End of February———


More than twenty days had passed since the battle against Qlippoth———more specifically against Trihexa and the armies of Evil Dragons.


I, Hyoudou Issei, am currently very aroused but also very confused while being on a large bed!


“……I really want to graduate.”


The one who is looking at me with an emotional eyes and said that with a lustrous voice is———a naked Akenos-san who is on top of me!


It happened just a moment ago. When I tried to go back to my room after taking a bath found myself lured into a secret room that had the same atmosphere as that erotic room!


On top of that the one who was waiting for me inside was Akeno-san who wore a very transparent lingerie!


Apparently the Fallen Angels side, the Grigori, was impacted by the doorknob that leads the erotic room that was given to Irina from Michael-san and thus they created a new doorknob after receiving the technology from the Heavens! This room that Akeno-san and I are currently in is the door-knob type erotic room (the Grigori version)!


Akeno-san gave me such lecture as she started taking off her lingerie……!


Akeno-san who was on top of me starts to take off my clothing smoothly had an expression of some kind of determination on her face.


Akeno-san who has succeeded in stripping me of till my pants grabs my right hand and———presses it onto her breast! My five fingers which is sinking onto the incredibly soft sensation of a woman’s body is sending this sensation to my whole hand!


Akeno-san then brings her face closer to mine and then tells me with a seductive voice.


“……Please, I want to engrave you inside me……!”


Akeno-san who is on top of me gradually leans her body onto my body.


……The two enormous breast touches me with its soft sensation which expands its masses as the gravity pulls her down!


Her face approaches mine even more and exactly when our lips is about overlap each other.


“I’ve found you.”


A sudden voice! When I look that way I saw Rias who is inside this erotic room without myself noticing her presence!


Rias looks this way with her eyes half opened!


“Oh my, looks like we were caught.”


Akeno-san distances herself from me for a moment and said that while putting on a cheeky look.


“You shouldn’t underestimate my instinct.”


Looks like she found me by reading Akeno-san’s movement.


“Akeno, what on earth are you trying to———”


The action Akeno-san takes just before Rias is about to finish her sentence is———. Akeno-san’s soft lips overlaps on top of my lips.


A kiss with Akeno-san———. And she done it right in front of Rias!


My mouth was a bit opened since this kiss came from nowhere. And since Akeno-san kissed me when I was in such state her tongue easily came inside my mouth. Akeno-san’s tongue and my tongues wraps around each other. My brain starts to melt at Akeno-san’s bold and aggressive technique with her tongue.


A minutes after our passionate kiss. Akeno-san takes her lips away from me while leaving a string of saliva connected between our tongues.




……My brain is about to burst at the sudden passionate deep kiss we just had.


Akeno-san then tells Rias.


“———It’s a special graduation ceremony for myself.”


Rias who hears say that starts to make an adorable face and get enraged!


Are Rias and Akeno-san competing for a different kind of graduation ceremony who are also close at graduating from Kuou academy!?


Rias looks at me whose brain was totally toasted. She walks towards the bed I am on silently while making noise as she approached. She then grabbed my head tightly with both her hands.


When I thought she came closer to me———I found my lips overlapping with Rias’s lips this time!


T-This time I’m doing a deep kiss with Rias!


Our tongues starts to tangle each other where it was more darling and passionate then the one I had with Akeno-san just before! One minute easily passed during our kiss! My head is about to blow at this sudden kiss! I first had Akeno-san put her tongue inside me, and now this time I’m having a deep kiss with Rias……!


Rias takes her head away from me and then mutters.


“……I guess I have washed over the kiss you had with Akeno just now with this? I cannot afford to lose!”


Rias who just said that starts to strip her clothing! She takes off her bra so daringly where her incredible breast was bouncing forward!


Rias takes my right hand! Shen presses it onto her breast! The ultimate softness like that of an unbreakable pudding!


Akeno-san acts as if she won’t lose this battle against Rias so she takes my left hand instead and she obviously presses it onto her own breast! The incredible feeling of both softness and smoothness is being sent from my left hand to my brain!


Lately there has only been intense battles so I feel a sense of nostalgic at this erotic situation! Because of that it feels like my brain is melting down much quickly than ever before!

Rias. And Akeno-san. Both of them brings their face closer to mine with such emotional eyes.


“……To become Ise’s first woman……”


“……No, that is one thing I can’t give up on. Now, Ise, come at me first……”


I’m getting pushed down by the two of theeeeeem!! There is no escape for me!


T-This may be the greatest battle bestowed to me……!


I never would have imagined that I would have to handle the two of them at once……but maybe this is something which is sought from someone aiming to become a Harem King!?


Nevermind! Since I came this far I shouldn’t resist this flow and simply be determined to do it……! No, maybe I need to talk it out with these two first……! But the softness of the womanly body of both Rias and Akeno-san was so deadly that it was tainting my brain……!


I already found myself starting to feel comfortable in going with this flow……but there were those who entered this room.


“Ise-sama! Ise-sama, I have a big news for you!”


It’s Ravel! Maybe she came here by coincidence or maybe she found this place on her own.


Ravel then confirms me.


“So you were here……ah! I-It seems like I have interrupted what you were doing……!”


She goes all red at seeing the situation we were in. I got myself seen by my manager at this situation which was so hard to explain to her!


But there are more intruders!


Xenovia, Irina, and Asia also came into this erotic room (Grigori version)!


This is what Xenovia and Irina says soon as they entered.


“I knew this room would turn out to be like this! I did receive information about how the former Vice-president Akeno got her hand on the rumoured doorknob from the Grigori! Ku! I also want for myself as well!”


“Geez! This was something I got from Michael-sama but I never imagined a similar tool would be developed so soon!”


Asia then says it as she looks around the room.


“I guess for the girls living in this house the time has come for each girl to receive this room!”


Akeno-san makes a small sight and makes a bitter smile as more girls starts to enter this room.


“……I assume I would need a lock for this room in the future.”


Rias also distances herself from me as if it has ended.


“……No, the girls in this house would use any methods to unlock it. I guess each of us would need one like Asia said……”


Seriously!? So a time will come where each girl will receive this room!? I feel both happy but also uneasy since I don’t know when the girls will drag me into their room!


———Am I going to lose a private time for myself like this from now!?


Rias then asks Ravel while leaving me behind who was feeling distressed.


“So then, Ravel. What was the reason for you to panic so much and come here……?”


Ravel who was shocked at the second coming of the erotic room starts to remember her reason for being here at Rias’s words.


“Oh yes, that’s right! T-Take a look at this!”


Ravel brings out her tablet.


“It will shock you.”


“This is big news!”


Xenovia and Irina both seems excited.


There is a video on the tablet held by Ravel. I’m guessing it’s a television, a news to be more precise, of the Underworld judging from the use of the Devil’s symbols.


———More importantly, this symbol on the video……is describing something very incredible!


This is what the newscaster on the video is saying.


[———And so, regarding the Rating Game World Tournament which had finally been announced. It appears the discussion with each of the mythological forces has been settled and we received report that the preparations for the preliminary tournaments are already underway in various locations. With this, the hypothesis of the teams that would pass the preliminaries would be———]


This is what is written on the large subtitle of the news video.


———[All the forces takes action! Rating Game World Tournament finally announced!]


And the content of what the newscaster was speaking was about the Rating Game and it even is broadcasting about the tournament!


“…………R-Ravel, this is……!”


The erotic feeling I had just before was blown away at this incredible revelation so I ask Ravel’s opinion.


Ravel then says it straightforward.


“———Ise-sama. There was an emergency conference held by the leaders of each forces just before. This year there will be a Rating Game World Tournament which has all the forces participating!”


———Rating Game World Tournament……!


The whole world……the whole forces……the Rating Game!? I-I certainly do remember how the higher-ups including Azazel-sensei was saying how fun it would be to do this in the future……!


Rias has her eyes glued to the video and then narrows her eyes.


“……I see. So they bring this up at a time like this…… Did they fulfill Azazel and Onii-sama’s wishes……? No, was this the intent of Ajuka-sama and other VIPs……”


Rias starts to mumble on her own. It seems like she needs to think deeply about something.


Rias then says it after kissing my cheek.


“Ise, unfortunately we will have to continue what we were doing next time. Akeno, we will go to the Underworld first to confirm the current situation we are in. Follow me.”


“Yes, understood. Ufufu, it’s such a shame we had to end like this.”


Saying that, Akeno-san also kisses my cheek and changes back to her “Queen” mode and follows after Rias.


Rias and Akeno-san leaves the erotic room soon as they put on their clothes.


“Looks like we will be having a noisy Spring.”


The last and the biggest event of my high school life is about to begin for me who will become a third year student soon———