Volume 15

Dark Knight of the Sunnyspot

I didn’t even know the meaning of having a different life back then—.



Episode Issei.1

Life.1 Magical Girl Ria☆ For Real!?

Episode Issei.2

Life.2  Scarlet and Crimson

Episode Issei.3

Life.3 Holy☆Maiden Goes to the Holy-Land

Episode Issei.4

Life.4 Lets Go with Training! ~Hell Chapter~

Episode Issei.5

Episode Azazel.1

Life.5 Wolf’s Emblem

Episode Azazel.2

Episode Yuuto.1

Life.6 May the Shine be on You

Episode Yuuto.2


23 thoughts on “Volume 15

    • It seems like all chapters valled “episode” are relevant to the plot, while lives 1-4 are magazine-published shot stories. I don’t know about the other two, though; check the plots on the main page of this blog.

  1. NICE, so those are the contents uh? guessing from this its hard to tell if there will be any content about the vampire issue… from what i remember reading somewhere, vol 15 was supposed to be half short stories and the other half about the continuation from vol 14

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  3. I thought I’d say thanks for the translation, Code-Zero. Really looking forward to this one – I want the group back together and hoping they will get there by the end, or at least on their way.

    I especially want to see who Ise actually makes a pact with, too.

  4. looking forward to the next update Code Zero 😀

    same with Koakuma Thiiri to Kyuuseishu!? [its just getting interesting]

    oh and ickarium im also looking forward to see who Issei actually makes a pact with to im hoping it’s Le Fay O.o

  5. Thanks for translate this novel. Waiting for more chapters

    Just a question

    In a previous post in the flashbacksyou write: “At the end of the volume, it was revealed that Valerie Tepes is the head of the House of Tepes, and the leader of Tepes faction”. Can you say more details?

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