After we were assaulted at the town we went to, we took Irina’s dad who was injured with us to the medical facility of the Church-side located at Kuou town by going through the magic-circle.

Irina’s dad went to get a medical check right away. His injuries on his outer body was healed by Asia’s ability. —But the problem is the Evil Dragon’s poison which he took into his body when he sustained a wound.

The staffs of D×D gathers at the medical facility.

Irina……is looking down while sitting on a chair. She isn’t shock due to the assault. It appears that Irina received a deep scar in her heart for not being able to protect her dad.

“……I couldn’t protect papa…… ……Papa became overjoyed when I became an Angel but I couldn’t……protect papa……”


Asia is sitting beside Irina and is looking after her.

Xenovia on the other hand……didn’t approach Irina.

“I might yell at Irina for how she’s acting now. But that will be a painful experience for her right now. Then it’s better for Asia to stick by her instead.”

—So that’s how she left this matter to Asia’s hand. There’s a special connection which only exists between Xenovia and Irina. So she must have thought that it isn’t her place right now. So she isn’t confronting her on purpose. I think that’s Xenovia’s kindness.

……An assault straight after leaving Kuou town, huh. Seriously, you really can’t tell where they will attack you……

Two people approaches us who are gathered front of the room Irina’s dad is in. —It’s Rias and Azazel-sensei.

“I’m sorry for not being present at such crucial time.”

“I’ve heard the details. We are currently having a discussion with the Church-side regarding the counter against Qlippoth and the antidote for Officer-chief Shidou.”

Sensei then disappears far into the corridor.

Sister Griselda and the doctor comes out of the room when I was talking to Rias about what happened at the crime scene.

“……There’s a poison which is thought to belong to an Evil Dragon present inside the Officer-chief’s body at this moment.”

Hearing that, Ddraig speaks out so everyone can hear.

[Yamata-no-Orochi’s poison, huh. That’s troublesome. It isn’t poisonous as Samael’s poison but it’s still very lethal. If we leave him like this then he will die within few days where the poison will even taint his soul. There are very few spellcasters or institutes that is able to cure him.]

Sister nods at Ddraig’s clear words.

“Yes, for that reason we are planning to take Officer-chief to Heaven. If it’s the Heaven’s antidote, then it should be able to cure him even if it’s Yamata-no-Orochi’s poison. —Except.”


“Sister opens the door to the room when I asked.

“Apparently there’s something the Officer-chief wants to speak all of you to about.”

After we look at each other’s face we enter his room—


Irina jumps into her dad’s arm after seeing him on the bed.

“……I’m sorry. Even though I was chosen by Michael-sama……even though I became an Angel, I couldn’t protect you……”

Irina’s dad embraces his daughter who is in tears and is apologising with love.

“Hahaha, it isn’t Irina-chan’s fault. And please stop with this atmosphere as if I’m going to die. I will be receiving a treatment at Heaven after this so don’t worry about me.”

Irina’s dad cheers her up as if he’s comforting her. ……Maybe it’s because of the poison inside his body, but the sweats on his face is showing how much pain he as in. ……There are parts of his skins that has changed and is blackish. There is a pipe which is connected to his arm so there must be a fluid which is preventing the poison from progressing. But I guess it’s basically throwing a water on a heated rock.

Irina’s dad opens his mouth after looking around us.

“……There’s something I need to discuss before I go to Heaven. It’s regarding that man who attacked us earlier.”

……The man, the one who was on hold of Ama-no-murakumo-no-tsurugi which is possessed by the Yamata-no-Orochi.

“……His name is Yaegaki Masaomi. He was a skilled warrior of the Church, and previously, my subordinate.”

“……When you say that “he was previously”, then what is he currently……?”

Irina’s dad answers Rias’s question.

“He has already passed away. ……It’s because the Church executed him.”


Everyone becomes shocked at this! So that person is dead……? Then how was he there? I question myself but I found the answer right away. —The Holy Grail. If you use the Holy Grail then that’s the answer. That man revived with the use of the Holy Grail. That holy-sword must have been upgraded by using the Holy Grail to have the Evil Dragon possess it after it was stolen.

Irina’s dad continues.

“……All of you are aware about the ones with roles or priests of the Church being attacked, correct?”

We shake our head. We received that report from Michael-san at Heaven.

“It must be his doing. He has enough motive to do it. And the ones that were killed were all my former comrades.”


What we are hearing right now is all a shocking revelation so all of us are speechless. ……But there’s one thing I’m concerned about. It sounded like that man called Yaegaki knows about Kuou town. ……Irina’s dad was previously living at Kuou town. So this isn’t unrelated.

Irina’s dad then stops. Then Rias says this after taking a breath.

“The truth is that those from the House of Bael are being attacked right now.”


We become even more shocked! So there’s a serious incident happening on this side as well! Not only me but others are also shocked!

“……Isn’t that Sairaorg-san’s house?”

Rias nods when I asked.

“……There aren’t any victims among those from the House of Bael itself, but those close to the current Head who are the politicians of the Great King faction’s being attacked. There are already those that have been killed.”

……Oh man. So something serious like that is happening elsewhere.

“The Church-side is being attacked and there are victims from the Devil’s side already……”

When Kiba mutters, Irina’s dad speaks while looking at the ceiling.

“This is no coincidence. The contact he made with earlier basically implies he is involved in all of them. Like I mentioned earlier he has enough reasons to do all of this.”

Rias asks.

“……What happened in this town exactly? I was told that the Devil who was in charge of this place was a relative of the House of Bael—basically it was in charge of someone from my mother’s family’s side and I was only told that Devil was dismissed from its duty after causing a stir with the Church.”

Irina’s dad who was shocked to hear that but also seems convinced at what he just heard.

“……I see, so that’s how it is told on your side. ……Likewise, that’s how it is explained on our side. ……So you haven’t been told what exactly happened at Kuou town from your father of your brother then?”

“……I don’t think my father knows. He isn’t someone who would hide such things from me…… My brother……has his standing so I’m not sure. Except, there will be a messenger sent from the House of Bael’s side to the House of Gremory’s side after this…… It feels as though they are going to reveal this situation which they can’t keep it as a secret before it gets revealed to the public. I’ve just returned to come take my servants back with me.”

“……I see. So they are going to talk about it too. Then it will be better to hear from the House of Great-King’s side then. Except, let me share a bit about it. He……Yaegaki-kun fell in love with……a high-class female Devil who was in charge of Kuou town back then.”

Even though Irina’s dad is in a painful condition due to having poison circulating in his body, he covers his mouth and starts to shed many tears.

“The high-class female Devil was someone from the House of Belial’s branch family. Her name was Cleria Belial. ……We torn them apart at Kuou town…… ……I won’t be able to complain even if he was to shred me into pieces and kill me……! I’ve done something where I deserve death……! ……Yaegaki-kun, I’m sorry……! I’m so sorry……!”

Irina’s dad who is in mourn. Looks like the truth Irina’s dad is carrying inside him is going to be something which will surpass our imagination—


After Irina’s dad got taken to Heaven, we teleported and arrived to the Gremory castle from the magic-circle located at Hyoudou’s residence basement.

The ones who are here are the whole members of the Gremory group and Irina. We had Ravel wait for us back at home. We thought it would be better to only have people who will be involved in this matter present. It appears that we will be hearing something which will have the Bael, no, the Gremory involved.

During our way to the reception room where the messenger of the House of Bael will be waiting, I ask Rias a question at the corridor with a low voice.

“……Rias, can you tell me one thing?”

She nods.

“Rias, did you know about the Devil called Cleria Belial?”

“……No, I was only told that the previous Devil in charge of that town was someone from the Great-King Belial’s branch family. That was also what was written on the documents and I even met that Devil face to face to hear that Devil’s experience at Kuou town. ……So all of this was a setup.”


So all the information Rias was told beforehand was all made up. Though there’s no mistake that something terrible happened on that land. And Belial…… That means she’s a relative of the Rating Game’s Champion, Diehauser Belial-san, right? ……Geez, for us to be told the truth to what happened at Kuou town at such time. Is it a bad timing or good timing? I don’t which is it.

……That person called Yaegaki called Rias a Devil who carries the blood of Bael. It seems like he knows about us. I guess Rizevim who revived him with the Holy Grail explained what happened after his death—and also about Rias who is the new master of that land.

We advance through the corridor and finally reach reception room.

Rias knocks on the door and says “Father, I have arrived”. We then hear Rias’s dad replying back to her saying “Come in”.

Rias opens the door and after she bows she goes in.

We followed after her and enter the room. The reception room has splendid looking sofas and table equipped with ornaments as well as a fireplace.

“I’m glad you are all here.”

Rias’s dad stands up and welcomes us. The one sitting on the sofa—is a middle-aged man. He’s wearing a noble’s attire. He has purple eyes and black hair. His eyes looks peaceful, yet it carries strength where he has no opening. ……He’s giving out a strong atmosphere of dignity from his whole body.

……I can understand with the slight action of Rias’s dad. This man is someone who stands in a higher authority than Rias’s dad.

The man puts a firm smile.

“Hello there, princess Rias.”

Rias’s dad then tells his daughter.

“Rias, you must greet him. This person is—the first Head of House of Bael.”


Not only Rias but all of us are in shock hearing that! He’s the first Head of……House of Bael!? Not the current Head……but the first! So he’s the one who became the origin of Devils called “Bael”!

The middle-aged man who is in fact the first Head of the House of Bael greets Rias once again.

“Nice to meet you, princess Rias. My name is Zekrum Bael. Well, it will be enough for you to look at the Bible or documents related to it know about me.”

“……Hello there, I have heard about you……from the documents.”

Even Rias is a bit astonished at the appearance of the first Bael. She most likely didn’t expect this. We all thought that the messenger of Bael who will coming here would be the subordinate of the current Head or his servant. Instead the one who appeared is super big shot, the first Bael! Of course we are shocked! Even I’m speechless!

The first Bael’s gaze moves at us, Rias’s servants.

“The Gremory group. I have heard about your achievements. I hear that you also get along Sairaorg of our household……so let me thank all of you.”

The first Bael greets us politely then moves into the main topic.

“Princess Rias, what you want to hear from me is……regarding the previous master of that town, correct?”

Rias who is in shock nods after taking a breath.

“……Yes. The enemies……one of the person helping “Qlippoth” said he will “take his vengeance on Heaven and the Bael”.”

Hearing that, the first Bael narrows his eyes.

“Hmm, where should I begin……”

Irina takes a step forward and says to the first Bael.

“Please. Tell us. My papa……I mean my father, was also apparently involved in it. Right now he is being targeted by that terrorist. Please tell us what happened at that town!”

The first Bael must have realised Irina’s identity—that she’s a Angel.

“……You are a Angel? When you mean involved, I presume he was an agent sent from the Church back then? Is it perhaps the human called Shidou?”

“Yes, my name is Shidou Irina. Shidou Touji is my father.”

Hearing that name the first Bael takes a big breath.

“……This must be fate then. Oh my, so much are happening after it became Sairaorg’s era. ……Let me ask you first. Do you know the connection between us and that land?”

Rias nods her head.

“Yes, it’s currently being governed by the Gremory but previously I was told that it was a shared territory between the House of Bael and the House of Gremory.”

I heard that for the first time. Before Rias. No, even much before then it was a territory of both the Bael and Gremory?

“Majority of the places all of you are using now had our clan involved since ancient time. Though it was mainly controlled by the Gremory. Likewise for the Kuou academy. —But there was one time when that location was appointed to sons or daughters of the nobles for a short period for their experience. That girl was also among them.”

The first Great-King starts speaking quietly with low-tone but it carried dignity.

—Kuou town was governed by a girl who hailed from the branch family of the high-class Devil clan, the House of Belial.

The Devil who would be the predecessor of Rias. It was already different from what Rias has been told. Apparently that girl was a cousin of the Game champion Diehauser Belial.

The first Belial continues.

“Cleria’s management was going accordingly. It showed signs like any other towns managed by a high-class Devil. But due to many coincidence, Cleria started a relation with a human. No, I won’t blame her for that. A Devil having a relation with a human isn’t rare since ancient time.”

The first adds.

—They are merely an existence with shorter life span than us. For a long living Devils, they are a suitable playmate to kill time for a short period.

But the first Bael’s eyes becomes serious.

“……Except, it will be a different matter if the human comes from the Church’s side.”

The first Bael catches sight of Irina.

“If it’s now, having a Angel present at this scene is allowed. But back then, not only was having a meeting between Devils and those from Church was impossible, but it a romance between the two was something unheard of. It would have been alright if you made those from Church fall and use them as sex tools. However, a proper romance could be considered a taboo. ……Until six month ago, having these members present in such meeting was impossible……seriously, there sure were many incidents that changed our values greatly ever since we entered this year.”

The first Bael who made a sour look. Irina then questions him.

“……So the woman from Belial and the warrior of the Church was……”

“We could never allow such thing. Both sides tried convincing them from different standing points. —But their relation was already serious. Cleria……wasn’t doing it for pleasure but had herself involved in a serious relationship with him which was wrong. Allowing that would mean giving an exception. So we decided to split them apart by using force. Likewise from the Church side. Ironically, at that time only we united even though we were foes. In order to protect each of our rules. Fufufu, don’t you reckon that both side are sinful beings?”

……All of us are speechless. ……Seriously, for such things to have happened behind the scene at town where I’m living at while I was present……

Rias then asks.

“So both of them has……passed away. ……You killed them, correct?”

The first Bael speaks plainly.

“It resulted in such way at the end. We tried to convince her till the very end. —But the Church-side that couldn’t stand the situation…, it may have been our side which took action first, but both side fixed each of their problem.”

As a result the Devil who was managing that territory was absent temporarily. Even the servant Devils that were protecting their master was either killed off or sent to a remote area in the Underworld after receiving so much “rewards”.

The Church side also had to have staff reassignment since they had to terminate the irregular that appeared among them. All of those affiliated with the Church based at Kuou town, including Irina’s dad, and those that were involved with the incident were sent overseas. Some of them were promoted as a reward. And some broke down to have doubts between their own justice or their belief of God due to having the blood of their comrade on their hands.

From what the first Bael said, Michael-san most likely wasn’t informed about this and that only very few among the Church knows about this. Even people like Freed who was the ex-warrior of the Church and Balba Galilei didn’t about what had happened on that territory. So I’m assuming the first Bael’s story is accurate.

……Though due to that incident, people affiliated with the Church disappeared from that town and resulted in the Fallen Angels using that chance to enter that territory……

……But seriously, it’s such a cruel story which makes your negative emotion appear. Love between a Devil and human……it certainly does make you think they should have allowed it, but I am fully aware that the world of the High-class Devils are something that surpasses my imagination. Especially of the Underworld before it made peace. ……From the perspectives of nobles that take importance of their pride and blood relation, that incident certainly must be a negative factor they would want to erase.

……It sure is a story that makes you rage……but I have another emotion in me instead. ……If that incident didn’t appear Rias wouldn’t have come to that town nor would I have met Asia. We did meet at the end but if the incident between that man and the woman from the Belial didn’t happen…… ……It sure does make me have a mixed feeling about it.


Asia also looks sad as well as having mixed feeling. That’s how she looks like right now. Maybe, no, I am certain that she’s having the same feeling as me right now. The tragedy of that swordsman and the Belial woman is heartbreaking and I even want to make a complaint to the House of Bael as well as the Church for leaving the source of all this. But the fun days we have been experiencing became possible because of that incident……

——The paradise called Kuou town all of you are living in is the world made from many sacrifices.

……What that man said before he left hits us hard.

After hearing the first Bael’s story, Rias’s dad, the current Head of Gremory, puts his hand under his chin quietly.

“……This is something I am hearing for the first time. I never imagined such incident to have happened at my daughter’s territory…… We certainly had our faults for leaving that territory in the hands of the Bael till it became my daughter’s turn but we have maintained that land together, even if that may have been in name. I definitely wanted to have this brought out to me.”

It feel as though he is a bit dissatisfied. The first Bael continues without being concerned.

“I apologise for twisting the past and handing that land to Princess Rias. But it’s a land which had such thing occur. If we didn’t find the successor quickly there would be suspicions.”

Rias’s dad closes his eyes.

“And a talented youth would have been ideal……correct? My daughter is the sister of Maou Lucifer. She also carries the blood of House of Bael. So you assumed she would be worthy enough to erase what had actually happened on the land?”

The first Bael makes a shallow smile.

“Even if the truth becomes revealed like now, it would be easy enough to cover the past by building many achievement if it’s a talented youth. —That’s what we thought but the youth was so talented that the land turned into the place of peace among the Three Great Powers. So it resulted in enough achievement to cover the past enough.”

……Certainly his aim was right on the spot. No, it nailed perfectly. Even now Rias is continuing to build splendid achievement. She became so famous that she’s considered as one of the big rookies. It would be bad to say this but even if that incident gets revealed to the public, it wouldn’t be enough to shatter the achievements she has made. That land already has turned into a special area where the Three Great Powers would cooperate. Even if the past incident gets revealed, it won’t be weird for people to think its “too late already”.

However, Rias shakes her head and says it to the first Bael.

“I won’t say anything about hiding it from me since it would have the politics back then involved in this matter. But, why—”

Rias tries to continue by keeping her anger down much as possible. But the first Bael says what Rias was going to say.

“Why did we twist the truth? Why we didn’t tell the truth? Even to go far as to lie to Lord Gremory— As that you want to ask?”

Rias closes her mouth in dissatisfaction since he said the things she wanted to say.

The first Bael says it without caring.

“I have told Sir Sirzechs. If he didn’t tell you then that must be his affection of “love” towards you. You won’t be able to deny that. He didn’t want to give negative information and further hardship to his adorable sister. Don’t you think so? I will apologise for troubling him between Bael’s will and his love towards his sister. But I would like to praise him for his good choice to live up to expectations of both side.”

Maybe that lit her fire. So Rias strengthens her words.

“But…… But! That truth has broken out now and for that reason that land became the target of the terrorist! If we knew about it beforehand, then……we may have been able to come up with a counter measure. We may have been able to prevent casualties from both the Underworld-side and the Church-side……”

Hearing that, the first Bael laughs lively.

“Hahahaha, so young. Likewise with our Sairaorg and the son of the previous Lucifer-sama, Rizevim-bocchan. To act for a reason like humans.”

Then the first Bael moves his gaze—at me.



He called me unexpectedly. The first Bael says it with a smile on his face.

“—How about you become a Maou in the future?”


……I don’t know how to respond to the unexpected word I just heard. The first Bael continues.

“With your popularity, it may turn interesting if you become a Maou.”

“S-Someone like me possibly can’t become a Maou……”

The image of Maou I have in my head is Sirzechs-sama. To become like him is—

—But the first Bael says it straight forwardly.

“—You can. It’s a position which even our Sairaorg can aim for.”

“Even” our Sairaorg, huh.

“……Sairaorg-san is the next heir, isn’t he?”

The first Bael nods his head at my question.

“Yes, Sairaorg certainly is the next heir. He’s talented and even the people of our territory loves him. —But I’m planning to make his younger brother the next Head. Once Sairaorg becomes the Head, we must have him become a Maou or get a position which comes after that once we give him several achievements.”

The first Bael says that clearly to everyone here.

“—Even now, and even in the past, the one who will become the successor of the main family for the Great-King Bael will be the one that has the power of destruction.”

……The seat to become the next Head which Sairaorg-san attained with his strength. So it’s just for “temporally” time……! He’s saying that——the one who shall inherit the title of Great King will be the one who has the power of destruction.

Then I have the flashback of the discussion I had with Sairaorg-san. The man who battled me using fist with all he had. The one who used his body to fight the Evil Dragons in order to protect Auros academy and in order to protect the children’s dream. Even though he lacked in demonic-power, he’s a man who compensated that with something else in order to move forward……!

“……Don’t know why but it sounds like Great King is greater than Maou.”

I said that to the first Bael with a negative meaning.


Rias warns me. —But the first simply smiles.

“Princess Rias, its okay. —Because that’s the way it is.”

……So he won’t even deny it.

“The ones who supported the Devils of the Underworld after the death of the previous Maou-samas’ weren’t the Maou’s clan but the House of the Great King. Maou is nothing more than a “symbol”.”

He even said a Maou is a “symbol”. For this Devil who had been living since ancient time, the current Maous’ are merely kids to him.

“Obviously there is no value in a mere “symbol”. We needed a Devil with strength and charisma. In terms of that Sir Sirzechs and Sir Ajuka were ideal. They took their position while understanding that very well. They even know how to have a mutual relation with the Great King’s side. Even from our view they are an ideal role model for a Maou.”

There’s something I am feeling when the first Bael is speaking without hesitation. For ancient Devils who are old, they tend to not care about lives and they tend to be emotionless. That’s what I was told at least. Even Rizevim said himself that he was basically like a robot until Euclid pushed him. Since he lived so long his value of lives were poor.

But there are irregulars. For example Mephisto Pheles-san who is the chairman of the Magician’s organization. Even the first Bael who is in front of me doesn’t feel “empty”. He is full with ambition. ……Devils who can do many and has to do many things may make you feel that they are still active even if they have aged.

When I had such feeling, the first Bael continues after a small laugh.

“I heard that Rizevim-bocchan and the lost so of Lucifugus said it to you. —To be evil. ……Fufufufu, they are indeed young.”

After he looks around us, the first Bael says it while giving out a strong eyes like that of Sairaorg-san.

“I would want all of you who will become the centre of the young generation. The real Devils refers to kins of High-class Devils that has been foretold since ancient time. Others besides that are “servants” and not real Devils. The “commoners” and “reincarnated ones”. Being evil or not will change by the perspectives of humans and other forces. I don’t see the need to become evil. To keep the society of nobles continue for eternity is what a “Devil” should do.”

……It certainly does feel like a word coming from the man standing at the top of the House of Great King who takes importance of old teachings. I see. So Devils only refers to pureblood nobles. So he’s denying the existence of us and normal Devils that lives in the Underworld. But the fact about there’s no need for Devils to be evil is……something I agree with.

……There’s one more thing I understand.

The face of the first Bael when he spoke out his mind resembles Sairaorg-san. It makes me realise painfully that he’s Sairaorg-san’s ancestor. Even if they have different thoughts, they are both Bael. ……No, not just Sairaorg-san. He even resembles someone close by—

The first Bael stands after taking a breath.

“……Hmm, looks like I’m being influenced by the young ones since I just spoke out my thought which is unfitting for my age. I apologise. I was only planning to talk about the situation regarding Kuou town…… Looks like I made all of you listen to the long speech of an old man.”

The first Bael makes a bitter smile. He then says this.

“Regarding the incident in which there are casualties from the Bael-faction. Normally we would prefer to send someone from our side but for this time I shall leave it to the D×D. It appears that there is someone who is observing how the Bael will move. We judged that taking action carelessly would be a bad move.”

……He sure is taking extra cautions.

The first Bael then says.

“……I am sorry that I kept quiet about that town. —I shall take my leave now.”

“Zekrum-sama, let me send you off.”

Rias’s dad gives his hand but he declines the offer.

When he walks past us, Rias says to the first Bael.

“I……love Hyoudou Issei who is standing here.”


I become emotional……at the unexpected confession from Rias. Rias……Rias……!

She even said that without any fear even though she was told such story from someone who stands above her……!

The first Bael lifts his smile.

“Yes, that’s fine. I won’t deny romance between different species now.”

The first Bael looks at me this time.

Alright, I will also shout that I like Rias—— I’m filled with spirits, but—

“Hyoudou Issei-kun. It appears you want to say something to me too. But let’s refrain from talking here anymore than this.”

The first Bael rests his hand on my shoulder.

“—You need to become a High-class Devil. It won’t be late to talk after that. If you manage to promote then come to my castle along with Princess Rias. I will serve you a piecake made from the special apples of the territory of Bael. And also, I don’t hate you or Sairaorg much as the current Head of our house. Instead, I feel you two are doing well. But I’m a old Devil. I won’t seek for a change now.”

The first Bael leaves the scene after saying this.

“You should definitely retrieve Agreas. Even more so if you are planning to become a High-class Devil.”

……Indescribable atmosphere flows after the first Bael left. ……Even though he said he’s a old Devil, he was still lively like a young one. So even if he lived for ten thousand years, he can still shine without getting dull if you have something you are shouldering and have an aim you want to fulfill, huh.

Normally I would have wanted to make a complaint but it feels as if I was pushed back by the first Bael’s intensity.

“So that’s the first Bael. He seems to have a fanatical view……but he would still acknowledge even if he denies it huh. He’s also different from the Old-Maou faction. ……The top of the Great-King faction huh.”

It appears there’s something going in Xenovia’s mind as well.

“……He was scary and he had some pressure in him. But he seems much better than the Vampire’s nobles.”

Looks like Gasper felt something too. I’m sure he must have compared him to the pureblood Vampires that are in his homeland.

Rias’s dad who is standing next to me says it to me.

“I’m sure there were things you couldn’t say to him, but your feeling has most likely reached him.”

Rias’s dad says it to me like how a father would say to his son.

“Ise-kun, remember it very well. That man is the actual man standing at the top of the Great-King faction. You can say that the political influence he has is greater than Sirzechs. After all, he is a man who has been watching over the Underworld ever since the beginning of Devils. The years he has lived is far different to us. If the Four Great Maous such as Sirzechs and others are the light of the Devils than that man called Zekrum Bael-sama is the shadow of the Devils.”

……The man standing at the top of Great-King faction. And he appears to have a stronger influence than Sirzechs-sama.

Rias then mutters.

“……What was started by the Great-King shall be solved by the one who carries the blood of the Great-King. I guess that’s the reason why I was chosen as the successor of that land.”

I then reach to a conclusion. Oh, I see. It’s natural for me to feel a resemblance at the face and attitude of the first Bael to not just Sairaorg-san but also someone close to me.

That person is also someone who would be considered as an ancestor for even Rias—


We had a discussion with Rias’s dad regarding the future of Kuou town after we heard the story from the first Bael. What we need to do first is to overcome the danger that will fall on us. We came to a conclusion that we can try to solve what happened in the past after that.

The House of Belia who couldn’t reveal it to the public despite knowing the truth (Though it appears that the ones who knows about the truth is the previous Head and a small group of them. Others are told that Cleria of the branch family committed a crime). Rias’s dad is going to negotiate with the House of Belial to have them explain the situation to us. And it seems like the House of the Great King Bael won’t be stopping him from taking that action. Since the first Bael came to the House of Gremory on his own accord, the current Head and those that serve under him can’t intervene.

Well, that man called Yaegaki Masaomi probably won’t back down. His action to attack those related to Bael means that we can’t ignore the possibility of Rias being targeted. So we need to be on alert.

We returned to Kuou town after leaving the Gremory castle. We told everyone including Azazel-sensei of what we have heard from the first Bael. Sensei also puts on a complicated look but he just said one thing.

“……I do feel that they should have trusted Rias more and shared this with her……but since it was before the peace treaty, unavoidable incidents like this happened quite often.”

He didn’t say much but I think Sensei has experienced a lot himself.

Sensei also says this to Rias.

“Rias, don’t blame Sirzechs. He’s a soft brat. You can also say he’s acting too much of a brother to you. —But due to his mutual relation with the Great King faction, this town was probably the only territory he could hand to you. But this town is a good place. The Kuou academy. And also the other institutes. I think Sirzechs gave much support as he can.”

Rias says.

“I know. I have experienced good times till now at this town. Without having any discomfort. ……And I realised that was Onii-sama’s loves towards me once again. Even if the crimes committed in the past was altered and even if he couldn’t tell me the truth……I don’t have even the slightest right to blame my brother.”

The current Kuou academy must have been prepared for Rias by Sirzechs-sama. In order to have her experience peaceful high school life without any troubles—

The next day, we moved to the First Heaven where Irina’s dad was taken to. Hearing Irina’s dad’s story who was the key person of that incident after we heard the story from the Bael was the part of our reason. Irina’s dad also wants to hand something to us.

The medical facility of the First Heaven was a mix of modern and fantasy contracture. It’s a place with mixed culture just like the Underworld since there’s things like the electronic devices from the human world and a floating bed.

We got let into the Irina’s dad’s room. Even though the incident happened yesterday it appears that the poison has weakened quite a lot. He looks better and the black symptoms that appeared on his body has lessened. I become relieved since his treatment is going positively.

We explain to Irina’s dad of what we have heard in the Underworld. Irina’s dad simply stayed quiet and listened to our report.

Irina’s dad who lift his upper body up tells everyone.

“……We continued to convince Yaegaki-kun to the very end. Our general logic back then……no, even now we think that a romance between a Devil and the followers of Church is unforgivable. And even if she happened to be someone from branch family, she was still a Devil from the House of Belial…… So we would turn the whole Belial itself into our enemies. And the current Belial is no other than……”

“The Champion of Rating Game, Diehauser Belial——. His strength is said to rival that of the Maous.”

Irina’s dad nods his head at Rias’s words.

“……If we failed to convince him, Emperor Belial himself would show up. If that happens it wouldn’t be a mere quarrel. ……But it appeared the Devil’s side had the same opinion. ——So a Devil from the Bael’s faction came to us.”

——We shall cooperate. We also want to settle this quietly.

It was the same for the Devil’s side as they also didn’t want to start a war. So the Church-side——Irina’s dad and his comrades made a temporarily alliance with the Bael-faction in the shadows. This is also what the First Bael said.

As a result, they succeeded in eliminating the “rebels” secretly without having outsiders find out.

Irina’s dad then tells Irina with a sad face.

“……Irina-chan, daddy’s hands are very tainted. It’s so dirty that I can’t call myself the father of you, Irina-chan, who is an Angel…… ……I’m sorry I kept it as a secret. We moved to England because daddy was incompetent. If I have done better than you wouldn’t have to separate with Ise-kun…… I’m really sorry.”

Irina shakes her head at her dad who is apologizing to her.

“……Please stop, papa. I’m also……a warrior. I can understand that you didn’t have other option back then…… ……You were also in pain right, papa? So you don’t need to apologies…… I will protect you. Even if you caused a sin in the past, I will still protect you. –—Because we are family.”


Irina’s dad covers his eyes with his hands at his daughter’s words. Xenovia who is also from the same warrior background as Irina has her eyes closed.

……Even I had Rias tell me “not to get involved” with the Church when I met Asia for the first time.

Rias tells Irina’s dad.

“The incident in the past……even if each side had their reasons it was till a sad tragedy. But as long as he is borrowing Qlippoth’s strength and is causing terrorism, we cannot leave him be. ——We will stop him. Even what the outcome will be, the tragedy and sorrow will increase if we don’t stop him now.”

We responded by shaking our head at Rias’s strong determination.

Hearing that, Irina’s dad wipes his tears and tells Irina.

“The truth is, my Angel. Daddy didn’t come back just for the Christmas project. I came because there’s something I want to give you.”

Saying that, Irina’s dad takes out a large suitcase which was positioned next to the bed. He urges Irina to open it. What lies under the suitcase is——

“This is—”

Irina takes out what was inside. It’s……a single sword which us giving out a quiet wave of holy aura.

Irina’s dad then says.

“The wielder of Durandal, the paladin Roland. The sword wield by Olivier who was Roland’s childhood friend as well as his best friend—— Hauteclere.”

——The holy sword Hauteclere!

The sword which belonged to the best friend of Durandal’s wielder! For some reason I sense some kind of fate due to Xenovia and Irina’s relationship!

Irina’s dad continues.

“The sword which is said to be only touchable by those with pure hearts. The trait of it is to purify even those that are cut by it. From the results of its trait, it was determined that Irina-chan is most qualified for it. Ofcourse it has to do with your particles being enhanced by turning into an Angel. The researchers also said it activated because you have been a long partner Xenovia-san who holds Durandal.”

Having him say that, Irina and Xenovia looks at each other. Irina having become capable of touching that sword implies that she has attained the factor to wield it.

Irina’s dad then says.

“……Irina. Please stop Yaegaki-kun with this sword.”

Having received the holy sword, Yaegaki-kun nods with a determined eyes.

“Papa……thank you! I will stop that person!”

Irina’s dad finally shows his smile.

After having several more discussions with him, all of us leaves the room since we have seen him and finished informing our report to him

Then Irina’s dad says it to me.

“……I’m sorry but can Ise-kun stay? There’s something I need to speak to him.”

Having him say that, I look at Rias to get her approval and remained in the room.

The room where there’s only the two of us. Irina’s dad speaks after a pause.

“……Ise-kun, Irina-chan won’t be able to live like a normal girl due to her trait after becoming an Angel. On top of that she’s the Ace of Michael-sama. She won’t be able to become a normal girl again.”

……Irina doesn’t show it, but an Ace of Michael-san is an amazing role. It may be a heavy burden for Irina who is only seventeen years old.

Irina’s dad smiles after saying the harsh reality.

“—But she was given an exception. She was allowed to act like an girl only in front of you.”

Irina’s dad takes my hand and begs.

“Ise-kun, I beg you, please take care of Irina. That girl……has been raised while being exposed to the thoughts of the Church……since she was young. There are many things she doesn’t know as a girl. I want you to make her feel it. If it’s you and Irina, I believe you two will get along while surpassing the ideology and your standings.”


Irina’s dad has endless amount of teardrops pouring from his eyes.

“……Why couldn’t I say something so simple like to Yaegaki-kun and her…… Even if it was against our teaching…… Why couldn’t I……do anything……”

I put my hands over his hand. I then tell Irina’s dad.

“Uncle, I…… Whoever Irina may be, I think her as my important childhood friend……and as an important girl. So I will continue to smile together with Irina.”

Countless number of tears drops from Irina’s dad’s eyes.

“……Thank you…… Thank you……”

Yeah, even if I may be a Devil and Irina may be a Angel, I will definitely continue to smile together with her.

“Ise-kun, can I have a second?”

When I exited the room I took a break at the resting room of the First Heaven where Irina came to ask for me.

At the rooftop of a tall building. You can examine the scenery of the First Heaven from there. Seriously, even if this place may be the frontline base of the Angels, there are many buildings just like the city of the human’s world and the Underworld. There’s a floating buildings up the sky. Even if I may be wearing an artificial halo, it makes me wonder if even I can become an Angel and have such illusion. Well, being an Angel won’t suit someone lewd like me.

Irina asks me while I lean against the handrail.

“Hey, Ise-kun. Do you remember what I talked to you about recently? About how I started to understand Rias-san more.”

“Yeah, the story where the two of you started getting along by talking about my childhood, right?”

“Ever since I returned to that town, not only did I get along with Rias-san and Xenovia who was my former comrade, I also started to get along with Asia-san, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Kiba-kun, Gasper-kun, Rossweisse-san, Ravel-san, Kiryuu-san, and everyone else at school. Yes, I even got along with Dragon God Ophis-san.”

Yup, Irina certainly does open up with different sort of people so quickly. She even talked to that unapproachable Arthur of the Vali team in a carefree attitude. I think that’s also a different kind of talent.

“I know. Irina, you sure do get along with different kind of people without distinguishing them. Even I want to learn how to naturally approach people like you.”

But Irina puts on a gloomy face.

“……To be honest I’m full of worries inside me where I go, “Can I get along with this person?”, you know? But I’m Michael-sama’s Ace. I need to be able to confront others without distinguishing them. I……need to make Michael-sama’s compassion into real form as possible.”

To personify as Michael-san’s Ace, huh.

“……But there’s one thing I come to question. If I had remained in that town together with Xenovia back then, will I have become a Devil……and will I be different from now. I start to wonder if I could have gotten along with ORC members even more.”

……A possible future like that may have been possible.

“Ise-kun is a Devil and I’m a Angel. Until recently both of us were humans. But we are different kinds now.”

I was actually a human till April and Irina was also a human till summer.

……We are different kinds, huh. I think Irina is concerned about the tragedy that happened in the past at Kuou town. The happening between different kinds——. She may have compared that with herself, a Angel, and me, a Devil.

“Yeah, but even so. Even if you are a Angel, I don’t care. It doesn’t change the fact that you are my childhood friend and there’s no way the fact of you being my classmate at Kuou academy will change either.”

I said that to Irina directly to her face. Since I learned about that incident I wanted to say this to her no matter what——.

“—There’s no such thing like a forbidden thing between me and you. No, even if it was forbidden, I’m still your childhood friend. If you are in danger I will definitely save you.”

Irina turns red and gets happy hearing that. But she suddenly looks down.

“……If both Rias-san and I get in danger, who will you save?”

“I will save both. That’s why I’m desperately trying to get stronger.”

I answer right away. Of course. I will save both Rias and Irina. Of course I will. They are both important to me—. It doesn’t matter whether I’m a Devil or she’s a Angel.

Irina’s voice starts shaking.

“……That was unfair of me. ……I still asked because I wanted to play you even though I knew you would say that. But……right now, I really wanted to hear that……!”

She’s crying…… I hug Irina without saying anything.

“I will answer what you asked just before. Even if you did turn into a Devil back then and even if you are a Angel right now, our relation wouldn’t change. ——No matter what happens from now, I’ll remain as your ally.”

Irina starts crying even more. She tightens her hug and has her voice shaking.

“……The one who was unfair was you, Ise-kun. If you say something like that……I can’t hold it…… ……I won’t be able to leave you……!”

“Then stay. ——Lets smile together again.”

“……Yes. ……Yup!”

It should be okay for a Devil and a Angel to stay together forever.

We are living in a era where such situation is possible——.


While Rias, Akeno-san, and Irina left us to have a discussion with Griselda-san who had come from the human world, the remaining ORC members are having a rest at the open space, a place which is similar to a park, of the First Heaven.

There Asia experiments whether she can summon four new Dragons she has newly made a pact with. Asia then says it to four black Dragons.

“Alright then, Anselmus-san, Cyril-san, Gregorios-san, and Simeon-san. Please behave when you are here at Heaven. And it seems like the Angels wants to have a quick check through all of you so please follow their instructions. They said there won’t be anything scary happening so there’s nothing to worry about.”





Several Angels who appears to be researchers starts their investigation with the Evil Dragons summoned by Asia in a frightened manner.

Xenovia says it with amazement when she sees that.

“……Even if they are mass-produced, she can still control the Evil Dragons.”

Yeah, that pantsu cooking class which was done by Fafnir succeeded in changing the hearts of four Evil Dragons of all people!

Mainly the Evil Dragons that were in tears and applauding by seeing the cooking show approached Asia after the battle of Auros academy. What was shocking was how the evil intents were completely gone from them. It’s still fresh in my memory since even Azazel-sensei was dumbfounded by this.

……Asia who can even tame Evil Dragons. ……Looks like something amazing is happening. Just look at those relieved eyes the Evil Dragons have which is directed towards Asia……! Asia is stroking the Evil Dragons with a smile of a Holy maiden. By the way, it seems like she took the names from the historical prophets from Christianity. A prophets’ name for the Evil Dragons! Is it respect or disrespect……

Koneko-chan then says.

“……From what I heard, Asia-senpai’s name is spreading fast in the world of the Dragons. As a girl who made the pact with Fafnir.”

Seriously? Dragons are well-known to not get involved with the world. Isn’t it a amazing thing to get their attentions……?

Kiba continues.

“From what I heard from Azazel-sensei, Asia-san’s fame is getting spread aiming the Dragons by taming the Evil Dragons. That’s because only beings like the Wicked Gods and the Evil Gods were the only ones that tamed the Evil Dragons in the past.”

……You are saying Asia possess potential like that of a God!? So she exceeded my expectation and has reached the Gods zones……?

Rossweisse-san also says.

“Right now Rizevim is doing what a Wicked God and Evil Gods would do…… Even so, it means that Asia-san’s talent as a Dragon tamer is exceptional.”

It seems like her name will be recorded in the future as a legendary Dragon-tamer…… No, I think she’s doing something amazing already.

Azazel-sensei also asked Asia’s assistance for his research about the mass-produced Evil Dragons.

……Well, Rossweisse-san who praised Asia is also amazing herself. Rossweisse-san’s essay which she wrote in the past regarding 666’s seal is currently being investigated. Apparently she is coming up with the spell formula together with Grigori right now. If this continues it will be one of a powerful trump card, so Sensei said we can get the upper hand against Qlippoth. ……Obviously it’s unknown of how much it would work if the seal gets completely removed. So the research from here on would be the key.

Then Xenovia says.

“……I’m envious of you, Asia.”

Xenovia looks at the Evil Dragons with an envious looks. Asia turns red.

“I-It’s nothing much…… How about you also learn the spell to make a pact with a Dragon together with me, Xenovia-san?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. Asia gets loved by everyone. The way you get loved by everyone makes me want it as well.”

“Xenovia-san is much more charming person than me!”

Xenovia smiles at Asia’s words.

“Thank you. But I don’t think I can win the election which will begin right after the new year if I don’t polish myself even more.”

Yeah, the presidency election will start from early next year! Many things happened so I tend to forget school matters.

I then tell Xenovia.

“That reminds me. A member of the current student council is also participating in the election. ……I think Saji volunteered as a Vice-president. He did say that it suits him better to support the Student President as a Vice-President than being a Student President himself.”

It made me feel he’s a genuine supportive guy. But I guess it means that he knows that position will allow him to bring out his true strength even more.

Irina continues.

“I think the person who volunteered to become the President was the “Bishop” Hanakai Momo-san. It seems like she will gain strong support from the students due to her solid views and for her past achievement of supporting the student council from the shadows.”

She doesn’t stand out much but she has always been standing next to Kaichou and has been observing the student council. It seems like she will stand in Xenovia’s way in the election as her rival.

Xenovia then says.

“There are several candidates from the common students as well. There will be many rivals.”

She says that but her eyes is burning with fire!

Maybe she became curious. So Irina asks Xenovia.

“……If someone other than a Devil wins, how will the student council function? Especially about our true identity. …..Will we inform that person just in case?”

Kiba continues.

“Apparently Rias-buchou and Sona-kaichou have many thing in mind about that. Well, including that part it seems like this upcoming election will become interesting.”

Just like Kiba, I am also looking forward to it. I obviously want Xenovia to win. It sure does make me keen on finding out who will be the successor of the current student council that is led by Sona-kaichou!

Asia jumps into Xenovia’s arm.

“I will also help you, Xenovia-san!”

Irina also wraps her arm around Xenovia’s arm!

“Same here! I will definitely make you win! First of all, let’s discuss about the details of the manifest and the pamphlets we will be handing out before the new year!”

Xenovia gets emotional when she hears that.

“Sob…..I sure do have good friends! It’s so reassuring that it makes me cry!”



“Yeah, Asia, Irina!”

“ “ “Amen!” ” ”

Wow, the Church-trio is giving their prayers to Heaven!

Kiba shows a peaceful smile.

“I guess we will also be cheering them on. As a fellow club member and group member.”

“We sure are.”

Koneko-chan nods.

—I suddenly become curious so I decided to ask.

“Hey, Kiba, Koneko-chan. What happened with both of your Magician’s pact?”

I made a pact with Le Fay but what’s going on with others? I did hear things like temporally pact but what’s the real deal? Lately I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t ask. So here I am asking them now.

“I took a pact for a temporally time.”

“……Same here. And same goes for Akeno-san. Buchou, Asia-senpai, Xenovia-senpai, Gyaa-kun, and Rossweisse-san hasn’t decided yet.”

That’s what Kiba and Koneko-chan said.

Ah, so Kiba and Koneko-chan took a temporarily pact huh. I knew that Akeno-san took a temporally pact. But others haven’t decided yet, huh.

I ask them since I became even more curious.

“So, how are you two’s Magician is like?”

“My Magician is a boy. Even though he seems to be a grade school boy, he skipped grades. He’s quite young but is gifted.”

“……My Magician is a girl who is the same age as me. She’s quite the outgoing one.”

Kiba’s Magician is a guy! Choose a girl! And he happens to be a grade school boy…… And Koneko-chan’s Magician is an outgoing girl. If she’s the same age as her that makes her a freshmen. I am curious about her…… By the way, Akeno-san said she made a pact with a quiet girl.

Yup. I really do want to talk about our Magicians with everyone next time. But since my Magician is Le Fay who is a gifted girl, it seems like she will make achievement without my help and that makes me feel bad. If Ravel was here then she would be angry at me if I said that. Ravel is currently waiting for us at the human world.

……It happens when I thought Rias and others are a bit late while I looked at my watch.

—! The Heaven gets shaken violently!

An earthquake!? That’s what I initially thought but this place is above the sky! So the earth can’t shake! Others also became suspicious so we look around us! Even the Angels looking at Asia’s Evil Dragons and the Angels walking by also makes a shocked face! The Heaven being shaken must be something even the Angels never anticipated!

Then many Angel’s symbols appears while flashing on the whole sky which informs something has happened!

“—What the!?”

The security Angel rushes towards us who are in shock.

“……The Evil Dragon, the Qlippoth has attacked us……!”

We tremble with fear hearing that—

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    • Bael =/= Belial

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      • Yeah, it would seem so. What the first Head of House of Bael said about his views was only directed at the people present in front of him, and it was to let us know what his views are regarding that.

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