[Switch Princess, I have come to rescue you.]

[……Oppai Dragon, I believed you would come for me.]

Inside the dark room—the video of tokusatsu film is being projected on the large screen. The truth is, this happens to be my room. There’s a projector set up inside my room, and a screen appears with a single button which then shows the video. ……I know that having an equipment like this is too much for a high school student, but Rias had this installed when the Hyoudou residence went through renovation for “just in case”. There’s also a theatre installed at the training room located in the first basement floor. And today……she said she wanted to have a moody atmosphere, so we decided to have fun watching the film in my room. We are watching it while making the room dark.

The film we are observing right now is the “Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon”. The House of Gremory that holds the copyrights receives the newest episode from the video company that has yet to be broadcasted. It gets sent to me, so I start watching it like this sometimes.

……Now, the one I’m watching it with is;

“……You come to rescue me even in the video.”

The one who is sitting between my legs and leaning her body against me is Rias.

Yeah, I’m watching “Oppai Dragon” alone with Rias right now.

The time we spent together really is really limited ever since the “Qlippoth” started their assault, so my interaction with Rias is only limited within the time I have during my lifestyle. ……W-Well, we do sleep together but that’s merely a part of our usual daily life, so I think it’s different from the private time I can have with her…… On top of that, even if we go far away and if that isn’t part of our job, then we would need to ask for permission to a lot of people. The standing of the Sekiryuutei and the heiress of the House of Gremory is even busier right now since we are currently fighting against the Qlippoth.

And this is the time we finally got under such situation where we can spend the time together.

……“The time for us two”. Ah, there’s a nice right to it…… I’m finally able to talk to her casually now. A lot has happened within this one year, but I think I can forget all that since I’m so happy for being able to spend the time alone with Rias like this!

I’m shedding tears of joy, but the screen which is displaying the “Oppai Dragon” show is currently showing the golden scene where the Oppai Dragon just showed up and saved Switch-Princess.

Just like Rias said, I have also saved Rias like this before. That’s because I’m Rias Gremory’s “Pawn”, her servant Devil, and also her—.

When I look down out in a whim—there is a oppai right there! ……I don’t know how to put it, but my eyes are glued towards her breasts since we are having such good atmosphere and I can’t pay attention to the video that’s playing in front of me anymore. So my right hand is moving towards her breast!

……A bit more, if I move my hand a bit more, then I can grope it…… ……No, we are having such good atmosphere, so I can’t do such thing while watching the tokusatsu program……! I don’t have to kill this sweet atmosphere by doing such lecherous thing! I’m also sure Rias will get at me and feel like I killed the mood if I touch her oppai when the atmosphere is turning good!

I calm myself down and try to pull my hand away. But Rias grabs that hand of mine.

I can feel an extremely soft sensation with my hand!

R-Rias……grabbed my hand when I was trying to pull it away, and she places my hand on her breast! On top of that, she puts it through her open shirt! So I can feel her raw breassssst! My whole hand sinks into a circular object, so my right hand is enjoying her oppai! Ah, Rias’s oppai which is so soft! I can’t resist myself anymore since I can also feel her body temperature.

I’m having a breast-parade inside my head despite being confused at Rias’s sudden action! Rias looks at me with emotional eyes and mutters.

“……Don’t stop.”

—! ……What is she saying……! I-I didn’t need to stop!? So it was okay for me to grope her breasts!?

“A-Are you sure?”

When I ask her while my heart is beating fast, she simply replies back by saying “……Yes, please”. —She puts on a determined expression. Rias and I both can’t hear the sound from the “Oppai Dragon” video anymore. We simply can hear our heart beats.

I strengthen my right hand which is holding her breast a bit. As I start feeling the sensation of a woman’s soft body, Rias also makes a seductive voice at the same time where she went “……Ah”.

……If she makes such lovely voice which will turn on a guy, I……I!

My face and her face gets closer under this dark room—.

My body gets hotter, and when I was about to go beast-mode—a loud and noisy sound echoes through the sound.

—It came from the clock which has the alarm turned on.

Hearing that, Rias and I get away from each other as if we just woke up from our dream!



Both of us becomes silent while turning red.

Even Rias who is always progressive to me starts showing a really girlish attitude when the situation turns like this. That side of her is insanely cute and lovely…… So I want to save this side of her inside my head! No, I already have saved it!

A bit later, the door gets knocked and Ravel comes in.

“Pardon me. Ise-sama, it’s about time—”

Ravel catches sight of Rias sitting between my legs. She suddenly turns red and starts apologising!

“……M-My apologies! U-Umm……”

Looks like she thinks she was a nuisance. This girl pays a lot of care for such thing. Since she takes care of the private time between me and Rias, she must have though she has bothered us.

“Ah, oh……man.”

I don’t know how to react so I scratch the back of my head.

Rias chuckles and then takes a breath. Her face doesn’t even have a glimpse of the face she had earlier. She returns to her “Buchou-mode”.

“It can’t be helped. It’s the end of the year and Christmas is coming up soon. Our time is valuable.”

She gets away from me after saying that—.


She comes back to me right away and kisses softly on my lips.

“Doing this much would be okay, right?”

She gives me a wink! S-She kissed me while I had my guard! Ah, I’m so happy! This alone is enough for me! ……No, I can’t be like this since I’m aiming to become the Harem King! If I can go further past this point next time won’t be a bad thing!


“Ise-kun! Rias-san!”

The one who enters my room is Irina.

“Hurry, it’s almost time for the Christmas project! Let’s have a quick discussion about it right now!”

Looks like we don’t have enough time to enjoy our sweet time together.

Yeah, the winter event is going to start!

45 thoughts on “Life.0

  1. Uuuuuuuuuuuuu! Soooo Awesommmmmeeeee!!! I have wait for this scene whole year! Finally Rias and Ise have romance time together without being disturb
    I read this page about 10 times now and try very hard to imagine this scene and now i have some headache because of it :p
    Actually i very jealous with Ise, i wish i have girlfriend too 😐 -FA guy :((

    Anyway, thank you Zero-sama for hard work :)))
    Hope volume 19 come soon! 😉

    • Same here. I was almost in tears during that scene. I am so looking forward to seeing it on anime. But that is a long way ahead so I going to have to wait.

      • it be awesome if they was gonna try and catch up to the light novels by airing more episode cuz there far behide
        but still awesome anime cant wait to see ise juggernaut drive in season3

      • Me too. I want to see what he actually looks like.

        I also want to see Ise’s training in the mountain and the results of his training. Plus, Ise finally getting Balance Breaker.

    • If only Ise was thinking of saying, “And my fiancé” when he said, “And my–” but had to interrupt his thought, I would’ve been totally satisfied. But quite sadly, chances are he only meant to say “my girlfriend,” meaning he still hasn’t figured out the biggest thing about their relationship yet. This dense idiot.

      That out of the way, though, that really was a great Ise and Rias moment, it would’ve been great if that alarm sounding off hadn’t stopped them from having a passionate kiss. Ravel’s reaction to seeing them so close like that was funny. And Rias giving him a soft kiss on the lips and then winking was good too.

      And yeah, if by his maturity you mean how he was being considerate of Rias’ feelings and almost stopped himself from fondling Rias’ breasts, then I do agree with you. And Rias is such a great girlfriend/fiancé for letting him do it. You really gotta love her.

      • Yeah, it was both. That’s why Sirzechs and Grayfia both think of him as their brother and Rias’ parents think of him as their son. It’s because he’s going to marry Rias and become a member of the family. But it’s sad how he doesn’t realize that himself (man, seriously, he’s just too dumb – but at least he did realize that something was going on behind the scenes during the ceremony at the Gremory Ruins; that says something about his sharpness, at least, right? That even though he didn’t realize exactly what was going on, he did at least figure out that SOMETHING was up?).

        Speaking of picking up on things, it’s amazing how even though Ise was able to realize that the “Satan Rangers” were just the Yondai Maou, Rias didn’t realize it at all, huh? Ise can be surprisingly smart in certain situations and just as idiotic in others, but he’s just dense when it comes to things like marriage and relationships.

        Man, I can’t wait to see his reaction to finally finding out the truth. When will that be, I wonder? Heck, when is their wedding going to be? Since Rias is about to graduate, I think it should be sometime soon after her graduation. They should break the news to him right before the day of the wedding (either that or just tell him at such a time that he has just a few minutes to get ready after that before the wedding ceremony starts – for the WTF effect).

      • I don’t think it’s that significant that he doesn’t know yet, they’ve never even talked about the idea of marriage thus far, so why would it be brought up right now? And Rias’ denseness in regards to the Satan Rangers was for comedy.

        I think Ise’s gonna find out about his harem and his engagement to Rias at the same time near the end of this arc, once Qlippoth has been defeated.

      • If he does find out at that point about both things, that’d be really great. I’d like that.

        By the way, Sona asking them if they wanted a memorial . . . did she just mean a statue in memory of their love, or was she talking about killing them and then building said statue?

        Anyway, they may not be talking about the engagement much, but still, do you know how much pain I went through, both mentally and in my heart as well, about how Ise couldn’t figure out such a simple even with all of the things that were being said and done in front of him.

      • Lol I understand, but that was before Ise recognized that Rias and the other girls actually do love him. As of volume 10+ there’s been no more mention of it was my point, otherwise if they brought up that ceremony he’d probably realize it on his own.

        She meant to commemorate their love/advancement in their relationship at that particular scene (asking if he could talk to Rias casually in private times).

      • Yeah, many upon many near death situations… Be completely worth it though. If I can have a life like he does I wouldn’t mind dying a couple times honestly.

  2. Funny how it’s only been 1 YEAR from when he just just a horny weak-ass pervert to a still horny perv but he can kick some serious ass now. Plus he died twice, and some other shit happen which includes getting a harem..etc…

  3. Man! I wish they could have gone a little farther before they were interrupted, I mean they’ve already had deep kisses. I love the Life.0’s so much! Can’t wait for the rest of Volume 18!

  4. Thanks so much, your translation speed is insane and its nice to see you back on it again.

    I would love to help out, if you fancy having someone proof read the translation just let me know.

    Since, I haven’t learnt Japanese, yet, I’m really happy being able to read the stuff from people like you who put a lot of effort in getting through the material.

  5. Thank you Code Zero for your hard work. I sometimes feel so damn sorry for Ise, but then remember he has a long life and plenty of time to get to the good stuff. 🙂

  6. Thanks. Few edits for you.

    ‘I know that having an equipment like this’ the word an here is unnecessary. Making it ‘a piece of equipment’ might work as another option.

    I might change the line ‘installed at the training room’ to either ‘in’ or ‘near to’ the training room.

    ‘Got under such situation’ could be ‘Got into such a situation’ or for a complete different read, the whole line could read ‘This is a rare time we found ourselves under these circumstances…’ Though the latter seems too different so might be far from the original text.

  7. Ugh, I feel sorry for Akeno during this scene. Rias and Akeno typically come as a pair. Akeno must be lonely…
    It would be nice if Issei eventually becomes able to ‘double his existence’. Cloning, in other words. He needs something like that to deal with his harem.

      • I was actually glad Ise and Rias were alone here. It was supposed to be a moment they shared alone, or they wouldn’t be any point to it. Ise especially wants time alone with Rias, where he can just be her lover. Neither of them wants anyone else to come between them at those times.

  8. “We are watching it while making the room dark.” Seems grammatically incorrect I think “We are watching it with lights turned off” or something like that would be better.

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