“Uhyahyahyahya, thanks to you, we were able to get our hands on that whole sky city.”

“……For Devils, the name “Lucifer” is absolute.”

“If there are sharp minded ones among them, then they would realise there is a traitor among the Devils involved in this incident. But this truly is a hilarious story. —For the traitor to be none other than that super popular player, “Emperor” Belial!”

“I……simply want to fulfil my true King’s wishes.”

“So what is this wish you want to fulfil by using me? Mr Champion?”

“……I want to investigate a certain incident that had been erased by the current government and the Heaven.”

“Hmm, I wonder what that may be. Sounds interesting.”

“That town which is under the territory of Rias Gremory was previously the territory of my relative. But that person had been erased after getting involved with a certain government. The ones suspected to be involved in it are—several people related to the Church which was led by the father of Shidou Irina who is the Ace of the Angel’s leader, Michael.”

22 thoughts on “Emperor

  1. I doubt even he can get away with picking a fight with the Gremorys. Flaxen haired maiden of Extinction, Silver haired queen of Annihilation, and The Maou, The Red Dragon Emperor, and the Crimson haired ruin princess. You pick a fight with them, it’s like a curse ~Azazel

    • Yep. Hopefully, once this is revealed to them, Belial will really get his ass kicked, Rating Game Champion or not.

      But I don’t really understand; does he want to find out about an incident that was masked by Irina’s dad, the people linked to him, and the government of the Devils? Did I get that right? And we don’t know yet what that incident is, but we do know it’s got something to do with Belial’s relative who was erased after getting involved with a “certain government” (is it a government different from the current government of the Devils?).

    • I agree here. I want more clarification on his reasons, though. Like that incident he mentioned. And I can’t wait to see the reactions our heroes have to this when they find out.

  2. If anyone is interested in reading a new manga series i suggest Tokyo Ghoul, you can also watch the anime but it only has 2 episodes at the moment (because it aired on july 4th) but the manga is much further. Explaining the story would take too long (sorry) but you can watch the first two episodes and see if you are interested. The manga is somewhat boring at the beginning but it gradually becomes much more interesting and action packed

    Heres a link and let me know what you think about it http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/tokyo-ghoul-online

    • Nope. Irina’s dad’s name was given in the spoilers for Volume 18, on the HighSchool DxD Wikia, so go look there. Michael isn’t Irina’s father; Bilial was only talking about a situation related to Irina’s father and Michael, from what I understood. Her father is also a Father at a Protestant Church, I believe.

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