Life.2 The Kins of the Dark Night

It’s silent inside the castle and the only ones we come across are the maids that walked pass us and the soldiers that are on patrol.

We, the Occult Research Club members, are having ourselves guided by a maid to the underground room where Gasper’s father is enclosed in.

Rias and Gasper are taken to the throne room because Valerie wants to see them while Sensei followed a Vampire with a high social status who seems to be someone under Marcus.

The former is probably a normal talk with Valerie. The latter however is probably because they want to ask Sensei about the knowledge he has with Sacred Gears.

……And we are told to be on standby here, but since the meeting with “Gasper papa” was approved, we decided to see him instead.

It’s inside the castle made from stones. We go down the stairs while the maid who is holding the light leads us.

We exit out to a spacious floor after we went down stairs quite a bit. There are many doors and the maid approaches one of them.

“This is the guestroom where the Head of the House of Vladi is staying in.”

A guestroom, huh…… It’s quite a plain place for welcoming a noble…… I guess it’s better than a place which looks like a prison though.

The maid knocks on the door and informs the person inside by saying, “There are guests here to see you”. She opens the locked door and urges us to go inside.

We nod our heads to each other and enter the room.

The interior……of the room is much more gorgeous than I imagined. There is an expensive looking chandelier hanging from the ceiling. All of the furniture looks expensive.

I see, it certainly is a room that isn’t lacking for a noble to be locked in.

The person sitting on the sofa inside the room stands up after seeing us.

A young man with blond hair. He seems to be in his 30’s. He seems to be Gasper’s father, therefore he resembles him.

Akeno-san takes a step forward and greets him.

“How do you do, we are the servant Devils of Rias Gremory-sama. I am Rias Gremory-sama’s [Queen] and my name is Himejima Akeno. I thought I should give our greetings to you today, so we came here to see you.”

While Rias is absent, Akeno-san becomes the leader of our group. She’s acting in an elegant way where she isn’t rude to him.

The man nods his head once and urges her to sit on the sofa.

“Please sit down. –That, no, you came to discuss about Gasper, correct?”

Seems like he understands our business here immediately.

Akeno-san sits on the sofa, so we stood in a line behind her.

……He resembles Gasper, but he has a paler skin than Gasper so his beauty makes me feel as if he’s artificially made. He also doesn’t have a shadow. It means that he’s a pure-blood Vampire daddy.

Gasper’s dad speaks.

“I have spoken to Rias-sama already. We exchanged information regarding that. I was summoned to this castle while we were discussing how the Gremory and the Vladi should handle that thing……and it’s quite a pathetic thing to say, but I ended up getting locked into this room. I never imagined a coup d’état to happen this quietly and for King Tepes to retreat. It seems like his highness Marius’s group gave an order to bring Rias-sama here by using my son.”

His voice is quite calm despite the things he just explained of what had happened here. He doesn’t seem like he’s that agitated by it. I can even take an impression that he has come to accept this situation he is in.

……But there’s something which has been bothering me since before.

About the word “that” he has been using from before.

I don’t want to imagine what he’s referring to, but is that……

“That, as in?”

“That……it seems like Gasper is functioning as a Devil. I was shocked when I heard that from Rias-sama to be honest.”

For a father to call his son “that” huh.

……That’s horrible. Even if there is discrimination between a pure-blood Vampires and half-blood Vampires, for him to call his son in such a way is……

“……As we thought, Gasper-kun’s mother is……”

When Akeno-san asks him in such a way, Gasper’s dad shakes his head.

“Yes, she has already passed away. Right after giving birth to that.”

“You are saying that it was a difficult childbirth?”

The Head of the House of Vladi changes his expression for the first time at Akeno-san’s question. He narrows his eyes and brings his eyebrows closer.

“……No, she died due to the shock.”


What does he mean by that? While everyone here is finding this suspicious, Gasper’s dad puts his hand together and speaks in fear.

“What was given birth from inside her was—something enveloped in a frightening aura.”


It seems like Akeno-san also can’t grasp hold of what the Head is trying to say. Same goes for us as well.

We can’t come to understand what his dad is trying to say at all.

I can’t come but to think that there is a critical difference between the Gasper we know of and the Gasper he knows of.

The Head then says it as if he’s barely able to let words come out of his mouth.

“……When that was born……it didn’t have the shape of a person. Something black and creepy that was squirming came out from his mother’s womb. Something that you can’t describe by words came out from the womb. Something that wasn’t a human or a Vampire or even a monster. His mother saw that with her own eyes where her mentality couldn’t stay normal and led to her death.”


……H-Hold on a sec. What was that? Was that……really about Gasper……? And a black squirming thing…… It feels like he’s sharing a story about how he witnessed a birth of a monster.

Well, certainly the power that has been awakening in him lately……is an ability of black darkness.

The Head continues.

“The nurses and the several servants who were present in that scene started to die one by one in a strange way.”

……A strange death. The ones who were present during the birth?

The Head then says one thing.

“They must have been cursed to death.”

……So he’s saying that they have been killed due to a curse.

“Gasper did? A curse?”

I couldn’t resist asking him, despite my action being beyond my standing. The Head answers me without being concerned about it that much.

“Yes, it must be a curse he used unconsciously. He turned into a form of a normal baby several hours after his birth, but by then, his mother had already died due to the shock.”

……Oi, are you serious?

That’s something beyond our imagination!

“Does Gasper-kun know about this?”

The Head shakes his head to the side at Akeno-san’s question.

“No, he wasn’t told about this. We don’t know what will trigger him into returning into his true form after all. I don’t want to carelessly stimulate him. ……Close relatives of mine who didn’t know about that incident found his time stopping Sacred Gear something uncomfortable to be near with. But for us who knows about his true form found that more terrifying than his ability to stop time.”

The Head says it in a heavy tone while hiding his mouth with his hands.

“……Devils of Gremory, we can’t consider that as a Vampire nor a human…… We can only group him as a different being. We did treat him like a half-blood……but we don’t know whether that was the right decision. And we made him go to the outside world while we didn’t know about his true identity……”

I then say it to the Head who is putting on a very confused look.

“I don’t know how he was in the past. But Gasper is a Devil right now. He is our junior. Even if he were to have his body tainted in darkness—he is still our comrade.”

Koneko-chan also takes a step forward.

“……Gya-kun is my precious friend. He is the first friend I ever made who happens to be the same age as me.”

Koneko-chan…… This was something only she could say immediately since its Koneko-chan who gets along with Gasper more than anyone else.

The Head asks us.

“Didn’t all of you witness that true form?”

He must be referring to Gasper who can control shadows and is tainted with darkness. All of us nod.

The Head smiles seeing that.

“……Like I thought, you people are the Gremory group. Rias-sama also said the same thing when I asked the same question.”

[If he isn’t a human or a Vampire, then Gasper is a Devil. After all, I reincarnated him as a Devil with my own hands. No matter what his true form is, he is no doubt a Devil of the Gremory group.]

He tells us how Rias answered him in such a way.

I……no, we all became emotional at Rias’s words.

The woman I love……our master……is the best after all!

The Head then says this while putting on a bit of a smile.

“…………That’s an emotion which is difficult for me to understand, but I see. If all of you are able to say that after witnessing that power, it means that I can come to the conclusion that he was saved by all of you even a bit.”

Our conversation continues a bit after that, but we can’t find out a bit about Gasper’s true form.

The only thing which is clear is that they, the House of Vladi, aren’t pleased about Gasper’s existence. ……I think he talked to Rias in a way where the Gremory side will officially take full responsibility of him.

In other words, it means that there is no longer a place in this territory in which he can call it as his home.

The discussion ends, and the maid bows and reports it to us as we exit the underground.

“Hyoudou Issei-sama and Toujou Koneko-sama, her highness Valerie is requesting for you.”

Koneko-chan and I look at each other.

……So this time it’s an invitation from Gasper’s saviour.

Before our departure, Ravel did say that a Sekiryuutei has hard schedules, so I can’t come but to agree that it’s true.

But there have been many things that have been bothering me since we came here—.

The place Koneko-chan and I get taken is an indoor garden located in the higher floor of the castle.

It’s an enclosed place where there isn’t a single window and the only thing we can see and hear is the artificial light, the variety of flowers, and the peaceful water flowing by.

There is a table located in the centre of the garden in which Rias, Gasper, and Valerie is already sitting on.

Koneko-chan and I sit on the unused chair after the maid allows us to come in.

……I also sense the creepy pressure coming from beside me. When I look toward there I can see the man cladded in black who was present at the throne room, Crom Cruach, who is leaning his back on the wall.


After he takes a single glance at us silently, he closes his eyes right away.

Valerie chuckles quietly.

“That person over there is my bodyguard. —His name is Crom Cruach-san.”

……You sure do have the strongest bodyguard you can ask for. Valerie has the Evil Dragon while the old man called Rizevim has the other Ophis next to them.

Even the bodyguard of a boss-class figure is something to be reckoned with. So it means we can’t make any wrong move here huh. I had a simple plan where I would take Valerie by force if I have the chance as our worst scenario, but I can’t take that action if that thing is next to her……

A cup is placed in front of me and Valerie pours in the tea for me.

Valerie says it to me while smiling.

“I had Rias-sama tell me about the lifestyle Gasper had in Japan. I hear that Japan is a very peaceful country, Hyoudou Issei-san.”

I would need to reply to her politely, right……? Even if she is Gasper’s saviour, she is currently the leader of this country.

“Y-Yes. Japan has many delicious foods and entertainments, Valerie……I mean your highness.”

Valerie chuckles as if she’s finding it funny when I said that.

“You don’t have to speak to me so politely, Hyoudou Issei-san. I’m also asking Rias-sama to talk to me casually as well. Please call me Valerie.”

“Yes, you should do as she asked, Ise.”

Rias also says that.

If the person herself and Rias are allowing it, then I will.

“Yes, I understand, Valerie.”

“Ufufu, thank you.”

Except, her expression……her smile had shadows in them where she looks empty and it is painful to look at. So much that I can guess what kind of environment she has been living in—.

Valerie asks Koneko-chan.

“Toujou Koneko-san, you know many delicious sweets, correct? What kind of sweets are there in Japan?”

“Well, the ones I like are—”

Then our discussion which isn’t that important begins.

The daily lifestyle where nothing happens to us is something new and interesting for Valerie, so she asks us many questions due to the interest she has at places we never expected.

“I see. The reason why Gasper dresses like a girl is because I played with him by making him wear it when we were little. He was against it in the beginning, but he suddenly started wearing them on his own……ufufu♪”

“G-Geez! Valerie, you can’t tell them that!”

“Oh yes, did you fix your habit where you can’t go to sleep without holding a doll?”


“Ufufu, I guess not. It sure is like Gasper.”

Both of their behaviour is something which makes us at peace. Gasper is also talking without holding back and they seem natural.

“How lucky. I also want to eat cakes in Japan. I’m sure they have a sacred taste in them. I prefer sweets over bloods. Humans blood must taste thicker, ufufu.”

Even though she’s showing an atmosphere where she’s distant from the outside world, she is showing a similar response to a normal girl.

However—at times she talks to places where there is no one present.

“———Yes. ……———I know. ———However, that is……”

……She must be talking to the dead who isn’t visible to our eyes through the power of her Holy Grail.

Koneko-chan whispers to me.

“……There is a negative spiral of ki from the direction Valerie-san is talking towards. You won’t be able to see them with your eyes but even I can sense it due its presence.”

So Koneko-chan became capable of sensing the presence of the unknown through the use of senjutsu. It’s amazing for her to grasp hold of the dead that were drawn by the power of the Holy Grail.

While I become amazed at Koneko-chan’s growth, Valerie suddenly looks up the ceiling.

She mutters with a sad face.

“……So Gasper has seen the sun before.”

“Yup. Since I have the power of a day-walker……but the same applies to you as well, Valerie.”

She makes a faint smile at Gasper’s word.

“You’re right. But I…..won’t be allowed to go out of here…… Even once will be fine, I want to drink tea with Gasper under the sun. Picnic is a very fun leisure, correct?”

……She has never gone out before huh. If I remember correctly, she has been imprisoned here since her birth. I’m sure she has been confined even more after her Holy Grail’s power awakened.

Even if living under the sun is nothing impressive to us, it must be something unusual for her.

Rias makes a smile hearing that and makes a suggestion.

“If that’s the case, let’s have one together. Let’s go to the Japanese resorts with the members of the Occult Research Club and you, Valerie.”

To Rias’s suggestion, Valerie has lights returning to her eyes.

“Oh my, that will be wonderful. Having a picnic under the sun with everyone really seems fun.”

So this person can also make a wonderful smile like this as well huh.

……Yeah, she’s right. Rias is right! I got up from my chair energetically!

“Yeah, let’s go around the good places of Japan with everyone else! Gya-suke, you also know many good locations in Japan as well, right? You just have to show that to Valerie!”

Gasper makes a bright expression and nods his head many times to my words.

“Y-Yes! He’s right, Valerie! Let’s go to Japan together with me! It might be difficult since you just became a Queen……but once this entire ruckus settles down, you might get some free time! No, I’ll come to get you! Japan is filled with many kind people, there are lots of delicious foods, and the four seasons of Japan are always fascinating!”

I say it to Gasper with a teasing expression since Gasper has more spirit than usual.

“Hahaha, that’s quite the enthusiasm coming from the shut-in Gasper.”

“G-Geez! Ise-senpai! P-Please don’t tease me~! I-I am suggesting this to Valerie really seriously here~!”

“That’s right, Senpai. Gya-kun is asking for a date for the first time in his life. So teasing him is not allowed.”

Oh my, even Koneko-chan says that!


Rias also laughs as if she’s finding it amusing.

That’s right, we just have to take her out of here somehow. She must be imprisoned by the Holy Grail. Even so—she still has a personality of a normal girl just like this!

So we simply need to have fun together where she will eventually have her mentality back to a normal state—.

While we are having our discussion with so much joy, a different voice comes and interferes all of that.

“I wonder what all of you are so excited about.”

The one who enters the garden is—Marius Tepes. He walks towards us while putting on a fake smile. It amazes me because he seems like he’s build from a mass of an evil intention that is wearing some clothing.

That instant, lights disappear from Valerie’s eyes. Valerie then answers him with an unnatural smile.

“Marius-oniisama. I was just talking to Gasper and Rias-sama.”

Marius greets us once again.

“Hello there. Sorry for my intrusion. Since I heard Valerie is meeting the guests, I thought I should show myself as well. Am I a bother?”

……He asks that to us on purpose.

I’m sure he is thinking that we are planning on doing something, so he came to check upon us.

Even Rias who had her usual smile until now responds with a sour look.

“No, you are not. I also caused a lot of trouble to you before due to my servant [Knight].”

Rias apologises for Xenovia’s action once again.

Marius makes a bitter smile.

“No no, there are things those from the lower class can’t come to understand when they come into this world.”

He just shrugs his shoulder and didn’t make that much of a deal out of it.

“E-Excuse me!”

“What is it, Gasper Vladi?”

Gasper doesn’t even back down and ask him very forwardly.

“……Can you please release Valerie? I will do anything if it is something I can do. So please! Please don’t make Valerie suffer any more than this……”

……Well said. Lately, Gasper’s growth towards becoming a man is remarkable. He may become a nice guy with the most manliness among the Gremory boys in the future.

……Well, I can’t really imagine that happening.

Marius who was asked that starts to think while putting his hand under his chin.


He then answers like this as he smiles.

“Very well. I will release her.”

……That’s an unexpected answer! No, but……is this a……

Marius continues.

“Except, please give me some time. The political power just changed so having Valerie who just reigned as a Queen stepping down right away won’t look well. If you give us a bit of time, then I’ll hand Valerie to all of you.”

Marius says it to Valerie.

“Valerie, you may go to Japan. You may live over there peacefully with Gasper Vladi.”

“But the Holy Grail is……”

Marius smiles as he puts his hand on Valerie’s shoulder who is putting on a confused look.

“You don’t need to worry about it. You don’t have to use it any longer. You did fulfil a lot of your duty. So you may be “released” from the Holy Grail.”

“I-Is that true? Oh my, Gasper. It seems like I can go to Japan.”

“Yup! I’m so glad! T-This really is good news!”

The two childhood friends take each other’s hand in joy.

Gasper bows his head to Marius.

“Thank you very much! Thank you very much!”

“No, it’s okay. Fufufu.”

Towards Marius who is putting on a meaningful smile—me, Rias, and Koneko-chan keeps our mouth closed.

……You can’t just call this suspicious.

This is impossible. For him to let go of Valerie and the Holy Grail.

Just like me, Rias and Koneko-chan also realises that so they look at him with a doubtful eyes.

Gasper and Valerie are simply in joy without even doubting Marius’s words.

—“Releasing” her, huh.

Words filled with bad premonition. While we feel dubious, the tea party with Valerie ends there.


“Oh, it’s unexpectedly normal here huh, the town of Vampires that is.”

What spreads front of my eyes is—an unfamiliar town covered in pure white snow. There are many building all lined up in front of me.

The group of five people consisting of Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, and I, came down to the castle town during late at night for an observation.

Saying that, two days have passed since the tea party with Valerie where nothing particular happened since then. So Rias suggested for us to go down and observe the castle town since we have so much time to spare in the guest room.

The one who came out are the five people I just named. For the remaining members; Sensei hasn’t returned since he was taken away by the Vampire’s Sacred Gear institute. Just like that, he hasn’t returned even once during the past two days. ……I’m sure nothing bad is going on, but I do wonder what Sensei is doing……

Rias and Akeno-san has been continuing their discussion with the Head of the House of Tepes at the basement for the past two days. Kiba is with them as their guard. Apparently Rias is continuing with her discussion where she can formally take Gasper from the House of Vladi. Since it’s a discussion between the nobles of the Devils and Vampires, I hear that their discussion is going on smoothly despite having a different kind of value on things.

Gasper himself is having a tea-party with Valerie together with Koneko-chan every day. Valerie who is the temporally Queen has quite a lot of free time, so it makes us even more dubious instead.

……A Queen usually doesn’t have that much free time. Even more so under this situation where the coup d’état just ended. Even an idiot like me thinks a Queen needs to take action even more under this situation. She may be a puppet used for politics, but even so, I think they are giving their Queen too much freedom.

……I’m also concerned about the word “release” Marius said…… It just sounds like a bad omen no matter how I think about it. I’m also concerned because there hasn’t been any eye-catching movement within the past two days…..

It may be good to somehow take Valerie with us, but the fact about the Evil Dragon being next to her is……

No, I can’t remain being scared about it. If I have to, it will be wise to take Valerie by force even if that means I have to fight the Evil Dragon.

I appreciate Ddraig’s warning but doing nothing while seeing her being in danger doesn’t seem right.

Now then, what am I supposed to do? We can’t remain in this country forever……

“Ise-san, is something wrong?”

Asia looks into my face.

“A-Ah, sorry. I was thinking a bit.”

I need to get my head straight. Rias went far to allow us to go out. So let’s just look around the town with this opportunity we are given.

—While I was thinking such things, we arrive to the shopping district.

The signboards for different kinds of shops are out, and it seems like there’s everything from clothing shop to a general store. Looks like there are also restaurants. It’s possible to eat human food besides consuming blood for those who became a Vampire from a human. Except, the closer to a pure-blood you are, the more blood you have to consume.

But our Gasper happens to take more human food if you put it in ratios. Though it seems like he also needs to drink blood.

…….I tried to look around the shop but the reaction from those around us makes it difficult.

There are many of those who are looking at us.

“Seems like they know that we are outsiders.”

Xenovia says that.

Irina shrugs her shoulder.

“Even if this is a castle town, it’s still a world shut-in from the world outside. As I thought, those who came from outside must have a different vibe. You remember how we stood out when we went to foreign countries for our missions, Xenovia?”

“You are right. The obstacle faced by those raised in the Church would be the different cultures of the countries they are sent to for their missions.”

Yeah, both of them certainly did stand out when they first came to Japan. Well, they did dress like an agent so they probably didn’t have the intention of mixing in with Japan’s atmosphere.

Asia continues.

“I was also confused since there were many things I didn’t know about when I just arrived in Japan.”

Even Asia was shocked at many things till she became familiar with Japan. Not only about the food but also in terms of the living style. She was especially shocked at how convenient the home appliances are. Since she had a simple plain life, the culture shock she had must have been big.

Speaking of convenient, the residents here are also using transport method such as car and bike. They walk outside normally once they exit the building. It’s a normal action since I hear that the majority of those living here turned into a Vampire from a human. They sure are convenient, the home appliances from the human world that is.

I had an impression that they were using horses for transport. I made an assumption that they hated other cultures since they took quite a distance from the other forces. The items and the appearance of the mediaeval Europe stood out inside the castle instead of the modern home appliances. Even the armours of the soldiers inside the castle had a middle-age look.

But the atmosphere of the town is different. I then come to witness modern things over here and there.

If I think about it, the Carmilla-faction also had a vehicle.

Just like the Devils of the Underworld, it seems the Vampires also have flexibility where they take in convenient things into their culture.

Well, the time when they are active is the opposite of the humans since they sleep at day and get active at night.

Xenovia then breathes out.

“……I don’t like to have myself followed by someone.”

Yeah, just like Xenovia said, there are several of those following us. They are the ones that have been dispatched from the castle to watch over us. I already know that since we were told about this from the beginning…… But like Xenovia said, having someone follow you sure does make you be bothered by it.

“It can’t be helped. Even if we were allowed to go out, we are the guests that are supposed to be staying inside that castle.”

That’s what I say. Even they must be concerned to what we will do outside. I’m sure they are watching us because we may start a stir with the residents and tell them unnecessary things.

Though I have no intention of doing such things.

My gaze then moves to Rossweisse-san. She’s looking at each of the shop all lined up with keen eyes.

“It was quite unexpected for you to come with us, Rossweisse-san.”

When I say that, Rossweisse-san answers me while putting her chest forward as if the action she took was a right decision.

“Of course. I’m a teacher from Kuou academy and all of you are my students. You can call this is my guidance. Coming into Romania is nothing more than an extracurricular lesson.”

Rossweisse-san is looking around the shops while her eyes are sparkling despite saying things bombastic.

“……Hmm, looks there are some interesting shops here……”

Maybe the one who is enjoying the most coming out here is Rossweisse-san……

—Now, the situation of the town that Rias and others told us to observe didn’t seem like there is any influence due to the coup d’état nor are the residents that are walking the streets are showing any sign of confusion.

As we thought, they don’t know anything about the coup d’état. So the coup d’état actually happened silently while the King escaped without anyone knowing. But for the King to escape while leaving his people……

“Welcome, how about a tea made from a special herbs harvested from this area?”

Like that, there are shopkeepers who call out to us casually despite knowing that we are outsiders.

“As I thought, there are no discount shops around here…… I think it would be okay for a 100 yen shop to be popular in the world of Vampires as well……”

Rossweisse-san sighs as if she is grieving.

……S-So you were looking forward to that…… Just how much love and attachment do you have towards 100 yen shop……?

I was making such comments inside myself……but something shocking appears within my sight.

—The girl who is the other half of Ophis is sitting front of a stand.


She’s staring at the products displayed on the stand. It looks like an accessory shop.

It seems like she’s looking at an accessory that has the shape of a red Dragon.

“……Umm, little girl, which one do you want to buy?”

It seems like the shop keeper of the stand is having a hard time with confronting the girl who is simply looking at his products silently.

The others also realises that the other half of Ophis, Lilith, is in front of them, so they are really surprised as well.

……I don’t feel any presence of suspicious person nearby. Did this girl come to buy something on her own……?

We look at each other where we all look confused and didn’t know what to do…… I then make my mind up after breathing out.

I went next to Lilith and point at a product.

“……Do you want this?”

When I ask, Lilith notices me and stares into my face.


She’s silent and she doesn’t give any response. I then tell the shopkeeper.

“I’ll buy this one.”

I buy the accessory of a red Dragon by using the money I can use in this country which was given to me from Rias.

I then hand that to Lilith.

“Here you go, see ya.”

I try to leave with everyone after saying that. Well, confronting her any longer than this seems dangerous, so I thought we should go elsewhere.

—However, someone pulls my clothes. When I look, I witness Lilith who is pulling my clothes.

“……W-What is it?”

I ask, but the girl says this while there’s no emotion in her face.

“……My stomach, empty.”

The girl who is the other half of Ophis eats the roll cabbage and the meats that have been twisted right in front of me.

We took this girl with us and couldn’t help ourselves but to enter the restaurant nearby.

The Romanian food that is all lined up on the table. There are also other foods from other countries which we can enjoy. Of course. Since those who became a Vampire came from the various parts of the world, so the cooking here must also be multi-cultural.

I’m eating the Japanese food I’m really familiar with even though I’m looking forward to eating Romanian food. I never expected that I’m able to eat tofu in the country of Vampires…… I take a piece.

Ugh, it does have a shape of a tofu but the taste isn’t that good…… As I thought, it’s best to east Japanese food in Japan.

Lilith takes the tofu into her mouth without any complaint.

“Is it good?”

I ask.

“……Not sure.”

The girl answers plainly. It’s messy around her mouth due to the crumbles of food and sauces.

“Oh, you have some sauce on your mouth.”

Asia wipes the sauce for her with a handkerchief.

“Okay, it’s all clean now.”

She continues to eat once her mouth has been wiped. ……And her mouth gets dirty again.

Xenovia who is watching this while resting her chin on her hand says this.

“So this is Ophis’s other half. ……What should we do? Is this a chance?”

By chance, she must mean if we can make her spill information about the new Khaos Brigade or maybe simply taking this girl somewhere.

Irina sighs while shrugging her shoulder.

“……I don’t think we should. We are being watched after all, so it seems like we’ll get ourselves into trouble if we make any weird move on this girl. She is a member of Khaos Brigade after all and she is considered as Ophis-san to everyone who doesn’t know the truth. Since the Ophis-san in Hyoudou residence is treated as if she doesn’t exist, this girl here is “Ophis” from the view of every force.”

She’s right. The ones watching us also came inside the restaurant and are keeping their eyes on us while sitting far from us. So we can’t make any wrong move. Furthermore, she seems to be insanely powerful so we won’t be able to handle her if she resists.

They are confident that this girl can’t be taken away by us, even if she is to encounter us or any other people.

“Well, simply eating with her should be fine.”

That’s the conclusion I came up with. We won’t get involved with her any more than this and simply finish this with having a meal together.

We are obviously going to allow ourselves to observe her. We also have a Dragon-God in our home and this girl happens to be the other half of Ophis.

Maybe her hunger is gone, so Lilith puts her folk down and suddenly starts to—sniff me.

She starts to sniff my body. ……Eh, am I smelly? That’s what I thought, so I start to smell myself……

Lilith then says it with few words.

“……Same smell as Lilith.”

She has no expression on her face, but she is however tilting her head. The similar way how Ophis tilts her head.

“……Ah, did Ophis’s smell get on me?”

I say that. I assumed she smelled the smell of Ophis, the real one, from my body.

“……Maybe you have her smell on right now, Ise-kun.”

That’s what Rossweisse-san says, but Lilith says this next.

“……Also the smell, of nostalgia. Red, big, a smell of Red Dragon.”


A red and big Dragon. She must mean Great Red.

My current body is made from borrowing a section of Great Red’s body. It’s not weird if she can smell Great Red from me. By the way how she said that, it seems like she doesn’t know much about Great Red like the real Ophis does.

But I’m surprised. The real Ophis is very interested in Great Red, but even this girl recognises that Sekiryuushintei……

The relation between Ophis and Great Red must be more complex than I imagined.

I got my head clear and introduce ourselves to Lilith.

“I’m Hyoudou Issei. She’s Asia, the ones over there are Xenovia and Irina, and the one over there is Rossweisse-san.”

Asia and others also greets her with a smile.

“……Hyoudou, Issei…..Issei……”

She says my name to remember it. Huh? Is my name a bit too hard to remember?

“You can just call me Ise.”

I say it in a friendly manner, but—


She becomes silent, and I witness the difference between her and Ophis. She has less expression than Ophis. What did they do with the stolen power of Ophis and how did they use it? Those are the things I’m concerned about now.

Maybe she is satisfied, so the girl doesn’t say anything and stands up from her seat.

“What, you are going home?”

When I ask, Lilith doesn’t turn around but says,

“…………Rizevim, protect, Lilith’s duty.”

That’s what she simply says.

After we look at each other, we head towards back to the castle after finishing our meal quickly.


We, the group that went outside, returns and talks with the other members since Azazel-sensei finally came back.

Sensei then talks to us.

“Oh, it’s you guys. I’ve just came back. ……So how was it outside?”

“It was normal. Like you said, they don’t seem to know anything about the coup d’état.”

—When I tell him my impression, Sensei mutters out by saying, “Thought so”.

Gasper makes a rare action by talking to Sensei. He puts on a smile with a high tension—.

“Azazel-sensei, please listen to me! Marius-san promised me that he will release Valerie! I’m so glad~. With this, I can take Valerie to Japan!”

He reacts to Gasper’s reaction and words, so he looks at us right away.

“……Tell me, what happened?”

We tell Sensei about Valerie. We already heard about the discussion with the Head of the House of Vladi from Rias (we avoided telling Gasper about the information regarding his birth), but he seems like he has a good grasp of it already.

Sensei waves his hand to call me, Rias, and Akeno-san to the corner of the room.

Sensei says it in a small voice to make sure Gasper and Asia can’t hear us.

(I’m sure you guys know this already, but what he means by releasing her is……)

(Yes, as I thought, it’s something that isn’t good……)

Sensei nods to my words.

(He must be planning to take that, the Holy Grail, from her. From Valerie’s body that is. The Fallen Angel’s technology has been leaked outside. So it won’t be weird if they have the techniques to do that over here. After all, the ones behind them is the Khaos Brigade.)

……Pulling it out.

Asia who got her Twilight Healing pulled out flashes back in my head.

……That bastard Marius is planning to do the same thing. So he’s planning to make Gasper watch that happen……!

Rias burns in rage.

(……Since Marius used the word of “releasing” her, I’m sure he’s planning to make his move very soon. We need to tell this to Gasper soon. ……That man, Marius Tepes, sure is a despicable Vampire……!)

Maybe she can’t forgive Marius who fooled her servant, so she must be feeling mad because she can’t make herself to tell the truth to Gasper who is in so much joy. This is a problem she is facing since it’s Rias who is so kind.

I also have anger piling up inside me, but it’s not like we can do anything about it right now.

(But if the time comes, I want to take her with us by force. At this rate, it’s certain that something dangerous will happen for real.)

I say that while there are heats within my words.

Rias feels the same, so she shakes her head.

(I want to find a chance and leave this country together with her. I am having Bennia prepare an escape route just in case…… We need to rethink about this case.)

Yeah, we can’t just ignore this. What’s left is the timing……

We return to where everyone else is from the corner of the room. I shake my head and change the subject.

“By the way Sensei, what were you doing for the past two days?”

“……I was researching about the Sacred Gears possessed by the half-blood Vampires. It seems like there are many half-bloods that are born with the Sacred Gears lately. Though I don’t know the reason behind it.”

Half-blood Vampires who are a Sacred Gear possessors huh. Gasper and Valerie are one of them as well.

……So the number of them are increasing. The half-blood Vampires that are Sacred Gear possessors……

Sensei continues.

“The problem lies in the fact that the knowledge regarding the Sacred Gears has increased among the researchers of the Vampire’s side. It seems like there are those that are trying to find out more about them on their own like Marius, but you can clearly see the areas they haven’t advanced to if you were to compare them to the research level of the Grigori. So I taught them things they should know.”

“……Is it okay? To do that at this time in the country where their government isn’t still stable due to the recent coup d’état…… And doesn’t Vampire hate that kind of treatment……?”

If things go wrong, I’m worried that the coup d’état faction that is currently controlling this country will use those information for their beneficial. I also assume that Sensei’s advices will be something which isn’t necessary for them since they hate other forces coming into their problems.

Then Sensei says.

“The researchers that I spoke with are the ones that had been researching about the Sacred Gears even before the coup d’état. They were more willing to listen to what I had to say rather than taking their so called pride of Vampires as their priority. It also seemed like Marius was the one who mainly researched about the Holy Grail, so they didn’t have any intention of taking such direct rebellion. Well, that’s why I gave them the minimum information they should know. After all, this country is also showing the sign of being in danger in terms of the Sacred Gears.”

“How is it so?”

Sensei answers with a complicated expression when I asked.

“—The Balance Breakers. You do know that Cao Cao leaked the information of the way they need to reach Balance Breaker to every force, right?”

Irina says it as if she realised something.

“Oh, if the half-blood Vampires that are dissatisfied with the current situation were to go wild using their Sacred Gears……”

Sensei nods.

“That’s how it is. Escaping from the ones that bullied you using your Balance Breaker will be fine. It’s quite common for it to be used for revenge. The problem is for them to go wild without any care around their surroundings by being bewitched by the Balance Breakers. They did observe such signs of that happening after all. So they must have wanted to prepare a counter measure against Balance Breakers immediately. That’s why I taught them things related to such situations and also promised them about deployments from the Grigori’s side. Looks like this place also has the same troubles as the Devil’s side.”

So he promised his help to them huh. Seriously, Sensei sure is quick at moving when things get involved with Sacred Gears.

Xenovia makes a bitter smile.

“I knew that Azazel-sensei has a soft spot.”

Sensei scratches his head.

“……I want to retrieve much information as I can that is related to the Sacred Gears. Under this situation where all these sorts of things which is impossible to predict happening here, the most valuable things during such times are informations. Especially all these Balance Breaker bargain sales that are happening are something you couldn’t even imagine in the past. Any sorts of things will become valuable information.”

The way to reach Balance Breaker found by Cao Cao and the Hero faction—. So it has affected even this far. Well, it’s natural for people that want to test it appear in a world where there is discrimination between pure-bloods and others if such information gets passed among the lower class folks.

On top of that, this society of Vampires never has sought for cooperation from other factions till now. So they ended up facing the threats of Balance Breakers that had been occurring internally by themselves.

If a Sacred Gear possessor that is a half-blood Vampire who is capable of using Balance Breaker is to come to the human world while having bad intention…… No, such people may have already hid themselves within the towns of the human world…… But there’s no point to think about such things now.

“The Holy Grail—what disappoints me the most is that I couldn’t meet Valerie. ……I could have come up with a counter measure if I was able to check her even a bit……”

Sensei looks like he’s regretting it. Seems like the meeting between Sensei and Valerie wasn’t permitted. They probably don’t want to have someone who has rich knowledge about Sacred Gear checking the Holy Grail out.

I then ask another question I have doubt about.

“The Underworld……what is Sirzechs-sama planning to do for this incident? Sensei, you have already reported this to him, right?”

The son of the previous Lucifer that had helped the coup d’état faction of the Vampire Tepes’s side. –Rizevim’s existence must be something the Underworld cannot ignore. Especially inside the mind of Sirzechs-sama who is using the same name as him……

Sensei speaks while closing his eyes.

“……I reported him about Rizevim just in case, but I still haven’t received any reply from the higher-ups of the Devils. What will happen if you add Rizevim to the situation when they were already in confusion due to Euclid being alive? It’s pretty much guaranteed that the situation over there is chaotic. So Sirzechs won’t be able to move even a muscle since he needs to come up with a counter measure. That’s how special the name “Lucifer” is. Especially now……since Rizevim who is the son of the previous Lucifer made his appearance. So it won’t be weird for the previous government supporters that had been hiding at the far end of the Underworld to take action.”

……Everyone became dead quiet at Sensei’s words.

Just how special a Lucifer is—. That’s also something I know despite my time being a Devil is still short. ……For the supporters of the previous government to come back once that old man makes his move again. Just what would happen to the Underworld……? Just recently, the current Devils including Sairaorg-san went to the trouble of taking down the Old-Maou faction that has been going wild while the Hero faction caused chaos……

—It means that there are those that find your so-called peace as a pain.

What Vali said to me back at the time when we fought the Evil-God Loki comes back to my memory.

……As long as I find it a peace, it means that there is someone out there who is finding it a pain……


A sudden mysterious sensation strikes us who had just been having a discussion.

A feeling where this room got enveloped by a certain barrier—. It’s not a nasty feeling. That’s because I can feel a familiar aura.

—Then a magic-circle belonging to the Sitri shows up on the ceiling where someone sticks their head out from it upside down.

—It’s the Grim Reaper girl Bennia!

《Hello. It took quite some time to connect this place with the outside, but I’m glad we were able to manage it.》

Bennia who went to the market from the Gondola station without anyone knowing. She finally shows up. I couldn’t meet her at the castle town after all. Well, that’s natural, since we had people keep their eyes on us.

So the reason why she put the barrier on this room is so she can come here directly huh. Is this the escape route Rias spoke of? ……It hasn’t been noticed by the people in this castle, right……?

While we are doing this, something falls down from the magic-circle on the ceiling.

There is a cute scream which went “Kyaa” belonging to a girl along with the sound of something crashing onto the floor.

When I look, I witness Elmenhilde who failed in landing patting her hip. The one who comes falling down next is the huge man Rugal, but in his case, he landed perfectly. Lastly, Bennia flies down from the ceiling.

Seeing our face which looks like we just seen something weird, Elmehilde stands up right away after noticing us and changes her attitude with a cough.

“How do you do, all of you? I’m glad all of you are doing fine.”

She greets us with a high attitude……but I’m frustrated since I thought she was a bit cute for failing to jump down properly!

“Elmenhilde, so you sneaked in to this country.”

Elmenhilde makes a single nod to Rias’s words.

“Of course. I met Bennia-san who is standing over there when the agents and I were deciding on which route to take to come to this castle. —There is something I need to report.”

She changes her attitude and tells this to us with a serious face.

“—We received the information that Marius Tepes’s faction is going to make an action by moving onto the final phase using the Holy Grail very shortly.”


Gasper’s face changes after hearing that.

Moving to the final phase……?

“The final phase……no, it can’t be.”

Elmenhilde says this at Sensei’s words.

“They are planning to take the Holy Grail out from Valerie Tepes in order to take complete control of this country. By increasing the power of the Holy Grail, they are trying to activate their plan where they will reconstruct the whole civilians living in the castle town.”

……So they made their move after all……!

To extract out the Holy Grail! And they are planning to take complete control of this country on top of that? And by reconstructing all of the civilians!

Sensei narrows his eyes by putting his hand on his chin.

“I already predicted about the Holy Grail……but they are planning to change the civilians to Vampires that has no weakness? Is that even something you can call it as a Vampire?”

Elmenhilde also puts on a face filled with disgust.

“It truly is disgusting. They are trying to change them into some other creature that has the trait of Vampires using the Holy Grail after all. Those from Carmilla faction that has come into this country is about to start the plan together with the Tepes faction’s government to defeat the anti-faction group.”

So they are already in a phase where they are about to supress down the coup d’état.

Gasper who has found out the truth all of a sudden……has his small body shiver and is putting on a gloomy face.

“……Umm, what will happen if Valerie has her Holy Grail extracted from her……?”

“—She will die. They were already planning to extract the Holy Grail from her once it had made some growth and when their research has advances. If the possessor dies, the Longinus will move onto the next host. In order to stop that from happening, they can extract the Sacred Gear from her and have it with them and use it without being concerned about having it disappear.”

Gasper breaks down on the floor after having Sensei tell him the truth.

“……N-No it can’t be, because Marius-san promised me that he would release her……and that he’ll allow her to go to Japan…… Were all of those things lies……?”

Rias embraces Gasper gently who has so many tears fall down from his eyes.

“You sure don’t find a despicable person like that so often. —I simply can only feel disgusted by him.”

Rias’s irises are filled with so much rage that it’s dangerous.

“Yes, as I thought, we need to save Valerie before the so-called release—”

Right before I was about to spit out my determination, a bright light shines from the window which even reaches inside the room.

It’s not morning. There’s still time till the sun rises.

We look out the window to check outside immediately.

—There is a huge wall of light that is covering the castle!

Is this……the light for a magic-circle?

Sensei clicks his tongue after seeing that.

“……So they made the first move! Most likely, the Carmilla faction’s move is already caught by them. They are planning to start the ritual to extract the Holy Grail at this time! This……has quite a lot of their own marks, but there’s no doubt it’s the mark which shows up when you try to take out the Longinus from the possessor!”

Damn it! So that bastard Marius has made his move already! If we don’t hurry, we won’t make it in time to save Valerie!

Elmenhilde then stands at the centre of the magic-circle that Bennia created which is connected to outside this castle.

“I will make my move together with my comrades from the outside. So all of you need to escape here immediately.”

Sensei then makes a sigh at Elmenhilde’s words.

“Are you still trying to avoid our intrusion to this matter even under this situation? There are also terrorists among the enemies. There’s no doubt that the Evil Dragons will appear, you know?”

Even under this situation, Elmenhilde makes a strong smile.

“Yes, the Vampires will solve the problem of Vampires—”

Elmenhilde closes her eyes after saying it till there.

“……That’s what I would like to say, but our Queen Carmilla has approved your help.”

She says that in a way where she feels dissatisfied about it. I don’t think we are in a situation where she has the leisure to approve us or not……but they must have their own kind of opinion and style. Though I feel like telling them that’s nonsense.

Elmenhilde then looks at Gasper.

“Gasper Vladi, do you wish to retrieve the Holy Grail, and Valerie Tepes?”

“Of course!”

Gasper answers like that without any pause. Elmenhilde makes a single nod hearing that.

“Very well. If Gasper Vladi wishes to go, then I will approve all of you to go with him. I will entrust all of you to guard him and aid him. Initially, our plan was to stop Valerie Tepes’s action by using Gasper Vladi anyway.”

That’s such an arrogant way to say it! This girl is even saying things like that under this situation……!

“Then farewell. I may be causing trouble for you, but please connect me outside.”

Elmenhilde asks Bennia to start the teleport magic-circle once again.

“That’s unexpected coming from you to leave this to us, you know?”

She said many things I want to argue back against, but she left the duty of retrieving Valerie without making much complaints. That’s why I asked since I became curious.

“I do acknowledge all of your strength.”

She makes a sarcastic smile, then from the magic-circle—she falls down.


I can hear her scream from the magic-circle…… Bennia then sticks her tongue out.

《The place I connected her to is the ceiling of some other house.》

……Oh my, so that girl is falling down again huh……

Gasper then makes a declaration with eyes filled with strong determination.

“—I’ll save her. I want to save Valerie! Everyone! Please! Please lend me all of your strength!”


……You sure have a manly face.

I then smile at my junior.

“Of course. That’s why we came here! Let’s go save Valerie!”

Xenovia also smiles fearlessly by carrying her Durandal.

“I’ll lend you my hand. You are my junior. So rely on your seniors. If it’s a power battle, then I’ll demonstrate it much as you want, you know?”

Kiba continues after her.

“Then it seems like I need to do a technique battle. Just how much I can test my strength against the enhanced pureblood Vampires. As a Knight of Gremory, I sure would like to join this battle.”

Irina and Asia also takes a step forward.

“Yeah, helping the first year makes us the second year students! I’m going to give a punishment to the bad Vampires as a representative of the Heaven!”

“Yes! I’ll do my best as well! I-If the time comes, I will call out pa, I mean Fanir-san!”

Koneko-chan smiles while holding Gasper’s hand.

“……A friend of my friend is also my friend. Gya-kun, I will help too.”

Akeno-san the hugs Gasper gently.

“Ufufu, I will also help you.”

Then our master, Rias Gremory, declares it to Gasper very strongly!

“Let’s go, Gasper. The Gremory group, the Occult Research Club, does not neglect a club member who is in a need of help!”

Gasper is about to burst in tears at how everyone is willing to fight for him but he endures it.

“Ise-senpai, Buchou, Koneko-chan, everyone…… Yes! I will do my best!”

Bennia and Rugal-san also says this.

《We’ll help as well. Right, brother Rugal?》

“……Yeah. Fulfilling Sona-dono’s order is what makes us the Sitri-group.”

While we are increasing our spirits, Sensei and Rossweisse-san is talking a bit away from us.

“It sure is nice, to be a youngster that is. Right, Rossweisse-sensei?”

“But I am young as well. Well, I will have myself use my magic till I am satisfied.”

Since everyone has the same opinion, I lift my fist up up-high.

“Alright, let’s move out together with the Occult Research Club and the two new members of the student council! Let’s show it to them, the strength of how we breakthroughs obstacles since we are called the firepower idiots!”


The Devils of the Kuou academy then heads out!

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        Good call on what Ishibumi having been asked that. I see. Then yeah, hopefully, Kiba x Tsubaki will become canon.

  7. Hmmm Crom Cruach indeed terrifying dragon, releasing velerie without conditions really suspicious, i hope velerie alive(no spoiler please) n koneko-chan power-up look promising with that she can defeat ravel.

    • Why would she need to defeat Ravel, though? It’s not like she and Ravel are on opposing sides – they’re on the same side. Or are you talking about them competing against each other in a combative fashion for Ise’s affections (which is a way for doing this that I don’t really get, anyway; a guy doesn’t always choose a girl based on how strong she is, and besides, I really doubt Ise would actually ever do it that way, either)?

      • he means the way she looks will surpass ravel. Height, breast size, etc. before all she had on Ravel is that she proposed to issei and sits on his lap more often

  8. Talking about Koneko, now that she has a form where her breasts and height are bigger, there’ll probably be a discussion about Ise’s engagement to her. It’d be funny if Koneko ends up being the legal wife, but I doubt that’s going to happen (Then again, this is the unpredictable story known as DxD). Ise might find out about his engagement to Rias quite soon.

    Oh and I can only imagine what would happen if she sits on Ise’s lap in that form..

      • Yeah.

        The main heroine is supposed to be Rias, so hopefully she’ll be the legal wife. But yeah, if they talk about Koneko’s engagement, Ise’s bound to also hear about his engagement with Rias from somewhere eventually. Either way, though, even if it’s not because of a possible engagement to Koneko, I do think he should find out about the engagement with Rias soon.

        But about Koneko, she’ll only get engaged to him in that form of she could stay in it permanently, which I doubt could happen. It’d take up too much of her Senjutsu energy. And that could kill her.

  9. Actually, we don’t know any details on what requirements need to be met for her to be in that form, and she doesn’t have to stay in it all the time anyway. She probably will wait until she grows up naturally to marry Ise (unless he doesn’t mind her having big breasts/taller height temporarily), but either way that form is good for nighttime.

    Thanks for the update Code-Zero! Lilith’s relations with Ise are interesting. Maybe in the future he’ll convince her to abandon the Khaos Brigade too.

    • Yeah, she could just wait to grow older and get a more developed body naturally and then marry Ise. I’m thinking the transformation would quite likely turn out to be temporary. I could be wrong, though, so we’ll see.

      Lilith? Isn’t that Vali’s granddad’s nickname? Or am I mixing something up? [I know that Lilith is normally a girls’ name, but in this case it seems to be the other way around.]

      • In this series Lilith is the name of the mother of all demons And i think that’s Vali’s great grandma.

      • I’d still like to know where he read that part, especially if it’s a spoiler (it also seems to be an accurate, confirmed spoiler if I’m not mistaken).

    • “Yeah, he’s no doubt the real son who was born between the previous Lucifer and “Lilith” who is said to be the beginning mother of all Devils. The one who is recorded in the Bible as “Lilin”. —And also the real grandfather of Vali who is called the strongest Hakuryuukou of all time.” and then further along, “The mascot girl of our organisation we made by using the power stolen from Ophis, —Lilith-chan. Please get along with her~♪ I gave her my mummy’s name. Nice right?”. You can find it in Life 1 of this volume.

  10. The obvious thing is that it’s Gasper x Valerie shipping. BUT… since this is High School DxD, where every female of importance all fall for Issei because of main character powers, I wonder if we’re going to get a NTR route. (This also hints Kaicho. Yeah, Saki is soooo gettting NTR by Issei.)

    • I don’t like NTR, so even with Ise’s dragon power hax, I really hope he doesn’t steal Valerie away from Gasper.

      As for Koneko, dude, she’s going to grow up, you know? It’s inevitable. So it’s useless for you to hope that she’ll always be a pettanko loli. Besides, it’s not exactly set in stone that ALL of the fans don’t approve of this development.

    • Kaichou likes Ise but whether that will turn into anything remains to be seen because Ise has stated that he doesn’t want to crush Saji’s dream of marrying her. Also, not EVERY female of importance falls for Ise, just… 99% of them. I don’t see Valerie falling for Ise for anything, while with Gasper she has a history with. (A tragic one, but that makes it all the more romantic)

      It’ll be interesting to see Koneko grown up naturally in the future of DxD.

      • Ise doesn’t even know that Sona loves him, though. Which is just the normal story with the guy. It’s typical. I want him to at least find out that she loves him, so that we can see how he handles the situation. If he rejects her advances, will he be able to do it in such a way that it won’t completely break her heart? Because that’s what he has to aim for if he does decide to reject her advances (I say that, but even I don’t know how to do it in that way). It’d be the sign of a gentleman, wouldn’t it? Kiba is also known to be able to do it pretty smoothly. [Although there’s a difference between a gentleman and a chicken, which Ise hopefully understands.]

      • Sona doesn’t love him YET, as far as I know. She just likes him, and Tsubaki told him it won’t be that easy to make her fall for him. If Ise could tell her that he does like her but doesn’t want to interfere with Saji’s goals she might understand and accept it. Then again, this is assuming Saji doesn’t fall for one of the Student Council girls who love him (or all of them, and he can start his own mini-harem).

        Lol he wouldn’t decline her from being a chicken because he’s used to that sort of thing with the OCR girls. He’s already stated that he wouldn’t go after Sona because of Saji’s feelings towards her, which is his reason for rejecting her, not because he’s scared.

  11. I’m enjoying the volume so far, but I’m missing the romantic elements a bit. Like for example, in Volume 7 the night before the fight with Loki when Rias and Ise are in bed together. I still love the series as it’s still got plenty of action and comedy, but hopefully the OCR gets even just a minor break from the constant fighting to have at least one emotional moment. Thanks for all your hard work, Code-Zero.

    • I agree with you here, but as Ryan and I said, right now, they shouldn’t really be able to have any romantic moments, other than at night, and even the ones at night would be pretty rare, considering the situation they’re in inside vampires’ realm. They’re behind enemy lines here, so it probably wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it’s like they have a gun pointed at their heads pretty much constantly, and also near their necks. They have almost no time to leisure around and have ecchi moments.

      Although, yeah, this being High School DxD, Ishibumi might still throw in some ecchi moments here and there even during the fighting and stuff like he has before. It just seem like it’ll be in their much less this time if you look at the current situation in the story.

      • Personal prediction: One ecchi / comedy scene during the battle due to Koneko’s evolution. (It’s what Ise always wanted, so there’s no doubt he will go crazy with joy/shock for even a second)

  12. @Osman Yeah I meant Lilith as in the other half of Ophis. It isn’t a spoiler per say, just a prediction based on what happened with the real Ophis.

    Lilith was created without emotion for the sole purpose of following Rizevim and doing what he wants; that’s why her last line mentions that she needs to protect Rizevim because it’s all she is there for.

  13. i have a feeling that ise will somehow bring ophis and lilith together and something big will happen and they will tag team an enemy which will make them want to stay as a team (this is just speculation it could go the other way too )

  14. Well the author said Ophis will remain as a mascot character for the OCR, so I think they would remain as separate entities but it’s hard to say. Some people might miss Lilith if she left the story lol.

  15. @Ryan: Yeah, given Ise’s character and what one of his power-up sources is in a fight, that’s pretty much a given (him getting a power-up from seeing Koneko in adult form in the middle of a fight – it MIGHT happen).

    And yeah, if Ophis is to remain as the Occult Research Club’s mascot character, then she and Lilith probably won’t become one person again, but it could still happen even then. After all, it’d still be Ophis even if they do merge back into one. As they said in the chapter, Lilith is Ophis’ other half.

  16. @Ryan (just saw your reply to my comment about Sona in regards to her feelings for Ise and all): Sona may not love Ise yet, but she’s getting there. She already seems like she likes him, to an extent.

    I’m still kind of interested in seeing how Ise’s going to react to finding out about Sona’s feelings, if and when said feelings develop into actual love.

    As for Saji, I’m not sure about him falling for any of the other girls in the Sitri Group. It seems like he’s set his heart on Sona.

    • I think you might be reading a little too much into Sona’s feelings here. A girl can like someone but not love them. I’m rooting for Saji to move on if he can’t get Sona but I’m not sure Sona would be right for the harem

      • If it’s not Ise, it definitely has to be Saji because he loves her.

        And yeah, I know a girl can like a guy (or vice versa) non-romantically. I’m just saying that there might be a chance for Sona’s feelings to develop into love. But it does seem kind of unlikely, so she should go with Saji, but the problem with that one is that since she knows there are other girls in her Group that are in love with him already, she doesn’t want to lay her hand on him. So at this rate, she might either end up alone or hook up with some newly introduced character.

      • I doubt it’d be a new character, because Sona doesn’t just fall for guys just like that. Maybe Saji follows after Ise and starts his own harem, allowing the girls in the Student Council who love him to be with him and he can still set his sights on Sona? That way Sona doesn’t have any excuses anymore 😛 It’ll still be interesting to see how things turn out with Ise and Sona though.

  17. I have an idea respect Lilith

    In the future, Ophia will use a chance (a distrction or weaking moment) for recover almost her power, but Lilith survive with a power-level similar to a heavenly dragon (or the actual Crom Cruach)

    In the future, she will become in the Ise’s Queen

    Other thing. If Lilith born from the Ophis power, and the same for the Ise’s actual body, Ise and Lilith wouldn’t be siblings (Ise-onichan)?

    • They could probably be considered half-siblings, actually, or maybe even quarter-siblings, since Ise’s current body is made of Great Red’s flesh and Ophis’ power, not just Ophis’ power, plus he’s also the Sekiryuutei. Lilith and Ophis only have their own power, which is of course Ophis’ power, and they also don’t have Great Red’s flesh.

      Ophis and/or Lilith becoming Ise’s Queen (or any of his other Evil Pieces) sounds like a good idea, although I don’t like Ophis not being able to pull all of her power back in from Lilith when and if it does try (and if it can actually do it – it probably can’t, but we’ll see). [Note: I’m saying “it” for Ophis because we don’t know its actual gender, since its gender was said to be unknown, and Azazel even said that at one point Ophis was in the form of an old man – Ophis can change gender and appearance at will, after all. So yeah, I don’t really want to call her “she” or even “he” since its actual gender is unknown. I’d forgotten about that and that’s why I was calling her “she,” but I remember now.]

  18. Certainly, half siblings, but I don’t like these words (for this reason I don’t use). It is also possible that Lilith’s body is created from the original Lilith’s flesh. If it’s correct, Lilith is (probably) half devil half dragon god, and we’ve seen for Bennia and Rossweisse that the demi-gods can be turned in servants (and for the original religion, Tannin is a god-category dragon too, and also Tiamat that someone suggest as a Queen)

    For this reason, that Lilith can see Ise as her older brother, repent for her actions, and become the Ise’s Queen and legaly siter (for supernatural world view and maybe his human family too). In this case, Ophis will be the lazy mother

      • I’m not saying that I don’t your theory is likely. I actually do like it and I think it can happen. I only said that Ophis or Lilith could also be an Evil Piece other than “Queen,” too, although the amount of power they’d have would be a “Queen”. And he could only take in one of them, then, since there’s only one “Queen” piece.

        To repent for her actions, though, she’d first somehow have to understand that she’s doing bad things. She’s too innocent (in her mind) to know that what she’s doing is bad.

  19. I’m agreed, for a good reason. Ise version 1 needed the eight paws piece, and was only a portion for the true heavenly dragon power, ans Ise version 2 needed four mutation pawn and four normal paws. In my opinion a big boost

    For this reason, I can not think that is usable other piece except Queen (maybe mutant) or mutant rock (or two). But the rocks are mainly brute-power warriors, and I can’t see ophis or Llith like this

    • It’s not “Rock,” it’s “Rook”. And a “paw” is a lion’s or cat’s foot (or the foot of a jaguar, a leopard, or any other animal that’s related to cats or lions). The piece we’re talking about here is the “Pawn” piece (you typed it right the second time, so what happened on all the other times?).

      Anyway, the Evil Pieces actually look for compatibility. Rias said that only the Pawn would’ve worked for Ise because it was the only one that was compatible with him. Like how in Akeno’s case, it’s the Queen piece that’s the only piece that was compatible with her. Power does matter, but only in the number of pieces required. Ise, being the Sekiryuutei, required all of Rias’ 8 pieces of “Pawn” to be reincarnated into a Devil, and the bulk of that was because of Ddraig (Ise himself only took 1 or .5 of that). Ajuuka Beelzebub (if I’m not mistaken on it being him or someone else) adjusted the Evil Pieces inside Ise when they met him for the first time, and he hid a surprise inside them that he had to find himself which turned out to be that 4 of his Evil Pieces had been changed into Mutation Pieces.

      So yeah, it’s not exactly set in stone that Ophis or Lilith will definitely take in the Queen piece. They might also need one or more of the Bishop or Knight pieces (Bishop seems more likely if it’s not the Queen, though, of course, since they seem to be skilled in magic). I do agree with you about the Rook pieces, though. They’re more focused on brute-force, like Koneko.

      Although Xenovia, a Knight, is all about brute-force even though her Evil Piece is supposed to be focused on speed. So it seems that anomalies like that can happen.

      • From what I remember it’s not so much compatibility but value, I think Rias says that she would have liked to use the rook but the only pieces she had with the right value was the pawn pieces. I hope this changes later on but I know that Azazle said that Ise couldn’t make Ophis into one of his servants. What Ajuuka did was alter the code that was being rewritten by the changes in Ise if he didn’t Ajuuka said it might break so he fixed it so that it wouldn’t break but to grow smoothly. the four mutation pieces are the rook, knight and bishop forms that he can use and the sword, like how one of the pawn pieces went to Kiba during a fight and changed into a sword.

      • The evil pieces don’t look for compatibility. It’s the King who does that. The only limitation the pieces have are the strength/potential of a servant.

        Ajuka did the adjustment but the novels said they became mutation pieces in response to the Triana. Ophis or Lilith are also not going to get evil pieces.

  20. @Akashira: That’s probably okay (about the Rook piece) . . . I also know that one as the “Castle,” since it can use a technique that, in Chess, is called “castling”. They mentioned it in the series, too.

  21. @Hartless: You and Xenoes are probably right about the compatibility; I guess I’ll have to look in the novel to make sure, but I’m not sure what chapter it’s in. Should be somewhere in the first 5 Volumes, though, right?

    But even if it’s the King who looks for compatibility, it’s still a requirement apparently. As in, a servant can only have the kind of Evil Piece(s) that they’re compatible with (is the way I’m reading it).

    As for Ise’s Evil Pieces though, yeah, I remember now, from what you said. Ise going into Juggernaut Drive was corrupting the code in his Evil Pieces. But the way I remember the part them changing into Mutation Pieces, what Ajuuka did was, at least in part, probably the cause of it happening. The Triaina and True Queen could be done mainly BECAUSE of the Pieces having become Mutation Pieces, no?

    @Hartless: The Pawn piece is already able to use Promotion to change into any of the pieces besides the King piece. It’s a rule in Chess, as it was explained in the series (I’m assuming most of the people reading this series already know – I was just saying this to sort of put out a reminder). If you recall, when Ise’s Evil Pieces were helping Rias and the others (around the time Ise helped Kiba by having one of his Pawn pieces turn into a sword), Rias eight pieces of Pawn in her hand, four of which were glowing if I recall correctly (I just don’t remember very well if all of the Pawn pieces were glowing or if just four of them were). Ise can change or switch around his Evil Pieces when using Triaina or True Queen, although I don’t remember if he could always do that or if it’s only been that way since after the Triaina power-up. I don’t think that the Evil Pieces themselves change in this series when a (normal) Pawn – one other than Ise – uses Promotion, and even for him it could be that it’s just because of the Triaina and the True Queen. If I’m not completely mistaken here – please correct me if I am.

    • Yes any pawn can use promotion as long a they make it into the enemy base (I think that is told in the battle with Raser I think that how you spell it I will have to go back and look), but when Ise powered up with Triaina and later true queen he can now use promotion well not really promotion I think I read in the story so where he promoted to queen and still used the triaina forms (I think I can’t remember very well).

      With the mutation pieces it’s kinda a yes/no, no/yes, I mean yes he could use triaina and and true queen because they became mutation pieces, but in another way it could be said that Ise could use triania and true queen because that power up made the normal pawn pieces turn into mutation pieces instead of them being mutation pieces and then he gained triaina, but i’m not really clear if true queen falls in with the mutation pieces, I just went back and looked all I see is Ajuuka saying that four of the pieces are mutation pieces and that must be because of triaina and the sword I don’t see anything about true queen (I was reading fast maybe I missed it or misread it), but I do know that true queen was his alt to juggernaut drive. I’ll have to go back and reread it nice and slow to be sure.

      About the compatibility I think it’s in the vol. 1

      • From what I remember 3 of the mutation pieces represented the Triana and the 4th represented Cardinal Crimson Promotion. The sword was an ordinary Pawn piece I think.

        @Osman The way it’s told in the LNs leads me to believe Ise’s 4 pieces changed to Mutation Pieces because of the power-up he gained; what Ajuka did was only adjust the Evil Pieces to adapt to the power of the Sekiryuutei. Also Ise couldn’t switch his pieces around before he gained the Triana; before it was just a promotion. It’s not mentioned if he can still use promotion during Triana and True-Queen, but he has no need to since he has all the power of each piece at his disposal then… which leads me to believe he can’t promote when using the Triana or Cardinal Crimson Promotion, because they are basically promotion-based forms of Balance Breaker. In normal BB he can still promote like normal though, but it’s unnecessary when he has greater power at his disposal. It’d be counter-productive.

  22. Hey there everyone, hope you’re doing well.
    I only recently found Code-Zero’s blog, so I have a question: How long does it typically take for a standard life to be translated? I’ve been here since late November so I’d just like to find out a little more about how things are typically done here.

    • Welcome and basically it’s whenever he feels like it or when he has time since he does this for free as a hobby or something. Usually you can expect to see something new on a weekly basis if there is a volume out, how much is translated is up to him. I’ve been here for maybe almost a year but I’m still a little new because I found his blog around vol 14 and he’s been at it since vol 1. If there is no volume to translate he might do some short stories. But this is all subject to change. He usually talks about his progress and plan for the future in a blog post so I recommend you subscribe and check back at least once a week.

  23. Ok so Ise finds Elmenhilde a little cute. Possible future lover? since I don’t think she’s the type to be part of a harem. I know it seems far off now but Ise and Xenovia weren’t on the best of terms when they first met and now look at her 🙂

    • If you see a kitty or a puppy somewhere and think its cute, that means it a possible lover?
      People should stop associating every girl with Issei, its not like he is some short of Don Huan or Ash from Pokemon who got to catch them all! Sometimes we find girls cute, but its not like we want something with them, its the same here too.

      • I agree here, Dancs.

        Although Ise himself may not know, he and Rias are already engaged, and of course, the one he’s actually in love with IS Rias, as well. We should all keep this in mind. He even said once that Rias is the greatest woman there is. You really think Emenhide really has a chance at beating Rias as far as who he finds to be greatest woman there is?

        @Ryan: I understand that he can’t use the regular Promotion that he needs Rias’ permission for when he’s already using Triana or True Queen. When I want to know is if he can still use the regular Promotion. And that if he uses the regular Promotion, then goes into Balance Breaker, will his armor be in the shape of one of the Triana or the True Queen, or will it be the regular Balance Breaker armor?

        But yeah, of course the True Queen is part of Triana . . . The True Queen is the “Queen” form of the Triana, along with the Rook, Bishop and Knight (Welsh Dragonic Rook, Dragon Blaster Bishop and Sonic Booster Knight – Ise named it Triana because he’d only unlocked those three at that time and he also said he’d think of a different name to include the Queen form once he unlocks it. As we can see, though, he still hasn’t come up with a good name for all four of those forms yet).

        The biggest proof for them being linked is that, as they said once during training, mastering and increasing the power and performance of each of the forms of the Triana adds onto the power of the True Queen; to master the True Queen form, he has to first master each of the Triana forms. Currently, the True Queen still has to be tuned to him and there’s apparently some fine-tuning needed, plus the form itself is unstable currently since Ise hasn’t mastered and gotten used to the Dragon Blaster Bishop and the Sonic Booster Knight yet, while the Welsh Dragonic Rook should be his strong point since punching and kicking is his chosen fighting style. That said, though, the bulky form of the Triana’s Rook seems hard to manage, so I guess actually mastering it will be tough.

        But yeah, I really want to see him master all three of the Triana forms so that he can then fully master the True Queen.

        And yeah, it’s true that the True Queen is Ise’s safe alternative to the Juggernaut Drive. Right now it’s unstable, but once it stabilizes and he’s fully mastered it, theoretically speaking, it could be said to be as powerful as Juggernaut Drive. To be able to get into reach the “answer” that came to be the True Queen form, he had to first take care of all the left over rage and resentment from the past Sekiyuuteis that was inside the Sacred Gear. He had to convince the fragments of the thoughts of the past Sekiyuuteis that were inside the Sacred Gear that the Sekiryuutei, just because of being one of the Two Heavenly Dragons, doesn’t have to be all about destruction, and he also had to make them see the beauty of love and peace.

        Anyway, I do have one question:
        Firstly, in the chant for Juggernaut Drive, the voices say, “I laugh at the Dream,” right? Then what do they say about the Infinite? I can’t remember that part for some reason.

      • I don’t associate every girl with him. Like I don’t think Valerie or Sona or everyone should be with him but he IS trying to be a harem king so I think that calls for every important girl character to be evaluated at the least. I made my comment to see what other people thought so calm down.

    • Admittedly, it would be a humorous couple given her personality, but it reminds me of Ravel, so I’m not sure if she’s going to stay around in the series or not. Or it could go in the same way it did with Kunou.

      • Yeah, quite the humorous couple indeed. But if Elmenhide is to stay in the story, then I think she’ll have to make do with joining Ise’s harem. She has no chance in competing with Rias for Ise’s affection.

        In my comment up there, where I said, “When I want to know is if he can still use the regular Promotion,” what I really wanted to say was “What I want to know is if he can still use the regular Promotion”.

        And the the question I asked there at the end of the post is waiting to be answered. I really don’t remember. I’d be appreciated if whoever answers my question also tells me what Volume it’s in. Thanks in advance.

  24. @Luislock: Well, yeah, but he’s already become a Harem King. All of the girls in the Gremory Group are in his harem and Rias is the queen of the harem. The sad thing is that Ise is not yet aware that he’s already become a Harem King, just like he doesn’t know yet about his and Rias’ engagement.

    And yeah, Rias is the main heroine in this series, plus she’s the one Ise loves. I don’t think any girl in this series can beat her as far as Ise’s affections are concerned. Besides, all Ise said was that Elmenhide was cute, and that if he could see a lively expression on her face, he’d have been making a perverted face. That’s it, though.

    • First, answer to your question from a different post above (which I cannot do there, as it would look kind of broken with how wordpress limits a tree of replies, apparently).
      Jaggernaught drive chant says that “[I laugh at the “Infinite” and reject the “Dream”.]”. It can be found in volume 10, Life Max (aka. the one after Life 4 and ‘Pawn’).

      Also, Cardinal Crimson Queen is Ise’s version of juggernaught drive. To enter it, he even modified the formula used for juggernaught. Furthermore, I believe it was mentioned few times that Ise’s Cardinal Crimson Queen is weaker but far easier version of juggernaught, while Vali have Empyreo Juggernaught Drive (or something like that?!…) which is a lot more powerful, but is unusable for longer time due to the massive draining of Vali’s strength. Both are “evolved” juggernaught drives.

      As for promotion, I took what Ajuka and Ise were talking in volume 8 as saying that he can promote at will. Except that it is something that can be considered “illegal” if done in rating game without prior agreement. And Triana falls under that, which is why it was forbidden in a rating game in the first place. I can’t remember where, but I think there was somewhere written that he can promote at will?! In one of the later volumes, I think he mentioned it.

      I believe that Triana IS a promotion, so he cannot combine it with regular promotion. If he promotes into Triana Rook for example, it counts as his promotion into Rook (which is why it is important for him to be able to promote without Rias’s permission, for when it’s needed). It’s just more powerful. And he still have the option of normal promotion if he wants.

      As for harem and Elmenhilde. Rias is part of the harem too. The story goes towards her being #1 wife in the harem. Also, everyone around Ise supports or at least accepts his idea of making it (including Rias, Sirzechs, Grayfia, lord and lady Gremory). Even if some members of it cannot be with him, like Kunou, there may still be his ‘local wives’. Elmenhilde could be one as such in the vampire faction. As yes, I’m one of those that’d like for Ise to “catch em all” as far as species goes. Not necessarily every girl out there, though.

    • whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA. I NEVER said Elmenhilde could compete or beat Rias. Rias is AWESOME and is my favorite alongside Akeno. All I meant was she might grow to like Ise and Ise might be attracted to her like the way he is with Xenovia and some of the other girls. However I know that the chance is slim. I just brought it up because I thought it might be interesting to have a vamp in his harem. Lets get that straight.

      And yes it sucks that Ise doesn’t know that he already has a harem. He’s far from harem king but he has a harem. And it sucks that he hasn’t figured out that Rias is his fiance. I am all for Ise and Rias being together

      • Ah, my bad. Well, you said you didn’t Elmenhilde would take just being a part of the harem and I would try to compete with Rias. I was just replying to that, that’s all.

        Ise did get attracted to Elmenhilde, but only because she’s a cute girl. It doesn’t mean he’ll definitely try to add her to his harem (which, again, he doesn’t even know exists, lulz).

        In my book, Ise is already Harem King. Reason being, he’s got some of the Devil World’s prettiest women in his harem, plus some lolis which certain guys are crazy about, and the Ruin Princess, younger sister of Maou Sirzechs Lucifer, is his fiance.

    • Yes Ise can still use promotion he always uses regular queen but when he uses triana that promotion is over riden,
      what it says right out of the LN is [I laugh at the “infinite”, and I grieve at the “dream”….]

      • Yeah, I looked at the chants for both Juggernaut Drive and Cardinal Crimson Promotion on Highschool DxD Wikia. Man, I love the one for the Cardinal Crimson Promotion. The one for Juggernaut Drive is also pretty good, but it’s too dark.

      • O yes love the chant for True queen it is by far better the juggernaut drive, I also find the chant for juggernaut drive to be a bit dark but it’s still good.

  25. “Koneko-chan and I sit on the unused chair after the maid allows us to come in.” just asking, is Koneko-chan sitting on Ise’s lap due to being 1 chair or is there actually 2 chairs… Thanks for the hard work after a 3 week hangover.

  26. I guess I might have read it wrong. I can tell that it’s something to do with Ise’s lap, though. Look at my answer. I answered by saying that Ise can’t sit on his own lap–the story is in his own PoV unless stated otherwise, so of course that’s Ise saying, “Koneko-chan and I sat on the unused chair”. That’s Ise himself saying that he and Koneko sat on the unused chair. It could be a translation error (sorry, Shin-san), or maybe, as you said, the chair is big enough that both Ise and Koneko can sit in it. If it’s not a translation error. If it is, then there might be two unused chairs that each of them took. But yeah, I guess it could also be that Ise sat on the chair and Koneko sat on his lap.

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