It Begins Feast

It begins feast.



Around a bit after Rias-neesan’s graduation when it entered the Summer holiday———


All of us that had an express tour starting from the Hokkaido located at the North down to Okinawa located in the South for the graduation tour. It was a tour filled with many kind of emotions, but I’ll use another occasion to talk about that.


During such tour, on the morning of the final day when we were at Okinawa when we all woke up ——— Ise-kun, Asia-san, Xenovia, Irina-san, Ravel-san, and Rossweisse-san had already left the hotel in Naha.


Rias-neesan who found that out sighed in astonishment.


“……To behave like, no, to make action like a [King]. It sure is like him.”


Yes, during the holiday no matter how much spree he stirred, he must have left the hotel with the right attitude.


Rias-neesan looks out to the blue ocean from the window of the hotel room as she stroke her red hair back.


“Now then. We should also start making plans for the tournament. Obviously after we eat our breakfast, that is.”


And so, the feast begins quietly———



What will begin now is an intense feast to find out who is the “strongest” among all of those rivals we have met till now as well as those strong foes we would be meeting from now.