Episode Issei.2

Episode Issei.2

——Like that, such a thing happened.

We moved our location from my room to the underground pool where we continue to have our discussion on the table at the poolside.

We were looking through the documents, but came to the pool to take a break. Since its winter, we’re using hot water for the pool!

I’m just wearing a single swimwear. Maybe Ravel isn’t going to swim, so she’s wearing a shirt above her swimsuit……but even still, I can still tell how massive her breast is even though she’s wearing a shirt!

Akeno-san is wearing a swimsuit which reveals a lot of her skin! Like always, there isn’t anything much that covers her skin so I’m grateful for that!

Sona-kaichou is wearing a one piece type swimsuit with cute patterns on it. This isn’t something you would call it rare! Isn’t Kaichou in swimsuit something you won’t be able to see so often!?

“I’m sure Ise-kun is the first man to see me in swimsuits besides my family.”

Kaichou says something like that! Seriously!? Saji, I’m sorry! I think I stole another first-time thing from you again! It feels like I will be cursed to death by him for real……

The Grim Reaper girl, Bennia, doesn’t even change into a swimsuit, and—.

《This place here calms me the most.》

She is hiding under the table. She’s drinking her tea under us. ……She’s a weird girl.

Now then, the ones who are swimming in the underground pool that has the length of 100 metres is—.

“I won’t lose to Irina!”

“I won’t lose to Xenovia!”

Xenovia and Irina that were in here before us are having an extreme swimming competition. Along with a loud sound of water splashing, they are splashing huge quantity of water.

“Please don’t lose both of you!”

The one who is cheering them is Asia who is wearing her swimsuit.

……And the one who is inside the pool right next to her is a golden creature! Fafnir! There is a huge Dragon that is inside the warm pool!

[Asia-tan in her school swimsuit. I, want to drink the pool water that Asia-tan swam in.]

……He’s too much of a perv…… There is Ophis sitting on his head. And there is Rasse that is sitting on Ophis’s head……seriously, what is it with this three layers of Dragons!?

“I, with this three-combination, think, can challenge Great-Red.”

That’s not combining! It’s only three Dragons that are sitting on top of each other!

By the way Ddraig-san, what do you think of the Pantsu Dragon-King?

[I, don’t see anything.]

This is useless. He’s already broken. He even copied how Fafnir talks like…… You must be tired, rest quietly for today Ddraig…… My partner is becoming even more of a lively Heavenly-Dragon.

Returning back to the story, Rias in her magical girl’s costume was cute. I have it saved permanently inside the folder in my head……gufufu!

……More importantly, did Mil-tan get an offer from Leviathan-sama after that? I’m so scared that I can’t ask them…… I’m so frightened because it seems possible that he would be the servant of a Maou the next time I see him since its Mil-tan!

Anyway, I wonder if those witches from Khaos Brigade that attacked us at that audition are the same as those group that intruded into this town several days ago.

“I wonder if the group called [Nilrem] from Khaos Brigade are the ones that attacked us earlier.”

When I said that, Akeno-san nods.

“There are quite a number of groups of magicians.”

Like Akeno-san said, there are other magicians association.

Except, the one that has a deep connection with the Devils right now is the organisation that Mephisto Pheles is acting as the chairman. Their official name is [Grauzauberer]. So it means that the ones who sent their documents to us is them.

There are other organisation such as the “Golden Dawn” which is an organisation that MacGregor Matters-san from the Lucifer-group is a co-founder of, and they are famous for being an organisation that uses modern magic.

Also, the organisation called [Rosenkreuzer] that Rudiger Rosenkreuz-san (one of my aims!), the one who became a reincarnated Devil from being a human and the one who rose up to become the Ultimate-class Devil, previously belonged to is also a famous magicians’ organisation.

Since Devils and magicians are close, I memorised the famous organisation in my head and kept repeating them in my head many times.

It happens when I was looking back about the information about the magicians’ organisations in my head. There are those that came down to this underground pool.

“Nya, I’m so tired.”

An erotic Onee-san in a black kimono! It’s Kuroka!

She came down to the poolside while being listless. Le Fay is following behind her and politely bows her head to us saying, “H-Hello”.

The reason why Sona-kaichou and Akeno-san put on a bit of a stern look is probably because they still have doubts about Kuroka. More importantly, is the reason why Sona-kaichou isn’t shocked to see Kuroka and Le Fay because she was informed about it by Rias beforehand?

“I’m back nya~.”

Kuroka approaches me and hugs onto meeeeee!

The soft “Boin” sensation passes through to my whole body! Her huge, white, and smooth oppai are so exposed from her loose kimono!

She then rubs her cheek against mine.

“Sekiryuutei-chin♪ I want you to heal me since I’m tired~.”

……I can smell something really good from her black hair…… It feels like my brain will melt from the aroma of an older woman!

E-Ever since she stared lodging at my house, she clearly is increasing the number of times she is getting close to me! I’m happy though!

Hey, Akeno-san will put on an unpleasant face so stop that!

Do you even know that Akeno-san acts listless where she doesn’t act like her age when girls that aren’t close to me comes near me!? Though that’s also the cute side of her!

“K-Kuroka! D-Didn’t you go to Vali’s side after being called out by him?”

I say that to Kuroka who is rubbing against me. When we fought the group of magicians in order to save Koneko-chan, Gasper, and Ravel, these two left us and went to the place where Vali was. It’s certain that something happened there.

Kuroka says it while sighing.

“That’s right~. The thing is, Aži Dahāka came and attacked us~.”


Everyone here (me, Akeno-san, Ravel, and Sona-kaichou) are in shock because of what Kuroka said.

Of course! Aži Dahāka!? That’s one of the Evil-Dragons that Sensei mentioned!

“……That’s one of the Evil-Dragons that died. If I remember correctly, it was said to be one of the fiendish Dragons……”

When Ravel said that, Sona-kaichou continues.

“A wicked Dragon that controlled one thousand magic and pointed his fang against the army of the good Gods of the Zoroastrianism. It was said that it was killed by the hero Θraētaona in a state where it was basically sealed. ……If that Dragon was also resurrected back to this world similarly to Grendel, then that means……”

……Something insane is happening right now.

So does that mean Khaos Brigade and Grayfia-san’s brother are trying to resurrect the Evil Dragons that were dead……?

Even Grendel was that brutal and strong. I wonder how strong Aži Dahāka that is more evil than Grendel is!

[……You can say this is our do or die moment. As a Sekiryuutei that is.]

Even Ddraig is saying that with a tone that carried his determination. ……That means that I should prepare myself to face them in the worst situation there is, right……? Geez, so I don’t even have the time to rest.

Kuroka takes her cheek away from me and puts on a bit of a serious eyes.

“……We were travelling around the world, seeking for strong foes like them and the hidden mysteries of the world, however……that was clearly the strongest foe we ever faced.”

After Kuroka takes my teacup without my permission and drinks it, she continues.

“……That Evil Dragon came at us while laughing, even if we punched, kicked, or cut him. And that’s while spurting blood from all over his body, you know? He didn’t show any sign of going down at all. ……That thing was broken. It wasn’t normal. I personally think it’s the kind of monster you shouldn’t fight –nya. He was so tough that it convinces me why the hero whatever his name was, was only able to seal him.”

……So it was tougher than Grendel…… Just the fact about that Dragon not going down against her full team basically proves how that Dragon is broken……!

Ddraig says it with a low tone.

[……If it’s possible, I don’t want to fight it. Most likely, Albion feels the same. You should avoid those who have both the desire to destroy everything and destroy their selves, partner.]

Even Ddraig who is courageous and has a sturdy spirit is against fighting the Evil Dragons……

Le Fay continues after Kuroka.

“After that, the other deceased Dragon, Grendel, and the man wearing a robe appeared front of us……then Aži Dahāka and Grendel started fighting amongst each other to decide which one of them will fight us. We only found it is a disastrous situation, so we decided to take our leave temporarily.”

Yeah, Euclid and Grendel were certainly saying something like that before leaving. I see, so they fought against each other at the location where they teleported to.

No, maybe Evil-Dragons don’t have the sense of being comrades? ……I can feel the chills because it’s basically showing what Ddraig said about Evil-Dragons not having proper brains.

“Even Vali who happily fought that was an incredible idiot –nya.”

Kuroka says that as if she finds it astonishing. I agree. That guy needs to have a hobby besides fighting.

“May I ask you several questions regarding that afterwards?”

Sona-kaichou asks Le Fay. Even the magical girl responds honestly by saying, “Yes”.


Kuroka then says it while holding my nose.

“You shouldn’t become a Dragon like that, okay? I’m definitely positive that you have to stay being an Oppai Dragon -nya.”

“I—don’t want to become like Vali and the Evil-Dragons.”

That’s what I strongly believe. Even Kuroka nods her head saying, “Good boy”.

Then Kuroka then asks to change the subject.

“So, what were you talking about?”

“Regarding the magicians and their organisations.”

When I said that, Ravel explains the situation to Kuroka and Le Fay. Then Le Fay puts her hand up and says it timidly.

“The truth is, I was originally in “Golden Dawn”. Over there I acquired modern magic, and spells that were forbidden by the magician organisations.”

Oh, so that’s why she was using those rare magic. During the Mid-class promotion, we were secluded into dimension field at the Underworld by Cao Cao, and Le Fay’s teleporting spell played a big role back then.

Ravel says it while blowing her cheeks.

“Regarding the name of the organisations, the group of Stray Magicians that attacked us in the incident the other day, —[Hexennacht]! I won’t forget the name of those outlaws!”

And it seems like the possessor of [Incinerate Anthem] which is one of the Longinus is within that group called [Hexennacht]. And I hear that the possessor is one of their leaders. ……A Longinus possessor who is a leader of the group of ruffians. It sure is a troublesome mix. If it’s possible, I don’t want to get involved with them……

Akeno-san says it after nodding her head.

“Certainly, those are the famous magicians’ organisations. Though the main magicians we, the youth Devils, deal with are those from Mephisto-sama’s organisation.”

Well, even Rias and Sensei told me that it won’t be a problem if I only remember the name of [Grauzauberer] at my current situation.

Maybe it will be okay if I be cautious of the group of stray magicians, [Hexennacht], and the magicians’ faction of Khaos Brigade, [Nilrem].

“There sure are many things I need to remember…… The road to becoming a High-class Devil sure is hard.”

I take a breath. There are many things I need to remember, but I won’t be able to walk ahead unless I remember all of them. I am a Mid-class Devil after all, so I have to be aware and hold responsibility. It’s an unforgivable thing……if I don’t know anything during crucial times.

“It sure is tough aiming to become a High-class Devil –nya. Though I think Sekiryuutei-chin is alright to be an Ultimate-class Devil in terms of strength. It’s a cruel reality that your brain has to catch up to that level.”

Kuroka sits on my lap. This Onee-san sure does act like how she wants to!

Sona-kaichou then says it while smiling.

“However, you may be right. If you promote, then you will be able to attain evil-pieces which will allow you to have servants that will support you, and depending on the way how you use them, things may become easier for you in the future. Except, it means you will have greater responsibility by becoming a [King].”

That certainly is true. Just like how Rias does her job with us, I may be able to split the amount of work if I get my servants in the future.

Ah, now I have a question. Actually, it has been bugging me for a while.

“By the way, who did you make your servant first, Kaichou?”

Yeah, it’s regarding the circumstances of the Sitri group. Who did she make her servant first? I want to use that as a reference for the future.

“Me? It was Tsubaki. I met her soon as I came to Japan and made her my servant.”

So she made the vice-president her servant first. Well, it does seem like they have known each other the longest.

Akeno-san continues while putting on sad eyes.

“Tsubaki……also went through many things. I’m sure it was fortunate for her to have met Sona.”

“Yes, I’m also glad I met her as well.”

……I have heard a bit about Tsubaki-senpai before. She was born in the Tsubaki-clan that has an ancient and honourable origin that purifies evils, but due to her trait that calls out to abnormal beings through her mirrors, she received a state which was basically isolation.

She overcame that by becoming a Devil, and changed it to her own powers. That was Tsubaki-senpai’s Sacred Gear, [Mirror Alice].

I then ask Akeno-san.

“You were Rias’s first servant, right Akeno-san?”

I was told that since before.

“Yes, that’s correct. I am Rias’s first servant.”

Akeno-san puts her cup away and then speaks.

“This is a good occasion, so let me talk a bit about it. My first meeting with Rias—”

That is a story about the beginning of the two little girls—.

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  1. I don’t know how it is written in the original, but in German you often combine two nouns to make a new noun out of these (a quirk of the German language). So [Grau Zauberer] and [Hexen Nacht] would normally written as [Grauzauberer] (Grey Wizards) and [Hexennacht] (Witch’s Night). For me as a native, it seems odd to see them seperate.

    But like I said: I don’t know how the originals looks like.

    So or so: Great work and very, very thank you.

    • Oh seriously? Thanks for the help.
      Yes, in Japanese it was written in Kanji but with a furigana at top written in katakana. There was a “dot” between two words, so it usually means two words.
      So thank you for the correction. If you see any other wrong usage of German language, then please inform me again.

  2. Hallo i came from germany and can yast say that you can not use Grau Zauberer or Grauzauberer in a sentens because Grau is the colore of the Wizard/s. in the basic form is Grau a noun because it is a color, but is a irregular noun that where used in german yust for colore and numbers in ways like that: “dieses Grau ist schoner als jenes Grau”(this grey is nicer as that grey) but in normel us it says how a thing is: “die Zauberer sind grau”(the wizards are grey). bat that is not all In german is der graue Zauberer one person and die grauen Zauberer two persons or more persons.
    that is the basic gramer of german. Because it is the name of a theam yuo can writhe it in germen how you like becaus it is the meaning of the theam.
    the Meaning of Grau Zauberer is on the on hand that the wizards can use gray magic on the other hant the color of the cloths. if it was just the color of the cloths “die grauen Zauberer” where a nicer name.

    • This is why the German language frankly uses neogolism and derivatives (especially since forming sentences is a pain in the ass, if you have to use a lot of additional words [that’s the reason why every language use them quite often, German uses it more to ease reading and quicken the understanding]).

      “Grauzauberer” is a neologism and derivative. I hardly believe, that the wizards/sorcerer are actually grey, skin-wise (and I think ‘grey’ has more to do with their alignment than their clothes). Even if some old novels and stories used “der weiße Zauberer”, it can be read that the wizard is white (and this could be misunderstood for KKK). That’s why our petty language have all these reforms, to lessen misunderstandings and makes things easier to read.
      It’s the same as with “Schwarzmagier” (black magician), Schifffahrt (ship ride) and Schokoladenhase (chocolate bunny). Since it’s just inconvenient to say “Nutzer der schwarzen Magie”, “Fahrt auf einem Schiff” or “Schokolade, die in Hasenform gegossen wurde”. So these words were made, to make it more convenient.

      That’s why I think, this neologism (Grauzauberer) makes absolutely sense (since I’m writing English, it actually can ‘make sense’ [insider joke] :D). It takes 2 different words and juggles the meaning, creating a new word. And since this is a derivative, you write both words together in the classic… I meant reformed German way.
      And with this neologism you can use it in a sentence just fine (like all the other ones).

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