73 thoughts on “Volume 16

  1. Looks Great! Can’t wait! But uh, do u think you’re still going to finish the short story before or maybe after you do Vol 16?

    • The end is obviously coming and is within sight seeing as this whole LN is set to take place over one school year and that’s almost over, because when they go into the next year Rias and Akeno will be in khou university thus putting an end to the official occult research club. Seeing as someone else will have to replace Rias as the President and another replace Akeno as Vice-President thus it will be broken up. The author even explains this in one of the afterwards. Thus for it to take place within a school year which is almost over the end is pretty much coming into view. In another afterword the author also claimed that this is planned to be the final arc with the Shiva arc as a bonus if the series gets results good enough results( which seems like it will be). Plus face it the author can’t keep the whole Khaos Brigade plot up much longer. Meaning this could be the final boss of the Brigade. So as much as I wished otherwise the logic adds up to an end being within sight.

      • Which “Afterwards” did Ishibumi-san say the story would culminate at the ending of the school year? I don’t recall reading that at all. Rias and Akeno’s graduation doesn’t pose a significant issue to the flow of the series, seeing as they all live together at the Hyoudou residence. It wouldn’t be hard for Ishibumi-san to just promote two members of the club. As for a Khaos Brigade, when they finally die off, it opens the doors to a whole new realm of enemies. We still havn’t seen much of the Magicians or any trace of the Shinto Kami or more Youkai. This series can go in various directions.

      • You also have to take note that, Issei and Rias want to dominate the Rating Game, becoming ranked #1. That could also happen during Issei’s senior year or even after graduating, and if he even said that the series will take place over a full school year, then it would need to lead into the third year for Issei. Just because of the time frame when the series started, would be late March or early April.

      • I’m so sorry I misread so I took it as it would be one year because I thought in the afterwords of 14 it the author wrote ” I will end the story properly in story arc four” but what was actually said was “I will properly end story arc four” It is not an excuse for making other people worry if I did but I do have a slight case of dyslexia so some times no matter how slow I read or reread I still screw up I am sincerely sorry for the screw up. Now just let me simmer in my shame.

  2. Thanks for the translation but its been a bit sence life. 2 will you be taking a break for christmas? Love this story so much i check dally for updates but if you’re on break I can keep my hopes for when you start agine lol oh and have a marry christmas!!

  3. Please hurry and finish this light novel. I love the build up and everything, but I have been waiting since November to finish reading reading it. I can understand working and/or school slowing it down.

  4. hey, code-zero! can you please for the love of god HURRY THE HELL UP!!! everyone here wants to read volume 16 so bad it’s not funny. can you at least post when you will start again?.

  5. Shut up guys he working hard I waiting this long and I not complaining read manga anime and other light novel u never get bored so shut up and stop complaing it not like if u complain he translate faster

    • An equal to Great Red does exist, Ophis; she does have infinite power (well when she is at full strength). Right now I don’t think there is an equal to Great Red however, as Ophis doesn’t have her infinite power
      (Note: I am waiting until full translation to read this, so I’m just assuming she hasn’t gotten it back)

    • If you are reading books with iBooks, then you can be read without any problem, but it is so for iOS 7 (just “open in” iBooks). If it is not the case, then i’ll try to make an epub version.

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