoka makes a deep sigh and smiles to her partner.


“Y……Yes……♡ Afu……♡”


Senali who has a light ecstasy has her body shaking due to the aftertaste and every time her body shakes her soft and enormous breast bounces.


Wizard Formula.


To challenge the speed known as god. No one knows that a new breath of wind is about to enter the battlefield of girls that are charmed by the world of speed.



A striking beginning of the path to challenge a new world of speed.