129 thoughts on “Volume 18

    • Zero-sama isn’t dead it looks like he is finishing the other light novel before he finishes DxD. My friend already ruined the next volume so I need to read this one and the other because of what he told me is right I’m not going to be thrilled.

      • I know it isn’t permanent still the fact that it happened it’s volume 10 all over again. Also what you think about season 3 I’m so far not enjoying it.

      • . . . Okay, I’m lost – what happens that’s not permanent?

        @Ryan: What do you think about how Ise was beating Rizevim up with Penetrate until just before? Did he just catch him off guard, or is he that much stronger than him? Or is it some combination of both, as Rizevim only just seems to be getting serious, against Michael.

    • i hear yea they fucked it up completely i still watch it though because good show and rais and issei but they have butchered the story where is the part that issei and rais get semi engaged (rights of passage for issei to be able to marry rias) like come on than you have rating games and such and loki… i don’t know i hope they know what they are doing because so far dxd looks like a dying show sadly…

      • In my opinion, aside of the heavy rushing, the third season is good if you don’t expect it to be a copy paste of the light novels.

        Besides, the rite of passage could be added as a short story on the blu-ray or something, it hasn’t really been useful at all even in the light novels this far.

        As for the rating game, I always found the rating game between Rias and Sona to be dumb in the light novels. The game was sooo heavily put in Sona’s favor from the get go it was laughable.
        The area for the game was okay and interesting, but then there was the rule that you couldn’t destroy parts of the area, which heavily limits Rias’ servants powers and does basically nothing to Sona’s. Even if the rules are randomized, are they saying everyone is okay with rules that so blatantly favor one side, really?
        Oh right, and Sona was given and let use artificial sacred gears, which Rias (I assume) was never told about, some of which were stupidly strong and hard-counter Rias’ pieces, such as the heal/damage reversing sacred gear. I understand that these sacred gears should be tested but to let them use those in a rating game that is used to evaluate the young demons? C’mon… I’m just happy the anime didn’t show that joke of a fight.

      • @Niko: You don’t get the main point of limiting Rias’ team’s power in that match, huh? The main point was to make them understand that they do also need to develop tricky technique-type attacks since their raw-power-only attacks won’t always be good enough – especially against opponents like Sitri and in those circumstances. At that time, pretty much their only technique-based fighter was Kiba, while everyone else concentrated and relied WAY TOO MUCH on power, power and – again – POWER. If you go back and reread that fight, and the scenes and conversations in, before and after it, you’ll see that.

        So yeah, it was heavily in Sona’s favor, going as far as to limit Rias’ team’s power, but like I said, it was like that mainly to show Rias that her team had too much raw power and far too little technique and trickery.

      • @dragonosman2:

        I understand what they were trying to say with the rules, and it led to good things, but I think a Rating Game is a terrible time for such a lecture. The Rating Games should only be about determining the better team, not to toy with the other team.

        If you purposefully add rules to hurt the other team’s performance, what’s the point of the Rating Game? What’s the point of training your servants if you get punished for it?

        Considering that the Gremory team ended up winning even with all those ridiculous rules and other unfair advantages given to the Sitri team, imagine what kind of landslide it would’ve been with fair and square rules like in the Raiser fight.

        If a team is so strong that they can demolish the other team with the use of pure force, it is a perfectly valid strategy and should not be punished. If anything, the Sitri team should’ve gotten a lecture on the importance of having strong servants.

        I’m sorry if I’m being too stubborn here, but I had such high expectations for that fight, and I wanted all Rating Games to be like the first one; you are given an arena and the first team to defeat the other king wins.
        Then the game started and the rules were explained. I felt a little uneasy at that point but continued reading, maybe it would still be interesting. After a while the author started introducing Artificial Sacred Gears and I just sighed deeply. To me, it was no longer a fight between the Sitri and Gremory, now it was just another case of “Gremory group faces grave danger and has to overcome it”.

        I am perfectly okay with the kinds of Games like the one against Sairaorg or the one between Sitri and Agares, those Games were different but fair in terms of rules.
        Ever since I’ve read the Sitri fight, I’ve felt frustrated by it. I feel that the fight could’ve been an amazing, honest, battle between the Gremory team and Sitri team, but then they just ruined it by giving the Sitri team such an overwhelming advantage from the get-go.

        Sorry for the late reply.

      • Yep, was looking forward to Rias vs Sona so much… 😦
        Guess they skipped it to focus on the second half of Novel 6 without going past the 12 episodes but still, it would have been nice if they’d included it and made this third season 6 episodes longer or something like that to fit everything in. I hope this isn’t a prelude for what they’ll do with the other rating games in possible future anime seasons, I guess I don’t have to say which one in particular that I’m talking about do I..? ^^ If they’d skip that one, it ‘d be even worse than this one, and skipping this was already bad 😦

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