Hello, it’s Ishibumi! It’s finally volume 17! I wrote the story using the school in the Underworld as the stage! For this volume, I also picked up on the settings I used earlier, so I wonder how many of them all of you remember? This volume mainly picked up the plot of volume 10.

Now then I will start my explanation like always!

●Rossweisse’s story

This time, I was finally able to give her the spotlight and explain about her past as well as her hidden potential. Since it’s a Rossweisse’s main volume, I thought so hard in how to make her get along with Ise, and after I discussed with the main editor, we decided to put her in a position where “She likes Ise, but she will approach him from a step behind”. Since she’s among the older girls group, I would end up writing the same thing if she shows the same reaction as Rias and Akeno. From now on, I guess she would interact with Ise in her own way while other girls aren’t there. Maybe that would be even harder……

But the D×D heroines sure has a high rate of being abducted. No, maybe it’s the heroine’s requirement to have them get kidnapped!?

●Ise’s super one-hit kill move, the Longnis Smasher

The one-hit kill move which was finally unlocked. It’s normally a move which can only be used during Juggernaut Drive mode. But as a result of Ise evolving in a way different to the usual Sekiryuuteis, he was able to make it happen. It has a deadly attack power and the use for it will be limited since it can also affect the environment. By the way, in terms of image it’s the Guyver’s Mega Smasher and Gundam Virsago Chest-Break’s Triple Mega Sonic Cannon. I sure do have lots of Gundam X parodies.

Oh yeah, it’s about the Wyverns, but they are also the parodies of Psycho Gundam Mk.II’s Reflector Bits. Rather, they are the Funnels.

●The girls that holds the key

Since we now know that Rossweisse is trying to create a seal-spell against 666, her priority has increased. From now on, her powers will also become the key. And Koneko has also started learning a sealing technique against the Evil Dragons by using the application of senjutsu. If we also include Rias’s one-hit kill move here, don’t you think the girls have become a lot stronger? By the way how the story will progress from now on, both Irina and Xenovia will get their spotlight while attaining a new power as well.

●Xenovia’s election and ORC’s generation change

Xenovia’s suspicious action that has started from the previous volume was for her to run the election for Presidency. The truth is, I have decided to have Xenovia run for Presidency for quite a while. I also have chosen the new Club President and the new Club Vice-president for quite a while. Please look forward to the upcoming story regarding those areas. I’m sure it will shock you quite a bit.

●Regarding Euclid

Euclid started to speak out about his sister Grayfia in this volume. You should slightly be able to see his sister-complex side from volume 14 which was his first appearance. He also has been beaten badly by Ise as well. Will he end just like this!?

●The traitorous(?) Emperor

What Emperor Belial said at the end actually is bought in volume 3, so if there is anyone curious about it, do check it (It’s regarding the person who was in charge of Rias’s territory previously).

The territory of Rias’s dad’s “Bishop” which was the place the young Akeno entered is different to the town where Kuou academy is located in, so please be careful. Sir Agrippa isn’t the previous person in charge of Kuou town.

●The Ultimate items for Dragons’, Asia-tan’s panties!

Just like Rias’s breast, her panties are the ultimate item which can bring out the Two Heavenly Dragon’s power even more. Also, you cannot copy Head-Chef Fafnir’s cooking!

●Saji’s Balance Breaker

He finally reached it. But since it turned into an armour, he must also get a strong influence from Ise as well. I will put more detail about its abilities in the story which is to come.

Asia and Shinra-fukukaichou also needs to reach it soon as well. I have already decided on what their abilities will be.

●The name of the town

The name of the town Ise lives in still hasn’t appeared yet. I also came this far without giving it a name, but it made me think I should. That’s why I decided to call it “Kuou town”. The town finally gets a name after seventeen volumes!

And a bit of a report.

The truth is, I fell sick on September of last year. I had hernia on my hips and nerve pain on my ischial bone, so currently I have a hardtime writing in my previous posture. Since I couldn’t sit on the chair, I even had to write this volume 17 while laying down. Since I wrote while being careful of my hips, I had to write in one-third of my usual speed and it affected my work in so many ways. From now on, I’m planning to write be cautious of my body by taking treatment and having a rest. I will continue to write while trying to keep the main story from delaying.

Now for my thanks. Miyama-Zero-sama, main editor H-sama, I certainly am under your care always!

Thanks to both of you, my series received lots of expansion such as the anime, the game, and other types of merchandises where I even receive lots of samples of it. There’s so many merchandises than I could have imagined, and since I couldn’t put all of them in my room, I had to put them in a spare room. However, I have a faint hope of having Ise and Vali in their armour forms getting a figure or figma of it……is it really an impossible dream!?

Now then, the next volume is Irina main volume! Emperor Belial mentioned something which was quite troubling, so I wonder what will happen…… Xenovia and Asia seems like they will get involved as well, so the Church-trio will definitely show some action! I want to go with the Occult Research Club + Heaven members for volume 18! It’s planned for the leader Dulio have some action as well! And Irina-chan should power up from being a self-proclaiming Angel into a real Angel! Please look forward to it!

12 thoughts on “Afterword.

  1. i knew i wasn’t the only one! Ishibumi wants an Issei armour figure too!! it is indeed a faraway dream… (sadface)

    • Yeah, lol. But hopefully the next volume will really make Irina shine. After all, it’s a volume that focuses on Irina as the main heroine. Still, hopefully, Ise and Rias get some time to themselves, too.

  2. Thank you very much for translation zero

    by the way for me the main spotlight of this volume wasnt rose but CHEF FAFNIR….the evil dragon wasnt the only one shed their tears , me too *laugh

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