Life.3 Stray Wizards

Several days have passed since the Vampire guests came.

It’s planned for Rias to leave Japan late at night today. I hear that their destination is deep within the mountains of Romania.

After finishing school, I thought of doing muscle training in the training room located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence until Rias finishes packing. I thought I should train even a bit when I have time.

The girls will be helping Rias to prepare her things, so that will make me a nuisance since I’m a guy. Since I became bored, I’m thinking of doing some training.

The joint training I had with Kiba and the others got halted ever since the meeting with the Vampires. Since the situation turned out like this, it got even harder to proceed with the selection of the magician’s resume.

……Man, we really are busy. On top of that we still have school during the day. We have a hard schedule. But I should at least do some muscle training so I won’t get dull.

Actually, I’m thinking about training my familiar as well. The magical airship which is flying around me, Skithblathnir!

I gave its name just recently. Fufufu, you know I gave it a cool name?

And, when I entered the training room, Kuroka and Le Fay are already there before me.

Both of them are sitting on the floor, and have thick books opened out.

“What the, you guys were here?”

I say.

These two really have been showing up sometimes at the Hyoudou residence ever since that day. She opens the fridge without our permission and has been drinking our milk and such!

Mum gets shocked, Rias gets mad, and it turns into a mess all the time…… Every time Kuroka does as she likes, Le Fay always bows her head down desperately and apologises.

“Hello, we have excused ourselves in here.”

Le Fay, who can greet people properly, is a good girl!

“Nyahaha, we have excused ourselves in here -nyan.”

It isn’t nyahaha…… My house really is a nest place of the dark residents. There are so many varieties of races which include different-types of Devils, an Angel, and the Dragon-God-sama. It’s too much of a chaos……

I approached both of them, and what I observed was the books that are open, and there’s a diagram of a human body which has its hand emitting what looks like an aura.

“What is this?”

When I ask, Kuroka says it while smiling.

“It’s a book regarding life. It has things about aura, senjutsu, touki, and such.”

Hmm, so it’s a book like that. But why is she reading it? Kuroka is an expert at those kinds of things, so isn’t it pointless reading those things now……

I tilt my head and Le Fay says it while giggling.

“She’s researching so she can teach her so-called sister more efficiently.”

Oh, what was that! So she’s doing her role as the older sister!

Kuroka says it while stroking the book’s cover.

“The basic of senjutsu is to understand the ways of your own self, others, and the nature’s ki. First of all she needs to concentrate her mind, making a zazen posture quietly to release her ki, and then confirm the surrounding ki. It’s the most basic of basics, and this is the best way to develop further. That’s why I’m having her make a zazen posture first~.”

“I thought you would make her do things which don’t make any sense since this is you that we are talking about, but you are doing it more seriously than I expected.”

When I teased her, Kuroka makes an unpleasant face.

“Boo, you are so rude –nya. I’m a woman who does things seriously at proper times.”

“Look who’s talking, since you tried to take me and Koneko-chan down with a poison mist before.”

Her evilness was quite the thing when I first met her in the Underworld. She tried to defeat me, Rias, and Koneko-chan, without any mercy.

Kuroka makes a wink at my claim, and she tries to avoid it by acting cute.

“You know, I just became naughty because I was happy with my reunion with Shirone♪ Oops, lick, nyan♪ You know how you would get a heartbeat when a vicious person shows their kindness to you? Now then, has Sekiryuutei-chin gotten a heartbeat from me~?”

……I won’t deny it, but it’s certain that you are a bad cat!

And it isn’t “Oops, lick, nyan”…… You know that you had so much murderous intent back then? No, the thing is, telling this to her is useless. Actually, it makes me think she acted like that with the flow of things and the atmosphere.

“You definitely have to reconcile your relationship with Koneko-chan.”

Kuroka makes sad eyes at my words. ……Stop that, you become just a normal beauty when you put on a serious face like that and it makes my heart take a beat……

“You are right…… But, it might be impossible. Even if it’s something I did because of my concern for her, Shirone was cornered to a wall as a result because of what I did.”

Just like Kuroka said, Koneko-chan received the guilt of the crime her sister did which was killing her master. As a result, there was even a suggestion to execute her. The matter was solved because Sirzechs-sama defended Koneko-chan but……after that, I heard that it took a long time for her to heal mentally and for her to resume living normally.

Koneko-chan who had a scar in her heart must be thinking that “I was betrayed by my sister, and I was blamed for it by many adults”. And half of that is right.

“I don’t know any hard stuff. But if that time comes, I will help you out to fix your relation with her.”

They only have themselves as two sisters in this world. If they are going to get back together, then I won’t hold back from helping them.

After all, I think having Koneko-chan smile is the most important.

Kuroka stares at me in wonder when I told her my thoughts.


She laughs as if she finds it funny.

“Nyahahaha. Yup yup, I see now. I think I understand now –nya. Of course everyone will fall for you. Sekiryuutei-chin, you are more charming than normal handsome ones, you know?”

“Well, thank you for that. Though, I would have preferred to be a normal handsome guy. Did you know that it’s quite hard being a Sekiryuutei?”

It’s like going through a death experience because so many strong foes attack us. No, I actually have lost my body once because of it.

Le Fay asks as if she’s trying to change the subject.

“How is your negotiation with the magicians going?”

“Well, so-so, I guess. There’s such a huge number of them, and I’m taking some of them down by selecting them through their documents.”

“I hear that the Sekiryuutei-sama is very popular.”

Rias seems to be the busiest, but she’s continuing to do things about the Vampires and magicians while doing her usual job, school affairs, and her role as our [King].

……I really can’t win against Rias. That person is carrying the most and the biggest burden out of all of us.

Becoming a High-class Devil and the [King] is the same thing as carrying about the issues of all of your servants on your back. ……Will I be able to manage it when I become a High-class Devil? I’m feeling uneasy about it, but I can only support Rias, and charge forward for now.

Talking about charging forward, there is the thing about Skithblathnir.

“Hey, if I was to learn magic from you, Le Fay, will I be able to acquire the ability to use it?”

I ask Le Fay. My familiar, the Skithblathnir, is a magical ship. I should also put some knowledge about magic into my head even if it’s only a bit. Even more so if I am to have a relationship with a magician.

Le Fay nods.

“I don’t know what kind of magic you want to use, but if you are a Devil, you are adapted to use special powers more than average people, so I think it is possible for you to acquire them depending on how hard you work. By the way it’s the basics, but you do know the differences between demonic-power and magic, yes?”

“Yeah, demonic-power is something which you use to turn your imagination into actual form, and magic is something where you use equations to make supernatural phenomenon occur, right?”

“If you have to separate them simply, yes, that is correct. Demonic-power requires the power to use imagination and the power to create, and it requires having good sense. Magic is just knowledge to control equations, and you need to use your head and need calculations, so they are different even though it may seem similar.”

“Ah, for an idiot like me, that will be hard.”

I can’t calculate at all! Having control over the equations high enough to control supernatural phenomenon will be something I’m bad at since I’m only capable of controlling my demonic-power to use Dress Break and Bilingual.

Le Fay continues.

“I think it’s possible to acquire something which doesn’t need that much calculation. For example, a magic to warm up cold coffee, and also a simple magic to see through things.”


Magic to see through!? T-That’s something which makes me very interested in!

If I acquire it properly, will I be able to see through wo-woman’s clothing!?

My head is filled with seeing through clothes and Kuroka adds extra information.

“In other words. Magic is something where you need knowledge and calculations to know “If I do this, this will happen” -nya. There are phenomenons even I don’t understand, and you can’t make things like that occur using magic -nya. Though there are spell casters who can use magic which isn’t properly solved with their senses and talents. They are special people where you need to add the word “super” ten times in front of the word “rare”.”

So the reason why Rossweisse-san uses magic over demonic-power as first priority is because it’s easier for her to calculate rather than imagining. She certainly seems like that type of person.

Unng, it seems like I can acquire them more than I expected.

I won’t be able to use magic to the highest level. But, I might be able to acquire one or two things!

Maybe I should seriously learn about magic by listening to the words of Rossweisse-san and Le Fay.

As the result of it, it will be awesome if I can understand more about this Skithblathnir.

Seeing the Skithblathnir which is flying around me, Kuroka asks.

“By the way, has the name for this child been decided yet?”

Oh! I’m glad you asked!

“Yeah, this guy’s name is Ryuuteimaru! You know how ships have names like that? And look at this thing over here!”

I have both of them look at the flag. It has the name “Ryuuteimaru” written on it. Yeah, I wrote it using a brush! How’s that, awesome right!?


Kuroka rejects it right away!

Shiiiiiiiiiit! I thought really hard about it! No, this guy’s name is Ryuuteimaru! I will definitely go with this! First inspiration is important!

It happens just before I was about to argue back. Asia comes into the training room.


“Oh, what’s wrong Asia?”

“It seems like Rias-oneesama will be leaving Japan now.”


It’s several hours earlier than I expected. I did hear that they will be leaving tonight, but I never thought it would be this quickly. It’s still evening.

“It seems like the weather is good again, and the small jet plane is able to fly now.”

I see. So that’s why they are going earlier.

I told Kuroka and Le Fay, “I will be away for a sec”, and left the place together with Asia.

The giant teleportation magic-circle located in the basement of the Hyoudou’s residence.

All the members of the Occult Research Club and Sona-kaichou are gathered here.

To send off Rias, Kiba, and Azazel-sensei.

To visit the Vampires, the House of Vladi, they first have to go through many magic-circles in Japan by starting from the Hyoudou residence, and then they must fly to Europe. Then they must charter a small jet-plane.

The Vampires have their own barriers activated, and it seems like they have to use several transport methods in order to enter their Kingdom.

From what I heard, they will use magic-circle to go to Europe, Romania. From there they will use a small jet-plane, and then they have to transport using a car to drive up the mountain.

It must be located in a very remote place. So it’s a world hidden from the town belonging to a human.

The reason why they are leaving earlier is because the weather was bad before and therefore it wasn’t possible to fly the jet-plane, but the weather is good now. Since the weather became better earlier than expected, they decided to fly while it’s still good.

Unlike the magic-circle which can be used to travel immediately, the weather will affect airplanes. So it can’t be helped if the jet-plane can’t fly because of it.

Rias, Kiba, and Azazel-sensei, walk to the centre of the magic-circle while carrying their luggage. The ones who will be visiting the House of Vladi directly are Rias and Kiba. The one who will be going there after contacting the Carmilla’s side is Sensei.

Rias hugs Gasper.

“……I will be the one to protect you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. I will also settle the matter with the House of Vladi.”

“Yes, Buchou……”

Gasper also relaxes with Buchou’s embrace.

——The motherhood! Rias’s motherhood is working!

Rias looks at Akeno-san.

“Akeno, I will leave the rest to you.”

“Yes, Rias.”

I exchange knuckles with Kiba.

“I will leave Rias to you.”

“Of course.”

Yeah, it won’t be a problem if I leave it to this guy. Even if they get dragged into something troublesome, he will definitely protect Rias.

Sensei on the other hand, is giving his smiles to Sona-kaichou and Rossweisse-san.

“Then, I will leave the school to you two. President Sona♪ Ms. Rossweisse♪”

“ “Please come back quickly since we are busy.” ”

“Man, what a dull reaction.”

Azazel-sensei seems dissatisfied with the dull response of the two.

It’s almost the end of the year, and the school’s schedule is packed with preparing for the end of the year as well. Since one of the teachers will be gone during this time, maybe for the both of them who are deeply connected with school affairs, they can’t be that happy to send Sensei off even if it’s for diplomatic reasons.

And it’s this former-Governor that we are talking about. It’s possible that he will be having fun while he’s gone……

Sensei then tells all of us.

“Those magicians that are targeting those related to the Phoenix seem suspicious. Be careful.”


We reply back to him. Yeah, we will be cautious about that!

“Asia, Ophis.”

Sensei calls Asia and Ophis.

“Asia, it’s about that thing but what’s left will depend on you. Go through with it while getting advice from Ophis. Ophis, I will leave it to you. If you who is the Dragon-God is beside her, then it should be okay. I will leave the so-called blessing of Dragon-God, okay?”

“Yes, I am really embarrassed about it, but I will do my b-best.”

“I, about Asia, will look carefully.”

Asia and Ophis respond back to Sensei’s words. What’s this about? Asia, you have a really red face, you know? I’m really anxious about it!

After that the three of them, Rias, Kiba, and Sensei, have the last check with everyone and bid them farewell, and they are finally leaving—.

The ones who were looking at each other were me and Rias.

Rias takes a step forward, and closes in on me.

“……I will be going then.”

“Yes, I will be waiting for the good news. If something happens, I will definitely come to your aid.”

“Yes. I know.”

We looked at each other, took our hands, and spent a few seconds together before separating.

But we smiled immediately, and let go off our hands. No matter where Rias and I are, our souls will always be connected—

The three of them, who are lining up at the centre of the teleportation magic-circle. The glow of the magic-circle gets stronger.

After Akeno-san makes the last check for the teleportation magic-circle, the glow of the teleportation spreads throughout the room, and the next moment—

Rias and the other two were gone when I opened my eyes. The teleportation succeeded.

……Rias, Kiba, Sensei, good luck.

While the three of them are gone, the rest of us who are left behind will look after here!

“Uuu, I’m so lonely.”

Even if I said that earlier, not seeing Rias on my bed……is very painful!

It’s sleeping time, and I’m fighting with loneliness on top of my bed!

I sent her off just before, and I’m already craving for Rias’s warmth!

That’s because I always, always, have been sleeping with the three of us of me, Rias, and Asia! And that Rias isn’t here……!

“Rias……uu, I miss the oppai.”

It’s my healing source to sleep by sinking my face in that voluptuous oppai. Rias also welcomes me by saying “Come here” and sleeps by embracing me!

Aaah, Rias’s oppai! Aaah, Rias’s oppaaaai~!

I’m so sad that I’m hugging on Asia.

“……Asia, from tonight can I sleep like this for a while?”

“Yes, Ise-san sure is a spoiled child.”

That’s right. It’s okay. I have Asia with me. I can endure it since Asia is with me! Aaah, Asia-chan! I always spoil Asia, but I can have her spoil me sometimes, right? I can’t sleep by myself anymore! I’m such a weakling! But! It can’t be helped!

Since I know the taste of sleeping together with Rias and Asia, I can no longer sleep by myself!

When I was about to sleep while hugging onto Asia, there is a knock on the door.

Asia and I look that way. Then, the one who enters by opening the door is—.

“Ufufu, I will excuse myself in here for a while from tonight.”

It’s Akeno-san who is wearing a see through negligee!

“A-Akeno-san! W-What’s wrong?”

“I thought I should replace Rias, so I came here.”

Replacing Rias!? D-Does that mean she will be sleeping with Asia and I?

Akeno-san walks towards the bed—,

“Then, let’s start—”

and starts to undress her negligee while saying thaaaaaat!

“……I-It’s my first time, b-but please be gentle…… ……It’s embarrassing doing it front of Asia-chan, but I will be happy if you turn the lights off……”

Akeno-san who becomes fully naked! And what are you saying while making your face red!? W-What’s going on!? Is something about to happen!?

“P-Please wait, Akeno-san! W-What are you getting so serious about!?”

Akeno-san tilts her head suspiciously when she sees me panicking.

“Eh? That’s because I’m going to replace Rias from tonight so……is it wrong?”

She has a big misunderstanding about something!

Asia also gets shocked at Akeno-san’s action.

“Hauuu! Akeno-san! What were you trying to do!?”

“But, Asia-chan. If a man and a woman sleep together on the bed… can only mean one thing, correct?”

I knew it! She took the meaning of sleeping together in that direction! No, apparently that’s how it is normally! Even I would prefer to have it that way and……no no!

“N-No! No, that may be it normally, but Rias, Asia, and I, are sleeping together peacefully, you know!?”

Suddenly Akeno-san puts on a confused look. Just how prepared were you about doing this!?

“Ara ara, this is troublesome. I waited for this day by preparing myself and being ready for it……and I was looking forward to my precious first night.”

“F-First night……?”

T-There’s a wonderful ring to those words! I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s a sense of language that echoes throughout my body and mind……!

While ignoring me who is paralysed by the wonderful Japanese words in my head, Akeno-san tries to enter the bed while naked!

The finest quality of a woman’s body is right in front of me! Her breasts are bouncing in every direction right in front of my eyes! I can’t help myself but to follow the movements with my eyes!

Akeno-san gets inside the bed, and then makes a posture of welcoming me into her arms by spreading her arms!

“Then, shall we sleep normally♪”

You aren’t planning to sleep normally, are you, Akeno-san!? So I will be doing it with Akeno-san when Rias isn’t here……and while Asia is looking! I-Is this what you call an affair!? I have expressed my feelings to Rias, but I’m thinking of digging right into the woman’s body which is right in front of me!

Akeno-san takes my hand as if she is enjoying it, and moves it towards her breast!

Munyuu~, my hand gets sucked onto her breast!

Yeah, this is the thing! Akeno-san’s breast! My hand is in joy from the different sensation to that of Rias! This works well on my brain!

Suddenly Akeno-san puts on sorrowful eyes.

“……When I thought you died, I felt that everything ended. My mind went blank……and I kept on remembering Ise-kun that remained in my memory, I was escaping from the reality……”

I was told about that situation from Kiba. It seems like she was in a horrible state. I heard that she was in a state even more serious than Rias, and that she probably wouldn’t have regained her consciousness if her father, Barakiel-san, didn’t come.

……I made Akeno-san become that depressed just because I may have been dead.

I’m glad being a man, but even I won’t be able to endure seeing Akeno-san in that state.

I then remembered Azazel-sensei’s words.

[Once she removes her mask of being an Onee-sama, what’s left is her true side of “depending” on a man. That can be her father Barakiel, and you. If danger arises to you two, she will become depressed once again. But, you can also say that it can be used to rise her tension up. You just have to show manliness. Listen up; this is what you have to say.]

Umm, I think Sensei said—


“——! Y-Yes.”

It seems like she is shocked to have me suddenly call her name.

I’m not sure if I’m actually allowed to say this and I feel scared. Sensei, I will believe in you, okay?

“……I-I will definitely not die. I will de-definitely return to your side. Can you believe in me and Rias, and live for my sake?”

……I’ve said it, Sensei! I’ve said it despite being super embarrassed and daring!

And from here isn’t Sensei’s words but my own words! I must say my true feelings! I take my hand off her oppai, and place it on her shoulder!

I took a deep breath, and then said it!

“Let’s become stronger together! Let’s live on together with me and everyone!”

She’s from the same group, she is my important senior, and she is Akeno-san who I like very much. If we are weak, if there is a part of us being weak, then we have to overcome them! I’m……still really weak! That’s why, I think we can just get stronger together and live on!

Now, what is her answer!?

Akeno-san, has lots of tears falling and—

“……Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay now. I will live on for the sake of you, Rias, and everyone else. I will become stronger with you, Ise. I will be with you forever.”

—she nods! Since she breaks down her attitude and voice of Onee-sama like this, and since she turns into a normal girl like this, Akeno-san……becomes deadly cute……!

I then remembered the other thing Azazel-sensei said!

[But, you will have to take responsibility till the end if you say that, okay? Akeno is delicate and is easy to get depressed, so once you say that, you know the relation will become solid? If you actually die next time, she will be done for. That’s why you can not die at all costs, okay? If you die, it will be a disaster, you know? But if you don’t die, Akeno will become even stronger.]

…………I have a big responsibility now! I’m not allowed to encounter a situation where I will die now! If this person sees that……won’t she break!?

It seems like I just cornered myself……but yeah! I have to do it! I have destroyed the path of turning back by myself!

Akeno-san wipes her tears, and then puts on her usual smile. She then says this in that state.

“Yes. Now, I will leave my body under the care of Ise-kun♪”


W-What kind of keywords are that!? She will leave it to me!? She’s going to allow me to touch her breast and have me take care of her body while Rias isn’t here!? T-Things like that are possible!? No, it’s something which is becoming possible right now!

W-What should I do!?

The Devil and another Devil inside me are saying “Go for it” and “No, also take Asia as well!”! Gufufu, I’m so lost right now!

It happens when I was thinking of what to do. The door opens once again.


This time Koneko-chan appears! She is in a maniac fashion where she is only wearing a white shirt on top!

“K-Koneko-chan? W-What’s wrong?”

“……I will also sleep with Ise-senpai and everyone.”


Koneko-chan walks towards me and then hugs onto me.

“……Since I had Ravel steal my position on Ise-senpai’s lap, I will protect the position of being lifted up by Senpai at all cost.”

Oh my! Even Koneko-chan is acting this way!

What are all of you doing when your master isn’t here……!? Though I’m not in the position where I can say that!

“It’s not fair that Koneko-chan is the only one being treated like this!”

Even Asia is hugging me from my back!


Then those two appear while my brain was being affected with Koneko-chan’s sweet voice.

“And I was thinking of taking action while Rias-buchou isn’t here……”

“I-I was dragged here by Xenovia by force! S-Sneaking into a boy’s room to make love is something the lord won’t forgive!”

“That’s wrong, Irina! We have to take action while Rias-buchou isn’t here!”

It’s Xenovia and Irina! They enter my room while dressed in pyjamas! And both of them happen to be standing near the door while making weird poses! What’s up with that totally wrong posing-style of a squadron of heroes!? Are they trying to make the whole world laugh with that!?

Why is everyone suddenly coming to my room after Rias departed!?

No, they are usually like this as well, but aren’t they being aggressive today!?

I feel like I will be going along with the flow at this rate! It seems like by having our master, [King] Rias, absent, it’s going to go wild because there isn’t any control in this!

I then thought of starting a conversation.

Ah, that’s right. There is one thing that has been bugging me for a long time. How can Irina who is always encountering the situation of falling say things like making babies with me? That’s what has been bothering me.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but how can an Angel make babies with humans without falling? There are those people right? Half Angels that is.”

Yes, just like how a child can be born between a human and a Fallen Angel, people say that a child can be born between an Angel and a human as well. During that procedure, the Angels won’t fall, and the child that is born between them isn’t a Fallen Angel either.

Xenovia and Irina look at each other. Xenovia opens her mouth. –And at the same time she takes her top pyjama off~!

“Yeah, there are very few numbers of them, but there are half Angels.”

“Yup, there certainly are. I also have met them.”

Just like I thought, Irina starts to take off her pyjamas with Xenovia’s words!

“But, I’m sure there are many restrictions for Angels when they make babies. Isn’t it?”

Xenovia who has taken off her lower pyjamas tries to get confirmation from Irina. Irina says it while also taking off all of her pyjamas!

“Yup. In order to start that procedure, there are quite a lot things that have to be prepared beforehand. You have to put a barrier on that location, you also have to pray the night before doing it to purify your body, and it’s obviously wrong to have lecherous thoughts while doing it. You have to remember the teaching at all times, and you have to do it while having the mind of a Saint. You will be out if you get drawn into the greed even once. And it must be pure love!”

That’s a situation which is totally impossible for me! I’m sure the human’s side will be full with lust if they knew they can have sex with a beautiful Angel. Even if it’s the Angel’s side, I think they will also fall just like how Sensei did, if they find out they can have sex with a cute human woman. I can say that with confidence!

Rather than that, both of you are wearing your underwear only! What kind of situation are you two making while talking about something serious!?

I’m grateful, but the current me isn’t capable of taking 5 girls at once!

“……Somehow, not allowing to have lust while being in love, and to make babies while having the mind of a Saint……sounds so impossible that it seems hard.”

When I mutter that out while wiping my nose, Xenovia nods.

“That’s why only the chosen one can become one with an Angel. At the same time, the Angel also has to finish till the end without being drawn to their greed. They will fall the moment they get drawn to their greed.”

So it means it’s a sex which has such a high level of difficulty. Oh man, that will be impossible for me. I will be all hyped the moment I see their breasts. I’m glad I’m neither an Angel nor a believer! Looks like Devils are the best!

Ah, then it looks like it will be hard for Irina. That’s because she is in danger of falling when she encounters a situation which is sex-related. —Despite that, this Angel-san is only wearing her underwear!

“So it’s impossible for you, Irina?”

Xenovia says it to Irina as if she is speaking for me.

Irina puts on an unpleasant face.

“……S-Since we are childhood friends, I’m sure there are obstacles we can overcome together!”

“Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot you two are childhood friends.”

“Geez, Xenovia! I decided to challenge the limits of an Angel!”

“To begin with, why are you approaching Ise? Ever since the peace meeting of the Three Great Powers, I decided inside my heart that this guy is the one. He talked to Michael-sama directly for my prayers! You do know it’s something which isn’t capable for a normal guy, right?”


“Irina, you won’t deny that you started to like him with the flow and influence, right?”

“T-That isn’t it! It’s because he looks cool!”

“Your reason is weak! I can only think that you started to like your friend’s partner!”

“I remembered it just recently! When we were little, Ise-kun promised me!”

I put a “?” above my head when Irina says that. Did I promise you something……?

“Anyhow, Irina, I want you to emit your power of light behind me and Ise! I’m going to do this by showing my right breast, and then also my left breast!”

“Xenovia you dummy! I’m not a light bulb! This time it’s different compared to the time at the school trip!”

Ah ah, these two started again……

“Ufufu, I’m a Devil and a Fallen Angel. So you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Akeno-san! Please stop taking my hand towards your breast again! I won’t be able to endure it any loooooonger~!

“Koneko-san! I knew you would come here!”

Even Ravel has finally come! She walks towards the bed and I can sense anger in her footsteps.

“……Excuse me!”

She then sleeps on the corner of my bed! Hey hey hey, Ravel!?

“……I may be inexperienced, but I will have myself stay at the corner of the bed! I am your manager after all! I must protect Ise-sama from this cat!”

Ravel, who threatens Koneko-chan while making a face. Koneko-chan who has eyes sparkling as if she is fighting back! Damn it! No matter what they do, my two juniors are cute!



……It’s not a situation where it’s about sex or making a child, is it? My room is too chaotic!

“Ise-senpai! I have come because I’m too lonely~!”

The one who enters my room last while having teary eyes is Gya-suke! He makes his appearance while bringing a box! I see, so he became lonely since Kiba who is living with him left!

“As you can see, my bed is already full! If the corner of the room is okay, then sleep over there!”

When I say that, Gasper actually makes a base at the corner of my room and opens his box! Danball Vampire can sleep anywhere as long as he has a box!

Akeno-san also takes my hand off her oppai as if she has given up. Ah, such a waste!

“Ara ara, looks like Ise-kun’s bed is full with people now. At this rate, I won’t be able to have an affair for a while.”

……Yes, it’s very regrettable but……it’s not possible in this situation…… Actually, I don’t think tonight will be the only day it will be like this…..

Then the closet opens roughly. Ophis appears as if it’s the last part of the night.

“I, appear from the closet. Ehem.”

What’s with those words full with confidence!? Rather, since when have you been hiding there!?

……Haa. It’s finalised with the appearance of our Ophis-sama.

So I will sleep peacefully with everyone today as well.


After a few days since Rias left Japan―.

I am having a school life which is no different than usual.

Apparently, Rias and the others arrived in Romania safely, and are currently heading towards their destination.

Except, the territory where the Vampires live is located away from the area where humans live as I predicted, and I hear it’s very difficult to travel to that location. I have been receiving calls periodically and it seems it will take a lot of time to get there.

……We can only believe in Rias, and wait for the good news while waiting here.

“Why are you putting on such a serious face?”

I have my head poked by Matsuda.

……It’s about time for our physical education class, so I have changed into my jersey and I am about to head towards the sports ground.

It’s already winter. So moving my body in the sports ground is becoming more tiring. No, I also hate it in summer since its hot!

“Lately the physical education class has been you soloing it, Ise. It’s alright if I team up with you, but I hate it if I have to take you on.”

Motohama says that while making a sigh.

I’m sorry. Since I became a Devil, my stamina and such has improved due to training and fighting strong foes. ……If I don’t hold back I will surpass that of a human’s level, so you do realise that I’m taking the physical education class while holding back?

My power has spurred ever since I got my body renewed, so not just me but also these guys gets shocked because outrageous power comes out at times when I’m not expecting it. ……Since I’m a humanoid Dragon, the way to suppress my power is different from before.

I was shocked at my inhuman level ability when I first became a Devil, but I got a complicated feeling soon as I thought that “I became a being that is different from Matsuda and Motohama”.

……How long will I be able to remain friends with these guys? If it’s possible, I want to remain friends with these guys for the rest of my life.

But Devils lives are long and they can control the age of their appearance. When Matsuda and Motohama become an old man, do I have to make myself look like an old man despite having an appearance of a young man when I’m fulfilling my life as a Devil? It seems like hanging out with these guys will be even harder. W-Well, there’s no point thinking about that now. I will just concentrate on physical education class.

Matsuda then says it when we were about to reach the sports ground.

“You know how there was a guy called Taoka during junior high school?”

“Ah, that guy who had so much passions towards girls body hair. He sure was a maniac.”

I remember him. Yeah yeah, he was going on about hairs. He apparently likes the leftover shaved hairs. ……It’s a bit hard for me to understand that feeling. Does it mean I’m still young?

Matsuda continues.

“It seems like his brother is going to become independent and have his own shop. And his partner who is doing business together with him is the manager of his club during his years as a student whom he got along with.”

“Hmm hmm, so he’s going to have his own shop together with the female manager? You sure can see the relation between a guy and a girl from that story.”

Motohama says that with a lecherous face. Well, it’s natural that he will think that way.

Matsuda shrugs his shoulder.

“Well, I’m not sure about that. But it seems like she supported him since they were students. Apparently he persuaded her since they were students by saying, “I will become independent by having my own shop one day, so I want you to come with me”. It seems like that manager is capable of doing things and other guys also have been asking her to come with them, but she decided to follow Taoka’s brother since they had the strongest trust between them.”

“Hmm, so he already thought about having a shop since he was a student. That is passionate in its own way.”

So it’s something like how Ravel tags along with my business.

……Starting my own business huh. Being independent. So it’s necessary to have a partner. In other words, having a manager is a must.

Matsuda nods at my comment.

“Right? But having a promise about the future sure seems nice. I also want a manager like that who I can make a promise with!”

I do have one. It’s Ravel.

Even now she is selecting the magicians together with me.

Making a promise about the future with Ravel? So when I become a High-class Devil and become independent, I should tell her to follow me as my manager?

……Not bad. Instead, it sounds good. I can truly feel that way when I look at how Ravel is doing now.

“You are right. And if it’s possible, the manager has to be a girl.”


“Of course!”

The two bastards agree to my comment. Yeah!

Making a promise with a very capable manager huh. It’s something you can’t declare to a person unless you have enough ambition, strength, and confidence in you.

That’s because you will have to live on together with them by having that person’s life and way of life in your hands. ……So there is a risk that you might ruin that person’s life. And it is something very very important.

I also have a girl that I want to fulfill my dream……my life with. I am blessed.

I have started to think that I want to work together with Ravel more seriously. That’s because she is reliable when I see her supporting me who is still lacking. I also want her to be my manager from now on.

It happens when I was thinking about it.

“……Hey, look. There are guys who are cosplaying.”

Matsuda pointed at a certain direction.

“Oh oh, what is that? Are they something like a magician?”

Hearing Motohama’s words, I look towards that direction right away.


……I thought my daily life is something that wouldn’t be destroyed somewhere in my heart.

For example, the Hyoudou residence will be safe and peaceful, and the Kuou academy during the day is a school that I can attend normally.

I thought it won’t be different. –From the not normal daily life.

There are several people wearing the magician’s robes in front of me, and they have their hands aimed towards me. ……A magic-circle is glowing below their feet. They take off their hood. Three guys! They look like foreigners.

……Those guys are clearly sending out hostility towards me.

“Matsuda, Motohama, run.”

Both of them put on a serious expression at my serious advice.

“Ah, what’s wrong?”

“You look pale, Ise. Did something happen between you and that group of cosplayers?”

The two of them who can’t understand this situation! This situation must be kidding me! Those guys have activated a magic-circle on their hands!

At this rate, they will throw magical attacks this way!

I sprinted from the location so I can change the direction of where they will attack!

“Matsuda, Motohama! Run away! Just go behind the building! Quickly!”

I shouted while running, so I can lure the magicians to the area where there is no one!

It’s fortunate that their target is me, so they came after me!

Matsuda and Motohama are shouting something from afar……but this isn’t the time for it! I need to do something about these guys……or my friends will get hurt!

“So you are defending your comrades, Sekiryuutei!”

“Haha! It’s just like what it’s written on the report! You are soft!”

“But the ranking of his power in the youth Devils that the association gave him is SS! He isn’t just exceptional!”

What kind of nonsense are they saying!?

Association? Magic? Is it Mephisto Pheles-san? No, that isn’t it. I only met him once, but I don’t think a good-humoured person like that would send magicians with so much hostility to this school!


……Stray magicians. I remember that I heard the story about irresponsible guys who weren’t acknowledged by the association and who have been repeating offences by destroying things.

But why are the stray magicians here!? During noon at Kuou Academy! This area is within the territory of the alliance of Three Great Powers. A strong barrier was built here, and it’s made so bad guys won’t be able to enter that easily!

In order to pass through, you need a certain level of qualification and also by passing the examination!

No, to begin with…there’s no way someone would let terrorists come in!

I somehow manage to lure these guys into the forest area within the school’s campus while having many doubts.

Several magicians and I confront each other.

They activate the magic-circle once again, and they have the magical aura gather to their hands.

Now, since there isn’t anyone here, I will make my gauntlet appear!

“Boosted Gear!”

A red gauntlet appears on my left arm!

……But there is no response from it. The jewel……isn’t glowing!

……Oh man. Looks like I made it appear within the time when Ddraig isn’t feeling well.

Oh man. With this, the only way I can use my gauntlet is for defending!

The magicians who are looking at me suspiciously because I haven’t used my ability despite making my gauntlet appear.

“……Isn’t he going to activate his Sacred Gear?”

“No, maybe he can’t activate it.”

“Hey hey, we came here to challenge the power of Sekiryuutei, you know?”

They were having a conversation like that. A challenge? They came here for a reason like that?

“You guys, what is your motive for coming here?”

I ask. They just laugh happily.

“The association of the chairman Mephisto has given ranks to you young Devils.”

I know about that. That they have given ranks to the groups of what they are calling “Rookies Four”. Thankfully, I’m also given a rank. And it’s a very high rating. They rated my achievement of taking down the terrorists.

……Well, the real fact is that I’m not the most popular one since the magicians that sent their resume compared my history with the how useful I will be for their research about magic.

One of the magicians shows a fearless smile.

“That’s why we felt like testing you while going along with the plan.”

Plan? Plan for what?

I became filled with doubts and then I hear the sound of explosion. ……It came from the new school building! The ground also makes a small shake, and it makes me realise how serious this situation is! Does it mean they did quite a big-scale magical attack!?

The new school building! Is someone taking on the magicians!? Both the guys and girls of our class are having physical education right now. The guys are at the sports ground and the girls are at gymnasium. So it’s Akeno-san who is a third-year or Rossweisse-san who is a teacher. Or it’s the members from the Student Council.


Then a bad premonition came to my mind after I thought about it!

……The first year’s classroom. Koneko-chan, Gya-suke, and Ravel.

The magicians……who are after those related to the Phoenix. The plan these guys spoke of……

“You guys! So you are after Ravel!”

Three of them laugh after hearing my shout.

“Well, that’s how it is.”

“As a start, I want you to play along with us so that we can make time.”

They activate a magic-circle to their hands, and they release a fire attack at me!

I dodged it by jumping backwards, and then leap forward the moment my feet lands on the ground!

“You can’t be serious!”

I promote to [Queen] right away, I then shortened my distance, and then went attacking towards one of the magicians! I can still beat down all of you barehanded even if my Sacred Gear isn’t activated!

My attack is stopped by the defence magic-circle which appears right before hitting him. The hard impact that I can feel from my fist. ……Shit! I can’t break through the defence magic with a mere punch! It seems like I can take them down even barehanded if my attack lands on their face!

“You are full of openings!”

From the side, lots of stone-sized ice gets released from the magic-circle!

I block them with my gauntlet but……it’s not good! Blocking all of it will be hard! Shards of ice hit deeply and heavily all over my body! My whole body hurts, but that isn’t the time for it!

My junior is being targeted! I can’t stay here like this!

I……then concentrated my thought to my right arm. Aura gathers to my right fist. No, this isn’t a punch which has aura concentrated in it.

My right arm thickens, and it shows itself while ripping apart my jersey.

―My right arm that has dragonified.

With my newly tuned body, it is now possible to have a part of my body turn into that of a Dragon depending on how much thought I put into it.

Dragonification turns my mind into battle-mode, and I don’t want to use it much as possible because my body gets dull after its use…… But I’m in a situation like this. Since I’m in the situation where I can’t use my Sacred Gear, this is the only option I have!

And also by dragonifying, that part of my body also gets enhanced! I can’t dragonify my whole body, but I have learned how to make one part of my body like my arms and legs transform!

I made a stance with my dragonified right arm, I took a step to my right, and went hitting towards the magician who is standing there.

The opponent activates a defence magic-circle in front of him―


―But it gets destroyed with my strike while making a hopeless sound.

Yeah! I can do it with this arm!

I used the momentum to follow through and hit the magician squarely in the face!


That magician went flying backwards, and he collapses on the ground after hitting his back on the tree.

There are still explosive sounds coming from the new school building. ……Looks like I can’t be wasting my time here!

“You are quite the thing. I never thought you would attack with a Dragon’s arm.”

“Well, it’s okay. It starts from here.”

The remaining two still have fighting sprit in them. Shit! I can’t take my time fighting you guys!

But when I was about jump at them, a small magic-circle appears to the rear of both magicians.

……Is that a communication-type? Both of them are listening to the information being told to them, and break their stances while putting on a disturbing smile.

They continue to carry the magician who is on the ground, and activate the magic-circle below their feet.

―They’re planning to run away!


I try to capture them, but they disappear within the teleportation light while leaving disturbing words, “Let’s play again!” ――.

After my battle with the magicians ended, I went running towards the new school building. Since I need to have Akeno-san scatter the Dragon’s power to fix my right arm, I wrap the jersey around my arm and hide it. ……I can’t show an arm like this to the other students after all.

……I checked while coming here, but several locations of the building have been destroyed. The window-side of the building has been destroyed very badly, and there are holes at the school garden. ……I only have bad feelings about this!

I head towards the first year’s classroom, ―to where Koneko-chan and others are.

At the corridor, in front of the classroom. It has been destroyed violently, there are holes at the window-side of the building, and it changed so much that you can view outside. The wind breeze comes in.

There is one girl who seems to be Koneko-chan’s classmate sitting on the floor. The other first years are looking at the situation of the corridor from their classroom’s door fearfully.

I walk towards one of the first year student sitting on the floor of the corridor, and then speak.

“Are you okay?”

This girl is looking with daze as if she has just experienced a very terrifying moment, and she has her body stiff.

It seems like my words haven’t reached her ears. ……She must have gone through a scary experience by being attacked from the magicians.

I shake her shoulders, and then look towards the classroom……but I don’t see Koneko-chan, Gasper, and Ravel. They escaped? It will be good if they did…… But, that probably isn’t it. It’s those kids who think a lot about their comrades. They will take actions to protect their comrades.

Even though she hasn’t come to her senses, the first year girl mutters.

“……I was caught by suspicious looking people……and Koneko-san, Gasper-kun, and Ravel-san, saved me and……”

――! Koneko-chan, Gasper, Ravel! So this girl was taken hostage and……!

“Koneko-chan and the other two were covered by lights along with those weird people who were cosplaying as magicians, and then disappeared!”

A student who is observing the situation of the corridor from the classroom’s door tells me.

……So they were taken hostage and got taken away……!


I banged my left fist at the corridor while having ill feelings.

……Shit. Protecting her my ass……! I couldn’t even protect Ravel while Rias is gone……!

I bite my teeth with frustration……!

After a while, my comrades and the Student Council members appear. It seems like everyone besides the first year trio are safe.

……Those magicians, what are they planning to do with my juniors……!?

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