109 thoughts on “Volume 17

  1. so if i remember correctly baka tsuki had a chapter called brother? just wondering if that will be added on here 😛

    • Its a Sub-chapter of the “New Life”. The book is structured in this way
      – Life.0
      – Life.1 Praises During the Training!
      – Life.2 The School of the Underworld!
      – Life.3 The Direction of the Evil Intent
      – Life.4 The Youth Devil
      – New Life.
      – Brother?
      – Emperor.
      – Afterword

  2. Hey! Code-Zero. It’s kind of rude because I’m the one who reads the book “High School DxD” without buying and traslating because I can’t buy the translated one from anywhere. Did you quit translating the light novel? I’m asking because I’m really looking forward to it. If you quit, I’m not blaming on you, but can you give me a feedback whether you quit or not. Sorry…

  3. Code-Zero, i want to thank you for all your hard work till now. I’m an Indonesia and can not read Japanese. I’m also one of the fans who loved this series so thank you for all your translation till now

  4. Woohoooo!!! It’s OUUUUT!!! XD
    Thanks a friggin LOT, CodeZerooo!! We Love You!!
    Now while I wait for the PDF, I’m going to reread the previous volumes to refresh my memory.

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