The second semester’s closing ceremony—.

Since the end of school speech that took place in the gymnasium ended, all of us returns to our classroom. I was having a chat with Matsuda, Motohama, and the four girls (Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Kiryuu) until our homeroom teacher returns.

“So you will be busy for New Year holidays huh, Ise.”

I can only apologise earnestly to Matsuda who said that while sighing.

“Sorry. It looks like I can’t make some time due to the club and such after all. We are still talking about the new reformation of the club. We’ll end up having a hard time from the start of the New Year if we don’t discuss about it now. Right, everyone?”

I drag the Church-trio into our discussion as I gave them my wink.

“Y-Yes. I-I’m sure we, the second years, would have to be the one working hard, and Irina-san will also join the club officially.”

Yeah, like Asia said, Irina will join the ORC officially. Until now, Irina was planning to build her own club where she would help the students. But at the end, no one came to join her club. And ORC will also have two members leaving the club since they would be graduating. Hence the reason for her joining our club.

And Xenovia will also leave our club if she wins the election for Presidency. ……Well, whether she will be chosen or not will depend on how well she will perform for her election.

“The two seniors will be leaving the club and since they have been taking care of me till now, I decided to settle down in this club after taking so long and also because I will become a third year student.”

Irina is nodding her head. ……Well, there will be a limit to how much she can do with her club by trying to gather members. Irina already has the reputation from all the students of our school that she is “cute but weird”. So it will be hard for her to gather members. You can say that it’s a right decision for her to join our club at this time.

Motohama then asks.

“Has the new Club President and the new Club Vice-president been chosen?”

ORC members nods at his question.

It’s about time they tell us……but we have yet to find out who will become the Club President and Club Vice-president. Now I wonder who the new Club President will be.

Matsuda looks at Xenovia.

“I’m more surprised about Xenovia-chan choosing to become a candidate for the Student President. Rather, the whole Kuou academy is talking about it.”

Yeah, like Matsuda said, the news about Xenovia trying to run for Presidency has been spread through the school. After all, Xenovia has officially volunteered to run Presidency after that incident at Auros academy. The school also approved it, hence Xenovia officially joined the candidates.

“I’m planning to make a full plan for my election during the winter holidays. I would need to start my action right after the New Year.

Xenovia is full of spirits. She has been putting on a serious expression while holding onto a reference book in her hand.

“I’ll also help you for your election. It will be interesting if Xenovia-chi becomes the Student President.”

Kiryuu says that while finding it amusing. ……In her case, she probably wants to help Xenovia as her friend and as her kindness. But she must be thinking that a Student Council run by Xenovia will make the school interesting. I also can’t imagine Kuou academy which is led by Xenovia.

“So Ise and others are busy after all.”

Matsuda takes a breath while he says that.

“Ah man, here I was thinking that the three of us would have another video session meant for us gents to celebrate the New Year.”

“……DVD huh. I……would rather not.”

I say that while feeling tired. Matsuda narrows his eyebrows and finds me suspicious so he says “Why?”……

The truth is, I had a rare experience last time. And it made me feel like I don’t want to watch DVDs with dudes for a while.

Why, do you ask? Well, this is what Vali said when he suddenly showed up in my house.

“Hyoudou Issei. I came here after Azazel told me to, so can you show me a video which would make me sexually aroused?”

The Hakuryuukou-sama who is said to be the strongest in history said that! Azazel-sensei strongly has to do with Vali’s behaviour since his personality would never let him say such thing.

Apparently, this is what Azazel-sensei said to Vali.

[Listen up, Vali. If you wish to attain a power which surpasses your imagination, you should try to get hints from Ise. He attained a mysterious power which I named it the Breast-power. If you want to understand a power which is neither the demonic-power or the Dragon’s power, how about you pay attention to Ise’s life style who is a fellow Heavenly Dragon as you?]

—That’s what he said.

As a result, Vali who purses strength wholeheartedly came to my place while being serious about it.

No no no, even if I did attain the power called Breast-power, he’s asking too much from me by having me watch porno DVD with my rival and discuss about it!

I couldn’t decline Vali’s approach when he said “Show me the video”, so the two of us—no, the Two Heavenly Dragons ended up watching porno DVD together, you know!?

While the display was showing woman who were screaming out things like “iyaan” and “aan”, he—

“So, which part of this should I pay attention to? Her breast? Her buttocks?”

—asked me such thing while putting on a serious face!

I also ended up explaining to him carefully where I said: “Ehm, this is called nurse uniform. And what’s she doing right now is cosplaying. And there are guys who gets aroused by such situations”! Even that bastard started thinking seriously about it and said: “Nurse uniform. Cosplay…… How should I change it to the Dragon’s power?”!

There was no way a situation that would happen between youths would occur where the two of us starts talking about each other’s fetish after getting excited. So my explanation about porno DVD where I talked plainly about it continued till morning……

……At the end, he went home after he said something I couldn’t comprehend which went: “I don’t really understand, but I have understood that Hyoudou Issei research this thoroughly. It must be the result of researching hard about it. There sure are many unknown factors regarding the Dragon’s power”. He left after saying something which makes me feel uneasy, “I’ll be back”……!

Maybe due to such thing happening, I started to feel that I don’t want to have a porno DVD marathon with guys for a while.

Motohama asks while he shakes his head.

“In my case, I wanted to play the new eroge I got my hands on, the “Child-making Princess of the Absolute Holy Castle” together……but it seems like it’s useless.”

—! ……Wh……at……?

Even I who showed difficulties regarding the issue about porno DVD bites the bait of Motohama’s eroge.

“I-Is it the eroge that has high ratings even among those who bought it!?”

It’s an eroge where the story is about a wandering swordsman who ends up staying at a certain hotel and starts getting along with the princesses of that castle while doing naughty stuff to them! The plot has mysteries and it becomes even more of a mystery which makes the game more entertaining. The visuals of beautiful girls. The setting is also excellent. And it’s said that the sequence of events you have to go through in order to make the princesses fall for you is also appropriate as well as emotional!

“Yeah. I was somehow able to get it. I thought even Ise who has unusually been passionate about princesses and girls from socially high class family lately would be in joy over this.”

T-That sure is something I can’t resist! Like Motohama said—I can’t resist the words “Princess”, “Girl from high class family”, and “Older girl”. I take interest in such title and genre. ……Maybe I turned like this since I’m currently dating Rias……! No, I’m sure I have been in this state because I have been crazy about Rias.

Xenovia who is next to me and who had heard that becomes interested in it.

“……Hmm, eroge huh. You sure have my interest.”

Irina agrees.

“On top of that, a princess genre one! ……It sure does seem like it will tell us about Ise-kun’s type of girls!”

Geez, I don’t want to play eroge while having the girls order me around ever again! Please let me play it alone and quietly!

Kiryuu changes the topic while having her eyes shine.

“Putting that aside, it’s almost Christmas.”

Yeah, today—is the 20th of December hence the closing ceremony. So there’s few days till Christmas.

The glasses-girl suddenly puts on a lecherous face.

“Hyoudou, I wonder what kind of present you will be getting this year.”

……W-What’s with that face of yours which is expecting a lecherous answer from me…… Rather, did you tell some rubbish to them!? When I look at the Church-trio after feeling uneasy, I witness Xenovia with glittering eyes and also Asia and Irina that are looking down with a red face!

Xenovia rests her hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah, Kiryuu told me about it. I heard that the Christmas in Japan isn’t about spending time with your family but a time spent between boy and girl that gets along to make babies. On top of that, I heard that the Heaven will bestow you a child right away. Japan’s Christmas sure is a wonderful celebration day for those who wants a baby.”

Stop saying such thing while giving me a thumbs up! C-Certainly in Japan a lot of couple spends time together during Christmas! But, it’s not like that will link into making babies……well, actually you can kinda say that it’s making babies……

Asia and Irina says it while wiggling their bodies.

“……If I were to use Japanese Christmas as an example, I will be Ise-san’s present itself, yes……? I-I will happily hand myself o you if you are fine with me……!”

“……I-I was shocked to find how Christmas in Japan changed during the time I was away for a while, but it’s not like I can’t understand giving handing yourself as a present as a Christian, and if that’s what Ise-kun desires……I-I think I need to give you a present……!”

The three of them has big misunderstanding! Well, I’m certainly happy if they are going to hand themselves as a present to me! B-But it isn’t good for them to have a misunderstanding about Japan’s culture!

“Kiryuu! I have been telling you to stop teaching them weird things!”

Even though I said that to her, the bitch simply puts on a lecherous smirk! Damn you, Kiryuu! Unexpectedly, she may be my biggest enemy! No, she is my natural enemy!

Matsuda and Motohama glares at me with eyes filled with hatred, so they shout while shedding tears.

“Ugh, Ise you dumb ass! I hope your manhood rots and falls off!”

“Eating beauties much as you want huh! No wonder you won’t need porno and eroge since you have sacred and sexual night everyday just like what you see in erogeee!”

They put their arms around each other and say it while crying like mad!

“ “We won’t lent you both the porno DVD and eroge!” ”

……Ah, looks like I won’t be able to play “Child-making Princess of the Absolute Holy Castle” during winter holidays……

Like his, the closing ceremony for the second semester ended.

Now then, let’s enter the winter holidays!

—On the evening of the closing ceremony day, we the ORC members gathered to VIP room located at the upmost floor of Hyoudou residence.

Rossweisse-san and Azazel-sensei who has finished their duty after the closing ceremony has also come. And Sister Griselda who is leading the staffs from the Heaven within this region has also arrived.

Since the members that are able to gather here are all here, Irina represents all of us by speaking about the main reason why we are having this gathering.

“For that reason, we are going to hand out presents to all of the people of the Kuou-town by using the Christmas period!”

Yes, the Three Great Powers made a certain project for Christmas while having us, Team D×D, as the main workers.

Rias continues.

“This town is the symbol of peace among the Three Great Powers and it is one of our important locations. However, more than that, this place is an important place for the people living here. We have been using this soil for most of the time so let’s give celebration to the residents for Christmas.”

Irina also nods her head.

“She’s right! The Heaven and the Underworld will work together in order to hand out presents to all of the people in this town! The ones that will be handing them out are——”

Irina looks at us. I then say it.

“It will be run by Team D×D, mainly by us huh.”

“Exactly! Obviously we will be handing out the present while we dress up as Santa Claus just like in a Christmas manner!”

—Like that, we are currently organising such project. A lot has happen in this town since this year. That also includes huge incidents where it wouldn’t have been weird for this whole town to be wiped out. We were somehow able to prevent that from happening……but it’s also true that we have been causing a lot of troubles for the residents of this town without realising it. Then should we just change our main base? Even if we do that, it won’t be that simple. If we have set this much equipment here already, we don’t have the flexibility nor are we in the situation where we can move to another place.

Then maybe the least we can do is to hand out presents to the residents for Christmas? Such opinions were brought by the youths. Obviously each of the forces decided to approve that opinions of ours positively and they even gave their full support to us financially. Since we have been causing troubles for all the residents every day, we also contributed from our own pocket money. We should at least do this much.

And there are all kinds of presents. We wanted to research and list up the things the residents wants beforehand, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time. So we decided to give mainly presents where the person receiving it would be happy with it and the present won’t be a harm or offensive to them. If they were young girls, we would hand them out a Magical Girl clothing set. For the working daddies, it would be things like a necktie or a voucher for getting a massage. If we give them a present which is too much, they would take this as supernatural phenomenon and would spread. So the suggestion earlier was the safe zone according to Sensei.

“Well, we could keep it to the level where this would remain as a local legend of this town.”

Sensei added such comment.

Now then, everyone became quite hyped after hearing about this plan. After all, you won’t encounter a chance where you would become the Santa Claus and hand out presents. It’s totally different to playing a role of Santa Claus for your part-time job to stand in front of the shop.

Are Devils even allowed to dress up as a Santa Claus? Furthermore, can we experience the tradition of the Christianity? Even though we had such questions, we made up our mind and decided to do this by thinking “Doing this for a change is okay”. Well, I really do think doing this for a change is good.

“Ufufu, this over here is the Santa Claus costume.”

The example of the Santa Claus costume for girls that Akeno-san prepared. A costume with the colour contrast of red and white. Xenovia asks Irina while taking that to her hand.

“Are we going to prepare a reindeer?”

“Can reindeer even fly?”

When Irina asks Sister Griselda, she answers by saying “We will cast magic on them to make them fly”. Wow, so we can see the reindeers pulling a cargo and having a leash on them during the night of the sky?

“It’s an honour to be able to become a Santa Claus.”

“But I do feel bad since it seems like we are stealing Santa Claus’s job. This is pretty much interfering with their business, right?”

Xenovia and Irina starts having a laugh as if Santa Claus even exists.

“Hold on, there’s no way a Santa Claus exists in the first place—”

I try to finish my sentence, but the two of them answers at the same time while putting on a shocked face.

“ “? But he does exist?” ”


They say it as if that’s a natural answer. ……Aren’t your parents the one who dresses up as a Santa Claus? I know that what I’m saying doesn’t have any imagination, but that’s the truth…… There’s no way a Santa Claus exists—

I then ask Rias.

“……Eh? He exists?”

She’s putting on a smile.

“Yes, he does. Well, speaking about that will turn into a different topic so I will refrain from explaining it.”

Seriously!? Santa-san exists!? W-Well, Devils and Angels exists, so it won’t be weird if Santa Claus exists too! But I had been living for seventeen years, yet, I have never met him even once! I never received a present from him!

“……So Santa-san never came to lecherous children.”

I received a harsh comment from Koneko-chan! I guess so! He sure didn’t come to lecherous children! I’m sorry that I was craving for porno DVDs and magazines since I was a grade school student!

Even though I was repenting for my actions inside me, Rias continues without noticing me.

“Christmas is also the time the Devils profits. We will also have a meeting regarding that, so my servants will need to gather back here again.”

[Roger that.]

The Gremory group responds. Kiba then tells me.

“Even in terms of Devils’ jobs, the Christmas would be a busy time.”

Apparently they receive many requests every year from residents that spends their Christmas lonely. And the number of requests goes up to dozen times more than the usual is sent to us. I do feel that summoning a Devil during Christmas is a bad act, but I’m sure they are either bored or lonely that they want to go far to summon a Devil. I can also understand that! You normally would prefer to spend Christmas with your girlfriend!

“We have to visit our customers who made Christmas day free to summon us.”

It’s just like Rias said. ……Yeah, I did want to spend time with Rias, but at this rate, it looks like I have to postpone it this year. The present project for Christmas and the Devils’ job would seem enough to kill me.

I then say it to Kiba.

“You will probably get summoned by the older women. Are you planning to cook them your food that you are proud of?”

“I had lots of requests like that last year. ……Though I do think that it will be good to spend this Christmas with my friend.”

Kiba suddenly puts on an emotional eyes. He said that while brushing!

“I’m planning to bake a cake. ……I kind of want to have you eat it as well, Ise-kun.”

Why the heck do you want to do that for me!? A handsome guy shouldn’t put on an expression like that of a maiden!

“Haven’t I always told you that you should say that to girls!? Alright, I’ll call Shinra-fukukaichou and have her invite you!”

I sent a mail regarding Kiba to Shirna-fukukaichou whom I exchanged email with!

I’ll send her a safe mail which goes: [Kiba is planning to bake a cake, so would you like one?]

Kiba panics hearing that!

“W-Why does Shinra-fukukaichou name pop out here? Why are you trying to have me meet with Shinra-fukukaichou so often lately?”

I need to have him walk in the right path! At this rate, he’ll head to the wrong path and he’s scaring me! And if a woman is by his side, I’m sure he will stop being reckless. This guy……tries to do reckless things more than me. Just like how he’s trying to use his Gram and also during battle where he gambles his safety. As a result, he succeeds thanks to his techniques……but even so, he may face a difficult situation.

……Though it will be weird for me to say it since I charge ahead without thinking twice. But still, I don’t want to see my pal being in a situation where he is put in a life or death situation and the dies. For that reason, it’s necessary for there to be someone who can support him. And a woman fits that role. I’m sure the place of security a man can return to is to the woman’s side. That’s one of the facts I know very well after I started dating Rias. Since I have a strong feeling of wanting to return to Rias’s side alive, I came to think of a way to keep myself alive.

Just like that, I am working hard to have Kiba and Shinra-fukukaichou become an official couple (Sona-kaichou and the Sitri girls are with me in this). Though they haven’t become a couple yet.

“Oh yeah, the Sitri-side can’t join this conversation till the last moment, right?”

I ask Sensei. Sona-kaichou and her group also said that they will join the Christmas project, but the timing was bad so they couldn’t join this meeting. So they will basically join the project without any discussion.

“Yeah, they are in middle of repairing and reconstructing Auros. Even if they can fix it with the use of demonic-powers, they will need to equip that place with equipment against incidents happening there. They are going re-plan the whole construction there.”

The Auros academy that got partially destroyed due to Qlippoth’s assault. It became necessary to look over the equipment installed at the country town so the soldiers are currently stationed over there to guard it. After that, the anti-terrorist protection wall is put on there once again and it certainly did become more powerful than before…… But our opponents aren’t someone to be taken lightly, so we won’t know what will happen if they attack again. Well, I doubt they would make their assault right away yet. Apparently they took in the residents they were sent out of the floating island.

Even though such thing happened, the number of applicants for the academy’s experience day has risen up dramatically. I hear that there are bookings for several years ahead already, so it does show how much impact that incident caused to the Underworld.

“That incident was broadcasted to the Underworld as an urgent news. [Youth Devils showed great performance against the terrorists. They protected the academy filled with dream and hope!]. If such things appears on the news and the newspaper, you would gain attention whether you like it or not. Especially you guys that are the reincarnated Devils and Sairaorg who lacks demonic-powers made a big brawl against the legendary Evil Dragon. This is pretty much a heroic tales among the Low-class and Mid-class Devils.”

Like Sensei said, the children’s dads that survived that battle and saw the battles with their own eyes spoke of what they saw to the media while being hyped about it. The Auros academy became so famous that there aren’t anyone that doesn’t know about it since the viewers throughout the Underworld who saw the broadcast became greatly interested in it. For that reason, the Sitri-group can’t show up since they have to handle the media’s reports and applications.

……On the opposite side, the criticism we received for having the Agreas taken is also strong. We received harsh comments from the fans and noble players of the Rating Game for having the holy-land of the Rating Game taken. Also, the media of the Underworld are talking about the hypothesis behind the identity of the stolen Agreas every day. Also due to the battle of Auros, the Devils are currently in a state where they have both hope and sense of insecurity.

……Well, same goes for us. Since we haven’t received any contacts from Maou Ajuka Beelzebub-sama who apparently knows about the identity of Agreas. I can’t help but to have a bad premonition depending on what that island really is……

Even so, we won’t be able to go forward if we simply be concerned about that. So the upcoming Christmas project will become a good change. Even though we are the counter-terrorist team, I reckon organising some surprise like this for other people is a good activity.

I also want to have a mock-battle with Saji soon. He only reached Balance Breaker recently, so he’s saying that he still lacks in maintaining it. But I did feel what kind of ability it has with my own skin. I guess it’s probably because his one is the same Dragon-armour type like my one.

Sensei then says it as he puts on a bitter smile.

“You guys sure do work hard. Using your own body to work, going to school, joining a project like this one, and accomplishing your own job. I can’t help but to praise you guys despite being still young.”

We certainly have been doing a lot of things like Sensei said. But those with strength needs to use their power for others. That’s what I think. ……I don’t want to……see something getting hurt without doing anything about it.

After that, we started the meeting for the upcoming plan and then checked the costume for the upcoming day. The girls are mainly talking about the Santa’s costume while being hype over it.

Sensei then naturally asks Rias who is reading a document.

“Rias, how is Grayfia doing?”

Having being asked about her sister-in-law, she narrows her eyes.

“……She’s in a state I really can’t explain.”

Currently, Grayfia-san is interrogating Euclid Lucifugus who is her real brother. I do think the situation where his actual sister is able to interrogate him is unbelievable to happen. But it happened because Euclid chose who he wants to be interrogated by. —He said he wants it to be his older sister, Grayfia-san.

……Geez, he sure has a strong sister-complex. To have some time to talk with his sister after he gets caught. Maybe from his perspective, is he happy that he lost against us?

Obviously the Underworld’s army showed sign of dissatisfaction to Euclid’s request. But thanks to the approval of the higher-up—Sirzechs-sama, the interrogation between siblings became possible.

“I heard that the man himself is in a very good mood. He really must be enjoying talking to his sister. But I heard that the interrogation by Onee-sama is so harsh that it doesn’t make you think she’s interrogating her own brother.”

Rias says. If Grayfia-san shows mercy to him here, then it would basically make the higher-ups that are suspicious of her think that “Lucifugus that was the right-hand of the previous Maou is planning to overthrow the Underworld”. So interacting with Euclid without bringing her emotion would be a proof of her loyalty to the Maou and the current government.

……Though in reality, it seems like she is giving harsh interrogation to her own brother without even the slightest mercy…… There’s no way you would be safe if you make that Grayfia-san angry. It scares me so much……

Sensei then continues.

“From what he told Grayfia—it seems like the new Khaos Brigade, the Qlippoth, has several hiding place. Each factions have sent their agents to those locations already. It’s about time they attack them. I received a report from Shamhaza that he already gave his order to “eliminate” them.”

……Euclid spoke about the headquarter to his sister. Maybe Grayfia-san’s interrogation worked. Or maybe he confessed because he’s up to something. We still aren’t sure about it. ……It could be both reasons.

Speaking about him, apparently the fake Boosted Gear he was in possession of is destroyed. According to Sensei, it was apparently programed to destroy itself if Euclid was to be defeated. Apparently it vanished without leaving a trace.

I then say it to Sensei.

“There’s no way Rizevim will simply get caught with this, right?”

“Obviously. The ones hiding at their secret base would be their weakest soldiers and magicians that were working with them. Their main forces must have moved to Agares already. And the whereabouts of that Agares itself is still unknown……”

……So their current base is that floating island. Well, that’s a whole city itself so it can certainly be quite a remarkable base. There must have been quite a lot of food, materials, and varieties of weapons stored there. If they were to use them, we will struggle against them.

“I wonder where an enormous floating island like that disappeared off to.”

Sensei puts his hand under his chin when I asked.

“Maybe it’s putting on a camouflage by blending itself within the scenery. Obviously by using a spell which won’t get caught by us.”

A camouflage, huh. It might unexpectedly be floating above this town……won’t be it. More rather, we don’t even know if it can teleport itself completely into the human world. No, if it’s those guys then it’s possible.

“Regarding Ajuka and his servants that knows the details of Agreas. Apparently it’s hard to get in hold with them. From what I hear, they are having a hard time of their own because they are being pestered by some noisy bunch.”

I guess the Maou Beelzebub-sama also has many enemies. So having management over games wasn’t the only thing he was doing……

“……Sensei, did you take any notice regarding the Agreas?”

Sensei smiles happily when I asked. Ah, this is the face he puts when he found something.

“……I guess. Though there’s no stop to it if I tell you it now. I’ll let you hear my hypothesis once we receive an official report from Ajuka.”

……I wonder what’s hidden in that floating island.

—Then Griselda tells all of us once she took a look at the clock.

“First of all, we will take all of you to the Heaven after this. Our plan once we get there is to have a discussion about the content of the project—which is confirming what’s inside the presents, and receiving Michael-sama’s greetings before the New Year.”

—! It’s finally here! We are finally entering Heaven! Devils going to Heaven—something unreal like that is going to happen! Oh man, I can’t thank the peace treaty between the Three Great Powers enough! I was curious about it. Since the Underworld was like that, then how will the Heaven where Angels resides be like? It sure has been in my mind! Just what kind of world exists above the sky!?

“Alright, then give my greetings to Michael.”

Sensei simply waves his hand at us and showed no sign of coming with us.

“Aren’t you going to Heaven too? —Oh, I guess it’s more appropriate to ask if you are not going back.”

Sensei sighs.

“You think I can just return to that place now? Well, I don’t mind going if they allow me to destroy my old institute over there.”

Sensei leaves after he simply says that.

“Alright, let’s head to Heaven using the magic-circle at the basement!”

At Rias’s command, we move down the basement of the Hyoudou residence—

Now then, Heaven here we come!

What was drawn at the teleportation room of the basement wasn’t the usual magic-circle written in Devil’s symbols.

Irina and Sister Griselda starts to chant something you would find in a Bible while making a posture as if they were praying. ……Hmm, seeing that all the Devils here including myself are getting headache shows that it may be a phrase from the Bible……

We receive a halo, limited to DxD members, beforehand just in case so we can move within Heaven. When I put the halo above my head—it starts to float and shine. Wow, it feels as if I’ve become an Angel!

With this, even if other species besides the Angels move within the Heaven it won’t affect the “system” left by the God that much. It would be troublesome if those who knows the absence of God or someone who would give bad influence to the system walks past the gate. You are able to lessen that from happening by putting on a halo quite a lot.

Our ID and such are registered in our halo. So its one and only. I need to make sure I don’t lose it……

Its thanks to the sharing of technologies by the Grigori and the Devil’s side that they were able to have such an major change in their technology. If the peace didn’t happen, then an item such as this which allows us to enter and exit Heaven wouldn’t have been made. You could also say that it indicates that there wouldn’t be people like Asia who will experience unfortunate fate. ……Yeah, we can’t repeat a tragedy like that anymore.

The ones that are acting happy by putting this halo on are—Asia and Xenovia.

“Asia! I-It feels like I’ve become an Angel!”

“Yes! It’s such an honour!”

Yeah, the two of them are pure followers and they look up to Angels. So these halo are something they couldn’t resist. They have such bright expressions.

Irina then tells the two.

“So then. Let’s do our prayers with the three of us to celebrate this occasion before we enter Heaven!”



They do their usual pose they do with the three of them! While putting a halo above their head that is!

“ “Ah, lord!” ”

The Angel Asia huh. I’m sure it would suit her……! Just imaging it makes my face grin.

……But an item that allows the DxD to enter Heaven huh. That means that they prepared it beforehand just in case something happens at Heaven. ……So it means they are concerning the possibility of the Heaven being attacked.

While that was going through my mind, a huge door appears at the teleportation room. It looks so magnificent and it appears as though it is made from chalks. The door opens while making sound.

“Here, please come in.”

Sister Griselda urges us to pass through the door. Irina enters before us.

“Hurry! Everyone! This is an elevator for the Angels! Don’t hesitate and come in!”

Irina who has high spirit. She’s taking this Christmas project more seriously than any of us. It seems like she’s really happy about being able to serve everyone in this town as an Angel and also appears to have pride in doing so.

Once the rest of us passes through the elevator door, a white space appears front of us. Then the golden symbol below our feet glows!

I suddenly feel my body float! I experience a sensation where it feels like I have my whole body thrown up!

That instant, the scenery around me changes and a very bright light dims upon us. When I look around—we find ourselves above the clouds! When I look up, a large, white, and bright ceiling is above us!

……Did we get teleported from the Hyoudou residence’s basement instantly? It means that we came up here in the elevator at the same time the symbols below our foot glowed.

Rias and Akeno-san looks calm compared to me and Asia who are astonished at this.

The giant gate opens before we can get surprised by it!

Sister Griselda and Irina then tells us while facing their back towards the opening gate.

“ “Welcome to Heaven.”

The giant gate—when we passed through the front gate of Heaven, what lay behind it was a white stone paving path, buildings that are aligned which are made from stones, buildings that is floating in the sky, and Angels that has pure white wings that are moving within! How should I put it? It’s so bright!

It’s also due to the fact that the sky is glowing in white, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling as though the Angels, the buildings, and even the path we are walking on is glowing!

There isn’t even a dust on this path. The Angels that walks past us looks at us as if they find us curious. If there are those that realize our identities, there are also those that doesn’t.

Sister Griselda who is leading us gives an explanation to us.

“There are total of seven levels in Heaven. This is the first floor—the place which is called the First Heaven. The highest floor, Seventh Heaven, used to be the location where the God resided. What remains there now is just the “system” that represented God. The Sacred Gears “system” is over there as well.”

I certainly heard that from Irina beforehand. The First Heaven is the place where the Angels works and it’s pretty much like a front-line base. Irina and Sister Griselda also mainly works here. I’m guessing they come back to this place when they have to return to Heaven.

Irina then says it while pointing at the building that’s floating in the air(It’s build on top of the clouds!).

“Ah! That building! That’s the place where Michael-sama’s Brave Saints gathers! I also show up there quite often!”

Hmm, it’s quite fancy to have a building that’s floating in the air as your quarter.

Irina then gives us a further explanation. She points directly up.

“Michael-sama and the other Seraphs are at the Sixth Heaven. That’s where the main headquarter of Heaven is based at. Well, the lowest ranking Angels including myself mainly comes here—the frontline base of First Heaven.”

So Michael-san is at Sixth Heaven. That means that’s the place we are heading to.

Rias says it while looking around with keen eyes.

“I was told that the structures of the floor changed quite drastically compared to before.”

“I’m sure Azazel-sensei—the Grigori were living at Fifth Heaven before falling.”

Xenovia continues after her. Sister Griselda nods.

“Yes, it’s said that the Fifth Heaven where the Grigori’s lived when they were Angels were temporarily their camp. Currently it is a floor with many research institute. The “Brave Saints” cards were also created there.”

Hmm, so the place where Sensei lived now has a laboratory where they create Brave Saint’s cards huh. I sense some kind of link between the two.

Like that, we arrive at the elevator which will take us to higher floors while walking and looking around like tourists. We get a strict check from the security Angels and go through many thick doors in order to get onto the similar elevator as before to go further up.

Massive doors appears as we go higher and we continue forth by going through them. This may be a hassle, but these are needed in order to make even a sturdier security in Heaven. It appears that there will a door and security check for every floor. I guess you would need a lot of privilege in order to go to the higher floors.

We weren’t able to have a look at the Second Heaven and the Third Heaven. Unlike the First Heaven, we moved towards the elevator soon as we passed through the gate.

Sister Griselda explains it to us who weren’t able to have a look down there.

“The Heaven which is commonly referred to exists in the Third Heaven. It’s the largest floor. It’s so vast that it is said you can’t tell where the end is. I’m sorry but the souls down there may be stimulated if Devils like you go there. Therefore we wanted to restrict you from visiting down there.”

So the general Heaven is at the Third Heaven huh. We already came up to the Fourth Heaven. It kind of feels weird when I’m told that we just bypassed the general Heaven. On top of that we are Devils, so that makes us Devils who went past Heaven. —That phrase alone makes it sound cool. But the fact is we haven’t seen the general Heaven. It’s the resting soil of souls that came here so they wouldn’t want to meet Devils.

Well, apparently the number of Heaven is equal to the number of mythologies. So I guess this is the Heaven of “Catholic religion”. I guess this Heaven is the living land of Angels that served under the God from the Bible.

“The Fourth Heaven is also known as Eden’s Garden. I guess the story of Adam and Eve is famous for it.”

Irina tells us. Eden’s Garden! I wonder if it’s a paradise-like place? I would love to see it but we ended up passing through that as well and continue going up.

The Fifth Heaven really was a place with many laboratory like buildings. There are also buildings that looks like those modern human ones which gave it a new feeling to it. I’m starting to have an interest in this place knowing the fact that it’s the former workplace of Sensei…..but the place we are heading to is above this place.

It happens when we enter the elevator which connects to the Sixth Heaven. Sister gives us further explanation as if she just remembered.

“Regarding the rules of Heaven……this place isn’t strong towards the living as the human world and the Underworld.”

She then says this while putting her index finger up.

“In other words, its very fragile against evil.”

Well, they are Angels after all. So having evil intents would be a taboo. Even Irina has her wings lit black and white to things besides erotic things. It even makes me shocked to the degree where I say “You can even fall with just that!?”.

“……To put it simple, Ise-senpai needs refrain his pervertness.”

I don’t have any words to throw back to Koneko-chan’s harsh comment!

“Yes! I will promise to think of lewd things much as possible!”

There’s no way I can do a perverted things at Heaven!

Once we go up to Sixth Heaven, a gate and door which is even larger than before appears! No matter where I look as simply walls and even the gate is so large that it’s more than one-hundred meters tall! A huge gate as such opens slowly and we pass through it. ……The gate is so thick that it makes you think it’s a wall! If you have to come up with someone who can manage to destroy this, than it will only be possible for those with strength of a God-class. Even I don’t have a technique which can puncture a hole in this thing. Maybe its even impossible for Crimson Blaster to break this gate? A gate which makes me think like that exists in this Sixth Heaven.

Once I pass through the gate, what appears ahead is—a shrine-like building which is giving out a golden shine.

And the whole building itself is giving out a sacred wave which makes me think that being able to see this will give me luck! It has so much light density that a Devil can get damage and be eliminated just by seeing that! No, the fact remains that we are still alive even after seeing that! That’s just how grand and sacred it appears.

Sister Griselda explains to us as we walk on the path that leads to that building.

“That’s the current core of Heaven where the Seraphs resides at—the “Zebel”. We also call that building as such. The floor above this place—the Seventh Heaven which is the highest floor is an area which only the Seraphs can enter.”


That’s the core of Heaven where Michael-san resides at! And for us to be able to step our feet inside it……! If I think about it, I haven’t even had a sightseeing to observe the place where our Maou-sama of the Underworld works at. Now I have myself suddenly coming this far in Heaven.

—That’s what was going through my mind. But Sister and Irina turned to a different direction during our course and are getting further away from the road that leads to the front of “Zebel”.

“The truth is Zebel is currently going through interior construction therefore each of the Seraphs are at different locations. Michael-sama will be waiting this way.”

Sister goes forward while saying that.

That building is going through construction huh. ……Perhaps they are strengthening the interior for preparation against terrorism?

Several minutes after going forward, we find ourselves in what appears to be a middle court. There are variety of flowers blossomed in different colours and there’s also water flowing. Therefore it appears like a garden.

We then find a certain individual using a table at the terrace of a small hut. Soon as he sees us, he gets up and shows a gentle smile at us.

“Hello everyone. It’s been awhile.”

The handsome man with golden wings—it’s Michael-san! The leader of Heaven! The legendary Chief Angel! The last time we met him while standing this close was the sports day held between the Three Great Powers.

“It sure has been a while, Michael-sama. We thank you from bottom from of our hearts for inviting us for this occasion.”

The members of ORC also greeted him politely while having Rias represent us. We need to make sure we are not rude! We have been invited to a crucial location of the place above the skies while representing the Devils after all.

He urges us to sit. Michael-san then questions us as we sit ourselves.

“What’s your impression of Heaven?”

“How should I put it. It feels divine……”

That’s my honest opinion.

“It’s a wonderful place. If humans souls really do come here after their death, then it really must be a paradise.”

Rias says such thing. She also had her eyes glued towards the rare sight of Heaven and observed it with keen eyes.

“Well, the majority of the deceased goes to Hell.”

Michael-san gives such Heaven joke! I don’t even know if I should laugh at it!

“Please don’t be too stiff. There aren’t anything here……but please yourself at home.”

When Michael-san raises his hand, an Angel woman (she’s really adorable!) pour tea for us. Angels and Devils having tea together at Heaven isn’t something you would experience quite often.

“Please let me thank you once again for your hard work this year. —It sure was a year filled with shocking events. However, it’s also true that if all of you weren’t present, then the current situation for the Heaven and the Underworld would never have happened. Having tea together like this with Devils at Heaven like this was something you couldn’t have imagined last year. All of this was possible thanks to young ones such as yourselves that would lead the next generation risking their lives in battles. I thank you once again.”

It’s such an honour getting praises from the Chief-Angel!

“I believe you have visited here previously, Xenovia.”

“Yes, Michael-sama. That would be back at the time when I came here to get my Durandal repaired due to being destroyed by the leader of Hero-faction.”

Among the legendary items possessed by the Church, the Heaven is keeping and also repairing items that could be used at the human world. The combined holy-sword of Durandal and Excalibur had been sent to this place to get a maintenance for each time a battle has. Seeing the sword sent here at morning and coming back at afternoon back to Xenovia’s side is something we see quite often. The fusion of legendary Holy-swords are still in the trial-phase therefore the Heaven must want to search through many aspects of it.

After that we move onto the discussion of the Christmas project where Michael-san showed us the schedule of project’s content. We exchange opinion and discuss how we should give the presents out.

“It’s about time the person who came up with this project will arrive at the scene where this project will take place. I guess it will be enough to simply have a final confirmation with him. I’m sure all of you are busy so it may be better to confirm the details of this project and return back to your position.”

Saying that, Michael-san ends the discussion for the Christmas project.

I see, so it’s about time the person who started this project will arrive to the human world, at Kuou town.

After confirming the Christmas project, we bring out a single round object.

“And this is—the jewel which has Grendel’s soul sealed in it.”

Like I said, this has the soul of Grendel that we defeated when we were defending Auros academy. We came to Heaven after listening to our comrades opinion in order to have them check it and secure it.

Evil Dragons are very persistent. Even if we manage to seal their soul in this jewel there’s still a chance their conscious will leak out. So even Azazel-sensei said that we should leave these things to Heaven which specialises in these departments.

Michael-sama then says it after he receives the jewel.

“We shall examine and keep this away while cooperating with Grigori.”

Alright, this case will be okay with this.

Our discussion with Michael-san ends and while we continue to have tea party under a peaceful atmosphere, a voice can be heard.


A woman’s voice with a long vowel. When I look that way—I find a beauty with gentle smile and wavy blonde hair! The number of wings growing out from her back is the same as Michael-san. She appears while wearing a Santa costume.

“Oh, if it isn’t Gabriel.”


Michael-san and Sister Griselda says the name of that beauty.

Yes, this person is none other than the most beautiful woman in Heaven! Gabriel-san, one of the Four Great Seraphs! Her beauty is too bright for my eyes! Furthermore, you can tell how glamorous her body is despite wearing a Santa costume which isn’t showing much of her skin! Ah, her breast which is so huge that it’s so fascinating! That breasts of hers definitely must be filled with compassion and good fortune!

“Oh my~, Griselda-chan and everyone are here. Especially the Devils here who I haven’t met since the sports day. How are all of you doing?”

Gabriel-san who notices us greets us politely. The instant she bow her head down, her enormous breasts bounces! Is it me or is that breasts of her shining in light!?

I guess if it’s a breast of a Seraph, it must be filled with holy power. I can’t stop but think as such!

That instant, a circle drawn with many layers of Angel’s symbols appears around me! It’s not a magic-circle. It must be symbols used by Angels.

“—!? W-What the!? Why are there barrier like things!?”

I become shocked at the sudden appearance of the barriers but Michael-san makes a bitter smile.

“I’m sorry. That’s a system which activates automatically when your evil passion appears more than necessary at Heaven. –You can say it’s a device which prevents you from falling. It normally activates when an Angel has their worldly desire increases to restrain them……but it looks like it also activated on Sekiryuueti.”

A falling prevention device! So he’s saying it activated by responding my evil passion! So that means I would be in a risk of falling if I was an Angel?

“……Ise-senpai has been staring at Gabriel-sama’s breast with lewd eyes.”

I once again received a harsh comment from Koneko-chan! Yes! I sure had my mind distracted by Gabriel-san’s breast!

Gabriel-san herself isn’t showing any sign of concern and instead shows her smile at me.

“Oh my~, this Devil-san sure is naughty. That’s a no-no, okay? Bad♪”

I get my forehead hit by her index finger. ……Aaah, she sure does give you a punishment in such adorable way!

I’m getting all hyped but the barrier increases even more to the degree that something which sounds like an alarm starts to echo!

“It seems like the security has increased……”

Even Asia is troubled by this situation.

“……Geez, Ise, calm yourself down.”

And it seems like even Rias is also astonished by me.

S-Sorry! For showing such embarrassment! I don’t know why but Gabriel-san’s breast has activated something inside me very violently! How should I put it? It’s been a while since I felt like this!

That’s how godly her breast is!

“Oh, if it isn’t Ise-don and others.”

When I turn around after hearing a familiar voice—I see Joker Dulio. He comes to our side with a big smile.

“Dulio, have you finished with your walk?”

Dulio bows his head down at Michael-san’s question.

“Ah, hi there. And sorry for asking for a time to get some air at a time like this……”

“Since it’s a time like this, there are breaks which is needed. And I believe you will be helping with the Christmas project, Dulio?”

“Yes, of course. I’m good at giving out presents.”

Oh, I thought he wouldn’t participate since he didn’t show himself. So Dulio will also be joining the Christmas project.

—Then Sister Griselda changes the subject by asking Michael-san.

“Michael-sama. Maybe it will be good to notify them about that case?”

Michael-san nods.

“You’re right. It’s not like they are unrelated to it. The truth is there are incidents which involves the staffs of the Churches being attacked.”


……The staffs of the Churches are being attacked? It suddenly turned into a fishy atmosphere.

Everyone puts on a serious face at that report and become alert to what he has to say. Michael-san continues.

“Not only are there fatal casualties among the leaders of Vatican, but there are also those getting killed among those with import post at other branches. We are still investigating to find more accurate information, but it seems like there are presences of Evil Dragons being caught. So it’s most likely—”

“Qlippoth, correct?”

Rias continues after him. Michael-san also nods his head.

“Yes, so please be alert. Since we don’t know what their objective is, we will end up getting hurt if we low our guards. —They are good at checkmating you by using traps.”

……The presence of Evil Dragons huh. And the Qlippoth attacking those related to Church…… Well, it’s not weird if they do such things since they are terrorists…… But we don’t know what their aim is. Indiscriminate terrorism? That also sounds plausible……

While feeling uneasiness from what I just heard, we return to the human world after ending our discussion with Michael-san and Gabriel-san.


We returned from Heaven and climbed up the stairs from the basement of Hyoudou residence (We split with Sister Griselda at Heaven). I then hear people laughing from the living room.

When we went there after becoming curious—we found my mum speaking to a middle-aged man. It’s a brown haired man wearing a priest’s clothing. ……He looks familiar. More like I have seen that hair colour of his……

The man shows a gentle smile when he notices us. His expression says that he knows me.

“Sorry to disappoint but I’m already here.”


“Oh, my Angel! Were you doing okay?”

Irina and the man embraces each other! That’s right! Now I remember! No wonder he looks familiar!

This person is Irina’s dad!

Irina also hugs her dad happily.

“Of course! Papa, were you doing fine as well?”

“Of course.”

My mum then tells me as she watches the two of them happily.

“Ise. This person is Irina-chan’s father. Do you still remember him? I was shocked to see him since he returned so abruptly.”

Irina’s dad offer his hand to me.

“Hello there, Hyoudou Issei-kun. Do you still remember me?”

“My memory is vague but I kind of do remember you. Sorry, my memory of you is poor since I was too small back then……”

“Oh no, not at all. Both you and Irina were small. It can’t be helped if your memory is vague.”

The Shidou family who lived close by. Irina’s dad brought snacks and juices often to us when I visited Irina’s home to play with her. I remember how kind he was. Her mum was also a kind person. Oh yeah. Irina’s mum is running a Japanese restaurant business at England. They say that both Irina’s parents knows about her reincarnating into an Angel. That part is clearly different from the Hyoudou family. I……haven’t confessed to my parents that I have reincarnated into a Devil yet.

Irina’s dad then says with a big smile.

“It’s planned for me to work with Irina-chan for this project but let’s discuss about that afterwards. I have brought you souvenirs.”

We then came to realize it.

I see, so the person who came up with the Christmas project is……Irina’s dad!

Like this, we all ate dinner while having talks filled with laughs.

The heroic story of Irina we heard from Irina’s dad during dinner was so funny that Irina’s face turned red since it was a story about his praises towards his daughter.

“Geez! Papa, you even talked about my embarrassing history front of Ise-kun’s parents!”

“Hahaha, I’m sorry. I would be satisfied if I can talk about how adorable you are but I couldn’t help myself”

Irina who is in rage. Even the side of her where she makes faces looks cute. It’s rare to see Irina act angry like this. That point alone makes me think how valuable it is to be able to see a new side of her when she is having dinner with her dad.

“Oh, so you guys came back from Heaven.”

Azazel-sensei returns back to Hyoudou residence.

“You must be Irina’s father. I am Azazel.”

“Oh if this isn’t……the former Governor. How do you do. I am Shidou, I have role of both the pastor and agent of Protestant. Irina sure has been under your care……”

Sensei and Irina’s dad exchange a handshake. From Irina’s dad perspective Sensei would be the former Governor of the Fallen Angel’s organization and the teacher of the school her daughter is enrolled at.

Since Azazel-sensei came to the VIP room again, Irina’s dad says this after making a cough.

“Let me introduce myself again. My name is Shidou Touji, the one who came up with this Christmas project. I am the pastor of Protestant Church at England.”

“Did you know that my papa was an exorcist in the past?”

Irina adds. So a pastor huh. If I remember right, you call a male churchman a father for Catholicism and a pastor for Protestantism. Huh? Wasn’t a pastor a teacher and not a churchman? Well, they do say that the way they are called and their teaching itself changes for each teaching. Except, unlike priests, pastors can marry.

“That’s how it is, so for today, we will just confirm what we must do for this project, the reason why I started it, and then prepare for the actual day to come.”

From there we get explained from Irina’s dad of how he came up with this idea and points we must be cautious about. Well, its something we were explained about beforehand so it was easy to understand what he had to say. The reason why he came up with this project is basically a gratitude for those people living here and to put it even more bluntly, a compensation fee for causing inconvenience.

What shocked me the most from his explanation is that Irina’s dad is office chief of protestant side! Apparently he has a role in a certain branch. ……He’s a VIP! The reason why he doesn’t have any guards is because he declined to have them come with him since this land is a familiar place for him.

Irina’s dad who finished explaining a quick run-through for this Christmas project starts looking through his bag after saying “Oh yeah, I have a gift”.

What he takes out is a—doorknob. ……A doorknob. Why a doorknob? While everyone puts on a puzzled look while staring at the doorknob, Irina’s dad explains while he changes it with the doorknob of the VIP room’s door.

“It will work anywhere so please attach it to a door. For example this room’s door. You remove the doorknob of this door, replace it with this one, and then when you open the door—”

What appears within our sight is—a spacious unfamiliar room! What the. Even though he opened the door from inside the VIP room, what we see isn’t the corridor but an unknown room!

The room has a size of twenty tatami mats……no, even more. It may be bigger that my room which went through renovation. There are statutes of Angels, portraits of the prophets, and ornaments which looks like it will bring fortunes decorated inside the room. It has a vibe where it seems like Devils will receive damages simply by entering this room.

What’s standing out the most is the huge bed located at the centre of the room and it comes with a canopy!

There are no other furniture except for the bed, the chairs, a table, and a clock. But man, I can’t keep myself from sensing a mysterious vibe from here. How should I put it? It feels like the time when I encounter a priest or a feeling similar to the power of light of that of Angels……

Irina’s dad says it to us who are observing the room in suspicions.

“This is a special room, a room created which doesn’t even cause a problem for a Angel and a Devil to make babies in here. This doorknob will connect it to a customised alternative space.”


Everyone becomes shocked at his words! O-Of course! Obviously! So this room which is giving out a holy vibe……is a room which is even okay for a Devil and a Angel to make babies……!

Irina’s dad grabs her by her shoulders and declares it very loudly!

“Irina-chan, don’t hold back in deepening your love with Ise-kun inside this room!”


Irina screams in astonishment from hearing something from her dad she possibly couldn’t have predicted!

Leaving us who can’t respond to this situation behind, Irina’s dad starts to tell his story in tears.

“……Uuu, I gave on being able to have grandchildren when Irina-chan reincarnated into an Angel……! I was about to abandon my dream for the sake of our beleifs……! And thanks to the kindness of the Seraph Michael-sama, I was given the opportunity to become a grandfather……! Ah, this must also be the lord’s love! Amen!”

Her dad who started doing prayers started to repeat the kind words of Michael-san.

[The Angel Irina, and Hyoudou Issei-kun. There won’t be any problem whatever you two do in there. Please try out many things in there. Both of you are young man and woman. So everything will be a challenge and become a good experience. I presume there are such beliefs.]


……W-What kind of beliefs is that!? A room where we can do anything we want!? Ah, oh, I do remember Irina and Xenovia talking about this and that. About Michael-san coming up with ideas for Irina. ……Though I never guessed that they would actually use all the technologies the Heaven had to offer in order to invent this……! I thought that Heaven, more precisely Michael-san, would use their technology more seriously unlike the Grigori and the Underworld who are using it for strange things! But that wasn’t the case! The Heaven who used all their intellect to create a baby-making room! Even the Angels are putting too much effort for funny, yet weird, things!

Irina’s dad whose face is covered in tears places his hand on my shoulder.

“……Ise-kun, I rest my grandchildren in your hands.”

“U-Umm, e-excuse me……”

Even if you suddenly bring the word grandchildren into the discussion……I don’t know how I am supposed to react…… But Irina’s dad doesn’t realise that I’m getting confused so he simply nods his head by himself.

“Yup yup! I don’t mind either a boy or a girl! No, in fact I want to see lots of my grandchildren by having you two put so much effort in making babies! Ah, if it’s a girl then she will probably become lovely like Irina-chan…… Since she will become a child of an Angel, she will turn out to be a very Angel like girl? I guess it will become courageous like a Dragon if it’s a boy……”

……Ah, his mind went to the world of his own. This habit of his is exactly like Irina’s! They really are daughter and father! His bad side has been passed on to Irina!

After hearing this, Irina—

“You dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy! Papa you dummy! Michael-sama! For all people, why did you have to give it to papa!? I can’t stand this anymore! Ise-kun will hate me now!”

She hides herself at the corner of the VIP room. I can feel your pain, Irina. This must be hard to endure. And to have her own dad bring it! What kind of humiliation play is this!?

“……This kind of room is revolutionary.”

“Once you enter this room, there’s only one thing you need to do……”

The ones that are really interested in this room is Rias and Akeno-san!

“……It may be a room which I don’t want Nee-sama to find out about.”

“It sure does seem like she won’t let go off Ise-sama till he gets dried up once she takes him inside.”

Even Koneko-chan and Ravel are saying disturbing things!

“Let’s borrow it next time, Asia.”

“…..I-It’s a room we have to prepare ourselves for!”

I can also see Xenovia and Asia who are full of energy!

“…………Oh my! I have my head full of indecent things! It’s too early for me! It’s too early I say!”

It seems like Rossweisse-san is shaking her head while putting on a red face!

The one who rests his hand on my shoulder who am troubled to how to react to this situation is—Azazel-sensei. He’s putting on such a lecherous face!

“You did it Ise! You won’t find a situation where a Devil or a Dragon can make a love to a Angel without making them fall so often! Man, you womaniser!”

“Eh……I-I am……?”

I can only put on a bitter smile but Sensei puts on a puzzled look when he sees me face.


He starts to speak after a pause.

“……Hmm, I did have a vague feeling about it……”

Sensei scratches his cheek.

“……W-What is it?”

Sensei sighs at me who asked him a question due to curiosity.

“Your sexual desire sure did become weak ever since you dated Rias. Before you would have been craving for perverted things……but maybe it because you became a riajuu, now I don’t feel much lust from you as before.”


……He can’t sense any lust……? From me……?

“……T-The sexual desire……?”

“Have you been using Dress Break or Bilingual during battles lately? Though it isn’t something you should be using so often.”

“N-No, I haven’t used them.”

When puts it that way, I certainly haven’t used them even if my opponents happens to be women…… The last time I used it was……against Jeanne from Hero-faction I think. During the assaults of the magicians, they attacked us without women as they were cautious of my abilities.

Maybe Sensei found it weird, so he asks me.

“Hmm? You didn’t use it against Walburga the Purple Flames? She’s a woman aint she? Couldn’t you have predicted her moves if you used Bilingual on her?”

“…………!? ……I-I didn’t use it on her……”

Oh my god! I just found out! Back then at that place! I was against Walburga back then! She was fighting against Saji but I sure was there! ……Couldn’t I have supported Saji by activating my Bilingual……? Why couldn’t I come up with that idea? Was it because I saw that awful cooking class done by Fafnir? No, if it was me from a bit in the past I would still have spoken to the breasts even after witnessing such thing.

—It’s because there are oppai ahead.

Both my hands are shaking. It’s because I finally found that little change in me.

Sensei says it me with a worried voice.

“……Oioioi, seriously? One of your strength is your sexual desire that appears eve during battles. Isn’t that how you survived all those life-and-death situations till now? Well, the opponent was a skilled Magician and also the possessor of a relic, the Longinus. There was a high chance that it wouldn’t worked. I see, so you didn’t use your Bilingual.”

……I didn’t. Even the thought of not working didn’t cross my mind so I didn’t use Bilingual on her, If it was me from a bit before, wouldn’t I have thought something in the lines of “I will read through their mind if the opponent is a woman!”?

“Well, that may be one sign of your growth, but……there are guys who become weak after getting his woman. Well, I think you would be fine…… Everyone has their eyes on your actions. So including your sexual desire, expand and improve your abilities to the fullest.”

……Have I gotten satisfied by getting a girlfriend? Absurd! I, who have been called the embodiment of sexual desire possibly can’t cool down just by getting a girlfriend……! The road to become a Harem King is still far away and I haven’t even gotten laid yet! You are saying I cooled down simply with that!?

……It won’t be weird for guys my age all over the world to have at least one girlfriend! Isn’t it natural thing for me to have a girlfriend!? There are a huge difference at my current and my past environment! I also don’t recall to abandon my stance to crave for a woman’s body either! ……I don’t remember doing such thing……

Sensei puts his hand on my head who am feeling down.

“Well, don’t feel so bad. You can simply increase your sexual desire again. Let’s see……did you meet Gabriel up there?”

“Y-Yes. I did meet her.”

Sensei puts on a lewd face again.

“Her breasts, it was amazing wasn’t it?”

“Yes! It sure was amazing!”

Oh man, those sure were amazing! It was so godly, it felt like it had some unknown power in them. So I couldn’t help myself but stare at those!

Sensei starts talking seriously.

“Those things……made my wing go black and white since I imagined about touching those when I was at Heaven. No man has ever saw or touched Gabriel’s breast. According to female Angels that saw them—they described it as the finest breast there is.”

—The finest breast.

Such wonderful phrase! I would love to see such breast at least once!

“I even think that it wouldn’t have been bad if I had fallen by touching those.”

I can understand his feeling! Even if I was born as an Angel, I don’t mind becoming a fallen if I can touch the finest breast!


It feels like something I have forgotten is coming back to me just by remembering about Gabriel-san’s breast.

Sensei also smiles seeing me.

“That’s a good lewd face you are putting on. Looks like what you received from Heaven wasn’t nothing. Ise, if you want to resurrect your sexual desire from before you can only accomplish it by wishing to see breasts of that caliber. And by seeing that breast you may find an answer. If it’s you who has been allowed to enter Heaven, then you might be able to fulfil the dream which I couldn’t.”

Sensei puts his around me and whispers to my ear.

“—Ise, aim for the number one breast in Heaven.”

“Y-Yes! I will definitely see Gabriel-san’s breasts one day!”

The teacher and student embraces each other in tears!

Leaving the girls who are captivated by the baby-making room behind, me and Sensei exchange a passionate hug between lewd guys.

There was the issue about the baby-making room, but we ended up having a quick discussion about the future meetings once Irina’s dad left. It was mainly about the time allocation for our training and Devil’s work. By the way Irina’s dad was asked out by Sensei.

“Office-chief Shidou! Do you want to come with me to the shop run by my subordinates?”

“Is it okay? Oh my, I was just thinking about going somewhere since I haven’t come to this town for a while.”

“Then this will be a good time. —Do you like tits?”

“Yes, I love them.”

“Then there’s no problem! Seriously, you sure a horny pastor! Let’s go, to the night town of Kuou!”

“Hahaha! Irina-chan, keep this is a secret from your mother, okay?”

They disappeared into the night of this town after having such discussion! Azazel-sensei’s diplomacy at night not only is given to that geezer Odin, but also those related to Christianity! The face of Irina’s dad who said he loves breasts looked lively! He is an outrageous lewd geezer! Xenovia is going far to say things like “To be expected from Irina’s father. He does look lewd”.

……Oh well, let’s put that aside for now. Though I also wanted to go with them.

Just like I thought, I checked my schedules and found out that I won’t have time hang out with Matsuda and Motohama. Furthermore, we don’t know when Qlippoth will strike. So I may not had any time to hangout with my friends from the beginning.

“Now then, we’ll stop here for today. Good job everyone.”

Our duty for today ends with Rias’s words that signifies the end of it. Today was a busy day since we went to Heaven to have a meeting about Christmas and also having Irina’s dad come. Being affiliated with DxD sure makes your life packed with events.

……Then something crossed my mind all of a sudden so I ask Koneko-chan who is cleaning after the teacups.

“……Hey, Koneko-chan. Did I lose my lewdness?”

“……You still are lewd.”

Koneko-chan answers immediately.


If that’s what Koneko-chan is saying then it must mean I’m still lewd. But Koneko-chan adds.



“Your lewd face looks much calmer than before.”


…………Even from Koneko-chan who has sharp instinct towards my lewdness is saying that my sexual desire has weaken than before.

……I guess I need to think about it. It scares me to think that it would affect me from now on if my source of power has weakened. Hmm, what should I do? Should I talk to Rias about it?

When I was thinking such, Rias speaks to me.

“Ise, do you have a minute?”

“……What’s wrong?”

“Yes, the truth is I received a call from my house abruptly so I will have to return to my castle now.”

A call from the House of Gremory? So she will be returning to her castle temporally huh.

“Does that mean something happened?”

Rias tilts her head when I asked.

“……It sounded like it’s not much of a good news. Think about the season we are in. It won’t be weird for anything to happen. I was just thinking about seeing Onee-sama so I will be going back for a short time. I will be back by tomorrow night.”

……She would tell me directly is it was really serious and the fact that she has to return means that they want to inform something to Rias which they can’t be revealed to the public. I’m worried to what actually happened but I feel relieved that she can go and meet Grayfia-san.

“Roger that. Then we will do the rest of the cleanup. —Give my greetings to Grayfia-san.”

When I said that, she smiles back to me saying “Okay, I sure will. Thanks”.


Late that night—

“……Hmm, Ise……do you think I have a baby inside me with this……? I’m worried that it isn’t, so one more time……”

I can hear such seductive sleep talk from besides me!

Akeno-san who is sleeping as if she’s wrapped around me! Since Rias isn’t here tonight, I ended up sleeping with Asia and Akeno-san!

Due to Rias’s absence, Akeno-san snuck into my bed while wearing see-through negligee! I won’t be able to sleep if she says such sleep-talk right beside me!

What kind of dream exactly are you watching Akeno-san!? What am I doing inside your dream!?

I’m so curious in it that I don’t think I can go to sleep! Rather I have the soft sensation of a woman’s body all over my body! And I can’t move an inch if she is hugging onto me like this!

So I hug Akeno-san tightly, and—

“……Aaan, Ise……”

She strengthen her hug and says such things in her sleep so it makes it harder for me to move even more!

Umm! Umm! How can I lead this defenceless Akeno-san to my liking!?

I ended up using my brain the most for today but there’s someone poking me.

Asia? Even though I turned around thinking it was her, I find her sleeping. Then when I look around trying to find out who it is—


Xenovia appears while putting her body over me! She uses her finger to tell me to be quiet.

(X-Xenovia. Something happened late this night?)

I ask with a low voice to avoid Akeno-san and Asia from waking up.

(……Rias-buchou returned to the Underworld temporarily, right?)

(Y-Yeah. She returned to check on Grayfia-san and also because there was a urgent call for her.)

(……And Asia?)

(Fast asleep.)

(……I see, she certainly is sleeping. Both Asia and Akeno-fukubuchou.)

Xenovia confirms that both of them are sleeping. This is what she says.

(Come with me. There’s something I want to show you.)

I somehow manage to let Akeno-san sleep by herself and leave the room as if I was following Xenovia.

We left the room and arrive front of Xenovia’s room which is a floor above my room. ……Coming to Xenovia’s room late at night huh. What is she plotting?

“Now, Ise. Open it.”


Xenovia sure is saying weird thing. She’s asking me to open the door when its her own room.

I turn the doorknob like she ordered. Then—what appears to my sight is that baby-making room from before!

“Wha! Isn’t this!?”

I ask Xenovia but I end up entering the room after she pushes me from the behind!

Then a sound of the door being closed follows! I try to turn the doorknob immediately but I couldn’t do it due to an unknown power which is coming from the other side of the door!

“H-Hey! Xenovia! What’s the meaning of this!?”

Xenovia tells me from the outside who am confused.

“I thought we should use it since they went through all the trouble to give it to us. Prepare yourself, Ise. Your partner is waiting.”

……My partner is waiting? When I turn around and look behind after finding it suspicious—

“………..Hello, Ise-kun.”

There’s Irina who is wearing negligee while having her hair down!

Irina then says it to me shyly while looking down.

“……Umm, umm……”

Irina has a high tone voice right now and uses her shaking legs to walk to the corner of the bed and sit there.

“……Don’t you want to come here and have a small chat?”

…………E-Even if you say that! T-To talk when she says it that way at this room while dressed up like that!

But I can’t go back so is the only thing I can do is go forward……?

After I gulp down my saliva, I walk to my bed. ……Even though it’s a bed, I feel pathetic at myself for sitting a bit away from Irina.



Both of us become silent. What intention did Xenovia have by making me come here? Likewise, what intention does Irina have by being here?

……Though I do think there’s a simple explanation behind it. But it’s too daring so I’m really confused. No, it’s because we were introduced to this room just earlier you know? I never expected I would step foot in here in the same day!

And this room is for an Angel and Devil…… T-That means Michael-san made it for me and Irina. And for Irina and me who are the main two being in here!

I then take a glimpse of Irina beside me. She’s wearing negligee. Usually she wears normal pyjama but today she’s wearing a negligee similar to ones worn by Rias and Akeno-san. ……Obviously its see-through! It’s so transparent that I can’t see her wearing a bra and……not only can I see her round breasts but also the tip of it! Oh yeah, now I remember that she’s often in a state where she wears no bra! No, more importantly her breast has a nice shape, her body has no useless fat because she’s a warrior, and furthermore she has a nice curve……!

……Phew. I need to calm down. The mood is important. Even if I were to turn into a wild animal, going at her right away won’t be moody at all. What we need to do first is having a conversation.

……Oh yeah, talking about that will be good. This is a good chance. I might as well say it.

“Oh yeah, I remembered about the Christmas promise we made when we were kids.”

I say that to Irina. Hearing that, Irina looks at me as if she isn’t shy anymore.

“—We will defeat Santa together and share his presents! Right?”

When I say that, Irina is in joy so much that she puts on a big smile.

“So you remembered. I thought I was the only one who remembered it and that you have already forgotten that promise.”

Irina even has her eyes all wet. Looks like she’s that happy that I remembered our promise.

“Well, I did forget it. But I started to remember it while we were preparing for Christmas.”

Yeah, that’s the jest of it. I started to get a flashback while I was working with Irina which in turn brought my memories back. Oh yeah, when I was a kid I made a promise with my childhood friend, in this case Irina, during the cold time of the year.

Irina starts to chuckle because she remembers it.

“Yeah, we certainly were innocent back then, or should I say we were clueless…… We sure did come up with so many reckless ideas. I sure had fun back then when I played like a boy with you and even thought like one.”

I do think that I did lots of reckless things with Irina when I was little. I completely mistaken Irina as a boy so I played and took her to places where girls won’t be happy about.

“We sure did go out often to places like the forest of a park which is outside the town and also destroyed shrines.”

“Yup. We even took an insect catcher with us and rode our bicycles to somewhere far as well.”

“You say far but we were kids so the furthest we could go was the next town……”

“But it was so fun since it felt like we entered a new world.”

“Yeah, like those sweets we bought from the candy-store of an unfamiliar town. I still remember the taste of it.”

“Yup! We certainly did eat things like lettuce-jirou and Micchan the octopus.”

Oh man, I can’t believe it’s this easy to remember. I sure did play a lot with Irina. Maybe it’s because she was my age around my neighbourhood, it feels like we did all sorts of things together. Even our memories of Christmas is so childish. It’s filled with cluelessness and recklessness.

I then open up to her as I talk to her.

“Sorry that I didn’t know you were a girl. But I did think of you who was a child my age in this neighborhood who would also do reckless things with me as an important friend……”

Irina suddenly looks down when I said that.

“…………A friend, huh.”

Irina mutters in such way! Ah, looks like I failed! I should rephrase it!

“N-No, I meant a childhood friend! Sorry……even though I’m the only one who shares the time of our childhood with you.”

—But Irina chuckles and looks up the ceiling.

“Speaking about that, I had Rias-san ask me about it.”

Apparently Rias asked Irina.

—Can you please tell me about Ise when he was a child?

“I was sure that she was jealous of me for being the only one who knew your childhood, Ise-kun. So I started having more conversation with Rias-san naturally. By the time I realised it, she started calling me “Irina”.”

Ah, so that’s how the two of them started getting along while calling each other by their first name without feeling reserved. So the two of them has gotten close by sharing the story of my childhood huh.

Irina starts to speak with a serious face.

“The truth is Rias-san was the person who I wasn’t able to get along with the most among the ORC members. That’s because she would have been someone I couldn’t possible coexist with since I’m from the Church side, you know? She’s—the heiress of the House of Gremory, a high-class Devil. She’s a genuine princess so I felt that the world she lives in is different from mine who am a normal warrior of the Church. So it was kind of hard to interact with her. Though it’s true that it was easy getting along with Asia-san and Xenovia who are also from the Church.”

……So she had such reasons. Even though it seems like they are getting along living together in a glance, there are different opinions from each people. It’s just that I didn’t realise it.

But Irina then smiles.

“But I started to find out as I started speaking to Rias-san. Oh, she’s also a girl just like me. She would smile. Become sad. She would get angry. And also become happy…… Even though she’s older than me by a year, I started to feel that she’s also a girl of my age very strongly. Then I started having more discussion with her. From being someone I can’t interact with, she became my precious comrade then my friend.”

……So the relation between Rias and Irina started changing and developed when I didn’t realise it.

Irina turns red.

“……I came to realise one more thing once again as I got close to Rias-san. As I started to talk about Ise-kun’s childhood to Rias-san, I started to think……“I don’t want to talk anymore than this” and “I want to keep this memory to myself”……”

Irina—came close to me. Even though I sat a bit away from her, Irina has shortened the distance between us without myself noticing it.

“Ah, now I understand, without noticing, I—”

Irina takes my hand.


I become confused. That’s because Irina suddenly shortened the distance between us and took my hand!

Irina took my hand slowly—and brings it towards her breast. My fingers! My palm! It’s feeling a soft sensation! My whole hand is glued onto Irina’s breast!

Ah, Irina’s soft breassssst! Not only as it smooth, but the feeling of this Angel’s skin which I’m feeling with my hand is violently stunning my brain!

Irina puts on an emotional eye and starts putting on a seductive face. I never thought for a girl who acts so innocent all the time can put on such a hot face……!

“……Looks like my wing won’t glitter even after doing this much.”

Like Irina said, the wings on her back are—still white! Usually Irina’s wings turns white and black when she does an erotic thing like this. ……So this room really does allow a Devil and Angel to do it……?

Irina—then pushes me down! I lay down on the bed. Irina then positions herself where it looks like she is on top of me. Her negligee is falling off and her developed body is basically exposed. Her long brown hair falls onto my face and something which smells nice stimulates my nose. ……This smell of shampoo coming from her hair sure does break my mind……!

Irina then mutters with a sad face.

“So in here I can do naughty things with Ise-kun……”

Irina’s face comes closer to my face slowly. At this rate, Irina and I will—

I then hear a sound of the door being opened when I swallowed my saliva.

When I take a quick look, I can see eyes from the gap between the doors……and there are several of them! They are in a state where they are showing half of their faces from the other side of the door and their eyes are directed at us. I can also hear their conversation.

“……Irina, you have grown……I can’t stop myself from crying……!”

“……Xenovia-san, is Irina-san really going to……!”

Its Xenovia and Asia!

“……This room is simply indecent.”

“Even though you say that, you are desperately staring at them.”

There’s even Koneko-chan and Kuroka!

“……Lately I have been talking to Rias about it. Just how can we stop our junior’s aggressive approach?”

“……Indecent……it’s so lewd……”

That must be Akeno-san and Rossweisse-san (in her accent-mode)!

“……It seems like the schedule will collapse if I don’t manage this room as well.”

“Awawawaw……s-so Angels also makes room like this as well!”

Ravel and Le Fay are watching as well!?

“Ise, are you breeding?”

Even Ophis is there! You can’t say something like breeding!

“A-All of yoooooou! What are you girls peeping for!?”

I can’t resist myself from saying that! Irina also returns to herself and starts to fix her clothes in panic. But then Irina starts to blurt out in laughter.

“……I can now understand how Rias-san feels. This is quite impossible to do.”

After Irina says that, she then asks everyone.

“Geez, all of you. Do all of you want to take a look around this room?”

Like this, the sightseeing of the baby-making room commenced.

I understood at this time that even though it was hard to tell, this room comes with a bathroom and a fridge. On top of that the bed can spin. Even the pillows can glow in seven different colours……

Michael-san, you put unnecessary technology in this room……


The next day—

After we spent the whole morning training, we moved onto work for the Christmas project for the afternoon.

Me, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, and Irina’s dad came to a train station which is two stations away from the one in our town.

We came to check presents at this town at different places like the large electronic stores and bookstores which has good selections.

We actually check which ones are popular and also ask the store clerks about the products. All of us decided that we will use this occasion to choose portion of the presents we haven’t decided to give out for Christmas. I guess receiving a present which is quite new and useful will make them happier when receiving it. It’s a shame that we couldn’t research what the residents wanted……

“I’m very sorry for having all of you spend your precious time on this.”

Irina’s dad apologies to us.

“Oh no, it was actually a good change for once.”

“He’s right, Irina’s dad. Usually our job is to train so coming this far was a good experience.”

Xenovia sure did learn how to speak smoothly all of a sudden! I guess this is something she acquired after she started aiming to become the student president. ……Oh crap, it feels like Xenovia will become more normal than me! Since she’s potentially different from me, she will turn into a talented girl after she learns a bit! It feels like it was so long ago when she was called a muscle-brain swordswoman! No, I do still think that she uses power during battles!

Irina then says after confirming the memo she wrote.

“Next we will be checking the costumes. Let’s head to the store which has cosplay costumes.”

Irina leads us after saying that.

A Santa’s costume huh. Looks like they are keen on it since majority of them are girls. To be honest I don’t think there’s a difference in a Santa’s costume. But when I said that—

“Looking at the places which sells them will become a good example!”

That’s what they said. Hmm, they already had a look at it since they received it already so they can us that as an example…… Understanding girls’ mind is difficult.

As we walk, Rossweisse-san suddenly asks me.

“B-By the way Ise-kun. I-I’m asking this is one of the examples, but……please be aware that this is an example, okay?”

Rossweisse-san asks shyly after saying that.

“From Ise-kun’s perspective, for a costume worn by women……should it be those authentic trousers or……a skirt?”

A trouser of skirt, huh. Well, if a woman is to wear them, then—

“I’m all for the skirt! And if it happens to be a miniskirt I might get excited over it! ……So I think a skirt would suit Rossweisse-san for the Santa’s costume.”

When I said that, Rossweisse-san turns red.

“—! G-Geez! Y-You shouldn’t say such things to a girl without thinking about it like that!”

S-She’s angry at me! And with her accent that is! But she makes a cough and mutters with a low voice.

“I-I see. A skirt, a skirt. ……Will it make my legs look slim……and I don’t think I can make it in time if I prepare for it now……or should I deceive it by using magic? But Granny said I won’t be able to deceive a boy’s eyes even if I do that—”

……Ever since the battle at Auros Academy, Rossweisse-san also started asking my preferences. Though she’s saying that she’s asking my opinion as an example……

During our way to the shop it started to rain. It turned into heavy rain quickly so we went to a summer house located at the park nearby in order to take shelter.

We didn’t bring any umbrella with us.

“Let’s wait until it stops.”

Since Rossweisse-san said that all of us agreed to her suggestion.

“If the Joker Dulio was with us he could have easily controlled the rains in one go……”

Xenovia said that sarcastically……but we shouldn’t recklessly control the weather. It may be possible for Dulio but I don’t think he can do that unless it’s an emergency.

While all of us wait at the summer house, we can hear a sound of someone walking through the rain.

When I look forward— a man who isn’t using an umbrella under the rain was standing there. A man— with a long black hair. When we checked what the man is holding onto, we put our alertness to the maximum level.

……It’s because he’s holding onto an sword which is giving out an ominous feeling.


Xenovia says that as she takes the Ex-Durandal from the different dimension. ……Even if it’s raining, this is still a park used by civilians. And it’s during daytime. So taking excessive action won’t simply make us receive attentions! Though we can’t simply be defeated by him and also the murderous intent he’s directing at us is the real deal!

We make our stance at him but there’s one person among us who is really shocked at the appearance of the man.

Irina’s dad has his whole body shaking and looks at the man as if he can’t believe his eyes.

“……I-It can’t be……! Why are you……!?”

Irina’s dad says it with a shaking voice. The man—puts on a creepy big smile.

“……It’s been a while. Shidou-san. ……Or should I call you the “Office-Chief” Shidou now?”

The man increases the wave of the sword he’s holding onto as he walks towards us! That aura coming from him isn’t normal. It has something which won’t leave us in peace if we approach him carelessly!

Irina’s dad shouts after he takes a step forward.

“So it is you, Yaegaki-kun……!”

“Yes, I was given this opportunity. I came to give judgment to you.”

That instant—. The man leaps forward! I followed his movement with my eyes and used my whole body to feel his presence!

The man—shortened the distance between us without making any sound and slashed his sword at us from the side! We reacted immediately. Irina moved Asia and her dad to the rear. Xenovia and I block the enemy’s attack using our holy-sword and gauntlet respectively. Xenovia and I get our defense increased very high by the defense-magic casted by Rossweisse-san.

We can still feel the extreme destruction of its attack even with our enhanced defense……! Maybe it’s because I’m not wearing my armour, so I get pushed back by the impact from his sword! Xenovia withstood at the spot even after receiving it and starts to exchange swords with the man!

Xenovia who attained highspeed due to the holy-sword’s trait. Slashes which you can’t see with naked eyes is aimed at the man—but the man responds to Xenovia’s attack by blocking it and then attacking her back!

—! He can even exchange swords with Xenovia! Xenovia has the trait of destruction in each of her attacks. But it’s as if the man can oversee it. He doesn’t get hit by it directly and shortens his distance with her by overcoming it! Xenovia also doesn’t receive any critical damages as she evades it by an inch. But different parts of her clothes is torn. Her attacks filled with destruction which was evaded by the man creates a hole of the ground of this park and blows it away.


Irina shoots arrows of light from the rear but the man takes it down with his sword while he’s taking on Xenovia!

I also use Balance Break right away. I try to find the chance where I can shoot my Dragon-Shot……but it looks like the man is no ordinary assassin. I can’t find the slightest chance. Even while he’s exchanging sword with Xenovia, he’s still paying attention to me and Rossweisse-san so we are in a situation where we can’t break his guard down.

Xenovia shouts.

“This slash! It’s something learnt by an Exorcist. ……You must be a warrior from the Church, are you not?”

The man makes a cold smile at Xenovia’s question.

“Indeed, though it’s more precise to say “former”.”

Irina who took her dad to the rear shouts as she makes a stance with a mass-produced holy-sword.

“Hey, you! Why are you after papa!?”

He makes a creepy laughter, “kukuku”, when he witnesses Irina’s white wing.

“……So your daughter is an Angel, huh? Seriously, this must be an mercy given to you from Heaven. Are you telling me this is the reward you received by killing me and her……!”

The man’s murderous intent—his hatred, increases. ……Killed him and her? What does he mean……?

Irina’s dad seems like he understood something hearing that.

“Don’t tell me the one who killed Smith and Todoroki……and the members back then is you……!?”

The man blurts out in laughter.

“……You are the only one left, Office-Chief Shidou.”

Even though he’s fighting Xenovia, his attention is aimed towards Irina’s dad. I can feel a very strong aura of hatred coming from him. No, what’s coming out from him is his anger itself. You can say his whole body is enveloped by it. Just how much hatred does he have towards Irina’s father?

I stand between the two and ask the man.

“Hold on! I don’t know what’s going on but what’s your reason for attacking another person all of a sudden!?”

“……Can you step aside? This is revenge. If I kill that man I can finally lower my hatred by even the slightest.”

……Revenge? Irina’s dad also puts on a sad face and didn’t deny it.

The man moves his eyes at me and puts on a serious face.

“Sekiryuutei, huh. Looks like I have no choice but to release the power of this sword. ……This whole surrounding has turned into an isolated area after all.”

Saying that, the man concentrates his thought at the sword he’s holding onto. That instant, the ominous aura coming from the blade increases drastically and changes the space around him! The rain pouring on the man evaporates before touching him.

From the sword held by the man, the enormous and very black evil thing starts to take physical form. What appears from the sword is –— a large eight headed Dragon! It’s shedding tears of blood from its eyes and its large mouth which is wide open is showing its sharp fangs.

……A Dragon grew out from a sword……! It only has eight heads coming out from the sword but even so, it’s still gigantic! Even if it’s only eight heads, it’s over ten metres in length! Each of the head moves as if each of them has a mind of its own.

Irina’s dad becomes speechless.

“——! ……Yaegaki-kun, t-that sword……!”

The man, the swordsman called Yaegaki, strokes the blade which has eight heads growing out from it.

“……Divine Spiritual Sword “Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi”. Well, right now it’s been altered and looks like this now.”

— Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi!

I’ve heard about it! I’m sure it’s the Japanese holy-sword. From what I heard the sword was currently broken and it was in the middle of being repaired…… But it’s my first time hearing that a Dragon is residing in it! Rather, this ominous feeling isn’t that of a holy-sword but more of a demonic-sword!

Ddraig who has been quiet till now tells me.

[……Partner, that’s an Evil Dragon.]

—Evil Dragon!

I guessed so. That evil aura is so dangerous that I can only think of an Evil Dragon.

[The Evil Dragon resided in that sword. And this poisonous aura……]

Looks like Ddraig is familiar with this aura……

Irina then shouts.

“Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi was supposed to be broken and was in middle of restoration!”

“That’s why it was repaired. Though it has changed a lot…… The sword which appeared from Yamato-no-Orochi to be possessed by the said Dragon itself…… Don’t you think this is sarcastic and is wonderful?”

Yaegaki then says it at us.

“My hatred and the evil intent of the legendary Evil Dragon, “Venom Blood Dragon” Yamata-no-Orochi, possessed in this sword— I shall use this to give punishment to all of you!”

Saying that, Yaegaki slashes the sword possessed by the Evil Dragon with all his might!

The eight heads comes at us! Maybe it’s because each of them has a mind of its own, so each head stretches out from the sword and comes at each of us!


Rossweisse-san activates the defense magic-circle to block the Evil Dragon’s head charging at her but she gets pushed back after she couldn’t withstand its power!

The head which is after Xenovia is trying to attack her violently by showing its fangs to bite her to death!


Xenovia crushes the head with a single slash of her holy-sword by jumping to the rear—but the head regenerates immediately!

“—! The head regenerated!?”

I didn’t have time to be shocked as there is another head coming at me in highspeed! Ddraig shouts inside me!

[Partner! The poison of Yamata-no-Orochi is dangerous! At all cost do not touch its fang or poison!]

Poison—. Samael flashes back in my mind but I doubt its powerful as his one. But it’s a poison of an Evil Dragon. There’s no way I can just simply receive its attack head on!

I gather aura to my right arm and shoots the mass of aura at it immediately!

—A massive Dragon-Shot!

Several heads of Yamata-no-Orochi gets blown away immediately by being hit by my attack made up of demonic-power. –But it regenerates as if nothing happened!

There’s no end to this! Should I aim for the wielder!? When I look that at the enemy I can see the Evil Dragon’s head around the man as if it’s protecting him. ……So he already predicted we will aim for him huh!

Well, with the endurance of these Dragon’s head, we can easily blow them away! I simply need to blow all of them away in a single shot!


I make Dividing Wyvern Fairies appear from each of my jewels. When I give my command to them, the Wyverns fly in random direction in the air and surrounds the man. The Wyverns will attack the enemy in in highspeed at times. Well, they usually dodge it though.

But the preparation is set. With this I can reflect and boost my Dragon Shots to defeat the enemies instantly!


Asia shouts out my name. I know why. ……She’s telling me to not push myself.

Yeah, I did unlock the Longinus Smasher in my previous fight with Euclid. That effect is still remaining in me. ……Due to that attack being too powerful and dangerous, I used up majority of my Dragon’s power that is inside me. In other words boosting up my power by using the Wyverns will put too much stress on me. Using boost during Balance Breaker state would be fine for my stamina but using Wyverns on top of boosting would be hard for my current state.

According to Ddraig I would need to wait a month for it to be fully charged. So it means using Wyverns in my perfect condition and also using Longinus Smasher would still take time. One shot per month. Should I say this is an expensive deal or a cheap deal? Well, it will depend on the situation but for my current self its quiet good. I did unlock such strong attack. But there will be no point if I can’t use it when I’m in danger!

I shoot out my Dragon Shot lightly! The bullet of demonic-power gets reflected by one of the Wyverns and changes its course! One of the Evil Dragon’s head lets its guard down but another head responds to it and bites it down!

If several heads acts on its own like that, it can support another head if it fails. And it feels like the Evil Dragon is starting to respond better to our action! Rossweisse-san’s arrows of ice made by her magic also gets dodged and Xenovia’s strike gets evaded just before it hits! My rapid Dragon Shots also gets taken down by its massive flamethrower!


A suspicious scenery appears before my eye. One of the head—digs into the ground!

I have a bad feeling so I shout at Asia!

“Asiaaaaaa! Summon Fafniiiiiir!”

Asia tries to draw the Dragon Gate immediately but I can see the Evil Dragon moving through the ground as it pushes the ground up!

“I won’t let you!”

Xenovia releases an aura from her holy-sword. The holy aura perfectly slices the Evil Dragon that is moving through the ground! —But it’s still moving in rapid speed despite being hit!

[Partner! If it has a powerful thought an Evil Dragon that takes a physical form can still move even if it gets its head cut off!]

—! Damn it! The direction that head is moving towards! It’s heading towards Asia and Irina’s dad! Asia’s summon won’t make it in time!

Xenovia and I understood the situation right away so we try to head their way. But several Yamata-no-Orochi’s head stretches forward and blocks our path!

“ “You’re in the way!” ”

We eliminate the heads forcefully. —But the man makes a mad laughter!

“Hahahahahahahaha! My anger and Cleria’s revenge! I shall purify it with your soul!”

The Evil Dragon’s head which comes out from the ground! Rossweisse-san sends her magic-circle front of it!

“I won’t let you!”

That magic hits right before the Evil Dragon hits Asia and Irina’s dad. The Evil Dragon’s head crumbles. But one of its fangs flies towards them—which grazes Irina’s dad to his shoulder.


Irina receives a damage to his shoulder. Asia tries to heal the wound immediately—but the man, Yaegaki, becomes so happy that he has tears flowing from his eyes.

“……This is fine. This is how it should be. Yeah, suffer. Suffer so much.”

Even the wound should be healed by Asia’s Sacred Gear, Irina’s dad falls on his knee and has his body shake violently.

—A poison!


Irina panics at her dad’s change but stands front of Yaegaki right away!

“……How dare you attack papa!”

Seeing Irina shiver in anger the man makes a satisfied expression.

“……That’s it. Do you understand? That’s anger. The emotion carried by those who had their loved one hurt. Even if you are a Angel, you can’t hold down your rage due to having your family hurt, can you?”


Irina can’t argue back. The man simply puts on a evil smile.

—! An aura belonging to someone else approaches this place. When I look that way I witness Akeno-san, Kiba, Koneko-chan, and Gasper!

“We came flying her because we received a report about a dangerous aura being detected!”

The ORC is all here. The man falls back seeing that. He jumps to the rear and makes his distance.

“……Staying any longer would have myself exposed.”

Saying that, the man shouts towards Irina’s dad.

“Office-Chief! I will definitely take my revenge on you, the Heaven, and the House of Bael! I will never forgive you all! Absolutely not!”

We try to reach him right away but a teleportation magic-circle appears below his feet instantly.

As he disappears into the light, the man says it at us.

“—The paradise called Kuou town all of you are living in is the world made from many sacrifices. The Devil who inherited that town and also carries the blood of the House of Bael as well as her servants. Remember that well.”

I came to a conclusion after seeing the emblem drawn on the magic-circle. That teleportation magic-circle—belongs to Qlippoth. The man—is an assassin sent by the Qlippoth.

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  1. I’m kind of curious as to the direction this story is heading. Will we see Issei become a Harem King? Will we see Rias become the Rating Game Champion? And Issei also wants to become a King and become Champion, so will he have to fight against Rias? And will the story end with a timeskip or with the trademark “I love everyone” harem ending? I can’t stop wondering.

    • I hope Ise won’t ever have to Rias, even if it’s to become Rating Game Champion. He’s her Servant, so he shouldn’t have to fight her. Besides, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to fight her – he loves her, after all. But if they did fight and she went all out, she’d probably kill him (that Power of Destruction is no joke, and plus, she isn’t exactly the Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin for nothing); the problem is that Rias also wouldn’t like to fight Ise, since she also loves him.

      That being said, it’d be great if Ise and Rias could both become Rating Game Champions, tied in ranks, so that they don’t have to fight against each other to get there. I mean really, Ise is Rias’ Pawn, and that can’t ever change. Even if he becomes a King himself, he’ll still be Rias’ Pawn. They shouldn’t have to fight against each other, or at least I hope they don’t have to.

      • We might not ever now how this ends as far as this series is concerned because the time line in this series has Rias graduating in a couple of months. She will be going to University so will no longer be in High School. Also you have to remember that Xenova is also running for Student Counsel President which means she would no longer officially be pat of the ORC (the club cover for Rias’s group). This means that the nature of the club will change some what for one year till even Ise and the others graduate. Now if the author continues the DxD ‘universe’ we might get to eventually see Ise get to the level where in the Rating Games they might have to face each other but both teams would be severely handicapped with Ise participating as a [King] it would mean Rias would not have her teams [Pawn] and there is the possibility that Asa and a couple of the other girls might not be able to be a member of Rias’s team during said game. Which means the Rating Game People might make a ruing based on the abilities and performance in previous matches and declare both of them as Champions as [King]’s.

      • Like I said, though, I really hope Rias and Ise don’t have to fight each other in the Rating Games.

        Also, they’re going to get married sometime before the series ends, and the author also said he has more mythologies to explore as well if I recall correctly (he said so in an Afterword if I’m not mistaken).

        Ise’s dream to become Harem King and his dream to become Champion of the Rating Games have to both also be realized, although I still hope he doesn’t have to fight Rias for that.

        The series might have a sequel if Ishibumi decides to continue it after Ise has graduated, though; Rias is living with Ise, so even after she graduates, we’ll still be seeing her, but once Ise graduates, “High School DxD” will probably have to become “University DxD” or something like that, meaning the possibility of a sequel.

      • I could see him calling in University DxD after Ise graduates for high school. It wont be the first time that the title of a series has changed (ex: To Love-Ru and To Love-Ru: Darkness) and kept with the same characters and story.

        Ise’s dream is to become harem king and become the strongest pawn for Rias. Rias’s dream is to become Rating Game Champion and Ise just want to help her achieve it and he does not want to become Rating Game Champion.
        (most of this comes from V10)

    • Issei’s already a Harem King (only needs Kuroka and Le Fay and maybe Bennia and his harem is complete), he just needs to realize it (which I suspect will come at the end of this arc). Rias becoming Rating Game Champion could be pulled off if Ise defeats Belial, as Ise doesn’t want to be the Champ, only gain some titles in the RGs. It’s also impossible for those two to fight (literally, a peerage member with his own peerage can’t fight their King). As for the ending, it could have a timeskip depending on how many things are resolved in Shiva arc (most importantly, Ise’s peerage). It’s interesting, though, as we’ve always focused on Ise’s development with the girls, but we have yet to touch upon the subject of if Ise does love all of them or not. Obviously he does, but this hasn’t been mentioned yet, which would be a wonderful development for later this arc or the next. Ishibumi has planned for a true harem ending though, that’s for sure.

      • I think I remember Ise saying he wants to become Champion. Either that or Azazel convinced him to go for it after Rias has retired after becoming Champion herself.

        And I do get the feeling that Ise has already become Harem King and just needs to get the realization. But he also has to be called a Harem King for me to truly feel it, though.

      • could you also consider Kunou from V7 to be part of Ise’s harem since she does have feelings for her, and Ise has seen Kunou’s mother and has an idea on how she is going to look when she gets older. (Kunou is the nine tail fox kid from Kyoto)

        while I am at it could you also add Ophis in to the harem since she could change her body if she wants to and she to have taken interest in Ddraig and Ise. but she also sees Ise as her lewd father and Rias and Akeno as her big breasted mother

      • Ophis doesn’t have a known gender, and Azazel said that the last time he saw it, it was in the form of an old man. So I’m not sure I find the prospect of Ophis officially joining Ise’s harem to be very pleasant.

      • Ophis won’t join Ise’s harem, she doesn’t even know what love is. Kunou on the other hand, well, yes, but not right now (she’s far too young – only 9 years old). Although Yasaka already left her in Ise’s care~

      • Well, I don’t really like referring to Ophis as “her” or “she” when it really isn’t a girl – for all we know, it’s gender-less. It can take on any form it wants, and it doesn’t even matter if it’s that of a guy or a girl. I think Ise also knows that, so even if Ophis did know what love is, Ise still wouldn’t want it to join his harem.

        I agree with you about Kunou, though. Too young right now. Yasaka probably just asked Ise to take care of her knowing that she’d join his harem once she’s old enough. And I think Yasaka herself should also join, unless it’d be a bad idea. She does have a responsibility as the leader of the youkai, and that would come first, before being loyal to Ise as his mistress.

  2. Zero
    just wanted to point out this one sentence doesn’t sound right though it maybe just from lack of sleep

    I don’t have any words to throw back to Koneko-chan’s harsh comment!

    “Yes! I will promise to think of lewd things much as possible!”

    There’s no way I can do a perverted things at Heaven!

    Shouldn’t it be

    I don’t have any words to throw back to Koneko-chan’s harsh comment!

    “Yes! I will promise not to think of lewd things much as possible!”

    There’s no way I can do a perverted things at Heaven!

    Thanks so much for the updates

    • You’re still missing some mistakes, actually; like “a perverted things” vs. just “perverted things” — should be the latter one in this case, no?

      And the other one should be:

      “Yes! I will promise not to think of lewd things as much as possible!”.

      Also missing the ” as” before “much”. I don’t understand why Zero always misses the initial “as” there.

      • lol i’m lucky i picked that up my grammar skills are horrible when it comes to writing probably cause of all the sleeping i did in that class)

    • Oh, then it’s fine. My bad.

      By the way, Ryan, do you think this series have a sequel? Once Ise and the others have also graduated, after Rias and Akeno, “High School DxD” won’t cut it anymore, right?

      • Honestly, I’m not sure if there’s room for a sequel. Shiva arc will most likely resolve everything that’s left, and the rest is solved via a timeskip explanation of what happened and how life is now. Not to mention there won’t be many more enemies left to present a challenge once they’ve managed to defeat the #2 on the Top 10 Strongest Beings (as a team of course).

        That doesn’t rule out a Millicas spinoff or a [Highschool DxD Zero] about Grayfia and Sirzechs during the Devil’s civil war, though! But we still have multiple upon multiple years ’till DxD ends, thankfully.

      • I would love for there to be a High School DXD Zero that would be very interesting but I cant see it being very perverted since Ise would not be in it, then again Sirzechs is slightly a prev so there could be some ecchi moments some were.

      • We still have Ise becoming a “King” with his own Peerage and he also did say he wants to become a Champion, although he’ll do that only after Rias has already retired, I hope. I guess they could just show us that had already happened all of that after a time-skip, though, too.

        But yeah, you’re right about a Millicas Spin-off or a prequel with Sirzechs, although Venomisanace is right about the lack of Ise not being fun.

      • I predict Ise becoming a King by the end of this arc and at least begin building his peerage by the start of Shiva arc (I predict a short timeskip between the end of this arc and start of the next, like between v12 and v14, so we can be at the start of the third year). And can you provide a reference on Ise wanting to be Champion?

        About DxD Zero, yeah, Ishibumi said it would be darker than the usual DxD.

      • The fact that it took 20 volumes to go through at least half a year and Ise still has his third year of high school. So there could be another 20 volumes (which will be awesome) or there will be more time jumps.

        Also Ise/Ddraig and Vali/Albion still have to fight. Even though I don’t see them going to the point where they will kill each other, also by then I hope Vali found a new power from butts.

      • I doubt we’re gonna get another 20 volumes, but Shiva arc will be even longer than this one, so we could easily get to the early 30’s or so.

        Also I’m pretty sure Ise and Vali spar in volume 19 (don’t hold me to that though), but they won’t have an actual “final fight”. At all IMO. I mean, Ddraig and Albion are friends now, there’s no reason to do anything more than sparring with one another.

    • @Ryan: I just remember seeing it be mentioned. I’ll have to look through the Volumes again, probably. I could just be misremembering or mixing something up, though.

      Anyway, yeah, it’d be great if Ise became King in a time-skip.

      I’d like it if Ishibumi could make an actual sequel, though, too. Maybe about Ise’s kids. And also one about Millicas.

      • It terms of a sequel, I think it would be hilarious if one of Ise’s kids gets a player attitude and likes older busty women, but they make it so after he says his name they always go “You must be Ise’s kid” or something and he’ll shout out “Damn you dad”….

        Idk, just a thought.

      • @Malethicus: Yeah, I can see that happening. Like father, like son, huh? That really would be funny. But I’m not sure if that son of his would really be the kind of guy who would be mad at his dad for being a lecherous guy when he himself is just as lecherous. Or at least I hope he won’t be.

        But I’m interested in seeing what his daughter(s), if he has any, will have to say about her/their dad being a lecherous guy who likes large breasts and always dreamed about becoming a Harem King (and got his wish, too).

      • I’d prefer Ise becoming King before said timeskip, at the end of this arc due to everything going on with Qlippoth, as there’s important info there that can’t just be skipped over with a timeskip.

        About Champ, Ise only said he wanted to gain titles in the Rating Games.

        But yeah, I’d rather have things with Ise’s kids go on during the epilogue than a sequel, as there’s still no antagonists they would have trouble beating (you know Ise won’t just let his kids go off and risk their lives, [DxD] would go out and take care of it).

      • Yeah, but what if Ise’s kids turn out to be rebellious? They might go and fight anyway, even if their parents tell them not to. Then Team DxD will have to go and help them out (and Ise’s kids will be in for a scolding afterwords).

  3. srsly i can´t see dxd without ise as protoganist , not even his child or mili its just feel bad ise is the one who made the whole novel it vould be like the lord of the rings without frodo and its vould be just plain sad if they just time skipped the shit out of everything

    i have always enjoyed the slow progresses troughout the story but hey why not 1 year 20 volumes well what the heck lets just skip 20 volumes and time skip …. sure good idea

    it vould just be plain rubbis if that happends as the monkey geezer said there is tons of evil gods out there
    and who says the once up for show now is the 10 strongest ?

    • Ishibumi confirmed that the next and last arc will be Destruction God Shiva Arc. I enjoy the slow progress too, but a small timeskip up until the start of the new year would make sense to tie in with the new first years (and Kunou).

      • I don’t recall him saying it will be the “last” arc. I believe it was more like “I’ll make Destruction God Shiva arc as a last resort” to introduce the Hindu Mythology because it’s OP beyond OP.

  4. I have wondered this since volume 5.
    Matsuda and Motohama are Ise’s best friends and they know where he lives. How come they have never questioned why and how his house has gotten bigger. Also since the whole school knows that Ise goes to school with the ORC following him, do they also know that all of them live in the same house as him.

    • I’m sure they noticed the house having gotten bigger, but I don’t think they ever even questioned it. Or if they did, we didn’t see it. They should at least have noticed, even without having to know that Rias is a Devil, that she’s extremely rich; Ise having connections with a rich Ojou-sama like her means it wouldn’t be strange if his house that big, right? And they also know that he loves with all of the girls, as he’s even expressed jealousy towards Ise about him living with beautiful women in his house.

      They’ve already surely noticed all of that, but they still don’t know anything about Ise being and Co. being Devils, about Akeno being Half Fallen Angel, or about Irina being an Angel. The only one who knows about Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels actually existing is Kiryuu, and that only gets revealed in Volume 19, when she summons Xenovia (read the Volume 19 spoilers).

      • wanted to correct myself: ” . . . Ise having connections with a rich Ojou-sama like her means it wouldn’t be strange if his house that big, right?” should be “. . . Ise having connections with a rich Ojou-sama like her means it wouldn’t be strange if his house got that big, right?” (missing the “got”).

        “They also know that he loves with all of the girls” should be “They also know that he lives with all of the girls” (“loves” and “lives”).

        “As he’s even expressed jealousy” should be “As they’ve even expressed jealousy” (messed up with the he vs. they part).

        And finally, ” . . . they still don’t know anything about Ise being and Co. being . . . ” should be ” . . . they still don’t know anything about Ise and Co. being . . . “.

        It’d be much easier if there were an option here to just edit my comment rather than having to do it like this.

    • There is the fact that since they are devils and an angel they can sort of manipulate the thoughts if others as they did with Ise’s parents

      • I guess that’s possible, but let’s keep in mind that only the “Kings” on the Sitri and Gremory Teams, as well as perhaps Akeno, know(s) how to manipulate thoughts and memories. On the Angels’ side, the Seraphs and the higher-level Sisters like Griselda. Basically, I’m saying that the lower-ranked people most likely don’t know how to do it, like Ise or Irina. If they had their thoughts and memories manipulated, we can say that at least Ise couldn’t have done it. Rias or Sona must have done it.

        Speaking of Griselda, do you guys think she’d let Ise see her bare breasts, or grope them? Or would she get offended? I’m asking because of Gabriel’s reaction to finding out that Ise was having perverted thoughts while looking at her breasts. And Rias also has no problem with Ise touching her breasts or even seeing her naked. So what about Griselda and Gabriel? Something tells me Griselda would get mad and might hit him, but I’m sure Gabriel would have no problem with it – she’d just be amused and she might adorably “punish” him in a teasing way, like in this chapter.

      • They know about his renovated house, most likely; but not about all of the girls living with him.

        About Griselda, that’s not gonna happen. Griselda and Xenovia are like sisters – she doesn’t need more competition! Even if they worked together, neither Ise nor her are interested in each other that way. Not every girl should join Ise’s harem, you know?

      • I’m not talking about Griselda joining Ise’s harem, I’m just asking what her reaction would be to Ise staring at her breasts or fondling them. Same with Gabriel – I’m interested in knowing how she’d react if Ise tried to fondle her breasts.

      • “Speaking of Griselda, do you guys think she’d let Ise see her bare breasts, or grope them?”

        That pretty much leads to part of the harem. But no, I doubt she would. She’d probably think of it as no big deal if she found out he thought about it, but nothing further.

      • “I’d like to see that, yeah. I’m actually watching Season 2 again right now to sort of refresh my memory of it more. I’m at the part where Ise, Koneko and Saji have had a discussion with Xenovia and Irina about cooperating with the Excalibur problem, and have also alerted Kiba eventually also agrees to cooperate upon finding out who was really responsible for that Project.”

        That was supposed to be direct towards Venomisanace’s comment where he says he can’t wait to see Rosseweise. I was agreeing to that and adding my own comment.

        Anyway, I just got done re-watching Season 2 of the anime just yesterday. I still didn’t like how Ise thought Rias was only showing how much she adores him as only her Servant as she’s a Gremory, not understanding her feelings at all, when she and Akeno fought over him after they’d cleaned the pool. I hated how dense Ise was, and if he shows that side of him again in the novels, I’ll still hate all the same.

      • Rossweisse looks amazing ❤ Actually, this whole PV was really well-done. Only 4 more months left of wait, and in that time we have volumes 18, 19 and potentially 20 to enjoy!

        Oppai Dragon Song, let's goooo!!

    • I already watched the preview and if I remember well the fight between Sairaorg and Issei is on the volume 9 so this third season will cover up to the volume 10. Anyway I think they are gonna skip some volumes.
      What do you think ?

      • Yep, same here. But more than the Juggernaut Drive, I want to see him use the Illegal Move Trident and the Cardinal Crimson Promotion after that, in the fight against Sairoarg. In the Preview, didn’t they also show Ise fighting Sairoarg? If that’s that same fight, then we should see Ise in his True Queen form in the next Season of the anime as well. I’m looking forward to seeing it animated.

      • this season is most likely covering books 5 and 6 so i think we would have to wait for season 4 (books 7 and 9) for Illegal Move Trident and season 5 (books 10 and 11) for Cardinal Crimson Promotion

      • Oh and, also, it should be “7 through 9” or “7-9” if that’s what you meant, no? There’s the number 8 between the numbers 7 and 9, after all.

      • they have mixed up scenes from other books and have put characters and people in different spots.
        example. Irina at the three power peace treaty at the end of season 2, and the raiding game announcer in season 1.

      • volume 8 was all short stories, some of them were in season 1 (Asia getting her familiar). the only part that would continue the actual story would be the last story in chapter 8 where Ise and Rias have their trail and meet the 5 Mous and Ise gets his evil pieces looked at by Beelzebub.

      • @chromatostigmata: Well, yeah, they’re all mostly short-stories, but like it has been said already, Season 1 already some of them, like the part where Asia got her Familiar and Ise tried to get that Slime that melted girls’ clothes as his Familiar but had the idea completely rejected.

        @Venomanace: It’s not “Mous”. They are the Yondai Maou, or in other words, the Four Great Demon Kings/Four Great Satans. And yes, there are four, not five; the Satan Rangers actually consisted of the four of them plus Grayfia, so it was the Yondai Maou plus Grayfia. Please don’t get your facts mixed up like that.

        @Ryan: I see. I want to know for sure which Season features which of the Volumes, so if you would please give me a link to where you got read that Ishibumi confirmed this, it’d be greatly appreciated (note: I’m not doubting you, I’m just saying I want to read it for myself as well).

      • Ah, I think you misunderstood me. The only thing Ishibumi confirmed was regarding the fight with Sairaorg in the PV (which can be found on his Twitter, ishibumi_ddd). I was saying that season 4 would consist of volume 7, 8 Extra Life, and 9 based on the 2-vol per season method they’ve been using to great success thus far. Well, to cover 7 and 9 it would need to be 2-cour anyway.

      • The only thing that bugs me about that is the ending of volume 11 would end season 5 and if they don’t hint to Ise being alive at the end I feel like some people would think that is the end of the series

      • Isn’t there some way for them to both do that AND also give some hint as to Ise surviving? That way, people would know to not think of Ise as really being dead and of the series as really having ended.

      • Of course the one thing they better get right is when Ise says Rias’s name which they have already fucked that up in the dubbed version. I have no idea on how they are going to do that scene dubbed.

        But this season should have a lot more action, and I also hope they have Koneko in her Neko-form

      • @Osman Yeah, by announcing the next season right after Ise “dies”. They could drop hints like Azazel announcing the next season saying he’ll definitely return or show his silhouette in the PV but the point is that you want everyone to be interested in what’s gonna happen next.

        @venom TNK will get it right, the dub ruined it though. “Too good for my harem”, really? Thank God for the sub. And yeah; Juggernaut Drive, smashing Diodora, Odin vs all those High-class Devils, Ise vs Saji, Nekomata-mode Koneko-chan – only 4 months left to wait!

      • There is so much anime coming out in the next 2 seasons. The only thing is I just need to find an AT-X version of Highschool DXD when it comes out so it is uncensored. Funimation’s censorship of that show is the worst. The use the DXD logo instead of sun rays or Mr. Steam to cover up the Oppai.

      • They didn’t censor the Oppai in the High School DxD anime at all, though, did they? They only censored the pussies, in the rare occasions where they were even shown. But for censorship, I’d hope they’d just stick with the standard mosaic. Why do they use all those other things, like some things exclusive to the anime? In the Air Gear anime, they covered the stuff up with the main protagonist’s pet crow, Kuu, which is so completely unnatural it’s weird. And steam is only good in the shower or a bath, but anywhere else it needs a good explanation or it feels completely unrealistic and unnatural.

        Anyway, yeah, I agree with you about the scenes with Ise calling Rias’ name. I really hope they don’t mess it up in any way.

        I haven’t seen the dubbed version of the anime, and after reading you guys’ comments about it, I’m glad I didn’t. What’s up with the whole “Too good for my harem” thing there?

      • If you torrent, venom, would have it; otherwise, FFFansubs will probably sub it. They always get the AT-X version.

        @Osman In the dub Rias asked Ise if there’s a place for her in his harem and he replied that she’s too good for it…wtf. (In place of the “who am I to you?” in season 2). DxD is heavily censored everywhere but AT-X.

      • Huh – even though I read a lot of hentai manga on top of the regular ones I read, I’m surprised I didn’t notice that much censorship in this anime. Or maybe I was just too engrossed into the actual scenes to notice? Ah, well.

        I take it that AT-X is the whole High School DxD anime, but just uncensored? It has all of the episodes that the censored one does? If so, I think I’ll try watching it.

      • For some reason, my Internet connection speed isn’t fast enough for me to do a torrent download right now, so it’d be great if you guys could send me .rar files of both Seasons from AT-X as Attachments to an email or two. My email address is, by the way. Please help me out here, if it isn’t too much trouble.

      • Since there is a talk about censorship i decided to step in.
        First of all High School DXD is not censored. The site you are using to view the anime are censoring them.
        Go to to view all animes uncensored.
        What makes high school dxd perfect is its methode to cover privates some times by hair and some times by hand or legs. There is no blur.
        For those of you who haven’t seen dxd members boobs hurry up. One thing spare Rias she is my wife 😉

  5. I’d like to see that, yeah. I’m actually watching Season 2 again right now to sort of refresh my memory of it more. I’m at the part where Ise, Koneko and Saji have had a discussion with Xenovia and Irina about cooperating with the Excalibur problem, and have also alerted Kiba eventually also agrees to cooperate upon finding out who was really responsible for that Project.

  6. To be honest, we might not even have to wait for the next 3 seasons to watch the Issei vs. Sairaorg fight, if the anime happens to be longer than 12 episodes ( which I dearly hope for) they might cover all the way up volume 11. But of course this all depends on the number of episodes and how much content each episode will contain.

    • Looking at their current track record, I’d say Ryan is right, in that we’ll get 12 episodes per Season, 2 volumes covered each chapter. Except, with the one that has Volume 7, it’ll be 7, 8’s extra chapter, and 9.

      • Yeah I hope they do more than 12 episodes and do 3 books. Then season 4 would be the most epic, with the fight against Sairaorg in the rating games and the death and return of Ise in one season , it would be so epic.

      • @venomisanace (about the number of episodes in Season 3): Yeah, that’s a good point, but let’s just wait and see for now. I don’t want to get my hopes about there being more than 12 episodes in Season 3, alright?

      • Season 3 will most likely be 12 episodes covering volumes 5 & 6, with additional Rias and Ise development to greater foreshadow the events of v10 (confirmed by Ishibumi on his blog). The volume 11 stuff was just because of the spar with Sairaorg (which happens in volume 9).

        The other alternative, however, is season 3 being 2-cour and covering 5-7. My logic behind that is simple: Covering both volumes 5, 6, AND the additional content of extra Rias and Ise scenes is far too much for 12 episodes. Plus, Ishibumi said he wanted to see the battle against the Hero-Faction and the match with Sairaorg animated. He never mentioned anything about Loki. So, it could very well happen…!

    • If I remember correctly Ise fought Sairaorg with his balance breaker. But in the promo he was fighting with just his boosted gear. So they might have switched up when he fought Sairaorg. Which I hope they did not.

      • Yeah, I also hope they didn’t do that. The anime might have decided to stretch the fight out further by having Ise start out in Boosted Gear base mode.

      • That scene will not be in the show. That just something they added. It like the 1st opening scene of High School DxD New where Ise did Dress Break on Xenovia and Irina but they didn’t put it in the show..

      • Ah, yeah, I know what you mean; I did notice that they put that scene with him successfully using Dress Break on Irina and Xenovia in the Opening Theme even though he actually fails to strip them with it and actually strips Asia and Koneko, who were behind them, by accident because Irina and Xenovia had dodged it. And they didn’t put that in the anime, it was only in the Opening Theme. So yeah, I guess you’re right, they probably won’t include that scene in the anime.

  7. I was just thinking: Ise’s such a huge pervert, and he’s even such a bad kid that Santa never visited him, so how come God’s Will inside the True Longinus chose to help him over a Hero? He’s a Devil and a Dragon, too, isn’t he? It must be that Ise, despite being a Devil and a perverted Dragon, had a much better goal and reason for fighting than Cao Cao, so God chose to help him rather than Cao Cao, huh? Makes you wonder if God Himself would’ve done that if He were still alive in this series at that time. I think He would have, but what does everyone else think?

    • The real God of the Bible would have never approved of Ise. After all, it was said that Michael would have fallen for just suggesting peace if he wasn’t running the System. But in this situation God’s Will chose Ise’s dream over Cao Cao’s because Ise stayed true to his dream the entire time while Cao Cao half-assed his goal by using a supernatural power (Medusa’s eye).

      • Well I’m pretty sure the SG distribution is random. If it isn’t, well, the God of the Bible died way before Ise was born anyway, lol. By that time Michael had taken control of the System.

      • Yeah, there’s also that whole thing with Medusa’s eye, but I still think that there’s a chance God might still have approved of the good Devils in this series, like the Gremories and Sitris. And if you can look past Ise’s perverseness, you can see he’s also a great guy with a kind heart. They also said he’s surprisingly pure for being such a huge pervert (since he always had nosebleeds and even fainted from blood-loss in ecchi situations). The Devils in real life God would never approve of, since they’re the very face of Evil (and Lucifer/Satan even rebelled against God), but there are also good Devils in this series, and I’m thinking God might approve of them, and maybe Ise as well.

        I’m Muslim, and I’m probably making Allah angry by saying some of what I said up there, but I just wanted to get that across. But yeah, none of the Devils in real life are as kind as some of the ones in Highschool DxD, so I doubt that Allah would ever approve of them, but He might have approved of some of the ones from Highschool DxD if they were real.

        @Ryan: I don’t think the Sacred Gear System is random; it’s been said that God Himself gave Sacred Gears out to people, IIRC. Ise getting the Boosted Gear might have been due to His Will, as well. Or maybe Michael picked him out?

      • It’s really really hard to say he would approve of any kind of Devil, good or not, when his right-hand man Michael would have fallen for merely suggesting peace with them. But where does it say God gave out SGs to people in particular? Any quote or reference?

      • I only remember that Raynare told him to blame the God Who put the Sacred Gear inside him (she said it as she killed him). She wouldn’t say that if it really wasn’t God’s choice as to who gets a Sacred Gear and who doesn’t.

        Although, I guess Raynare could just have either been wrong or was just rambling. None of the people even amongst the Three Great Powers, aside from the higher-ups themselves, knew that God wasn’t there anymore, either, after all (and she also thought that Ise’s was the Twice Critical after she looked at it). But it could also be that Raynare was at least right about God choosing who gets a Sacred Gear and who doesn’t.

        And I also remember it being mentioned by some other people at other times, unless I’m mixing stuff up or something. Like Rias saying something at one point (around the beginning of the series). So it’s possible that Michael was the one who chose Ise as the next Host for Ddraig. [Unless what I’m remembering is just people saying that the Sacred Gear system is an anomaly that God didn’t fully control, or something along those lines.] (This story talks about God fearing things – as a Muslim, I really don’t believe that there’s anything God fears. He’s the one who created everyone and everything, so He has nothing to fear – we are supposed to be the ones who fear Him. That’s the Muslim belief. But I guess, to each his own?)

      • I am pretty sure it is random on who gets the sacred gear. Because why would god or Michael give Divine Dividing to Vali who is half human and half devil and is a descendant of Lucifer. They also said that when Cao Cap died that they have to look for the next person who got Longinus. If god, Michael, or the system assigned the sacred gear to people then there would be no point in trying to search for the sacred gear holders. So IIRC it is all random and the person has to be at least part human to be able to get a sacred gear.

      • You’re reading that wrong. Raynare said that because the Sacred Gear system the God of the Bible created is the reason for Ise gaining the Boosted Gear. Thus, she wasn’t wrong in saying that because of the God of the Bible, Ise is the Sekiryuutei. Just like because of his System, Vali is the Hakuryuukou, and Cao Cao is the wielder of the Holy Spear.

        Adding onto what venom said, it was stated multiple times already that the Longinus of this generation are more difficult than ever before to track down – if they gave out SGs as they pleased, that wouldn’t make any sense.

      • @Ryan and Venom: Yeah, you’re most likely right, but I just want to say one more thing: if the Longinus-type Sacred Gear users of this generation are harder to track down than past users, doesn’t that mean there’s a possibility that it was more controlled in past generations? Well, I’m thinking there was some way of them being able to know more easily where they were and who had them, although it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they chose who had them until God died and, besides, why just the Longinus? There are still uncertainties and holes in the theory, but I just think there’s a chance that it may have been controlled in the past, until God died at least (Vali and Ise became Hakuryuukou and Sekiryuutei after God’s death, no? Maybe He was still there until the time of the previous generation Sekiryuutei and Hakuyuukou). Now it’s all random and messed up, and even anomalies like Balance Breaker and combination of two opposite forces and Holy and Demonic for the Holy-Demonic Swords and Ise’s putting a jewel from Divine Dividing into his own Sacred Gear have popped up (I’m sure it was said that the Balance Breaker is also something abnormal that happened because of God not being there anymore).

      • No no, Balance Breaker was always there. It was a bug in the system that the God of the Bible never got around to fixing before his death (they WERE kinda busy with an endless war and all). I think it’s just that the Longinus of past generations were easier to find (after all, several generations did pass after the God of the Bible died and yet only this current generation is the one where the Longinus are difficult to find) because no one was hiding them (Rizevim hiding the Holy Grail, Sakra hiding the True Longinus).

      • Ah, yeah, that’s right, it was a bug in the system that the God of the Bible never fixed. I remember now. Thanks.

        Well, Ise and the others should be thankful that it wasn’t fixed, huh? It’s helped him out in a lot of situations.

    • The original question is not that. The original question is why did even the dead god from the bible even bother sealing Ddraig and Albion into the sacred gears? From what we know, the guy hated dragons and snakes more than anything. Yet he created 2 sacred gears with Heavenly Dragons in them, and Vritra’s sacred gears as well.

      • Um, we already know the answer to that. Ddraig talked about it in one of his earlier conversations with Ise. He and Albion were fighting intensely enough back when the war between the Three Great Powers going on that the Powers had to form a temporary truce just to put the two dragons down, and they had to seal them up into Sacred Gears afterwords, too. Dragons didn’t care for anything that was going on with anyone else, and Ddaig and Albion also only cared about their own fight and even lashed out with a “How dare you stop us from fighting” at the Powers when they tried to interfere, so that’s why they were beaten up and sealed.

      • since the “reply” function doesn’t work the way we’d like it to, here’s this: Yes, they fought the Powers. They were killed. but why seal them? why not let the souls perish? I’m sure, with the attitude of his, that god would’ve been very happy if the two things stronger than him (who actually like fighting) were gone for good, he’d have nothing to worry about (despite the fact he was dying).

        Recall in volume 9 when Ise awakened Triania. Ddraig was suddenly reminiscing about the original power the god sealed, before he was interrupted.

      • Unanswerable. That is one of the biggest questions right now, why did God create the Longinus? Obviously the God of the Bible wouldn’t trust Hades, another faction, with the souls of Ddraig and Albion, so he had to do something about it. But why not seal it like they did with Grendel? Why create God-killing Sacred Gears? We got a glimpse of an answer at the end of v16 Life.DxD where Sun Wukong said that it was a fated event bound to happen.

      • IIRC god created the Longinus so that the humans had a way to stop the gods from doing what ever they wanted to, so basically it was a deterrent so humans could fight back if they needed to.

      • Yeah, I think that as well. And besides, IIRC, something to that effect has already been mentioned in the novels – it’s one of the things I’m pretty sure I remember right, although not in its entirety (probably). The God from the Bible created the Longinus so that humans could have a fighting chance against the gods if they needed it. And remember that a Longinus can also kill a Maou, meaning it’s not just for going against gods, and it also makes sense that a god would create a weapon for killing demons.

      • It’s meant to kill God-class beings, so obviously Maous are included in that. But it was never said in the LN that that is the reason behind it. That was either speculation by fans or by Ise or Cao Cao; no one really knows. Especially as (slight spoiler) Cao Cao says he wants to learn why he was given the True Longinus.

  8. Wow just wow are people mentally retarded or something 3 people in a row asking the same obnoxious question (update, update,update, update) like a broken damn record. Guess what assholes we are all waiting as well. You don’t see us whining. Oh and by the way dumbasses your glorious question has been answered 20x already. However I will answer it again in all caps (I would do it in crayon, but that isn’t practical) .

    Ok here it goes are you ready morons (you know who you are I hope)

    Hopefully this fully answers the questions of future morons asking said update question.

    That said I am eagerly awaiting the completion of this vol snd the start of 19 since the spoilers for 19 have me alarmed.

  9. What do you think you all are doing. Don’t be mentally retarted and start fighting here. I know we all are at our limits. And there’s no bad about asking for updates. It’s a normal reaction.
    Those of you who are asking for updates and those of you who are preventing or bad mouthing people who ask updates, listern carefully.
    Code-Zero isn’t going to bother about it. He will update when he likes and don’t think that he will reduse the speed if we ask for updates. So basically you guy are fighting for nothing.
    Regarding updates. We can expet updates with in a week. Yes its true. The updates will be within a week. I would have never said this but your fighting over a truffle made me say it. So are you guys happy now that you heard about the updates.
    Good bye, takecare. Happy christmas.

  10. Do you guys think that Gabriel may join Ise’s Harem, that would be awesome. Beside Irina and Michael are looking for a way so angels and devils can have children.
    Also i want so see a short story of Ise and Ravel relationship, that would be fun

    • The way I remember it, it’s actually that they’re trying to find a way so that Angels can have sex without having to worry about Falling. IIRC, that’s what was said. Also recall that when the Church Trio tried to get Ise to have sex with and impregnate them at the coaxing of Xenovia, Irina was already in danger of Falling just from thinking of erotic things and of wanting to do “it”. They have to worry about Falling from sex or erotic thoughts in the first place; having children comes later.

      I agree, though; a short story about Ise’s relationship with Ravel would be great. And Gabriel joining Ise’s harem would also be good, although Michael and Irina have to actually succeed in finding what they’re searching for first – that being a way for Angels to have sex without Falling.

      • Technically Angels can have children without falling, it just is very very difficult. What Michael and Irina are doing is working on a way Irina and Ise can have sex, basically. At least thus far it’s not being used for any other Angels.

        Gabriel joining probably won’t happen, but this IS DxD so I can’t say anything for a fact. Why a short story, though? Ise and Ravel’s relationship is better developed in the main volumes.

      • Correcting my last sentence for clarity: It would be better to have Ise and Ravel’s relationship develop in the main volumes rather than a short story (and with v19’s spoilers I have a feeling that will happen in v20~)

      • Yeah, they can have sex without Falling, like you say, but it’s not just “difficult” is it? It demands what seems to me to be almost impossible – noting having lustful thoughts and being completely in love with your partner. Really now, isn’t it just about impossible to have sex without lust? Even if you do seriously and wholeheartedly love your partner, it’s still impossible to not have any lustful thoughts while having sex. What Irina and Michael are trying to do, I bet, is to find a way around that non-reasonable drawback.

        And I think they should do it so that other Angels can do it as well. Right now, with it only being for Irina, it’s kind of unfair, isn’t it?

      • Sorry, I almost forgot to reply to your other comment.

        Yeah, I admit it’d be best for Ravel and Ise to have their relationship advance in the main story – I was just replying to what the other guy had said, is all.

      • Okay yes, it’s extremely difficult, but not impossible. (Slight v19 spoiler: One of the enemies of that volume is a half-Angel, a product of this very method we’re discussing).

        It may be permitted for use by other Angels in the future, but right now it’s only for Irina and Ise. It could have a wider use so Angels as a whole can have children with Devils and other species, but it might weaken the morality standards of the Angels if there’s a widespread way to have sex with beautiful women without falling. It would probably need to be true love like Irina and Ise’s relationship.

      • Well, yeah, there’s Vali, so it’s still possible, but tell me honestly, will you really be able to have sex without letting lustful thoughts get in the way at all? I’ve never even tried sex before, but I can still tell it’d be impossible for me, personally.

        I see your point about true love, though. Yeah, it really would be bad for the Angels’ morality if they could just have sex with beautiful women without falling whenever and however they liked. But it’s still true that if there’s true love between two Angels, they should be able to have sex without Falling, right?

      • For someone like Ise, it’s impossible. But as volume 19 proves, it IS possible to not give in to lust during sex with an Angel.

        And yes, whether it be between two Angels or an Angel and someone from another race, it would have to be true love to be able to use that room if it were mass-produced (which I highly doubt it will be, anyway. Irina and Ise are special as this is so an Angel can have sex with a Devil, built just for them using all of Heaven’s technological resources…lol).

      • Good point, yeah; but we haven’t really read Volume 19 yet. We’ve read spoilers, sure, but I don’t remember anything in the spoilers about what you mentioned there. I guess we’ll see, though.

        Vali’s Half-Human, Half-Angel, so as you said before, sex between an Angel and a human is already possible and they can also keep their lust in check well enough, at least, that they can have a kid and the Angel doesn’t have to Fall. I’m only saying that most people can’t keep their lust in check that well, especially if we’re talking about men.

        We in fact already saw that it was pretty tough for Irina to keep hers in check when she first tried to do it with him in that gym storage room or wherever they were when she, Asia and Xenovia tried to do it with him because of Xenovia suggesting it (around the time when she first started talking about and acting on the idea that the child of a Dragon would have good, strong genes or whatever). And Irina is, of course, actually a girl and not a boy, but yeah. If it was that hard for her to keep her lust in check and her wings were constantly fluctuating between white and black in rapid succession already, just imagine what would have happened had she actually done it with him. She’d definitely have Fallen, I’m telling you.

    • What hopes has he crashed? And he’s probably working on giving us a larger update to make up for all the time he made us wait for, anyway. Just be patient for a while longer.

  11. i want to know if ise and Rias are going to , well for the lack of a better word, have sex. I don’t mean a detail description but the hint that the sleep together. I want to know if Ise becomes a man at least.

    • I’m certain it’ll happen at some point, but I’m thinking that it’ll happen at Ise’s and Rias’ “first night”. At the rate they’ve been going after they started going out, that’s how it seems it’ll be. To me, at least.

    • I have faith that perhaps by the end of this arc, when Qlippoth gets rekt Ise and Rias will finally have sex. Detail the events leading up to it and then cut to a later scene (maybe ending the chapter with the girls finding out about it).

      • Yeah, I hope you’re right. And as for the girls finding about it, I think I can see their reactions to it right now. They’ll all immediately try to jump at him and get him to do it with them, too, and Asia will probably go all teary-eyed and say she’s mad (and also sad) that they left her out.

  12. I’m pretty sure on Christmas we are going to get a huge surprise gift from Code-Zero.
    I just am very excited!! Need to calm down. Campione has provided me that distraction from Highschool DXD being on standby.
    But not sure how long that will last. I am known to power down a series in just a few days.
    Hope i can keep it off till 25th.
    Anyways great work Code-Zero. Love your work and keep it up!!

  13. I’m happy about this update.

    It’s interesting that Ise’s lewdness has recently gone down in intensity. It’s truly worrisome, I think, since it’s like a source of power for him. But why not try to find some other source of power, now that he has a chance? Or maybe he’d rather stay a pervert and gain back his old perverseness?

    And then there’s the room prepared by Michael for Ise and Irina to make babies in. It’d be great if Ise and Irina are able to do it in that room and have kids from it, too. It was specially made for them to use, after all, so it’d be waste to not use it. That being said, what the hell is Ise thinking? Does he still not get that Irina loves him and would actually like to bear his children? If he gets that already, then what’s he hesitating for, anyway?

    I do feel weird that Ise could be having his first time be with someone other than Rias, though. Maybe he really won’t get to do it at all yet, even though he’ll have the chance. I do think they should definitely do it, but maybe not yet. I think Ise’s virginity should be for Rias to take. Other than that, I don’t care about the order in which he does it with the girls (Koneko will have to wait until she’s all grown-up, of course).

    And yeah, I’m glad that Irina’s dad is fine with Ise having a romantic relationship with his daughter. I’m just worried about whether or not he’s aware that Ise’s also already in a relationship with Rias, or that he wants to be a Harem King and therefore would prefer to have romantic relationships with all of the girls around him. If he doesn’t know yet, it’s kind of scary to think about how he’d react if he were to find out.

      • Yeah, he does sound fairly lewd, so I hope you’re right, but it’s still a bit scary. So I’m still kind of worried.

    • Why is it worrisome? As long as he regains his sexual desire (which is already hinted at going to happen), it’s not a problem. It hasn’t truly affected his power aside from fighting Walburga, though; He still beat Grendel with Sairaorg’s help, and Euclid with Rose’s help, and can beat up Rizevim as well. Against guys there’s no issue.

      If you read it properly, you wouldn’t ask something like “Does he still not get that Irina loves him?”. He’s nervous. Of course he knows she loves him, but as he himself stated, he didn’t expect to use this room already when they were just introduced to it a few hours ago. He even felt pathetic for sitting a bit away from Irina. He knows, he’s working on it. Hey, he actually hugged Akeno, so progress is definitely being made~.

      They came so close…… So close…… Most likely Rias will be his first time though. No need to worry there.

      He’s a lewd guy, and he obviously knows Ise is dating Rias (don’t you think Irina or Michael would have told him?), I don’t think he has any problems with Ise having a harem. I mean, he’s at the very least aware that multiple girls, including his daughter, are living with Ise. He doesn’t have a problem with that. And by the end of this volume/the start of v19 Irina-chan’s beyond happy, so it’s all good~.

      • Yeah, it’s not much of a problem, if at all, against guys, but it’s still his main source of power since he also acquired Balance Breaker due to it (mainly through Rias’ breasts, but yeah).

        It’d be be great if Ise could tell when it’d be a good or bad idea to use, say, Bilingual. I say this because Azazel said it was probably a good idea for him to not use it on Walburga as it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway, and he said, to himself, that he most likely would still have used it even anyway and wouldn’t think about whether it’d work or not, if it were the old him. So yeah, I think it’d be great if he could have enough of a sense or instinct as to when or on whom to use his perverted techniques like Bilingual.

        Yeah, I guess Ise does know now that Irina loves him and he’s just nervous. It’s just, the way he was thinking at the time made me think that maybe he still doesn’t really realize it yet, but it’s good that I’m most likely just over-thinking things. But as for Akeno . . . yeah, he did hug her, but it was when she was miserable and wanted him to comfort her, which he was just sensible enough to reject, and that’s why he hugged her – to reject her so she doesn’t do something she’d regret later. So we just took one step forward, but then took one step back, so it’s like we didn’t make any progress at all.

        And yeah, I guess Irina’s dad most likely knows already about Ise and Rias’ relationship and also probably knows about his wish to become a Harem King already, or at least won’t mind it either way.

      • Issei returned Akeno’s hug in this very life, right before Xenovia brought him to “the room”.

        “I’m so curious in it that I don’t think I can go to sleep! Rather I have the soft sensation of a woman’s body all over my body! And I can’t move an inch if she is hugging onto me like this!

        So I hug Akeno-san tightly, and—

        “……Aaan, Ise……”

        She strengthen her hug and says such things in her sleep so it makes it harder for me to move even more!”

        As you can see…there’s progress there.

      • Oh, so he meant that. I see. My bad, I thought it was about the hug from before.

        Well, um, I guess you could see it as progress, but Akeno was asleep and having sex with him in her dream (just imagine it . . . man, she’s so erotic). And Ise embraced her partially because he had no other choice. But yeah, still, that was a good moment between them, and there was at least some progress, even if Akeno was sleeping.

      • He doesn’t have a batte-maniac self, that’s Vali’s and Grendel’s thing. Ise hates battle mania. He thinks Vali’s ridiculous guy because Vali’s a warmonger and a battle-maniac, remember? Why would he ever want to do the very thing he doesn’t like doing? He always says he just wants a peaceful life where he can just be with Rias and the other girls – he doesn’t even like to or want to fight. So again, he hates fighting and just wants peace. It’s impossible for him to suddenly become a battle-maniac.

      • but recall his statement from volume 14 when he used Dragonification. In some ways, it could imply that the mode reveals his sub-conscious desire to get stronger. And what better way to do so than to fight?

      • All Dragons are battle maniacs, though. Tannin excluded. He does enjoy fighting but he would also like a peaceful life with his girls. It can’t be denied there’s a side of him that is a battle-maniac. His hype for the fight against Sairaorg in volume 10? His excitement to team up with Sairaorg against Grendel? v18: His enjoyment of the thought of another fight with Cao Cao? The fact Dragonification turns his mind to battle-mode?

        He shouldn’t drop his perverted nature though IMO. Just keep it calm like it is now and use his powers of sexual desire when necessary (ie Walburga).

      • @Ryan: Alright, I stand corrected, then. But it’s still true that Ise prefers peace more so that he can just chill with his harem. His battle-maniac side isn’t as prominent or as big as, say, Vali’s. It’s just a very small part of who he is.

        But yeah, I agree with you: it’d be better if he could be a pervert only in moderation, and knew how to keep it under control so that he could tell when to use perverted techniques and when not to – like I also said before. And I’m not sure if the time against Walburga really counts, since, like I also said before, and also as he said in this Life, it’s not like he knew that Bilingual wouldn’t have worked on her, the only reason he didn’t use it was because it didn’t cross his mind, apparently due to his lewdness having become much less intense than before – hence his worry.

        So that being said, I’d much prefer it, while getting his old perverseness back, he also learned when not to use his perverted techniques, which would surely require good intuition, sense, and/or instinct for it.

      • And yeah, Varun, you’re right that he isn’t as much of a power-idiot as before and focus on technique now as well, and his fighting style is also evolving and he’s adapting to different things. He also adopted how Sirzechs makes his orbs of Power of Destruction move as though they have minds of their own for his Dragon Shot move. Which means he’s also got good creativity and, maybe, also some pretty good instinct as a warrior.

      • Yes, it did, but what’s your point here – what are you trying to get at?

        You should that he was still as much of a pervert as before at that time; it only started to change at around the time he fought Walburga. IIRC. And his perverseness is what makes Ise Ise, so it’d suck for the series as a whole if he didn’t get that side of his personality back up to where it was originally. I just think he should moderate it, but not completely lose it.

      • The starting of that post should be “You should also note that . . . “. I forgot to include the “also note” part, it seems.

      • my point is that I believe Ise’s at least started to realize how much being a power-idiot has cost him already (dying seems like a pretty steep cost) and changing the way he fights is the only way to prevent it from happening again.

      • Yes, that’s right. You’re exactly right. But that still doesn’t necessarily mean he should completely lose his perverseness or keep it as less as it is now. It’s a huge a part of his power, so it truly is a cause for worry that it’s become less than it was before. He needs to fix this. And like I’ve already said, he has to moderate it and keep it under control.

        He shouldn’t be a total battle-maniac because that might turn him into another Grendel (Grendel was also a total power-idiot – Ise needs to be the type that fights with both power and technique, not just one or the other). He’s just fine as he is, he just has to keep his perverseness and perverted techniques under moderation and to also be able to tell when to use his perverted techniques and when not to.

        As for the part about technique versus being a power idiot, tell that to Xenovia, the knight who doesn’t use her speed as at knight at all, but just focuses on power. She’s using techniques now as well, but she’s mainly power a power-idiot. Total opposite of Kiba, who doesn’t have much power, but makes up for it with speed and technique. Ise has to be some combination of both, hopefully with swordsmanship mastery included (not much harm even if he doesn’t master the sword, as he can still just transfer Ascalon’s power into his blows – I just think it’d be great if he could also use Ascalon as an actual sword, to use actual swordsmanship techniques with).

      • That would be interesting indeed. Again, not in volume 12 how Kiba said that Ascalon has changed. It now begs the question whether it will work on Ise of anyone should ever steal it and try to use it on him. (potentially weird question)

      • Ascalon is a Holy Sword with the Dragon Slayer attribute, so if it were to be used against Ise, I’d expect it would still hurt him. Even more now than before his body was reconstructed using Great Red’s flesh and Ophis’ powers, being that he is now a humanoid dragon because of that and Dragon Slayer weapons would be more effective on him than before. It’s true that Ascalon was tampered with so that a Devil and Dragon like Ise could wield it without problems, but it’d be the same as any other Dragon Slayer weapon and/or Holy Sword to him if used against him. And it’s not like he has a Holy Sword wielding elements like Irina, Xenovia and Kiba (of which Xenovia is the only natural one while Irina and Kiba were just given their elements via the results of the Holy Sword Experiment for the Excalibur), so without the tampering, it’d normally hurt him if even tried to hold it, so being cut by it would be out of the question (although Kiba and Xenovia would also be damaged by their own Holy Swords if they were to be used against him – or maybe Kiba would only receive half the damage since his is a hybrid between Holy and Demonic natures). [this is a bit strange, though; a sword would hurt its target either way, it’s just that a Devil and Dragon like Ise would be in serious trouble if Ascalon or any other such weapon were to be used against him.]

    • Yeah, it’d be great if that happened, but I think it’d be best if Ise’s first time was with Rias (he declared that Rias’ virginity belongs to him (when he crashed Rias’ and Raiser’s engagement party), so it’d be a good trade off for his virginity to also belong to her, no? Although that’s not the only reason why I think she should be his first). Sometime before or after their marriage. Or it could be that Ryan’s speculation about when they’ll do it will turn out to be spot on, who knows (I believe he said it’ll probably happen before the final battle of the story or somewhere around there?)?

      • Adding onto that, I also think that in the final volume of this arc Ise will finally find out he’s already a Harem King and get news of a promotion to High-class Devil. And of course, Crom becoming Ise’s mentor.

        …And finding out if my speculation on Crom being Ise’s Queen is real or not!

      • News of a promotion to High-Class Devil? That’d be great. But doesn’t he have to take a really hard test first, one that’s even harder than the one for the promotion to a Mid-Class Devil? I remember them saying that in the novels. I guess they could make an exception for Ise and Co. (the ones who became Mid-Class Devils by taking that test, out of Rias’ Peerage) for all of the help they’ve given the Underworld and the Heaven’s side and all the hardship they’ve lived (and almost died) through. Unless you meant that he’d receive a note about finally being able to take the test – I’m good either way, although this would make more sense, anyway.

    • At the rate he’s going, the manga will probably be close to ending before he tells them, if he ever will. I think he’d prefer to just keep it a secret. Although, he probably got motivation to try to break it to his parents at some point after he met Irina’s dad. He probably won’t really think of telling his parents anything even after this, but it’s just a thought. I mean, her parents know she’s an Angel. But I guess Irina could tell them because her dad’s a pastor at a church and has direct ties to the Heavens, and by extension, the Three Great Powers, meaning there was no harm in telling him. It’s different with Ise’s parents, who have no connections to any of the Powers whatsoever, be it the Three Great Powers or anyone from the other Mythologies. It was just a thought, really, and I know it’s unlikely that Ise would tell his parents after being motivated by something like this. They’re families are as different as Heaven and Earth in this case.

      • Yeah; they’d freak out, I bet. But at first, they’ll probably be skeptical, not believing it. Then it’ll sink in and they’ll really react.

  14. I can’t wait for the whole volume to get translated! And again, thanks to Zero for doing such translations. I’ll watch K and Prince of Tennis in the meantime ^_^

  15. BTW, are the episodes on Sony Playstation Store (NA) uncensored? Cause if it is, I’ll just download the uncensored ones in the net.

      • I read the spoilers in the web and now i regret it. It left me with a sudden heart attack. I will have to wait for Vol 20 and read Vol 19 and 20 together.
        On other hand i want to read vol 18 so muchhhhhhhhhhhh, i can’t waittttttttt. But i have to be patient and wait for code-zero to finish it without rushing, so i’m going to read DxD all over again. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I’ll probably read it all again, too. I think I need to, anyway.

        But why did reading the spoilers give you a heart attack? I don’t really get that.

    • Well, that doesn’t make the power of the Phenex family itself worthless. It just means that it finally came across a type of power that can completely defeat it. And now there’s a chance that Ravel and Raiser might actually have died. I just hope Ravel doesn’t die, though – I don’t care about Raiser.

  16. To dragonosman2: in the spoilers of vol 19 there was something about a Rating Game Figth and the outcome of that figth left me with the heart attack, figuratively. i wont say more because of spoiler.

    I want to have some fun so i want to ask everybody an if Question.
    If you where a Ise and just got your evil Pieces, how would you built your group. ( you can select any character from any anime, game , galge, etc…). remember to place the position of each member. This should be fun!!!!!!!!

      • Actually, same here.

        Mauro, I’ve also read the spoilers, and some of the others have, too. So it’s fine to give at least a short summary (don’t give away too much).

      • WTF! Ravel can’t die?! Ravel better be reincarnated into Issei’s Bishop or something then! In fact, if they pull that off, it’ll be an interesting plot development, it’s an offical Issei’s harem- err I mean his chess piece of his own rating game.

      • @Lawrence: Please note that the word ‘die’ is in double quotes in that comment, meaning it’s not supposed to be taken literally. And besides, Ravel can’t die anyway, and neither can Raiser, as they belongs to the Phenex Clan whose members possess all of the same powers as the immortal fire bird, the phoenix, which also includes immortality – which means they literally can’t die. So, yeah,”dying” in the sense that Zaphrol meant it must be some sort of figure of speech; Ravel and Raiser won’t really be dying. They can’t die due to their regenerative abilities and their immortality.

        And Ravel already technically belongs to Ise’s Peerage for when he finally gets one, since her mother, whom she was originally the Servant of, gave her to him. There’s no need to do anything more on that.

      • The actual fire bird burns to death when its time for it to “die” and then resurrects itself from its own ashes – something those of the Phenex family apparently can’t do. And the Phenex family’s powers are based off of the actual fire bird, albeit they’re different in this series apparently, as in this series the fire bird itself also can’t die; it’s just that in fights where members of the Phenex Clan come really close to dying, since they can’t die anyway, their immortality can actually be used a weapon against them in a way, to give them even more excruciating pain, kind of like how Ise did against Raiser at that engagement party he crashed (and members of the Phenex family in this series apparently can’t do that little trick from the immortal Phoenix’s repertoire that I just described earlier).

        So yeah, the Phoenix itself and its powers aren’t worthless at all, they’re just changed up a little here for this series. I actually like the actual Phoenix, just like I also like vampires and dragons.

      • Either way, I’m not going to say that the power of the Phoenix itself is bad or worthless in any way. The Phenex’s immortality is like a watered down version of the actual Phoenix from the original legend, after all, so it doesn’t exactly give the actual fire-bird a bad name all that much IMO.

      • To dragonosman2, job is referring to the skill of the one they are fighting, it makes the traits of the families, or their natural familiar power to put it in a general way, be worthless, aka, not usable.
        He turned off their immortality, thats why its not clear now is they are alive or not

  17. Okay,umm, the pacing of the story is kinda “wierd”? So, Irina’s dad is a Protestant but Irina is a Catholic? (How does THAT work?) And Irina’s dad knows his daughter is an angel and god is dead and is okay with Azazel. (Yes, angels and fallen angel have formed a truce, but he’s still a human, who should not know these things) I thought humans are not suppose to know these things. I guess him being some VIP rank protestant makes him okay to know these fobidden knowledge?

      • Exactly. Exorcists all know about those things. Although just being an exorcist or former exorcist isn’t enough to give him the right to know about the death of the God of the Bible – only high-level people are supposed to know about that, and right now Irina’s dad is only a pastor at a Church, so I’m not sure if he should really know about that particular secret, but given his current position, Michael or someone else probably told him about it anyway.

    • Why should a human that knows about angels/fallen angels/devils existence (instead of just believing in them) not know that they are at a truce?! How could that work?! Do you expect generals and other higher-ups making a truce, but the average sergant and below still fighting a war?! Of course all of them were informed about the truce.
      Children having different beliefs than their parents is neither rare nor weird. Especially when it’s two very, very close religions like in this case. In the end, they serve the same god and under the same “heaven”. In fact, the only difference is in how HUMANS manage the religion, not the religion itself. Especially since Christianity is the actual religion, while Protestantism is the church. In other words, every Protestant is a Catholic, but not every Catholic is a Protestant. (Or however you spell either, seeing as I’m not a native speaker and I’m just guessing.)

      In yet other words, Irina may very well have the same beliefs as her parents, just that it was not specified.

      • I know that. I wasn’t talking about the truce, I was talking about just the news of the death of the God from the Bible which is only supposed to be known to just the higher level people and Kokabiel only told Ise and Co. about it because he wanted to start a war so badly (he even mentioned how he guess it’s no use hiding it now since his true purpose is to start a war). And because they already knew about it, I guess Michael and the others decided to just wing and not care that they already know, since they’re more useful when they know (I’m not saying that Michael is the kind of creep who only likes or keeps people whom he thinks are useful, like Kokabiel or other evil bastards, though, as I seriously doubt he’s that kind of guy).

      • Err… Irina is Protestant, pretty sure. It was never said she is Catholic.

        As for him knowing about God’s death, he’s a high-ranking VIP member of the Protestant church, why wouldn’t he know? Xenovia didn’t go to Heaven when she told her higher-ups about what she learned and they treated her as a heretic, she went to their church.

      • Yeah, if he’s a high-ranking official, it’s not at all strange for him to be privy to the information about God’s death, but what I’m after is just confirmation of the fact that he’s a high-ranking official. And you know your stuff, so I’ll take your word for it (I’d appreciate it if I could get concrete confirmation as well, though).

    • sorry but i had a few mistakes in my ealier comment.
      I wonder if gonna be a story about Ise meeting Greek goddess like Artemis or Aphrodite or Calypso, since he fit the description of being a hero so he could drift to ogigia.

      • It’d be great if he could meet them.

        If you’re talking about the Greek Gods’ city or whatever, by the way, isn’t it actually called Olympus and not Ogigia?

    • I see. Thanks. I didn’t know about Ogigia.

      But as for Ise, I’m not sure if he can really be considered an actual Hero when he’s a hugely perverted Devil+Dragon hybrid who gets his power from women’s breasts. Those aren’t the qualities of an orthodox Hero, although I guess you could say he’s done lots of the actions a Hero would, like saving the world.

      Either way, though, it’d be great if Ise does get to meet the Greek Goddesses, especially the safer and more beautiful ones like Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite (that’s what her name is – it’s not Aphrodita or however you spelled it). Ise himself would also welcome the chance to meet such beautiful goddesses – heck, he’d jump at the chance, no?

      • Indeed, that is more than can be said for the poor novels series who were never taken up by someone or were abandonded

      • @Mauro: Agreed. I also don’t care as long as I get to read it at some point, eventually. I’m hoping it’ll be even better if he takes his time to work on it, you know?

        @Nrogara: Yep, that’s true. We’re lucky that this series is being translated.

      • That’s true, but still, let’s just be patient. “Patience is a virtue,” remember? Or, an Urdu saying about this, translated into English: “The fruit of patience is sweet (or something like that – that’s a very literal translation and I’m not very good at this stuff).

      • (not sure if this works, but…) that saying is actually Hindi, my friend-who-I-know-nothing-of-literally. Also, (really late) happy new year.

      • Hindi and Urdu are kind of similar, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the saying is from both languages. But I do know it’s at least also from Urdu (there are lots of words in Hindi that are also there in Urdu, although the characters are completely different – but words-wise, Urdu was made from the combination of Persian, Hindi, a bit of English, and some Arabic. In fact, the letters are of the same type as those in Arabic, Urdu just has additional letters to encompass all possible sounds, which Arabic doesn’t have).

      • And a Hindi speaker will have no problems speaking Urdu, either.

        Now for more on-topic things, why is it that Heaven would make something like what they did without Azazel influencing it? Is it even possible?

      • I can wait because I’ve also got some other manga (including hentai) to read in the meantime. Bu it’s definitely pretty unfair that you can read raws, Ryan. It means you already know everything.

  18. Yeah I can wait patiently till the next update but I hope we’ll get updates more frequently cause he has another volume to translate and he’ll accumulate more work for himself and who knows maybe he’s already tired and need some rest.

    • Well, if he’s resting from overwork, that’s fine, too. He deserves the rest. But either way, I really have no problem with him taking his time, I just hope he updates it on his earliest convenience. I know it sounds a bit contradictory, and I apologize for that, but I can’t exactly help that I really want to read the novels. I’m trying to be as patient as I can, though.

    • We might just be a bit behind for a while. Zero-kun might be in the middle of translating volume 19 when volume 20 is released. But at least we will have more-than sufficient spoilers for the new volume guaranteed.

      @Osman, it’s not really unfair since I read the spoilers on animesuki as soon as they’re posted. Some people would just rather not be spoiled before the translation is finished.

      • Well, I also am okay with reading spoilers and I did also read the ones for Volume 18 or whichever one comes after the one we’re reading now, but I didn’t read the raws like you seem to have

  19. Maybe Zero is planning to release a very big update? Like next month or so, he’ll release an update that will tell us he already completed 90% or something 😀
    Either way, waiting is not an issue for me. I’ll be receiving my 3DS Xl soon and I can pass the time with Virtue’s last reward and Pokemons Y and Omega ruby. I hope the New 3DS XL gets released in North America soon!

  20. I don’t mean to be rude, but it would honestly be far nicer to just update his status and tell us whether he will give us an update or not. It’s like he’s unintentionally dangling a carrot on a stick; we’re following it, but since he’s moving, we can’t get it. Hell, I’d even be fine if he just said he didn’t have the time to translate, or announced that he was abandoning it. I know that he has his own life. But leaving us in the dark just isn’t fair. Remember how he translated part of chapter 1 in August and then dropped off the radar until November. I’d literally been checking back every two days. It’s not fair to your followers, Zero, and I’m probably gonna get some flack for this but I just had to speak my mind.

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