Episode Yuuto.2

Episode Yuuto.2

The scenery of the snow I can see from the window hasn’t changed at all, but I, Kiba Yuuto, and my master, Rias Gremory, are having fun talking about the past.

“Koneko sure didn’t get attached to you that easily.”

Buchou says it while smiling.

Yes, Koneko-chan didn’t open up to me that easily, even after I returned to that mansion. Well, it can’t be helped since the first impression she got from me was the worst.

However, we started living likes siblings after that. Koneko-chan still is my adorable sister till now.

And Rias-buchou and Akeno-san are my seniors as well as being like an older sister to me.

Buchou says it while making an unpleasant face.

“I’m still finding the opportunity where you would call me “Rias-oneechan”.”

I’m so scared that I won’t be able to say that. And I feel really bad for Ise-kun if I did……

However, I think of you as my master and my older sister.

I also look up to my master. He is my idealised image of what “Knight” should be.

Then someone knocks on the door. The one who enters after I answer is—.

A Vampire from the House of Vladi. He’s a youth who resembles Gasper-kun a bit. He must be his pure-blood brother.

If he came here directly without calling us to the guest room must mean……that something happened.

The youth asks Buchou while putting on a serious expression.

“I’m sorry for meeting you like this all of a sudden. Rias Gremory-dono, I’m sorry but can you listen to what I have to say?”

“Sure. ……Are you from the House of Vladi?”

The youth nods.

If this youth came here instead of the current head who went to the Tepes castle must mean the situation has changed.

“……I have heard that you and your servants have defeated the kins of the Old Maou, Evil God Loki, and the descendants of the Heroes.”

“……What’s going on?”

To Buchou’s question, the youth looks out the window, far towards the Tepes castle.

“—Is that truly something that was bestowed by “God from the Bible”? We don’t even know why we, the clan of the dark-night, were given that. For what reason why the “Holy Grail” was given to us……”

The youth who breathes out tells us with an expression that doesn’t have any confidence.

“Rias Gremory-dono, we must take you to the Valerie Tepes who is the current Head of the House of Tepes as well as the current leader of the Tepes faction.”

“ “—!?” ”

Buchou and I got shock at the same time.

Their leader is Valerie Tepes……!?

……Ise-kun, Gasper-kun, everyone. It seems something that is beyond our imagination is happening here.

4 thoughts on “Episode Yuuto.2

  1. Thanks for the translation – btw I’ve noticed that you skipped the Yuuto flashback, hopefully you had a reason to do so.
    Btw about the “Slash Dog” from Grigori. In reality he’s a character of the authors previous work “Slash/Dog1” (2006). If it’s not too much, could you translate that novel when you get time and will to do so? I’m sure the rest of us would be greatful to find out more about this mysterious top-fighter of Grigori (he made Vali go into Juggernaut mode, he must be a beast for sure).
    Best regards Gwim.

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