True Longinus

True Longinus.

“HAHAHA! You were unexpectedly fast. No, I’ll take that back. —You were faster than I predicted. How was the realm of the dead, Cao Cao?”

“…………For the God himself that dropped me down there to ask my opinion about it, you really are a horrible God, Śakra-sama.”

“And where are Georg and Leonardo?”

“……Georg started researching about magic down at the realm of the dead. It seems like he won’t be coming back for a while. Leonardo is staying with Georg.”

“HAHAHA! Longinus possessors sure are guys that you can’t come to understand. Well, that’s alright. —Like I promised, I’ll return the Holy Spear.”

“By the way, did something happen over here?”

“—Good timing. How about you join them as well? I’ll talk to the other forces. Do it since you are a “human” that was chosen by the Holy Spear. —Slaying the Evil Dragons and a Lucifer that is.”

“……Evil Dragons……and a Lucifer, huh.”

15 thoughts on “True Longinus

  1. Wow, amazing, first Cao Cao is in the Khaos Brigade and fought against the Gremory group, now he is going to team up with them to fight the Evil Dragons and Lucifer. In betting that in the next couple volumes, it going to be epic of battles and lots harem, comedy, with Ise.

  2. This definitely looks interesting! The next few volumes should be a great mix of comedy, epic battles and awesome ecchi scenes. Wonder how Cao Cao is gonna get along with the Gremory group after fighting against them for so long.

    • well besides True Longinus ( even without balance breaker is already more than capable of killing gods), he has Truth Idea and he did escape The Land of the Dead with his own “Human” strength…. and like anyone who uses their mind, he probably has another trump card

    • The important part is of how he uses what he have in his arsenal. Issei won against him only because Cao Cao lowered his guard. Longinus also have good support abilities that he can use from afar to control battle (weapon destruction, teleportation). One of his abilities can suppress power of women (Lilith, for example). Another can redirect attacks.

      These have serious potential for abuse with Cao Cao’ observational skills and intelligence. And he IS a superior warrior. His combat skills are probably one of the highest shown. The only thing he lacks is physical strength.

      • Hm, I forgot about that. Guess the question is…does whatever power she uses to shapeshift make her count as whatever gender she turns into or not.
        Well, it will, if that will be important for the story, I guess.

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