Gasper Balor

Gasper Balor.

The Tepes’s castle town where Rizevim already left and the assault of the Vampires that turned into Evil Dragons ended—.

Gasper’s darkness is also gone……but the aftermath of this town is horrible.

Everything including the roads and the building has been completely demolished to the state where you can’t even distinguish them.

The agents that survived from the Tepes side and the Carmilla side is working hard in guiding the civilians to the shelter. At the underground shelter located further past the east-gate, the emergency squad that is mainly done by Asia are working hard healing the injured civilians.

I have returned to the castle to tag along with Gasper who has returned to his original state. ……The castle is in a poor state due to the attacks of the mass-produced Evil Dragons.

Then the girl that is sitting down on the floor exhausted appears in my sight. —It’s Elmenhilde.

“……No……I can’t believe there are traitors……and they turned into Evil Dragons……and now our homeland is…… ……Then what am I supposed to do……?”

She is muttering such thing as if she lost all hope.

……She must have been informed about the Carmilla’s castle town that had been attacked by the Evil Dragons from the female agent supporting her body. From what I was told from Sensei just before, apparently the Brave Saints from the Heaven’s side forced themselves here and took down the Evil Dragons.

I hear that the condition of the town over there is much worse than here. Sensei has the opinion that both the Tepes side and the Carmilla side will need quite some time to recover from this.

There are those in the Carmilla’s side that lost against the Holy Grail’s temptation, and they ended up turning into the Evil Dragons and then attacked their own town.

The reason why Marius started the ritual to extract the Holy Grail was due to Carmilla’s action being leaked to them. And I think she found out about it from the agent’s report.

While not knowing what to say to her, Gasper returns from the basement of the castle. He is carrying Valerie on his back. We did teleport to the tower of the castle by Rizevim’s power from that basement, but Valerie didn’t come with us.

So Gasper went to bring her back alone.

It happens when I try to help out Gasper. There is someone who is standing in front of him.

—It’s Gasper’s dad.


The Head of the House of Vladi looks at Gasper silently.

Gasper declares it to him without stepping back.

“I am the servant Devil of Rias Gremory-sama! The [Bishop], Gasper!”

Gasper bows his head down.

“Thank you very much till now. But I won’t be coming back here ever again. And I will also take Valerie with me.”

When Gasper walks past his father, he tells him this.

“—Our house is in Japan.”

The Head of the House of Vladi shuts his eyes and didn’t say anything—.

Even I am shaking with happiness at how manly my junior has become.

However, that became the last conversation between the son and the father.

Three hours has passed since the assault. It’s about time for the sun to rise.

It will be the time for the Vampire to sleep. Majority of the civilians will probably spend their time at the underground shelter till night.

The Occult Research Club along with Bennia and Rugal-san gathers at the main plaza at that time.

It appears that Bennia and Rugal-san came up to the ground to take down the Evil Dragons after the battle in the basement ended. They sure do finish their job thoroughly! To be expected from the Sitri group!

Vali……disappeared off to somewhere. I wonder where he went…… Vali’s expression where he looked really frustrated at the very end left a strong impression in me. Sensei said he will call him back afterwards.

Sensei says it after he looks at Valerie once again.

“As I thought, we need to retrieve the Holy Grail that was stolen from Rizevim in order to bring back Valerie’s consciousness. It was a sub-specie Holy Grail that came with three in one to begin with. It seems like she was just able to keep her consciousness even after Rizevim stole one of them……but her consciousness must have stopped completely after having the second one taken out. In order to fix this, we need to have her in her original state.”

Like I thought, we need to defeat Rizevim—in other words the new Khaos Brigade that calls themselves the “Qlippoth”.

I question him my doubt.

“But why did he only take one Holy Grail when there were three of them?”

Unlike Marius, Rizevim knew that Valerie possessed a sub-specie Holy Grail. So why didn’t he crave to take more than one? That’s what I feel suspicious about.

“……I can come up with the conclusion that he done that in order to make the Vampires take action or for political reasons, but maybe having just one of them was enough for him—. No, he must have determined that using more than one of them will be hard to control. Judging from their words, even having just one of them will be capable of making it reach the Balance Breaker. Most likely during the time when Marius made Valerie use her power, only one Holy Grail was functioning. Valerie’s body won’t be able to endure using more than two of them, so Valerie must have unconsciously kept down her powers. Well, we will be finding out the truth from now.”

I see, so having just one of them is enough. So he must have determined that he won’t be able to control more than that. Well, they were able to enhance the Vampires simply with one of them—and they even managed to turn them into Evil Dragons, so it must have enough power.

And my other doubt. It’s about my new ability.

“Sensei, about my ability……”

I never thought Hakuryuukou’s power would appear in that way. At the same time, I lost the power to activate Dividing Gear. It changed the small Dragons that reflect attacks after all.

Sensei tilts his head.

“……I should assume that it’s Ddraig’s new awakening rather than your evolution. Well, there is a high chance that the conversation between the Two Heavenly Dragons became the key factor. I should probably search more specifically about it. —And also regarding Vali as well.”

So he will need to resume his research for that as well huh. ……Like I thought, the Two Heavenly Dragons felt down because of me and they reconciled because of me.

Hmm, hmm, it sure is a weird thing. I don’t even know how to react to it! Well, I’ll end this here and be happy that Ddraig is doing well again!

Sensei says it while breathing out.

“Also about the replica Boosted Gear that Ise mentioned……I can assume that they were able to pull it off by doing so much reckless thing such as using the Artificial Sacred Gear, the clone techniques, the power of the Holy Grail, and other kind of techniques. As long as Ddraig resides in Ise, it won’t be possible for two Boosted Gears to exist. So it really must be a replica. No, it’s more like an inferior copy of it. Except, I can come to the conclusion that it will give out the power more than its specs shows if the user is powerful. The Replica Sacred Gear’s basic potential won’t be able to surpass the original Boosted Gear even if the world was to turn upside down.”

Sensei says so…… If that’s the case, it means the interior factor which will be me is greatly inferior to Euclid. ……Well, I certainly can’t do anything without this Boosted Gear.

……I’m frustrated. I need to train more and close the gap between us much as I can! Despite my appearance, I did receive Great Red’s and Ophis’s power! So I want to pull out that strength much as possible!

Leaving me in thought aside, Gasper pats Valerie’s cheek gently.

“Thank you very much for looking after Valerie, Azazel-sensei.”

After Gasper gives his gratitude to Sensei, he stands up and looks around everyone.

“……Rias-buchou, Ise-senpai. I have decided.”

Gasper declares it while showing strong and straight-forward eyes.

“—I will retrieve the Holy Grail.”

—! While being lit by the sunrise, our Vampire that happens to be a day-walker looks the most manly and dignified among all of us right now.

“I will become stronger than anyone and take the Holy Grail back……I will definitely save Valerie……and I want to start everything with Valerie from the beginning…… I will definitely save Valerie……I definitely will……!”

Even though his words get stuck in his throat as he tries to keep himself from not crying, he shouts.

“I will save Valerie!”

……This guy matured so quickly. He sure is putting on a manly face and saying a manly declaration.

I say it while I put my arms around his shoulder.

“Gasper, we will definitely retrieve the Holy Grail!”

“Yes! I will also defeat those people!”

That’s a nice face. That’s the face of a man.

To live for the woman who is his saviour. That sure is a manly aim!

This guy will surely get stronger.

That’s because—he is also the male of the Gremory just like Kiba and I.

Valerie who still hasn’t woken up is planned to get taken to the Grigori’s research institute, and we head towards the path back to Japan—.

34 thoughts on “Gasper Balor

    • @jopjopjopjop fair point. I think it all depends how serious Ishibumi is about Kiba and Gasper being part of Ise’s harem. Seems to me Vallerie could be an addition to it as well, that being the case Gasper would likely continue to cross dress. If however he needs to move other male characters away from Ise then Gasper/ Vallerie would make some sense, and I think it would be logical for him to stop then… Of course that could be adding 2 + 2 and getting 5.

      That also begs the question what about Kiba, I hope to goodness he doesn’t get permanently turned to a girl, I hate that.

  1. Gasper has finally achieved manliness!

    I like how Ise’s next focus in training is Great Red and Ophis’ powers inside his body. Can’t wait for Life.DxD and the Afterword, thanks a lot Code-Zero-san!

    • Yeah, Ise is finally beginning to think of strengthening himself rather than leaving everything to the boosted gear only. Having a mere inferior that does not even deserve to called a replica boosted gear fight him and Draig on par is somewhat of a hit to the pride of the two heavenly dragons.
      Apart from strengthening himself, I like the Idea of him drawing out the power he received from both Great Red and Ophis.

      • Yeah, I feel the same way as you and Ryan, too, about Ise. Learning to use Great Red’s and Ophis’ powers that are inside him might actually be what the First Gen. Sun Wukong helps him with. I just hope Ise finds a way to use Ddraig’s power without having to use the Boosted Gear, if it’s really possible.

      • As the story is progessing Issei might be able to use all dragon powers as he is humanoid dragon as well as might able to unseal draig’s soul to unleash his true power with great REd and Ophis power. This might be a good possibility as he will raise the status of the Heavenly Dragons . I have doubt about something i.e about strongest Dragon King Tiamat. Every strong Dragon has appeared in series except Tiamat which is odd since she is female , strongest Dragon King and hates Draig.

      • @Purnabh Parashar
        With the way Ise is I think that even though Tiamat ‘hates’ DDrag she ( since you are indicating that this dragon is female) might end up ‘falling’ for him just like the rest of the Grimory girls and thus come to an ‘understanding’ with DDrag. This would end up increasing the size of Ise’s harem even though it will make it rougher on Ise and Rias’ relationship. It would be nice to see Ise and Rias’ relationship actually progress as well.

      • I really don’t like the sound of Ise and Rias’ relationship having to go through complications since I’m a supporter of the relationship, but still, if Tiamat is really a female Dragon, her being added to Ise’s harem could be a good thing.

        But Purnabh, this makes me wonder where you got the info on Tiamat being female. Is it in the novel?

      • The fact that the “CHAOS KARMA DRAGON KING TIAMAT” is female has already been pointed out in several places in the entire novel series. You might want to check vol. 8 – Life 2: Familiar’s requirement there it states clearly—
        “This is what I would recommend! One of the Dragon-Kings! Chaos Karma
        Dragon, Tiamat! It’s a legendary dragon! It’s also the only female among
        the Dragon-Kings! Even until now, there hasn’t been a devil who has
        caught her yet! That would be obvious! Since it’s said to be as strong as a
        And another point being that though the author has created many new sides out of the existing legends he has atleast kept the basic same as in legends & all legends that atleast I know of point to Tiamat being a female dragon/beast.

    • @VNR: That’d be interesting. Then Ise would have another dragon on his team. I’m wondering if he’d make a team similar to Tannin’s where all of the members are dragons (including himself, of course).

      I just hope that that one person who said Ise can’t stay in Rias’ team after making a team of his own is proven wrong and Ise actually does get to stay in Rias’ team. That way, whenever Rias has to fight in the Rating Games, Ise has to go as her Pawn. And plus, it’d also mean that they thankfully won’t be made to fight against each other.

      • Nah, some of the ORC girls are following Issei. His current, tentative peerage is this:
        Pawns: ?
        Bishops: Asia, Ravel
        Knight1: Xenovia
        Knight2: ?
        Queen: ?
        Rooks: ?

        I remember reading in the LN that Issei will remain Rias’s pawn, but how that’s going to happen, I have no idea. Issei will become a ‘King’ piece, so can a devil be both a ‘King’ and a ‘Pawn’? Well, it’s true the King piece doesn’t bring any benifits like the others (though Issei’s unique form of growth may end up changing the king piece somehow), so it at least wouldn’t affect Issei’s abilities much. But then again, does that mean you can make a ‘King’ without any other piece into your own piece? If so, Issei would probably make Rias his ‘Queen’.

      • @VNR: The LN seems to claim that Ise can stay as Rias’ Pawn even after becoming a King himself, so we’ll have to just believe in that for now. We’ll find out how it’ll happen when it happens.

        I’m not sure about Rias becoming his Queen, though, but if it happen, it’d be pretty interesting. And yeah, I guess I’d kind of forgotten about Xenovia, Ravel and Asia becoming part of his Peerage. They’ll still be able to stay in Rias’ Peerage as well, right? Although in one of the chapters Ise was thinking that they might have to find replacements for them. I’m confused here.

      • I don’t really like the thought of Rias being Issei’s queen either; he plans on being independent from her.

        No, Asia, Ravel, and Xenovia plan on joining Issei’s peerage through ‘trading’. The premise is simple – two devils exchange evil pieces. Rias would give Asia and Xenovia to Issei, but gain an unused Knight and Bishop piece from Issei in return. The same goes for Issei and Ravel’s mother; exchanging bishop pieces.

      • If Ise gets Tiamat in his team then at it’s current standpoint he will have 2 dragon kings in his team as GIGANTIS DRAGON FAFNIR is Asia’s familiar and he also gets a devil phoenix better known as the family of Phenex. We should also consider the vampire Elmenhilde from the Carmilla group to join him.
        Who knows how it will advance?????
        But that’s also why it is so interesting to speculate. Isn’t it????

      • According to the story line it’s true that even if Ise becomes a he will remain Rias’s as such while he leads his own team in fights as the king he will keep fighting as a part of Rias’s team as well but it is doubtful if the Rating Games system is set to not allow matches between such connected teams. The related teams would most probably work out deals amongst themselves that they believe would equal the team balance. For e.g. since Ise holds 8 pieces as such has a value of 8 so in a fight between Ise’s team & the Gremory team led by Rias, Ise may have to give up his that hold a value equal to 8 that is all of them or Rias’s team may be allowed to borrow with a total value of 8 from other active teams………………….. and so on………………….
        But who knows???????????????????????
        We have to wait for a similar situation to be described by the author to know the “official” standpoint.

      • There was some problems with my previous post as a few of the words written were seemingly removed as such I am re-posting it.
        According to the story line it’s true that even if Ise becomes a KING he will remain Rias’s PAWN as such while he leads his own team in fights as the king he will keep fighting as a part of Rias’s team as well but it is doubtful if the Rating Games system is set to not allow matches between such connected teams. The related teams would most probably work out deals amongst themselves that they believe would equal the team balance. For e.g. since Ise holds 8 PAWN pieces as such has a value of 8 so in a fight between Ise’s team & the Gremory team led by Rias, Ise may have to give up his PAWNS that hold a value equal to 8 that is all of them or Rias’s team may be allowed to borrow PAWNS with a total value of 8 from other active teams………………….. and so on………………….
        But who knows???????????????????????
        We have to wait for a similar situation to be described by the author to know the “official” standpoint.

      • @VNR: Yes, I know how Trading works, thank you very much. But yeah, thanks (for real this time), for reminding me that Ise plans to trade those two with Rias. I don’t like the sound of Asia and Xenovia being replaced by someone else. Especially Asia, whose healing power should make her irreplaceable.

        And technically, even if Ise gets his own Peerage, he still shouldn’t really be completely independent from Rias since he’d still be her Pawn. I think Ise knows that.

        @Nirmalya: Good point about the Rating Game’s rules. As you say, yeah, I guess we’ll see when we get to it.

      • @Nirmalya Putatunda:
        To be honest, I’d prefer Fafinir’s contract with Asia be nulled. BTW, it’s a give/take contract, not a familiar contract. To have another dragon violating Asia’s panties…Issei should not have reacted the way he did. He should have been ashamed he didn’t have the strength to deal with their enemies be himself, forcing Asia suffer such humiliation, and trained 3 times harder. Rasse should have had a similar reaction. HE is Asia’s familiar dragon. To do nothing but stand there helplessly while Asia’s forced to go through such humiliation to rely upon another dragon…he should have been furious.

        The vampire…I don’t think she’ll join. It’s not very likely, considering how fans don’t like her much. And her attitude is just…

        Yeah, as for how a Rias vs. Issei match would go, we can only wait for WoG. Nice theory, though; it sounds plausible.

      • @VNR
        1. I think you are taking the storyline a bit to seriously. Thanks for reminding me about the give-take contract between Asia & Fafnir, it had skipped my mind. The anecdotes about Fafnir’s demand are used as a comedic element & nothing more.
        2. I am sure that you do remember Rasse is an extremely rare Sprite Dragon who has the potential to grow into dragon king class naturally but please do remember he is still extremely young & as such is not powerful enough to fight or assist Asia in combat yet. Being furious or not just because he is her familiar but is unable to help will only lead to failure & in extreme case may even lead to loss of life, as such it is a moot point. He is also being trained by Ophis as such we can surely expect great things from him in the future. Just wait & see.
        3. Yes, I agree that Elmenhilde started like a villain with all her prideful high & mighty attitude but please do note that as the story has progressed her characterization has undergone changes almost regularly. Showing girly reactions when she fell from the ceiling & her shocked & shattered state witnessing the state of her home & clan also shoes her as a normal girl. Well the readers may not have received her positively yet but this is going to be a long novel series(tentatively) as such by the time Ise goes around gathering his own team she may have a different following to her.
        4. And lastly I think Ise is already training hard enough. With opponents that are god/maou-class and immortal evil dragons and the most evil dragon who may have reached Heavenly dragon class there is nothing you can do but bow down & accept help no matter in where it comes from or who it comes from or how it comes from. There is simply no other way. Even Vali is accepting help in cases like this why not Ise. One should use whatever means that can be obtained.
        …………………………………………….As such lets see what the future holds for us……………………………………….

  2. Replying to sekiryuutiehyoudouissie — In truth Ddraig is not the sacred gear rather the dragon soul sealed within the sacred gear known as “Boosted Gear”. Boosted Gear”s ability so far only includes the ability to boost, transfer & use the “Boosted Gear Scale Mail” as it’s Balance Breaker. As it has been seen previously that Ddraig’s power expresses itself only during the state of Trianna & True Queen as those abilities come from Ddraig’s original ability & the 8 Evil Pieces of Pawn inside Ise.

    • I agree here. I want to see if there’s a way for Ise to access Ddraig’s full power outside of Triana and True Queen. And since he also hasn’t fully mastered Triana and True Queen yet still, he also needs time and a good chance to focus on that.

      Once he’s done training under the First Gen. Sun Wukong and has mastered using Demonic Power and senjutsu and has also mastered using Great Red’s and Ophis’ powers, as well as done what I mentioned above, he should be well on his way to becoming a badass, powerful Dragon who can kick major ass, and I honestly can’t wait to see it happen.

      • Well both the Trianna & the True Queen use Ise’s stamina & aura as payment for power as such senjutsu which relates to gathering aura from nature & it’s manipulation as well as the ability to release the aura locked in the physical body should be useful to release their full power & also to prolong their usage time.

  3. Thank You for the translation. It has really been enjoyable to read about the Gremory group’s growth over the volumes.There appears to be few editing misses that need to be cleared up but for readers like me who do not know head to tail of the Japanese language guys like you are a life-saver as you guys spread books in japanese language all over the world in what is one of the mainstream languages of the world thereby opening up anew world for a whole new group of readers. THANKING YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART…………………….

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