New Life.

New Life.

It’s almost sunrise.

Having finished the battle, we returned from that field after retrieving Ravel and the others.

We went back up, and are resting in the station.

I am dead tired after using Gift several times, promoting to True-Queen, and also from fighting Grendel. I went to sit on the chair alone at the resting area of the station after receiving treatment from Asia.

Kaichou and the others left the station to give a report about the matter, and are speaking to the staff. Gasper was taken away by the rescue team. Asia and the others went with him.

It seems like Gasper isn’t in a life threatening situation……but the hidden power within him that I’d witnessed for the first time was creepy. Just what on earth is happening inside Gya-suke’s body?

……But, the defence of that Grendel. The dragon-slayer was supposed to have worked.

Kaichou did say this.

“……I don’t know the truth about their experiment, but that Grendel……withstood a dragon-slayer. There’s no doubt that his defence is exceptional. –But it’s certain that he has some kind of power added to him. Receiving so little damage from the crimson armour state Ise-kun with a dragon-slayer is impossible.”

Did he attain a resistance to dragon-slayer? Is such thing even possible?

Ddraig has come-back, so there won’t be any downsides to start developing a Dragon-Blaster and Crimson-Blaster with the dragon-slayer ability from Ascalon added, which was suggested by Rias and Kiba…… I’ll need a technique which can take down that brutal Dragon——.

But, their “experiments”. The thing about the Phoenix was just the sub-experiment, and their true purpose was to have Grendel clash against us.

And the one who brought that Dragon was—Lucifugus. He introduced himself as Grayfia-san’s younger brother. ……There certainly was some similarities. The aura he emitted after taking off his hood was the same as hers. With that aura, he can intrude here, and it may be possible for him to let the magicians do so as well.

In the end, we couldn’t retrieve the interior of the thing which produced the “Fake Phoenix Tears”. Looks like we have to get information from the magicians we caught.

……Unbelievable things certainly have occurred during Rias’s absence. And the things about the Vampires and the pact with magicians are still waiting for us……

So the Khaos Brigade will be standing in our way once again huh——.

I look up at the ceiling.

Shalba, Cao Cao……and this time its Lucifugus and the Dragon that was supposed to have been exterminated.

“Ise-sama……I have brought your tea.”

Ravel hands me a can of tea which seems to have been bought through a vending machine. Koneko-chan is also next to her.

I take it from her. Ravel and Koneko-chan sit next to me.

A moment of silence. A bit later, Ravel says.

“……I, won’t forgive them.”

She says it clearly. Ravel’s eyes are glowing so strongly that I can’t believe she was crying a moment ago when she saw the “factory” made by the magicians.

“I won’t forgive an act like that.”

Koneko-chan takes Ravel’s hand.

“……Me too. That’s why, be strong, Ravel.”

Koneko-chan says that while putting on a smile, and then leaves.

Ravel suddenly blushes.

“……Ise-sama, can I talk a bit about something which happened a long time ago?”

She then says it as if she has made up her mind.

“I had my heart shaking with excitement when my butler told me a story about heroes. I had my young heart filled with the dream of wanting to become a woman who can support such a hero. But as I gradually got older, I forgot about it without realising it……”

Ravel then looks straight at me.

“But that dream came back naturally. His master,—seeing Ise-sama who fought Raiser-onii-sama for the sake of the woman he likes, the dream that I had when I was young came back to me gradually……and when I realised it, I was researching every single piece of information about Ise-sama. You are very straight forward, curious about girls, and are very honest about your own desires. But you are passionate, very thoughtful of your comrades, and keep on walking forward to pursue your dream. That shine is something which isn’t present around me, in the upper echelons of society.”

I……was shining? Ravel continues.

“—I want to stand beside and watch over Ise-sama’s dream. That’s the dream I started to have from a single thought. My selfish illusion…… The reason why I came here is because of my own selfish thoughts…… But, I was really happy when I was appointed Ise-sama’s manager…… And I also hope that I can remain working beside you from now on as well……”

But I wasn’t able to protect this girl back at Kuou academy……

“……I wasn’t able to protect you at Kuou academy.”

I shake my fist with frustration. Ravel shakes her head.

“You did come to rescue me. Ise-sama, you came to rescue us, even going so far to fight that enormous Dragon. I am safe. I am alive. ––I believed in you.”

Ravel takes my hand, and shows me her bright smile.

“––I believed that my hero would come to rescue me. I was very happy. I just wanted to tell you this……”

……Ravel. You believed in me that much……

It makes me happy. Seriously. I’m starting to think how wonderful it will be if she continues to come with me. If she remains my manager, I can’t tell how helpful that will be.

I say this with a different attitude.

“––Ravel, I will get even stronger. ……Looks like my objective is getting bigger again. ––If it’s okay with you, will you continue to be my manager from now on as well?”

“I also have the ambition of wanting to stir up the heat with you as well!”

She really knows how to say it. That’s why she feels reliable, this small built Ojou-sama that is.

“Yeah, I got it. It will be helpful if you can support my brain, which is quite lacking. But first, we need to beat up those guys who made a fool out of the Phoenix! A “factory” like that isn’t allowed to exist!”

“Yes! I won’t stand down without doing anything!”

Ravel takes out a single sheet of paper from her pocket. There are several magic-circles and magical symbols written there.

“These are the symbols that were on the capsules and the devices in that field, and the shape and symbol of the magic-circle they activated to investigate about me. I also have confirmed this with Koneko-san, so there is no mistake.”

……Every little detail such as the magical symbols for the spells are written on it. So Ravel memorised this much just by seeing it once.

Ravel says this while putting on a strong smile.

“I have already informed the staff of the Underworld and Heaven about these magical symbols and magic-circles. I’m also planning to send this back to the House of Phoenix. We can find out quite a lot from this information. We, the House of Phoenix, will be pursing what they are trying to do with these “fake” Phoenix tears! In addition, things like those capsules may be floating within the dimensional gap after the destruction of that field. Also Sona-sama and I put a marking on them with our demonic-powers at the very end, so if they are still safe, then I’m sure they can find it by relying on the demonic-powers of the Sitri and I. I have informed the research team of the Underworld about this. Even if it takes time, we will retrieve as much information about them as we can. ––I will make them realise that it’s the end of their luck by capturing me!”

So those small magic-circle that Ravel and Sona-kaichou released at the end had the role of acting as a marking huh. This girl and Sona-kaichou sure are shrewd!

Khaos Brigade and the “stray” magicians still don’t know about this.

This girl is the immortal Phoenix––.

Even her mentality is getting stronger just like her immortality––.

Looks like having captured Ravel will return back to them big time.

After a while, Raiser shows up.

“Ravel! Are you okay!? It took me some time coming here, but I came to aid all of you while bringing my servants and……eh, what!? I-It already ended!?”

It seems like he was worried about Ravel after hearing the report.

Man, Ravel sure has a good brother!


The territory of the Vampires. I, Azazel, have entered there.

We borrowed a car when we arrived in Romania, and are progressing through the mountain road. The road without any surface is bumpy, and the car has jumped several times.

The fog is quite thick. We did receive a map from the Vampire who belongs to the Carmilla’s faction just in case.

It’s planned for me to separate from Rias and Kiba who are also riding the car with me. I will be going to Carmilla. Rias and Kiba will be going to the House of Tepes. We will be moving there together, and I will join back with them after talking to Carmilla. I hope it doesn’t turn into a situation where we have to call Ise and the others……

Now then, I wonder what Asia is doing with Fafnir, who she is looking after. Even if Ophis acted as the meditator, her talent to make a pact with monsters—no, Dragons and make them obey her is terrifying.

……Rasse, Ophis, and Fafnir. I can only think that she was born with something which allows her to grasp hold of Dragons. It may have been unavoidable for her to meet Ise as soon as she entered Japan.

——Then, I witness Rias who is thinking about something from the mirror.

I speak to Rias who is sitting in the back seat.

“Are you worried about your boyfriend who you left in Japan?”

“……I will be lying if I say that I’m not. He……no, those girls who love him have a more daring approach than me.”

“It seems like your husband will bring more storms from now on as well.”

“I am prepared. But, since I decided to love that person, I will accept everything.”

I tease her, but Rias answers normally. Oho, your dignity as the legal wife sure is showing up. She doesn’t panic even if I said the word husband. There is no doubt they are a husband and wife that look good together like the people around them say.

“……Looks like we will be arriving at the area where the local staff from the Vampire’s side are waiting for us.”

Kiba who is sitting in the passenger seat has the map opened, and is staring at the compass used by Devils.

Rias then asks.

“What happened to Cao Cao? You did receive a call yesterday, correct?”

Ah, that. I received the report of the aftermath from that bastard Śakra.

“It seems like Indra punished all of the Longinus possessor from the Hero-faction that includes Cao Cao, Georg, and Leonardo. But according to Indra, he confiscated the spear, and sent those three to Hades.”

Though, he didn’t hand us the holy-spear. That bastard Śakra is probably in possession of Dimension Lost and Annihilation Maker.

Though, it will make him the one who finished off the Hero-faction in terms of appearance. He lent his strength to them, he used them to the very end, and also attained the reason for being in possession of the Longinus.

[It can’t be helped for Śakra who punished the Hero-faction to be in possession of the Longinus for a temporary time.]

He attained a very good excuse. So we are in a situation where it’s hard for us to complain. We had Heracles and Jeanne that we have captured give up their connection with Śakra……but I wonder how deep they are connected with that cunning Śakra.

……Damn, the one who defeated them are the young Devils, you know?

He stole the good parts at the very end!

“……For him who was aiming to become the poison against supernatural beings.”

Kiba mutters.

Indra’s voice comes back to my mind. He did speak about Cao Cao.

[HAHAHA, that brat moved around without thinking about what he wanted to become, that’s why he failed. If he wanted to become strong as a human, then he shouldn’t have relied on Medusa’s eye. Since he spoke of being a hero while being half-assed that made him fail. As the result, that eye became fatal. Laughable, right? Laugh at him. At the end, he turned into a clown.]

Yeah, if he continued to fight as a simple human, then the holy-spear would also have lent its strength to his will.

So it ended for him since the “The will of the God from the Bible” determined that “Rather than the ambition of the host, the dream of the Sekiryuutei who is a Devil and a Dragon is better” huh.

[——The ones who will hunt monsters, are human heroes. So there’s nothing that the shitty brat who went beyond a human to become a snob can do.]

Regarding that, I agree. Having Indra say that is the end for him.

But, just like Ise, there was a young-side to Cao Cao. Wanting to become someone is the part of being young. And isn’t the one who put such ambition in that youth of wanting to become a hero you, aye Śakra-sama?

Śakra said this to me after that.

[Well, to me, the “Oppai Dragon” who is a Devil and is calling himself a hero is also quite a clown, you know? What’s the point of a Devil being a hero? Isn’t it the desire of the Devils to deceive humans and control them from the shadows? No matter how much he lives on by saying innocent things, the group of those young Devils on your side are also evil and vicious “Devils” that live on by using humans, you know? No matter how far he goes, he is still far off from being a real hero. ––It’s just child play.]

……I won’t deny all of them.

But the Devils, ––the Underworld is changing as well. That’s why they were about to collapse if they continued to have the old structure of the world of Devils.

……But forcing him to become a hero, huh. Was I doing the same as well……?

Rias then asks.

“What is Śakra trying to do? The God of war who let Cao Cao loose, who taunted Hades indirectly, and who brought chaos to each faction. Azazel, did you ask about his true ambition?”

“Yeah, that guy wants people who can oppose the God of destruction, Shiva. He believes that wars will give birth to strong people.”

……Though, I don’t know how much of that is the truth…… It seems like Indra would do anything in order to win against that Shiva.

––Then a communication-type magic-circle comes to me. It appears automatically to my ear. I then receive a call from the other side. This is just a call I receive on fixed times. I will then communicate with them directly afterwards.

––––! ……I couldn’t believe my own ears at the information I am getting.

“……Grendel……and Lucifugus……?”

……What, what is going on……? So something insane is going on in Japan again!

Grendel!? Shouldn’t that guy have already been eliminated!? And Khaos Brigade?

This matter goes around inside my head.

The Vampires that got possession of the Holy Grail, stray magicians, Khaos Brigade that is reorganising itself, the members of “Khaos Brigade” that are appearing at the places Vali is investigating, the survivor from Lucifugus, and the appearance of the legendary Dragon that was supposed to have been eliminated.

……Maybe they are all connected? The timings are too perfect. A situation which makes me think that it’s something that couldn’t be avoided.

If everything ties into one thing……then there isn’t anything more dangerous……!

And Euclid Lucifugus—.

I have browsed through a bit of data about him before.

The rebellion that happened between the Devils in the past, the internal conflict between the old government and the anti-government which has Sirzechs as their ace. And Grayfia’s real brother whose life and death situation became unknown during then. That is Euclid Lucifugus. Officially, he’s said to be dead, and I have heard that Grayfia said that she doesn’t think her brother is alive.

And he happens to be alive, and he’s the one who is leading the organisation……?

No, even if he has the strength to do so, there is something missing from him which allows him to become the head of those crazy bastards.

That is charisma––.

Even if you aren’t as famous as Ophis, they still need a person who deserves the place of being a Boss.

It’s the Lucifugus who has been standing next to those who stand at the very top since their birth. So I can’t think that Euclid is the new Boss.

……So who is the mastermind behind it?

Who was the core member that brought the Khaos Brigade together within this short time……?

Did they make a new Ophis from the power of Ophis they stole? That’s possible, but that will mean they need someone very strong who can manipulate that. The strong person, that is the new Boss.

Hades, and Śakra……no, they can’t be. The former will definitely get exiled by the Chief-God Zeus if he causes another stir. The latter……Indra’s main objective is the battle against Shiva.

Even if they were plotting something between them, there will be no merit for them to become the Boss of the terrorists.

Khaos Brigade that is hated by each faction and that is the gathering of the hated ones from each faction——.

The one who will be at the top is someone strong who is turning into a puppet, or simply a bastard who is insanely crazy.

I hit my own knee to release the ill feelings that I am carrying.

“Khaos Brigade” ——.

The organisation of terrorists that has gathered those that are dissatisfied with the current structure of each faction.

The Bosses who have been actually controlling them have changed several times.

Shalba Beelzebub from the Old-Maou faction, and Cao Cao from the Hero-faction——.

They are still active even after losing Ophis——.

No matter how it changes inside, the existence of “Khaos Brigade” is going to stand in our way. The organisation itself will continue to be active, no matter how many times we crush them——.

“Rias, Kiba, looks like something troublesome is going to happen.”

While driving through the mists which you can’t look through, I start my discussion with them about what happened in Japan, and how we will be coping with it from now——.

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  1. oh my how fast you are.
    and ise has been called rias’s husband by azazel and she didn’t minded,this shows that something interesting is going to happen soon,i forepredict ise’s and rias’s parents are going to talk about their marriage in some kind of school activity occassion. lol

      • Actually they went through the ceremony which was probably an engagement ceremony back in vol 7 or 8. (The fun life of the Gemory I think the chapter is called) In a lot of cultures engagement is the same as being married.

  2. so with this the story will continue on volume 16 right??
    I read it somewhere that…the one controlling all of remaining chaos brigade is Tiamat one of the 5 dragon kings.

  3. Thank you! This is exciting! So volume 15 will include of Short Story , right ? And the light novels will go ahead to the volume 16, Code-Zero san ? I’m happy =)))))) Khaos Brigade , wa , look like Ise and Vali will meet again when fighting together soon =)

  4. I’m gonna toss it out there what’s the odds of the new boss being Shiva since I think volume 16 will be the start of arc 5 or am I mistaken

    • Nah, the author mentioned that due to their super super super cheating god power Sakra and Shiva story will be the last resort if nothing he has nothing to write about. But for 4th arc to end at 16th is unlikely it won’t end probably until 17-18 because 16 is going to be all about gasper and not much into the Khaos Bridgade.

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