129 thoughts on “Volume 18

  1. I’m so excited to begin reading. But by all means, please take your time translating. After all, once you finish translating this, I’m sure there will be a group of people bugging you about translating the next volume…

      • Thank you very much code zero,everbody loves yours translations,i have a question for you…theses novels in japanese…it’s to hard to read? it requires a high level of jap to understand well?

    • have they ever though of doing a audio books of HIGH SCHOOL DXD , i know it would sell very fast in English.. i know i would buy everyone of them right off the bat . as i did with the eragon books on audio and they were $ 32.00 per audio book .. but they were by they book . through a company that did it with all they voices … they would make alot of money this way on CD … money talk and it would fund all new anime movies …. you have to look to the future and go outside of the lines .. if you want to make more money … think how many people love high school dxd that is out there …. take a poll and see how many would enjoy an audio book of it …………. sound off who would like to see it done ……….. lets hear it and lets get it going on the poll ….

  2. Yay, I’m seriously hyped for this volume even more than I was for 18. Especially since I don’t know very much about what’s gonna happen this time! Don’t burn yourself out though. 😀

  3. yes this is it irina is my favorite heroin, so this will be fun. if there is a ophis volume i can die fulfilling my worldly desires.

    • If he has, that’d truly be great. So I really do hope he has.

      I hope he does it with Rias, soon, though. Then the other girls in the harem can come afterwards, starting maybe with Akeno and/or Asia. He’ll have to save Koneko for until after she’s grown up – I mean, yeah, there’s her Shirone-mode, but she can’t hold it for long and Ise’s impure heart will also really cause him to get hurt badly when he comes too close to her while she’s in that form.

    • @Ryan: I do hope you’re right. And if it’s really so, he could do it with her soon (just, I think he should do it with Rias, Akeno, and Asia first, separately – I don’t think he can handle doing it with all of them at once).

  4. Vol 17 and 18 look like fillers, just written for the sake of giving rose and irina focus the whole rivalry between vali and his grandfather has not progressed since vol 16

    • Irina’s and Rossewiese’s stories are still part of the main story, though. It’s not really filler.

      And at least we got some info on Euclid and his reason for joining up with Rizevim in the first place. Isn’t that something important as well?

      • Well their stories are part of the main story, but it kinda feels like their stories were shoehorned into the main story at the last minute by the author, vol 17 had an attack on the school which did not seem to have anything to do with rizeviem’s goals of entering the unknown world, if vol 17 and 18 were removed the main story would not be affected unlike vol 16 which was vital to the plot but also focused on gasper

        Bascially what I’m saying is I don’t think the author did the best job incorporating rose’s volume into the main story like he did with gasper’s story

      • @aw454wtr: Well, yeah, I get all that, but again, the part about Euclid’s reasons for joining up with Rizevim and also Rosseweise researching a way to seal 666 are both important. If we take away Volume 17, those two things would also disappear like they never happened. Rosseweise became an important key member of Team DxD because of her essay, and should Volume 17 be completely taken out, we wouldn’t even know about the essay. 666 is part of the main plot of the main story, which is a fact you’d do well to keep in mind.

        And Volume 18 will apparently also finally tell us the name of the town Ise and Co. live in. Ishibumi did say in the Afterward for Volume 17 that the name for the town is still unknown to us fans even now.

      • @Osman He mentioned in the Afterword that he finally gave a name to it in volume 17 – Kuou Town.

        @aw454wtr Yeah the attack on the school didn’t have anything to do with Rizevim’s plans, but that was the point. It was a distraction to take Agreas which IS vital for their plans. Not to mention we found out about Rossweisse’s importance to [DxD] to counter Rizevim’s plan, and defeated Euclid/Grendel (the former temporarily, the latter permanently).

      • @Ryan: I took it as meaning that since he hadn’t given the town an actual name in the main story as of yet, he’d decided to call it “Kuou Town” until he gives it an official name in the main story. But you, maybe you’re right, and he has decided to make “Kuou Town” its official name. I’ll look forward to finding out, then.

    • seriously???????? this Volume they defeated 2 big bads! Grendel and Euclid. Isse also got a pretty awesome power up and Saji reached Balance Breaker, let alone Koneko’s abilities expanding! how the heck is this volume a filler?let alone that it is putting the grounds for a new volume about Rias. this whole deal with the emperor I am assuming will be dealt with in a chapter focused on Rias. I never expected the emperor to be the traitor. and Remember, Vali is not the main character in the Story. Isse and his Harem are. and there is really no rivalry between Vali and his grandfather, it is just pure hate. Let alone that Valia has no way in hell to beat his grandpa since his dragon powers will be out of the equation ad would have to rely on demonic/magic powers.

      Finally, Thank you code Zero. I have been reading your posts for a while. you are incredible. please keep up the great work.

      • Agreed. Although it should be noted that part of since Irina’s father is related to what the Champion was talking about, at least that part of it (the part related to Irina’s dad) will be resolved in Volume 18, which is about Irina. And Volume 19 is apparently going to be about Xenovia.

    • I disagree I think both 17 and 18 are more than filler. While 17 could have had better flow it gave importance 2 rosswise and fit just fine. Because it also gave us the sitries academy and more depth 2 rizevim. And 18 will give us more. It just seems weird because ishibumi was ill and in pain which bogged down his writing that’s my opinion anyways.

    • Why should he, Euclid served as distraction and was beat by the Sekiryuutei, showed where the limits of the Replica Boosted Gear is, it would be usless to take him out of prision, he isnt worth the trouble anyway.

      • Dude, Sirzechs has his “true form ” still, and even if he didn’t use that, I’d say he’s still a lot stronger than Ise. If even Ise beat Euclid, it’s obvious what’s gonna happen when he goes up against Sirzechs. And don’t you even get me started with the siblings’ fight – Euclid will get his ass handed to him big time if he tries to up against either of those two.

        Although I do want to see what Ise’s reaction will be to finding out about Sirzechs’ true form, so maybe they should at least spar again, with Sirzechs showing Ise his true form. I just hope Sirzechs doesn’t go all out in that form, or else Ise might really die. This time for keeps.

    • If you read the afterwords of volume 14, the author said this arc will be the end of the story but he wants to add an extra arc if fans want one.
      I hope we will have a fith arc but for now I want to see this one end properly.

      • fifth arc might just be the shiva arc, DxD has already reached 18 volumes, vol 20 might be the end for this arc, having another final arc to end the series at 23-25 volumes would be just the right timing

      • As far as we know, Ishibumi only has one more arc planned after this one. But the good thing is, this arc is gonna be quite long which means arc 5 is gonna be REALLY long!

      • I just reread the Afterword of Volume 14 and there is absolutely no mention of it being the last story arc, Just the Fourth
        I also have not seen any mention of any sort of ending coming soon either in any of the afterwords, Please Link an actual source for your information

    • I suspect it will be use as president and Asia as vice.
      Out of the second years it makes the most sence, especially since he’s aiming to be a king.

  5. I think… I think im starting to get withdrawl from lack of DxD… I’m reread again for the Vol 4-16 for the 4th time bbl!

  6. Hey man thanks for the update. Hope you’re just busy and that nothing too stressful has happened.

    I appreciate you finding the time to let us know you won’t be adding anything for a while.

  7. I am getting damn tired of people badgering Zero. It has the opposite result of what you want. It ends up taking way longer and pisses off the only translator for this series. I highly recommend if it is going to be a while before you get back to translating. You should lock out posting on this blog, until such a time you make reportable progress Zero. I mean I am not even the translator, and this seriously grates on my nerves constantly reading the posts of assholes who have this sense of entitlement.

  8. How about everyone just does what I do and realize that posting a comment positive or negative doesn’t really impact the translation progress and just check in once a week to see if there is an update -_-

  9. Dammitt cant take this Code-zero please at least confirm u will be returning for Rias’s sake Please return dont stop when season 3 is right around the corner and DXD will probably end in another4-5 volumes please come backkkkkkkkkk 😥 😥 😥

  10. You said you’re a lazy guy, so I think you should focus on finishing DxD first instead of the other LN, man.
    If you do 2 work together, neither won’t be finished, or it will be finished in a looong time. Trust me. I’m a lazy guy.

      • @Joshua: It’s not “thoughs,” it’s “those”. I think you should look up “though” in a dictionary and see what it means (and it shouldn’t have an S at the end under any circumstances, either, meaning you’re using it completely wrong). I’ll just say here that “though” is a conjunction, but can also be used as an adverb. Or you could use it in an idiom, as in “As though he/she were dead” or something like that.

        But yeah, I do agree with you. It’s a good proverb to bring up in this situation.

      • @Joshua
        I do not believe that I was complaining. I am not in a position where I am entitled to complaining
        I was simply agreeing with Aryo Jatmiko that trying to do several things at once is generally not a good strategy for getting things done.

    • Campione!
      Date A Live
      Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
      Infinite Stratos
      Madan no Ou to Vanadis
      Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa (completed too)
      seirei tsukai no blade dance
      Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi
      Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha (cannot get any more perverted than this)
      Silver Cross and Draculea (completed too)

  11. What I don’t get is, if Yamato’s poison is so strong, is it even possible to find an antidote beyond killing the dragon itself?

    Also, how many Evil Dragons are there?!? We got Grendel from medieval England, Ladon from Greek mythology, Yamato from Japanese myth, what is next? A dragon from Chinese, Russian, Egyptian mythology?

  12. Grisaia no Meikyuu, can anyone tell about this whether it’s an anime only or it is a light novel also?And if it is a light novel also then where can i read it?Plzzz ^_^.

    • Well, I don’t know why are you asking this on this blog but anyway Grisaia no Meikyuu is the sequel of Grisaia no Kaijitsu which is a visual novel and it was also adapted into Anime and as far as I know Grisaia no Meikyuu and Grisaia no Rakuen will be adapted into anime and its premiere will be at the end of March.

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