“Hello, Euclid.”

“How do you do, Sirzechs-sama. No, my dear brother. I never expected for you to come and see me.”

“……There’s so much I want to say to you. But I want to ask you just one thing. —Why?”

“……My sister……had you. I……had nothing. That’s simply it. ……Though it seems like your other brother isn’t a failure like myself.”

“He was strong, right? He’s a brother whom I can be proud of.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be your pride.”

“…………Are you also interested in the other world?”

“……I am not interested in it. I simply wanted to experience “chaos”. Brother, I want to ask you one thing. —What is a “Devil” to you?”

“It’s a being with life and is called “Devil”. Even though we have different values, we are species that also has good and evil, just like the humans.”

“……Brother, you really are naïve.”

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