Life.2 The Rulers of the Late-Night.

Using your head is fine, but having to train your body is also the harsh reality of being a part of the Gremory group.

Besides the selection of the resume of the magicians and the job of a Devil, we, the Gremory group plus Irina changed into our jerseys, and are continuing to train in the battlefield located underground the Gremory’s territory.

We are training in two groups within this spacious battlefield. In this location there are the warrior-types that consists of me, Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina.

My mock battle for today, which was my match against Kiba, ended just now. Kiba who has attained different types of demonic-swords including Gram and who is also using dragon-slayer holy-demonic swords is starting to become an opponent who is hard to take on with my normal Balance Breaker. It would have been easier if I could wear my crimson armour.

……Ddraig has increased the time he needs to sleep since the battle with Cao Cao. There are times when he doesn’t respond for a whole day. And currently I’m in a state where I can’t promote to use Triaina and true [Queen].

According to Azazel-sensei,

“He must have used too much of his power to revive you. It’s a body given from Great-Red’s flesh with Ophis’s power added to it, so you can’t calculate how hard he worked for it. His soul didn’t wear down nor did he lose his power, but his exhaustion must be really bad. He will probably sleep longer for a while, so let him sleep without stimulating him.”

That’s what he said.

……My partner, the Heavenly Dragon who used a lot of his power to resurrect me. Ddraig doesn’t have a body, and he is in a state where only his soul remains. Even so, he did all that for me…… I just can’t thank him enough. If having a sleep will bring Ddraig back to his old self, then I want him to take a rest.

Though, do come back before strong foes appear. An opponent whom I may need to use my Triaina and true [Queen] against may appear. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to give my all in terms of battle since those who appear in front of me are getting stronger and stronger……

When I was drinking a sports drink after finishing the battle, Kiba appeared within my sight.

He’s staring at Gram. He says this after taking a breath.

“……Like I thought, finding the right time to use Gram is hard.”

“Is it a level where even you find it hard?”

When I ask, Kiba narrows his eyes.

“It also has to do with the technical part. Either way, the consumption is really bad. Just swinging this drains a lot from my stamina, demonic-power, and other departments. If I use it continuously for one single battle, it probably will also trim down my life. It certainly is a master piece fitting to be called the demonic-sword of the Emperor.”

That bad huh. Certainly, Kiba who is using Gram looks like he is searching for a way to use it.

Though the pressure I’m getting from Gram, which is a dragon-slayer, is insane! Just standing in front of it when he isn’t wielding it gave me the chills. Even now, just looking at it from here when he isn’t making a stance with it makes me sweat a lot.

That’s how much the trait of dragon-slayer of that demonic-sword is a deadly poison for me. I just can’t stop but feel the killing intent that sword has towards me. It isn’t Kiba’s will. I can feel the will of that sword with my own skin.

Just having it near me will have an effect, so Sensei gave an order to Kiba to have him put it in a different space during usual times.

Kiba makes the space at the tip of his right hand distorted, and he puts Gram inside it. It’s the same logic behind how Xenovia keeps Durandal in another space. I hear that Kiba also puts each of the demonic-swords he took from Siegfried inside it.

“I wonder how that bastard Siegfried was able to use it.”

When I ask, Kiba answers.

“No, I think that was also the reason why he couldn’t use Gram to the fullest that easily. I think the only reason he couldn’t use it to the fullest was because of the dragon trait of his Sacred Gear. You need determination to use this. I’m not Xenovia, but if I have to use it, then it will be when I have to finish someone off with a single strike.”

“How about the other demonic-swords?”

“They all are good demonic-swords. Except, since they are all demonic items, there are risks using them. Each of them either makes the wielder get cursed, or it trims a certain thing down every time you use it. Siegfried……I don’t think he was planning to live long. Or it could mean that his life was played around with when he was at the warrior raising institute.”

A demonic-sword wielder who went so far as to trim his own life huh. That bastard Freed also might have received excessive training from the institute. Did his personality turn out like that because of it? No, it’s pointless to think about it now.

Kiba says while gulping down his sports drink.

“Either way, rather than wielding it myself, there will be less demerits by having my dragon-knights carrying and wielding it.”

If you mention it, he did have a mock battle against Xenovia using that fighting style.

“……I couldn’t even touch Kiba since the dragon-knights that were wielding the demonic-swords stopped me. Fufufu, it proves how a power idiot like myself is weak against attacks from out of my range.”

The one who is acting weak is Xenovia, and she is sitting down while grasping her knees.

Xenovia who is receiving technique training from Kiba is receiving harsh comments from him. Not using Durandal cannon and relying on destroying as much as possible, she had a mock battle against Kiba while using the traits of the other Excaliburs……

The more she tries to take in techniques, the more she comes to realise the huge difference between her and Kiba.

Kiba then says.

“If it’s you who doesn’t have a power restraint, then you will be able to destroy the dragon-knights who are wielding the demonic-swords with ease. Also it will be the end for me if I were to receive your attack. But, not learning how to use the seven traits of the Excalibur will be a waste. If you come to use them to their fullest, you will be able to become a swordswoman that will surpass me.”

The seven abilities of the Excalibur are a threat. Xenovia can only use Destruction’s destructive force as her main, but there is no loss for her to at least learn how to use Mimic which has the ability to transform, and Transparency which gives the ability to go invisible. Actually, even Freed was able to use it. So I think it will be natural for Xenovia to master using it too.

In fact, she is learning how to use it……but it’s also true that there is a gap between her and Kiba. Increasing your strong points to cover your weakness like Ravel said may also be good. But if we are talking about Xenovia, then I think she will definitely become stronger if she learns several abilities of the Excalibur. She knows it herself, that’s why she asked Kiba to become her opponent for her training.

Kiba was happy when he was asked to become her opponent.

“……Xenovia is finally starting to do training as a technique-type……!”

He was shivering with happiness back then. He must have many concerns regarding Xenovia.

Irina who is tagging along with the training takes the Ex-Durandal from Xenovia, and swings it. The blade starts to change by twitching, and it turns into a large Japanese sword.

“Look, this is how you use Mimic. What you need is imagination. If you come to master it, you can make it change into many things.”

To be expected from the former wielder of Mimic. In terms of using Mimic, she is more skillful than Xenovia who is the current wielder. Even if it was just for a temporary amount of time in the match against Bael, Rossweisse-san also showed an impressive technique with it.

Excalibur was separated into seven different swords. Each of them has a unique ability of their own. Those abilities still remain even after fusing with Durandal.

Excalibur Destruction. Just like its name implies, it’s ability specialises in attacking. It has overwhelming destructive force, and Xenovia was originally the wielder of that holy-sword. For that reason, she specialises in wielding it the most. It has the best compatibility with Xenovia who is seeking more power.

Next is Excalibur Mimic. This is a holy-sword that Irina originally had. It has the ability to change its shape into anything. Irina originally had it take the form of a rope, but changed its shape to a Japanese sword when she was battling. It seems like this one also shows many traits depending on its wielder.

The third one is Excalibur Rapidly. It’s the holy-sword that bastard Freed was using first. It enhances the speed of the wielder and the velocity of the sword also increases when you swing it.

Excalibur Transparency. Not just its blade, but it can also make the wielder become invisible.

Excalibur Nightmare’s ability seems to be mainly controlling illusion and dream. This seems to have good compatibility with those who specialise in using magic. Xenovia who isn’t good in that department is having a hard time mastering it. If you get used to it, you can use illusions to deceive your enemies. Or you can take control of the dream that the enemy is seeing when they are sleeping, and it seems like you can do many things with it……

Excalibur Blessing is related to your belief in the teachings of religion, and it’s said that it mainly shows its effect when you use it during holy rituals. For example it can do things like weakening Devils and Vampires during exorcism, strengthening an Exorcist’s power, and give blessings to those who are participating in the mass. Its ability will belong to the special category class. Mastering this also involves the talent of a certain kind of wielder, and Xenovia isn’t that good with it.

Lastly, Excalibur Ruler. It’s the one that Arthur from Vali-team had. It’s said that it has the ability to control all things as you wish……

“I probably won’t be able to control the legendary creatures like Arthur did. ……I can’t even make it activate properly.”

Just like Xenovia says, she is having difficulty mastering Excalibur Ruler.

Not just Xenovia, but also Rias is predicting that mastering the ability of Ruler will come last. Since Irina who is a former wielder of one of the Excalibur is supporting her, she will most likely master using Mimic.

By the way, Irina is tagging along with our training, and is also starting her own training. She is starting to create her own battle style while asking Kiba the way to use the holy-demonic sword that is mass produced for Angels. Irina is an Angel, but if I have to classify her as a Devil, I think she will be a technique-type who is closer to a wizard-type. I hear that she is asking about magic from Rossweisse-san and is learning how to use it.

“At this rate, you will become a self-proclaiming swordswoman, Xenovia.”

Having Irina say that to her, Xenovia seems to be in shock. It seems like she is opening her mouth wide and is saying “Gaan!”. Xenovia talks back with teary eyes.

“……Damn self-proclaiming Angel.”

That is basically a taboo to Irina, and she suddenly gets mad while putting on a weird face.

“I am an Angel! Right, Ise-kun? If it’s Ise-kun who is my childhood friend, you will understand that I’m a real Angel, right?”

She drags me into their quarrel! ……Oh man. When these two start an argument, they start with a horrible insult to each other and even I find them childish. But, she’s right. So Irina and I are childhood friends huh.

“Oh, if I think back, it certainly makes me and Irina childhood friends. I start to forget at times.”

Soon as I say that, Xenovia starts to chuckle.

“I see, so Irina is a self-proclaiming childhood friend. I see, I see.”

Ah, Xenovia attained a new word which she can use to tease Irina! Looks like I made a mistake! Irina makes a weirder face while having teary eyes.

“I am an Angel! I am his childhood friend! You are horrible!”

“Yay, a self-proclaiming childhood friend~.”

“Look who’s talking, self-proclaiming swordswoman! Even your brain is made up of muscles!”

……Ah, it makes me think that they are stupid and cute.

Everyone, can you believe it? Did you know that these two were swordswoman sent from the Church, and they had a dangerous vibe to them?

Particularly Xenovia, who was a calm and collected holy-sword wielder, and she gave an impression that she will cut you down just by touching her. Irina is bright, but she was a messenger from Heaven who doesn’t give in towards her teachings and job.

And now they are simply a power-idiot and a self-proclaiming Angel. Seriously, you can’t tell how your impression of a person changes. Actually, this is the attitude of those who are the same age as them. Showing this side of them proves that they have opened their hearts to us.

Anyway the warrior-types which consist of me, Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina, often gather at one point of this field and practice together.

A bit away from us, the wizard-types which consist of Rias, Akeno-san, and Asia, are doing their own kind of training.

“I think the actual battles are the best after all. I’m hoping there is another mission to capture a “Stray Devil”.”

Xenovia complains.

Yes, since the matter with the Hero-faction ended, there are many incidents where Sacred Gear possessors who were made into a servant of a High-class Devil with unfair trades awakened their powers and “strayed”.

It’s because Cao Cao and his group leaked out the information of using Balance Breaker. Thanks to that, we are given hunt orders from the House of Archduke Agares quite often.

Those who ran away after going through painful experiences get arrested by us after we talk to them, but those who go berserk after being too proud of their own power……even though it may be harsh, there are times we take them down.

But there are cases where they are using Balance Breaker, and our missions can become quite severe at times. If it’s a special type of ability within a technique-type, we might fall for their trap and receive a fatal blow if we aren’t careful.

It’s made so that we, the Gremory, have to handle those who escape into Japan. I hear that Sairaorg-san is also dispatched for a hunt in the Underworld.

……Attaining true peace is harder than I expected. They say that the reconstruction of towns and villages destroyed by the gigantic monsters have begun, but I don’t think their hearts will come to peace that easily……

……We can only train ourselves to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Now then, how about we stop here and go over there?”

When I ask everyone, they nod.

Anyway that’s how it is, and we head towards the area Rias and others are training.

While heading towards the area where Rias and others are at, I’m thinking about a certain thing.

I have studied many things since I became a Middle-class Devil. For example the High-class Devils from the 72-pillars—about the situation of their household, the trait of each household, and their specialty. I have started studying about them in more detail than before.

The reason for doing this is because my dream to become a High-class Devil isn’t something far out of my reach. No, obviously the road for becoming a High-class Devil is long and hard. But it became a goal which isn’t reckless or impossible.

Rating Game is among one of the things I’m studying.

There are many things I’m unaware of despite participating many times. For example the information about things regarding the match.

“I thought that we will be told the rules of the game on the day we have the match.”

I say that while walking. Kiba answers.

“Actually that is quite rare. Usually they tell the rules of the game before hand to both teams. Without it, you can’t build tactics for it at all. Well, maybe they were seeing what kind of tactics the young Devils can come up with by having them clash against each other without knowing it. As a result, I think the young Devils that were able to show sufficient potential were the Sitri.”

“We are the “Brain-muscle Team” after all. Rather than thinking, acting on the spot and finishing the battle suits us better.”

Xenovia says this while eating onigiri and walking…… You know the one who is setting that example is none other than you? Though I’m not in a situation where I can tell people off……

“But I was wondering, Kiba. How come we aren’t told anything before hand and have to wait until the actual match?”

“It seems like the higher-ups were the ones who decided that, Ise-kun. The youth, especially the matches we participate in somehow had rules told to us at the actual match. The matches like Bael vs Glasya-Labolas and Sitri vs Agares had the rules told to them a few days before the match.”

I didn’t know that! So Sairaorg-san and Saji had matches where they knew the details beforehand!

“Why were we the only ones given those kinds of situations which made us become nervous!? This is unreasonable, and it isn’t fair!”

“For our first match against Sitri, we were told about the rules beforehand, but for the matches after that, there are rumours that the higher-ups decided to purposely tell us when the match takes place.”

“What the hell, are we being played with?”

“I hear that the higher-ups put us in an irregular situation on purpose. I hear that they were trying to have both sides which include us and the group of the player we are put against go through a different type of growth. –And that actually did happen.”


……It’s just like Kiba says. We did attain a certain something through the game. It happens either during the game or after the game.

Those things can be like when I awakened my new power, and it can also connect to the growth of those in our group. I even think it can also have Saji and Sairaorg-san go through a change or evolution. No, maybe each members of the Gremory, Sitri, and Bael group, has attained some kind of special growth?

“……So you are saying that the sudden situation of having a game where we don’t know the rules is having us go through growth……?”

Kiba puts on a frowned expression to my question.

“You can say “Yes”, and you can also say that it was a coincidence. This will be a hindsight opinion, but we learned many things through the youth battles.”

……You might be right…… But I feel like we were controlled by someone to their liking and I don’t feel good about it. Well, we are still young and don’t have the right to say that. ……But I certainly don’t feel good about it. It’s true that we fought while having our dream on the line.

But who among the higher-ups did that…… It certainly won’t be Sirzechs-sama. I don’t think that person will do such a thing.


Then a single person comes to my mind.

Ajuka Beelzebub-sama.

……I heard that he created the basic theory behind the Rating Game, and that many technical researchers are among his faction. ……If it’s that person……then isn’t it possible?

While I’m thinking about that, we reach the area where our wizard-type comrades are training.

Really, this place is seriously spacious. Since there are spaces without anything, no matter how much we walk forward. The only thing inside here is the light above our head which is located high up. Just how many times is this underground bigger than the Tokyo Dome?

Rossweisse-san and Le Fay are standing on top of the glowing magic-circle and are speaking.

The ones who are sitting down crossing their legs while concentrating are Koneko-chan and Gasper. Koneko-chan is silently enveloping herself with touki. Kuroka is watching over her.

Le Fay and Kuroka are also helping out with our training.

From afar, a crimson demonic-power and lightning are swirling violently. Rias and Akeno-san must be training their demonic-power and magic over there.

It seems like Asia is talking with Ophis and Rasse.

The reason why Ravel isn’t here is because she remained in the Hyoudou residence by herself and is continuing the selection of the documents of those who will be my partner as a magician.

“Ise-sama, please go for training. I will continue researching like I always do.”

–So, I’m always being sent off to train like this. Seriously, while I’m feeling thankful for her, I also feel bad. I’m sorry for being useless. But, I will have myself depend on you.

Asia realises that the warrior-group which consists of me, Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina, have arrived and rushes towards us.

“Ise-san, everyone! So have you finished your training?”

“Yeah, we are done for today. So what were you doing Asia?”

When I ask, Ophis approaches me while carrying Rasse on her head.

“I, have been teaching Asia, the way to socialise with Dragons.”

Socialising with Dragons? I become a little confused so Asia explains it to me in detail.

“Before, I was told by Azazel-sensei that making a pact with monsters and using summoning magic might suit me, so I had Ophis-san teach me how to socialise with Dragons.”

Irina speaks while stroking Rasse’s back who is on top of Ophis’s head.

“Even if you say you want to make a monster obey you, there are many ways, like a pact as a “familiar” which makes them your servant, and a “give and take” pact which requires giving them a price.”

Ah, I was also told that after making a pact with a familiar.

I hear the level of complexity of making a pact differs depending on the practitioner’s skills to make a monster obey them, and also whether they are a person who gets a liking from monsters.

Those who have high skills and are people who are liked by monsters can make pacts with different monsters easily.

The more powerful the monster is, the more they seek for a “give and take” pact rather than becoming their servant.

It also has to do with their compatibilities. I made a master and servant relationship with the familiar, Skithblathnir, that I got a few days ago without any problem. It didn’t ask me for a particular price.

Putting their usefulness during the actual battle and their abilities aside, these familiars can be quite troublesome in the game.

Asia then says.

“Oh yes, I got shocked when I was studying together with Ise-san about the game. –It’s regarding the familiars.”

I nod my head and continue after her.

“Won’t it be easier to make a pact with a strong familiar and keep on using them during the game? That’s what I thought first, but it looks like that isn’t possible. It says that there is a certain degree of restriction. Especially the very powerful monsters, they come with a restriction during the game.”

Kiba nods to my question.

“If they don’t put a restriction on using the familiars, both sides will just have a battle of familiars during the game. A game where they don’t stand in the frontline and instead have their familiars battling for them……which will turn into a simple battle between familiars rather than a battle between servants.”

He’s exactly right. If the usages of familiars are unrestricted, then they can just summon them from the safety zone and attack the opponent by giving orders.

Kiba continues on.

“That’s why, for most times, familiars that are only handy can be used during the game. Of course that isn’t everything to it. Depending on the rules, it’s not like you can’t use powerful familiars. Except there will be a restriction on using it, and you can say that it might be easier to use them to their fullest by making them your servant. You can also use the power of the piece to enhance their ability. It’s also true that the importance of the monsters have risen instantly, ever since the game and evil pieces were created. Because of that, occupations as instructor called familiar trainers were created.”

Devils that have monsters as their servant instead of their familiar must have thought that it will be more beneficial that way. Instead of just using a powerful monster as a familiar, they made them into their servant to enhance their ability and to command them.

Though there will be those who think using them as their familiars will be easier and more of a bargain.

Maybe making a rare and powerful monster into your servant instead will be better. The “give and take” relationship means that it can be revoked if there isn’t any benefit for the monsters in the pact. Though each person will have a different opinion and there will be differences in how people think. It seems like there are times when the monsters approach them personally to become their servant to have their ability enhanced.

I, myself, would be troubled to choose between making a monster into my familiar or my servant if I was to encounter that situation.

Just like that, Asia wants to make pacts with many monsters and to strengthen her power to summon, and so she is finding her own direction of getting stronger.

Xenovia then says.

“Summoning demonic-power, or summoning magic. The moment you choose to aim higher with it, and even comparing it with other magic and battle-style, it is a world where your talent is everything, and there are only few experienced users in this department. –But.”

“You are right. Azazel-sensei is saying that Asia may have some talent in it.”

While saying that, I look towards Rasse and Ophis. Asia made a master and servant relationship with a Sprite Dragon (Even if it’s a small Dragon) which is said to be hard to make a pact with.

No, for Asia it may have been more of a pact as friends, but at least they aren’t in a “give and take” relationship. It’s a pact formed by their bond. This was something where the familiar master Satooji-san was shocked about.

“……I have asked Rossweisse-san about the summoning magic just in case……but I still haven’t shown any remarkable results yet……”

Asia looks as if she feels bad about it.

“No no, you will start from here. Wait, Rossweisse-san can use summoning magic?”

When I ask, Rossweisse-san approaches us as if she finished talking with Le Fay above the magic-circle.

“I’m not that good at it, but I’m teaching her at least the basic theory behind it.”

Ah, is that right? To be expected from the genius girl from the Norse! I think there won’t be any problems if Rossweisse-san and Ophis stay with Asia……

—And, when I look around the area, I witness Kuroka who is making Koneko-chan and Gasper sit down while having their leg-crossed a bit further away from us, wave her hand at me.

……Me? When I point at myself, Kuroka nods her head.

I went towards Kuroka after telling everyone that “I will be gone for a bit” and leave the discussion.

“What is it?”

I ask Kuroka while stepping into the location where everyone is concentrating their mind.

Kuroka has a big smile on her face.

“Nyahaha, right now, I’m having Shirone and Gya-kun make their minds go blank.”

The reason why not only Koneko-chan but Gasper is doing this as well is so he can find the power hidden inside him. It’s familiar to the time I sent my thoughts deep within my Sacred Gear. Though it seems like there hasn’t been any progress……

By having her mind go blank, Koneko-chan is trying to become one with nature which is the basics of senjutsu.

Rather than that, this bad cat is also calling Gasper, “Gya-kun”. Well, I also call him “Gya-suke” after all.

“Help me out, Sekiryuutei-chin.”

Even if she says that, what am I supposed to do?

When I twitch my neck at Kuroka’s words, she takes my hand and—


My hand is sinking down into her oppai which has been visible through the gap of her kimono since beeeefore~!

My hand is in joy with this extreme softness, this feeling, and the volume of the flesh in my haaand~!

This breast is like a collection of the good parts of Rias and Akeno-san’s ones and it bounces, it’s tender, and it has a smooth sensation to it……and I’m so delighted! I have experienced the wonderfulness of an older girl!

Maybe she sensed this scenery, so Koneko-chan opens her eyes and is putting on a face.

“N, Nee-sama! Please get away from Ise-senpai! If Ise-senpai were to feel Nee-sama’s skin before my body gets bigger……!”

The big sister cat smacks Koneko-chan’s head who is arguing against her.

“Yup, you fail -nya. You can say that you’re still an amateur since you stopped your training and disrupted your Ki with something like this, aren’t I right, Shirone?”


Having Kuroka warn her, it seems like Koneko-chan can’t say anything back to her. She seems to be regretting it, but she shakes her head to get her head straight, and she crosses her legs once again.

Gasper on other hand didn’t break his posture even with the thing now. Oh, this guy sure is showing a splendid side of him in weird situations.

It seems like Gasper got the upper hand against Koneko-chan for the mind concentration of this day.

But Kuroka’s oppai……sure is good!

Thirty minutes passed, and everyone has finished their training for today and is gathering here.

The only ones who aren’t here yet are Rias and Akeno-san. It seems like they are having training using demonic-power and magic away from here……

“I’m sorry, I got more into it with Akeno than I expected today.”

“Ufufu, Buchou, you were rougher than usual.”

A bit later, both of them finally show up. It seems like they did quite a lot of training, so both of them have their jersey worn out and their skins are visible.

Yup! Rias and Akeno-san’s lower part of their breasts are superb!

—Then, I gulp down my spit when I witness the object which came travelling with them.

……The gigantic sphere floating above Rias. A crimson and black aura is going wild inside the sphere.

……Even I can tell. It’s something which is a compression of unimaginable amount of demonic-power.

I ask both of them while pointing at the sphere.

“……What is that thing which has been giving abnormal pressure since before……?”

“It’s Buchou’s new special move. ……Like I thought, you can tell?”

Xenovia nods at Akeno-san’s words while having sweat fall down from her cheek.

“Yeah. It’s quite a dangerous thing, isn’t it? It’s one of those demonic-power attacks which you don’t want to be hit with.”

Yeah. I can tell that it’s something which is concentrated on destruction only. It’s something which she used by strengthening her power of destruction, right?

No, since it’s Rias that we are talking about, that isn’t the only thing. Except, if it’s only used for shooting it, a demonic-power attack which is that big can be dodged easily. It seems like it isn’t just mainly power.

Rias then says.

“……This crimson sphere will definitely become a forbidden move for the game. I was too naïve until now. After all, I was thinking of an attack which can be used for the game…… But after receiving an assault from the terrorists, and losing Ise once, I changed my view. –What I need in the actual battle is a power which will completely annihilate the enemy.”

“Then, that means……”

Kiba continues after me.

“It must mean that it has a power where even the retiring system of the Rating Game can’t avoid.”

Everyone put on a frightened expression with Rias’s new special move which is filled with mysteries.

Rias is a wizard-type, but she’s closer to a power-type. Her brother Sirzechs-sama is also a wizard-type, but since he is closer to a technique-type, there are differences between their power of destruction despite being siblings. Unfortunately, it seems like Rias doesn’t have a high level of talent like Sirzechs-sama in the technique department. But they say it’s different if she is seeking for more power for the power of destruction.

……I see, so it means that she is increasing the destructive power for it. The powerful energy I can feel from that sphere explains it.

Rias and Akeno-san fix their worn out jersey back to normal state using their demonic-power, and they put on a smile.

“Now, let’s go home everyone.”

Like this, the training for everyone for today ended.

……We have to get even stronger together.

In order for all of us to live on, whether anything happens—


“Ah~, I’m at peace.”

I took a bath after finishing my training, and now I’m eating the ice block “garigari-kun” while relaxing on the sofa at the living room.

This is good. Doing this heals me……

“……Senpai, do you want some chocolate mint?”

Koneko-chan who is sitting on my lap gives me her ice cream.

“Okay, I will have a bite then.”

I eat some while opening my mouth saying “Aaan”!

Man, this is the best! Getting “Aaan” from my junior.

It’s like we are having an indirect kiss since I’m eating from her spoon. Koneko-chan wouldn’t have done this if it was back when she hadn’t opened her heart to me, but now she’s okay to have an indirect kiss with me as if it’s a natural thing!

When I was feeling at peace, Ravel stands in front of me.

“……K, Koneko-san, I have been thinking this for the whole time, but it’s bad manners to sit on Ise-sama’s lap in front of everyone.”

Oh, she has been scolded. But, Koneko-chan continues to sit normally.

“……This is a special seat which only belongs to me.”

“S-Special seat!? Ise-sama, please tell her off as well!”

“W-Well, Ravel. It’s not like I’m troubled by it. Koneko-chan is light.”

Actually, she’s really light. It’s also because she has a small body. And I have gotten used to this posture. It became part of my living style.

Koneko-chan then sits in a posture of hugging me.

“……I’m going to become Senpai’s bride in the future, so I’m going to keep this place.”


Hearing that, Ravel puts on a very envious expression. Even though Ravel said that, there are times when she says she wants to sit on my lap when we are alone, so I let her. Koneko-chan who saw that put on an unpleasant face.

Lately, Koneko-chan has been taking this spot immediately. It’s as if she’s trying to say that “This will always be my seat”. ……I was told by someone that she has attachment to her territory since she is a cat. In other words my lap is like territory for Koneko-chan.

Ravel gradually starts to have teary eyes, and starts to protest.

“N-Not fair! Not fair, not fair, not fair, not fair, not fair!”

—! The capable girl Ravel is……stamping on the ground like a child!

“It’s not fair for Koneko-san to be sitting there all the time! Ei!”

Ravel pushes Koneko-chan off!

“I will also sit here! No, I will be taking position of it!”

On top of my lap which is now free……Ravel sits there like a rock!

Koneko-chan who was pushed is twitching her eyebrows and her mouth looks unpleasant.



She then pushes Ravel. This time Koneko-chan sits on my lap!

“……This is my seat! I won’t give it to you……!”

Koneko-chan who is clinging onto me seems like she won’t hand this place over to her at all cost.

“I won’t allow you to take it all for yourself! I also want to sit~!”

Ravel who pushes Koneko-chan is also in rage!

It feels as if I can see a cat and a fire bird which are glaring against each other behind them!

O-Oh yeah, there was a time when I talked to Raiser on a private line, and he did say this.

[That Ravel. She is well mannered and humble in front of those she is close with…… She is basically in the same level of being a selfish princess like Rias. She has a habit of wanting other people’s things especially. ……You might be able to see that side of her since you are living with her, you know?]

It’s just like Raiser said.

But having a fight between friends isn’t good!

I somehow was able to calm both of them. And as a result—



Koneko-chan is sitting on my left thigh, and Ravel is sitting on my right thigh. Since they were fighting just now, they aren’t looking at each other’s eyes.

W-Well, there is a wonderful thing going on with the soft flesh of their buttocks that I can feel from both my thighs! My lap isn’t a battle ground, so I wish they would settle down on the fighting.

But, mysteriously Koneko-chan and Ravel are confronting each other normally the next morning.

Like I thought, although both of them like to argue with each other, however I do think they are friends after all.


There was a day when I had a night like that, but during lunch time the next day, I went to the Student Council’s room to play.

Only me and Saji are inside the room.

It’s a rare thing since we are playing a board game.

“You are still naïve~, Hyoudou♪”

……Saji checkmates me! On top of that, this is my fifth defeat in a row!

“Shit! You wait a bit! I will find a way to defeat you and increase my win rate!”

The thing we are playing now is a board game based on one of the types of Rating Game, Scramble Flag.

If I had to explain the rule of the board game type Scramble Flag in few words, it is a game where several flags are put down within the game field, and each player has to move their pieces to take each other’s flags.

You win if you take all their flags within the time limit, or by having more flags than the opponent. You can also take back flags that were taken. Though you will have to use dice for that. Depending on the number you roll, it will determine whether you defend your flag or have it taken.

In the actual game, it seems like you may or may not use the dice depending on the rule……

It’s alright as long as you don’t have more than half of your flags taken. So in the actual game you can use any method to protect your flags by hiding them in the field, luring your enemies by using them as bait, and by discarding one of your flags to fix the formation of your team. So there are many ways you can battle in it.

Certainly, this is a rule which is favourable for the Sitri and Agares which are tactics type.

If we do this, then we may lose by a margin. No, maybe using force to take it is…… Ah, they will just use traps and reduce the number of people in our group! ……This certainly is a complex game.

When I was staring at the game board while thinking hard, Saji speaks to me quietly.

“……By the way, you……”

“Why did you suddenly put on a gloomy face?”

Yeah, his face looks gloomy. The lights in his iris are gone!

Saji then says it to me.

“I hear that you are dating Rias-senpai huh!”


S-So it’s thaaaaat! C-Certainly, I haven’t told him about that!

Saji continues to speak while making a big sigh.

“……You know there was a monster crisis we had a while ago? You know how you showed up then? You kissed Rias-senpai as if you two were lovers just before fighting the leader of the Hero-faction, Cao Cao, remember? Seeing that, I was really shocked. So when I asked Kaichou—”

[Yes, both of them have been lovers since the school festival. ……Saji, you didn’t know about this?]

That’s how Kaichou answered him.

Then Saji suddenly approaches me, and shakes my shoulder!

“I didn’t know about it! Hyoudou, yoooooou~! You and I are friends, right!? Why didn’t you tell me!? Kiba knew about this right!?”

“……W-Well, you know, there wasn’t a chance to tell you……”

“No, there was! You had a chance, right!? Like the time you consulted me about Ddraig!”

Oh, certainly there was a time like that, just before the Middle-class promotion test.

“Ah. Y-Yeah.”

I look away from him, and scratch my cheek.

Of course, I can’t tell him! Saji and I are buddies who have fallen in love with our masters. I can’t tell him that “I made my master fall for me first”!

Saji is saying that he doesn’t even have a close relationship with her……

He asks me with an envious look.

“……So how does it feel to make your master fall for you?”

I say it to him cheerfully, while making my face bright and putting my thumb up.

“I’m so happy being alive~. Something like that.”

Yup, I’m serious. I’m happy being alive.

Try to sleep together and eat your lunch together with the woman you love while knowing that she understands your feelings. You will be so happy that you will cry! It’s a super-super happiness which goes beyond normal happiness which also goes beyond super happiness!

Saji cries while holding his head down!

“Damn it! I will curse yoooou~! I will curse you with Vritra’s cuuuurse~! The only progress I made was going to the cinema with Kaichou! On top of that we watched it together with other group members! When on earth did this gap between us happen!? Like I thought, is it the gap between a Dragon-King and a Heavenly-Dragon!?”

No, even I don’t know that……
Sorry, Saji. I will have myself go a few million light years ahead of you.

“Saji, what are you shouting? I heard you from all the way outside. Quiet down.”

—Then Kaichou and the other members who belong to the Student Council appear.


Saji wipes his tears and stands straight.

Sona-kaichou eyes grasp hold of me, and then she smiles at me.

“Ara, Ise-kun. How do you do? So you came to play in the Student Council’s room.”

“Yes. I thought I would just allow myself in here for a bit.”

“I see. There’s nothing much here, so I don’t mind you staying until the Student Council meeting begins.”

“Thank you very much.”

Lately, Sona-kaichou has been showing her smile to me. Did she start to feel comfortable with me due to my relationship with Rias.

Though I still feel timid on calling her “Sona”……

When I was feeling a little bit embarrassed about it, Saji starts to shiver his whole body while putting on an even more serious face than before.

He puts his arm around my neck, and then whispers into my ear.

(…………Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,YYYYYYYY, Yoooooou. What’s with this “Ise-kun” from Kaichou!? What is the meaning of this!?)

Oh, that. Ah, yeah. Certainly this will be a problem for him.

(W-Well, the thing is it turned out like this……)

Saji then strangles my neck! I give up! He’s strangling me for real!

(I’m asking you why! I-I-I haven’t been called by my name yet……!)

Next to Saji who is shedding tears, the [Bishop] Hankai-san gives me thumbs up and then says it.

(Good job, Hyoudou-kun. Gen-chan, giving up might be good.)

Did you hear our chat just now!?

The first year student, the [Pawn] Nimura-san, also nods her head and continues after her.

(Hyoudou-senpai, please continue to make Kaichou fall for you as well. Genshirou-senpai, you aren’t suited for older woman you know? If you want to make a princess who is older than you fall in love with you, you have to become more aggressive like Hyoudou-senpai.)

……It seems like this is good information for these two who are after Saji.

(Heeey! Hankai! Nimuraaaa~!)

I talk back at them……but Hanakai-san and Nimura-san are also beauties. He should at least go on a date with them! Well, I’m not in a position where I can say that!

Then the vice-president—Shinra-senpai approaches me and then says it in a low voice.

(……There is no way Kaichou will fall easily like that. Hyoudou-kun, don’t pay attention to these girls.)

(Ah, yes, Shinra-senpai.)

Putting that aside, Shinra-senpai, can you please make Kiba fall for you quickly? I can’t endure it since he has been looking at me with even more passionate eyes lately! You know that he even makes a lunch box for me!?

It’s so serious that I’m starting to feel that I need to protect my chastity at all cost! Gya-suke is also sitting on my lap when Koneko-chan and Ravel aren’t there! I’m also receiving calls from Raiser every now and then through the magic-circle! I’m also receiving gifts from Sairaorg-san!

Even with Le Fay and Kuroka, I’m feeling scared that Vali might be up to something in the shadows! I’m scared about the increase in the number of guys around me!

I admire those kind of naughty and erotic lifestyle with girls!

But why am I receiving macho-kind of relation from guuuuuys!?


I was screaming inside myself, and Sona-kaichou calls me.


A small communication-type magic-circle is floating above Kaichou’s hand—

Did something happen?

Kaichou then says it.

“I received a call just now. I think you will be receiving a call soon as well, but…it seems like the date for the meeting with the Vampires will be tomorrow night.”


Oh yeah, I forgot about it due to the things with magicians and my training, but Rias also was telling me about that.

That we will be receiving contact from the Vampire’s side.

Vampire. It’s a being which is the closest to us, yet it is also a being the furthest away from us.

I, who only know Gasper, will be having a real meeting with the Vampire from here.


Late at night, the day after—.

In other words, today is the day of the meeting with the Vampire.

I’m currently at the Occult Research Club’s clubroom.

The ones who have gathered here from the Gremory’s side is the whole of the Occult Research Club’s members, Sona-kaichou and Shinra-senpai from the Sitri’s side, Azazel-sensei as the representative of the Fallen Angels, and one sister from the Heaven’s side—

A sister who is wearing her veil down. She is a beauty who looks like she is from North Europe and she has features that are standing out like an actress. She looks to be in her late 20’s, and she has a soft smile with a gentle atmosphere.

The truth is I have met this sister lady before.

Sister looks around and greets everyone here.

“I still haven’t introduced myself. My name is Griselda Quarta, and I am supervising the staff from the Heaven of this region. I have introduced myself to Sekiryuutei-san and Sister Asia before, and I’m hoping I can get along with the rest of you whom I haven’t met.”

“She is my Boss-sama!”

Irina says that.

Sensei exchanges a handshake with Sister Griselda.

“Oh, I have heard about you. Gabriel’s Queen! Sister Griselda, the exorcist who will be among the top 5 women exorcist.”

“Thank you for your words. Having my name known to the former Governor of the Fallen Angels……I’m honoured.”

This sister is Griselda Quarta.

A reincarnated Angel that supervises the staff from the Heaven of this region.

She is the Queen of Gabriel-san who is the Four Great Seraph, boss of Irina, and also someone that knows Xenovia from her country. I have met her before and she has already introduced herself to me. Gabriel-san governs the card suit of Hearts. This sister is Heart’s Queen! It seems like she is called “Queen of Hearts”.

She can’t show up in the headquarters of this region since she is going between Heaven and Vatican, so we were only able to meet her just recently.

The way how Xenovia was panicking back then was abnormal. Since they are from the same institute and since she has been under her care since she was little, she tells me this sister is one of the people she can’t act mighty against. It seems like it was quite a shock for this sister when she found out that Xenovia who is a devout believer of their religion became a Devil, but she did say she was more sad about Xenovia not contacting her.

This will be the first time for the members here besides me, Asia, Xenovia, and Irina, meeting this person.

Sister Griselda apologises.

“I apologise. I should have come and greeted you all much earlier……but it didn’t fit my schedule, and I am regretting how incapable I am.”

She really is polite. But, in terms of how she acts towards one person—

“Oh my? Xenovia, you don’t look well?”

Irina asks a question to Xenovia which has a meaning behind it.

“……Don’t tease me, Irina.”

Xenovia puts on a stiff face and tries not to be within the sister’s sight, but—

The sister grabs hold of Xenovia’s face with both her hands!

“Xenovia? Do you hate it that much to see me?”

“……N-No. It’s just……”


“……S-Sorry I couldn’t answer your calls.”

So the phone call that Xenovia was ignoring was a call from this sister huh.

Receiving the apology from Xenovia, Sister Griselda lets go off her face.

“Yes. Very well done. Since I gave you my number, you should at least give me a call. Understood? You can at least have dinner with me, right?”

“Of course. I would be concerned about you since we are in the same region once again.”

It seems like they are a troubled little sister and a capable older sister. Rather, this is a new view since that Xenovia who is always acting so mighty is showing a cute reaction like this. I have witnessed an unexpected thing once again.

We finished our introduction like this, and now we only have to wait for the Vampire guests to arrive.

The night gets even darker—

It became completely silent outside, and we felt something abnormally cold from outside by the time when everyone exchanged few words. Every one of us sensed it, and we look towards the window—we look towards the direction where the entrance of the old school building is.

Rias stands.

“Looks like they are here. ……The presences of Vampires are cold like always.”

Rias looks at Kiba. Kiba stands, and then leaves the room after bowing to us.

……He must have gone to welcome the Vampires.

I then remembered about the information that everyone told me about Vampires earlier.

Vampires—are beings that can’t enter a building which they haven’t been invited to come into. They don’t appear in the mirrors, and they don’t have shadows.

They can’t walk across waters, they hate garlic, and they are weak against the symbols of the Church—the cross and holy water.

And they can’t heal themselves unless they sleep in their coffin.

Gasper who is a half Vampire is a bit different from that description. He has a shadow, and he appears in the mirror. He can walk across rivers, and he is overcoming garlic. And it isn’t like he has to sleep in his coffin.

Apparently it’s because the human blood inside Gasper is stronger. ……That’s why he can sleep inside the box.

The reason why Kiba went downstairs is because the guest Vampires are purebloods, and they won’t be able to come in without being invited.

We, the servants of our [King] Rias, stood up from our seat and lined up next to her to welcome the guest. Shinra-senpai also stands behind Sona-kaichou.

Irina is also standing behind Sister Griselda who is sitting on the chair. Akeno-san is on standby in front of her personal push car so she can serve them anytime. Azazel-sensei is basically the only one who is sitting down casually.

We wait for the guest in a posture where the [Kings] and Boss-class people are sitting down, and their subordinates are standing upright.

And our Vampire-kun, Gya-suke is……


He’s putting on a very complicated expression. Of course. Since the real Vampires that chased him out are coming here.

It seems like the Vampires coming here aren’t from Gasper’s family, but he still can’t hide the fact of being nervous.

After a while, there is a knock on the door.

“I have brought the guests.”

Kiba opens the door and brings in the guest in a gentleman’s manner.

The one who comes in is—a doll-like little girl who is wearing a dress worn by those princesses back in the Middle age. The reason why I thought she is like a doll is because she has a very beautiful face.

Her eyes, nose, and even her mouth looks like those western dolls where she doesn’t seem like a human, and her beauty seems like it was made by someone. You can say that she is flowing with a very mysterious atmosphere. She has long wavy blonde hair, and it makes her look like a doll even more. And the colour of her face is really bad that she looks like a corpse.

Unlike Gasper who is pale because he has been staying inside hiding, she has a skin colour which doesn’t seem alive.

Her very red eyes are darker than those of Gasper.

Can I presume she is the same age as us from her appearance? Like Devils, Vampires also have a long lifespan, and I hear that they can change their appearance to their likings……


I open my eyes wide after looking at her feet.

—There are no shadows.

……So she is a real Vampire then. No, that’s obvious. It just reminded me once again.

There was a man and woman wearing a suit behind the girl. Her escorts—are they her bodyguards?

Both of them have a bad skin colour, so they must also be Vampires. I can sense a cold and sharp presence from them.

Ah, I also realised one more thing. I can’t feel even a glimpse of their aura. They don’t have any kind of lifeforce-like thing around them.

The girl—the guest Vampire greets Rias and us politely.

“How do you do, people of the Three-Great Powers. I’m especially honoured to meet two of the little sisters of Maous and the former Governor of the Fallen Angels.”

Being urged by Rias, the girl sits right across Rias.

She introduces herself before sitting.

“I am Elmenhilde Galnstein. Please call me Elmen.”

……It certainly is a name which sounds so exaggerating. It certainly has a noble ring to it.

Sensei puts his hand on his chin.

“……Galnstein. If I’m correct, it’s one of the two big factions of Vampires, and it’s a household which is ranked one of the highest among the Carmilla-faction. It’s been awhile meeting a pureblood and noble Vampire……”


Yes, I had Rias and Sensei teach me about the world of Vampires to a certain degree beforehand.

Vampires are a resident of darkness that have existed since ancient times. They have similar rankings and weaknesses like High-class Devils. But, Devils are residents of the Underworld. Vampires are beings that live in the darkness of the human’s world. They may seem similar, but their views and culture differ a lot.

Devils and Vampires have continued living by using humans while not stimulating each other’s territory. The Heaven—the part where the servants of God being our natural enemies are the same, but both sides have distanced themselves from each other while not fighting together.

The Devils have settled down on the three-side battle this summer by agreeing to the alliance of the Three Great Powers, but the Vampires aren’t even trying to sit down for negotiation.

Because of that, they still have quarrels with the Heaven—the warriors of the Church.

—Well, I will end my basic information about Vampires here, but the problem is about the two big factions.

Apparently, an incident which split the world of Vampires occurred several hundred years ago.

That gave birth to the Tepes-faction and Carmilla-faction. Tepes have the principals of men standing above women, and Carmilla-faction have the principal of women standing above men.

I don’t understand it that well, but in order to leave pureblood Vampires, the ones who have been arguing a very long time between choosing a female true ancestor and a male true ancestor have finally split into two groups several hundred years ago after their sides have been splitting away.

If it’s just like how Sensei explained, then it makes her, Elmenhilde, a Vampire from the Carmilla-faction who has the principal of woman standing at the top.

Elmenhilde who is sitting on the chair. After confirming that Akeno-san has given her tea, Rias asks her a very straight forward question from the beginning.

“Elmenhilde, I feel bad asking you this from the beginning, but I will ask you. –Can you tell us your reason of wanting to meet us? What is the reason for the Carmilla-faction, who has avoided contact with us, to suddenly come out in front of the Gremory, Sitri, and former Governor Azazel?”

Elmenhilde closes her eyes, and opens her hide slowly after nodding her head.

“—I would like to borrow the Gasper Vladi.”


…………We became speechless at the answer we didn’t expect, and can only be shocked about it. Everyone’s gaze gathers at Gasper.

……Gasper is trembling over his whole body. It seems like he didn’t expect himself being appointed. No, we also didn’t expect that they are after Gasper.

—Then the thing which appears immediately to my head is Gasper’s ability which has just awakened…… No no, even so, why are they seeking for it?

I have many questions about it, but Sensei asks Elmenhilde.

“A straightforward answer to a straightforward question. Sorry, but I will have you explain to us by steps. —What happened in the world of Vampires?”

Elmenhilde speaks.

“A certain incident happened in our world of Vampires which can cause the sense of our values to crumble. You may already know it because of the information being leaked out, but a half appeared from the Tepes’s side that possesses a Longinus.”

……Ah, that. If I remember right, I was told that a Longinus possessor appeared in the world of Vampires and that it’s causing a stir……

So it has to do with that. This will be more complicated than I thought. So it didn’t appear within the Carmilla-faction that she belongs to, but from the Tepes-faction huh.

So the half-Vampire from the Tepes’s side is a Longinus possessor. But the one who came to talk to us is Carmilla’s side. ……This is troublesome, this definitely is troublesome!

Sensei asks while narrowing his eyes.

“So what is the Longinus that the Tepes’s side is in possession of?”


After the monster crisis, I was told about Longinus from Sensei.

Among the total 13 Longinus where the locations are known are the two of them of [Boosted Gear] and [Regulus Nemea] from the Devil’s side. In other words that will be me and Sairaorg-san’s [Pawn], Regulus.

And in the Heaven’s side there is the Joker who is said to be in possession of the second strongest Longinus [Zennith Tempest], and from the Fallen Angel’s side there is the [Canis Lycaon] also known is “Slash Dog” who is under Sensei.

And in the magician’s association—there is the [Absolute Demise] who is within the organisation of Mephisto Pheles who has a good relationship with the Three Great Powers. Among the group of outlaw stray magicians who have distanced themselves from the Three Great Powers and who are seen as threats from many magicians, there is the [Incinerate Anthem].

Besides that there is the [Divine Dividing] that Vali possesses, and there are the three-types of [True Longinus], [Annihilation Maker], and [Dimension Lost] from the Hero-faction of Khaos Brigade. Except, since the Hero-faction has ceased their actions, the whereabouts of those three are unknown. ……What’s creepy is that those three Longinus haven’t reached the stage where it transfers to a new host despite leaving their bodies……

Those are the ones which are currently known. Even so, they say that they have confirmed the ones mentioned recently, so you can tell how hard it is for them to find the whereabouts of the possessors.

There are three of them where the whereabouts is unknown.—Even the Three Great Powers are having hard time finding the [Sephiroth’s Grail], [Innovate Clear], and [Telos Karma].

……From what I have heard, it seems like Ajuka Beelzebub-sama has found the whereabouts of [Innovate Clear]……but, he’s still investigating for more accurate information.

With that, there will be two of them that the Three Great Powers don’t know about its whereabouts. The [Sephiroth’s Grail] or the [Telos Karma]. The ones that the Vampires have in possession will be either of them.

Then Elmenhilde answers like this.

“——It’s the [Sephiroth’s Grail].”

The moment we heard her answer, Sensei makes an even more serious eyes.

“Out of all things, it had to be the one of the relics, the Holy Grail huh.”

Relics—. The holy-spear that Cao Cao possessed is that.

Among the Longinus, there are other relics, and I hear that [Sephiroth’s Grail] and [Incinerate Anthem] are one of them as well. The former is the Holy Grail. The latter is the holy cross.

Sensei continues.

“The one used in the Last Supper, the one which received the blood of Jesus. Holy Grail has many legends. But that one which is a Sacred Gear isn’t a normal Holy Grail. It’s a Longinus, and a masterpiece which can turn around the principal of life. ……I think your name was Elmenhilde, but what are the immortal Vampire seeking for by using that?”

“A body which will absolutely not die—. Even if they have their hearts nailed, even having a holy cross put in front of them, even if they don’t sleep in their coffins, even if they walk under the sun, those from Tepe’s side have gained a body which can’t be destroyed. No, to say it more precisely, they have gained a body which is hard to destroy. It seems like the power of the Holy Grail is still incomplete.”

She also continues by saying this.

“They are trying to become a being with no weaknesses. They have abandoned their pride as Vampires. Not only that, they are also attacking our side. There have already been casualties. We will not be forgiving their action. We are planning to execute them as fellow Vampires.”

Elmenhilde’s irises are dark, and were filled with hatred.

It seems like she finds it really annoying that the actions of the Tepes’s side, which rejected the way Vampires have to live, and their assaults. Well, it’s an appropriate response since they were attacked.

“So the Carmilla’s side doesn’t like the ways of Tepes’s side which rejected the living ways of Vampires and the assault they started. Well, anyone would get pissed if they are attacked.”

Elmenhilde nods to Sensei’s words.

“Yes, that’s exactly correct. And our aim is—”

She then moves her gaze to Gasper. The red eyes and red eyes meet with each other.

“To stop the Tepes’s side which is causing ruckus by borrowing the power of Gasper Vladi who is standing over there.”

…………Like I thought, it’s getting messy.

So they are planning to make our Gya-suke take part in the war between Vampires……!

Rias asks calmly.

“……Does that have to do with how Gasper is a Vampire from the House of Vladi—the Tepes’s side?”

……She says it in her usual elegant manners, but I can tell. Rias is getting furious about this inside her, bit by bit.

She was asked to have her adorable servant borrowed for the war of the Vampires who never responded to her negotiation. For Rias who has strong affection, there is no way she will keep quiet about this.

But in order to get their true intentions, she is acting calm on the outside to understand about Gasper and so, is trying to ask them about it. Having seen her up close till now, even I started to realise her changes.

Elmenhilde puts on a meaningful smile at Rias’s question.

“That will also be a part of it, Rias Gremory-sama. But what we are truly craving for is Gasper Vladi’s power. We have heard that the power sleeping inside him has awakened.”


From where did they hear that Gasper unleashed an insane power?

No, I still haven’t seen it myself, but it must be amazing right? He defeated Georg of the Hero-faction who is a possessor of a high-tier Longinus, who is also a magic user. It’s certain that his power is on a different level. They must have thought that they can make Gasper take on the enemy’s Longinus possessor.

Elmenhilde continues.

“We are planning to solve the dispute between Vampires by using the strength of Vampires only. For that reason, we would like to borrow the power of Gasper Vladi.”

They want to stop the dispute of the Vampires using Gasper’s power? I know that they are going through difficulties……but speaking honestly, there is no direct connection to us.

Gasper is formerly from House of Vladi, but now he is part of the Gremory after being kicked out of his home, and we don’t want to get involved in the conflict between Vampires either.

……Peace is the best. If Gasper will be in danger, then it’s a different story. No, judging from this flow, it seems like it will also make Gasper involved……

Maybe instead of the Carmilla’s side, the Tepe’s side will come and say “Gasper is originally from our household. Return him. We will use him in the dispute!”……?

……Since battles which gave me bad impressions have been continuing, my brain has adapted to think in a negative way.

Rias asks while narrowing her eyebrows.

“……What is that power? Do you know what that is?”

She got right to the point. The truth we want to know. Now, how will you answer?

Our gaze gathers at the Vampire girl.

“……There are very rare times when those born from our kind are born with the ability to surpass that of normal Vampires. We mostly see this from the half Vampires in this era. Gasper Vladi will also be one of them. We, who are from the Carmilla, don’t have enough information to investigate about it. But there may be information which may become a hint in the Tepes’s side.” .”

So even from the Vampires, Gasper’s ability is abnormal.

Rather, if we want to know more about it, looks like we have to visit the House of Vladi.

Elmenhilde continues.

“Now, about the Holy Grail which is the problem. Of course the possessor is those we despise—a half, but her name is Valerie Tepes. She was born from the House of Tepes.”

Hearing that name, one person makes a response. –It’s Gasper.

He has a face where he looks like he is about to cry.

“……Valerie……? L-Lies! Valerie wasn’t born with a Sacred Gear like I was!”

Gasper who has been trembling with fear until now, argues against Elmenhilde soon as he heard the name Valerie like a different person.

……Is it an important person for this guy?

Elmenhilde answers.

“Even if it doesn’t activate when you are born, Sacred Gear can activate with a certain trigger. You should also know that, correct? Valerie—she was no different. We can presume that she awakened her powers recently, and attained the ability.”

Certainly. I also had my Sacred Gear activate this year. Sacred Gear can be a thing which awakens without you realising it, and I heard that the age of the time it awakens will differ by each person.

Sensei narrows his eyes, and crosses his arm.

“I can presume that they hid it before we and the Heaven’s side have observed and confirmed it. Geez, they are pathetic. For the Vampires who detest holy power to not abandon the relic Longinus, the Holy Grail, and not even handing it to us but hiding it.”

“I also have the same opinion.”

Elmenhilde agrees to Sensei’s words.

Elmenhilde looks at Gasper. This time Gasper looks straight at her while feeling scared.

“Gasper Vladi, don’t you hold a grudge against the House of Vladi—the Tepes’s side which exiled you? With your current power, I think it will be possible.”

“……I-I’m satisfied just being able to stay here. Just being able to stay with Buchou and everyone—”


Soon as he heard that, Gasper starts to gradually put on a gloomy face. Seeing that, Elmenhilde continues.

“—Mixed breed, the hated child, a fake, what kind of name were you called when you were living in Vladi’s household, I wonder? The only one you were able to exchange your emotions with is the half from House of Tepes, Valerie, correct? Inside the castle where the House of Tepes imprisoned the half they have gathered for a temporary amount of time, I was told that you and Valerie worked together, and helped each other. Don’t you want to stop Valerie?”

Sister Griselda who was silent till now speaks.

“Your kind detests and hates the children who are half, but wasn’t it the selfish action of Vampires that originally took humans, used them as their pleasure, and made them bear a child? The ones who had our people eaten, and made counter measures for it while having regrets were us, the people from the Church. If it’s possible, I will prefer for your kind to not get involved with humans as mere hobbies.”

Even though she is saying it in a gentle manner, her words have so much hate in them. She’s saying it without breaking her smile! To be expected from Irina’s boss and Xenovia’s former guardian!

Elmenhilde puts her hand to her mouth, and smiles.

“I’m sorry about that. But hunting humans is the true nature of our kind, Vampires. I think Devils and Angels are the same, correct? To attain a price by granting human’s wish, and having the need for the beliefs of a human. Aren’t we supernatural beings, “the weak”, which can only live by using humans as our source?”

Yes, Devils aren’t justice. Since there are those who are made into a servant by unreasonable trade.

But I quit being a human. I can only live as a human. ……But I’m going and coming back between the life of a human and Devil.

This Vampire girl is completely from the supernatural being’s side. She’s very sure that humans are sources. So it’s not an equal trade, but a one-sided slaughter!

……I don’t like this girl’s eyes. The eyes she is looking to other beings with besides them looks very discriminating.

She even calls Gasper who is a half, “a hated child” and “mixed breed”……

If I remember right, pure Vampires have stronger obsession towards bloodline and rankings than Devils. I see, I can understand that very well by looking at this Elmenhilde.

—To them a world is a place where there are only two species of “Pure Vampires” and “others”.

Elmenhilde calls the Vampire who is acting as her bodyguard standing behind her, and she takes out something that looks like a document.

“I didn’t come here empty handed. I have prepared a document.”

Elmenhilde hands the document to Sensei.

Sensei who received the document, sighs after looking through the document.

“……A peace conference with the Carmilla’s side, huh.”


Everyone who is gathered in this place become shocked with Sensei’s words!

……So they brought a trump card up their sleeve for having a diplomatic relation……! They didn’t respond until now, and they make an action like this at this timing!

Sensei puts the document on the table, and then asks Elmenhilde.

“So then. This meeting today is for diplomatic reasons, and you were dispatched to us as a special envoy, right?”

Elmenhilde shows her smile at Sensei’s question.

“Yes. Our Queen, Carmilla-sama, is saddened with the war we have been having with the Governor-sama of the Fallen Angels and the Church that has been going on for a long time, and she is saying that she wishes to have a truce.”

Sensei has veins appearing from his cheek because of the way Elmenhilde is handling this.

“You are getting the steps wrong, Missy. Normally the treaty for the peace comes first, and the thing about Longinus comes after that. This just seems like you are saying that you won’t agree to peace unless we help you out.”

Sister Griselda who narrowed her eyes mysteriously continues after that with a calm behaviour.

“We, the Three Great Powers that have been asking and agreeing for peace with each faction without any discrimination will certainly have a weaker persuasive power towards other factions if we don’t agree to this term. They will think that “So even if they are asking for peace with each faction, they untie the tension with those they choose”. And instead of ceasing war, it’s to have a truce. It feels like they have come under our weakness.”


W-What a bunch of cowardly guys……! They came to ask for Gasper by using the negotiation as their shield……! If we don’t agree, not just Rias, but her brother Sirzechs-sama will also lose trust from others! Rias has increased her meritorious deeds by being a Switch-princess and by fighting terrorists. If she is to decline this offer, won’t it be weird if it affects our actions from now!?

Rias’ body is shaking with rage. Sona-kaichou holds Rias’s hand, and she shakes her head to calm her down.

Elmenhilde says it while lifting her mouth as if she is truly happy.

“Please be rest assured. The fight between Vampires will be solved only with Vampires. If you lend us Gasper Vladi, we won’t ask for more. We will also prepare a connection with you and the House of Vladi along with taking part in the truce.”

I wasn’t able to hold myself, so I ask.

“Hold on. Even if we hand Gasper over to you, are you even going to return him back to us safely? No, we still haven’t said we will hand him over to you! But still, I want to ask about that!”

Of course. If there isn’t any insurance that they are planning to return Gasper safely after we send him to the dispute, I won’t……there’s no way I will allow that……! He’s my precious junior, damn it……!

Elmenhilde looks at me with discriminating eyes.

“You are the servant of the High-class Devil Rias Gremory-sama, ―Sekiryuutei, correct? Do you have the right to speak to me who is a special envoy? Even if you are the Sekiryuutei, a mere servant that doesn’t have any qualifications has no right to question me, correct?”


My rage explodes inside me. I want to shout out “Don’t screw around!” right this moment! But if I do that, everything will be a waste……!

S-Shit! This bitch……! Just how much……! Well, I don’t have any qualifications! But Gasper is……!

―They are saying “We will agree with the truce, so hand Gasper over!” while looking down on us, you know!?

Kiba stops me with his hand, and looks at Rias. Rias makes a deep sigh, and is trying to calm herself down. Sensei says it on behalf of Rias.

“Having a truce with the Vampires by sacrificing one of the servants of the next heiress of the House of Gremory, huh. If I have to sum up what you guys from the Carmilla’s side are trying to say, this is what you are saying, right?”
Sensei says what Rias wants to say by understanding how she is feeling about all of this.

“It’s not decided that he will be sacrificed. There is nothing better but to have this settled immediately.”

Elmenhilde starts saying some crap.

“You don’t want us to interfere right? How about acting as the middleman or helping one of the sides? You need Gasper because you are lacking power, right?”

Elmenhilde shakes her head to Sensei’s suggestion and answers.

“No, we will settle our problem with our own hands. If you want to be an advisor, then be my guest.”

……They are doing as they please. They really are selfish. So this is a pureblood Vampire. They don’t care about the world besides theirs. And if it’s a half, they will even use them despite being someone born from the enemy’s side. Even if they persecuted them, they will still use them if they are half Vampires.

……They are so consistent. It’s unfair……!

She looks around us, and Elmenhilde stands.

“This is all I have to say. It was fortunate that I was able to meet you tonight. Above all else, I thank your great kindness of allowing a Vampire into your territory, Rias Gremory-sama.”

Rias puts on a mad expression at Elmenhilde’s cold smile which looks so fake. Her eyes are filled with rage.

“……Yes, I’m glad that I was able to have this precious meeting. After all, I understood very well about your kind.”

“Then, farewell. I will leave my servant in this area. If something happens, please consult that person. ―Now then, I will be waiting for your good reply.”

She didn’t even flinch with Rias’s last sarcasm, and the resident of darkness left this old school building――


The meeting ended, and about 10 minutes have passed—

The one who bursts out by smacking the table is Xenovia.

“……I sure can’t come to like the Vampires like always……”

She endured it well, Xenovia that is. She was clearly giving out hostility towards them besides me.

Sister Griselda drinks from the cup, and then says it.

“If it was you in the past, you would have gone cutting at them with Durandal. You endured it well. You sure have grown.”

Having the sister praise her, Xenovia puts on a complicated expression.

But what Xenovia said is appropriate. Vampires, I can’t come to like them! What, is that! I can’t think of them as the same beings as Gasper! This guy is a lively guy who spends his time with a box brightly, but they……are just an embodiment of weird pride and sarcasm!

Sona-kaichou who was the only one capable of remaining calm asks Buchou.

“What will you do? You probably won’t be able to ignore their cooperation. If that happens, you will end up having to send Gasper-kun off. If that happens……at the worst case, you might lose him.”

Gasper puts on a complicated expression towards Sona-kaichou’s clear answer.

Of course. He probably didn’t think that he will be used for a diplomatic reason. But it’s a situation where it is hard to decline. I don’t want to say it but since we are spreading word about making peace, we can’t possibly decline the offer of the Vampires that are willing to take part in it.

Even from the world’s perspective, being able to have a truce with half of the Vampires by having Gasper alone as the requirement for it, it must be a bargain which is cheap and yet still gives a substantial benefit……

I’m feeling mortified, and if possible I want to decline this. But this happens to be the worst situation for the Gremory since there isn’t a reason to decline this.

Gasper takes a big breath, and spits it out with trembling voice.

“I-I’m going.”


For this guy to say that he’s going by himself…… But his eyes are filled with determination.

Gasper continues.

“……I’m not planning to return to the world of Vampires once again, because to me this is my home. B-But I want to save Valerie! She……I am indebted to her. Thanks to her, I was able to escape from the castle and was able to reach this place. ……I have died once, but even so I have a kind master, a senpai I can rely on, and friends whom will play with me…… I was able to become this happy, but thinking that she is the only one continuing to receive a painful experience is…… I am sure she is receiving unreasonable treatment!”

Gasper puts on a manly face, and then tells Rias.

“I want to save Valerie! And I will not die! I will save Valerie, and come back here!”

……Good reply. He has a manly look in his eyes and face, this Danball Vampire that is.

He knows how to finish it in a good way now.

I pat Gasper’s head without saying anything.

My junior. Like I thought, you are a guy from the Gremory.

Hearing Gya-suke’s determination, Rias stands up.

“—I will be going there. This time I will be planning to sit down and talk with those from the House of Vladi. First I will go personally and see the situation over there with my own eyes. I think it won’t be late if the dispatch of Gasper comes after that.”

There are flames inside Rias’ iris. So our master will be visiting them personally huh.

Gasper’s words must have lit a flame inside her. Yeah, a fire lit inside me as well! To save a girl who took care of him in the past! For a guy, there isn’t a more serious situation than this!

“Then we will also—”

I try to make a suggestion, but Rias shakes her head.

“No, I want Ise and everyone to stay on standby. There might be a case if something happens.”

“……And what do you mean by that?”

Rias puts two fingers up to my question.

“For the precondition, it’s appropriate for me who is Gasper’s master to visit them personally, and it won’t be rude towards the other party. And there will be two main reasons why I’m having all of you stay on standby here. First reason is having all of you being able to take action without me if an incident were to occur. There might be those who would attack this place so members who can handle them should stay here. For the second reason……”

Rias looks at all of her servants.

“If something were to happen to me over there, I will need reinforcements.”

Kiba asks.

“So Buchou, you are predicting that something might occur or that you might get dragged into something over there, correct?”

“That’s right, Yuuto. It will be the best if nothing happens, but judging from the past events, there is a chance that we will get dragged into it judging from the problems the Vampires are having. So it won’t be weird to take actions while anticipating it.”

“Then isn’t it better for all of us to go with you from the start……?”

I ask her once again, but like I thought, Rias didn’t shake her head vertically.

“They will be on alert if we were to go there with all of us. Are they trying to solve it by using force? –They will think like that and it will be harder to negotiate with them, so it will be appropriate for me to go there first. ……It was them who didn’t even try to listen to our words, so it is a must for me to go there. ……Am I being naïve?”

She tries to get confirmation from Azazel.

“No, it’s not a bad way of thinking for a [King] from the brute-power group. Except, I feel uneasy if you are going there alone. For this incident, it seems like the secrets of both the Tepes and Carmilla’s side will be connected. And the discussion we had before had many unexplained parts.”

“Of course, I will keep as minimal a force for my guards as I can. I’m planning to take only my [Knight]. Okay, Yuuto?”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

So Kiba will be escorting her. Yeah, then it won’t be a problem.

“I can feel relieved if Kiba is going.”

That’s my answer. I know this guy’s strength more than anyone. I have exchanged fist with Kiba many times, you know? He is Rias’s genuine knight.

Sensei says it while making a sound with his neck.

“—I will also go then. I will meet Carmilla first. I will at least make sure that we can dispatch several members of the Gremory group for the dispute of the Vampires. I’m planning to take several souvenirs. Instead Rias should head to the House of Vladi directly. If Rias shows up in the Carmilla’s side, they will be on more alert.”

He’s trying to grant their requirement by taking a souvenir with him. To be expected from Sensei. He won’t fall without doing anything!

If several of us are able to take action, then this will become a different story. We can reduce the danger that will fall on Gasper, and we might be able to save that Vampire woman who has the Holy Grail.

“But won’t they become more cautious if Sensei were to meet them personally? You are an important person from the Fallen Angel’s side.”

Shouldn’t you bring someone with you? –That’s what I thought.

“It will be much better than to have the Heaven and the Church—the Angels, who are still fighting against them go. Rather, for me who is knowledgeable about Sacred Gear going there will be a better key for the negotiation.”

“Ah, you mean about the Holy Grail!”

“Yeah, that’s it. Even for the guys who came today, the main person they came to talk to is me.”

Sensei then tells the sister and Irina, the staff from the Heaven.

“Irina, sister Griselda, tell Michael what happened here. The Holy Grail and the Vampires, it smells too fishy.”

Sister nods.

“Yes, I understand. Michael-sama said we will be sending our Joker if something happens, and I hope we can avoid the worst case scenario.’

Sensei becomes a bit shocked at sister Griselda’s words.

“……The Joker, can you send him off so easily like that? Rather, the way you cope with us has increased. Well, it’s normal since outrageous guys have been after us. Since the Holy Grail will be involved, we might ask help from the Joker. The Holy Grail and Vampires. Normally, it’s the holy and darkness which can’t coexist. Most likely, something not good will happen. I want to make sure the casualty rate remains as low as possible.”

“Yes, for that reason it is the intention of the Four Great Seraph-sama wanting to use the man of leisure, Joker, as much as possible. Seriously, that child always wanders off somewhere when he has time to find delicious cuisines and we can’t contact him at all. He is a child who is more troublesome than Xenovia who is standing over there.”

The Joker, I haven’t met him, but is he an acquaintance of sister?

Well, leaving that aside, I need to put everything that happened together in my head.

It’s decided that Rias, Kiba, and Sensei, will be going to the Vampires side. The other members including Gasper will be on standby in this town. If something happens to Rias’s side, it’s made so that we will join them.

Though I hope nothing happens…… From what Sensei said, it seems like a battle will occur. And we will be placing ourselves in there……?

I’m hoping there will be no casualties, but it seems like it won’t be that easy……

What I can do is to shake off all the danger which will fall on Rias and my comrades with all my strength.

My spirit is heating up, but it’s a meeting which took place late at night which I have started to feel uneasy about—


Finishing the meeting, I’m having Azazel-sensei look at my gauntlet at another room of the old school building after everything ended.

After the battle against the Hero-faction in the Underworld, Ddraig has increased his time to sleep, and the true power of my Sacred Gear can’t be unleashed.

Just like this, I’m having Sensei look at the condition of my Sacred Gear regularly.

“……The glow of the gauntlet’s jewel is still lacking. It means he used that much power to recreate your body.”

“……U-Umm, Sensei. Will his condition continue to stay like this?”

“No, if he can recover the power which he used to resurrect you, he can revert back to his former self. It will be okay to think that he is just sleeping and is replenishing his stamina. More than that, I need to talk to you about your life force.”

“……You said something which isn’t comprehensible is occurring right?”

Sensei nods to my words.

Yes, by using the section of Great-Red’s body and the power of Ophis and Ddraig, I have attained a new body.

Because of that, it seems like my life force which had been reduced on my old body can’t be analysed with the current data.

“The power of the two; Great-Red and Ophis who are the legendary Dragons among legendary dragons has been mixed after all. The response of your life force either becomes zero or turns into infinite which isn’t measurable is happening, so I can’t tell what is going on at all. The zero probably represents illusion, —Great Red. The infinite will obviously means infinite which is Ophis.”

“Does that mean my life force is going back and forth between dying and reviving?”

“Even that isn’t known. There has never been a case like this. The current you is a reincarnated Devil who reincarnated from a humanoid Dragon. Except, there is a way to stabilise it. Rather, there has been result. You understand that yourself, right?”

Like Sensei says, I’m still having Rias and Akeno-san scatter the Dragon’s power inside me and am still receiving the healing treatment with a senjutsu from Koneko-chan, and for an unknown reason the response of my life force returns to normal for a temporarily time.

Sensei continues.

“Anyway, I’m not sure what will happen with the response of zero and infinite. Suddenly your life force can become empty and it can even overheat by increasing drastically. In other words. Having Rias and others bringing back your life force to normal is the best.”

In other words, I have to get treatment from the girls like before.

Gufufu! I’m so glad! I’m glad that a wonderful time like that won’t have to disappear! Yeah, having Rias and Akeno-san suck it with their mouths, and hugging the small Koneko-chan. I even want to thank the True-Dragon and Dragon-God because I won’t have to lose that time of happiness! No, I will put my hands together and pray in front of Ophis once I return home!

The sucking techniques of Rias and Akeno-san are improving daily……and Koneko-chan also became daring since she says “Not wearing clothing and having our bodies directly touching each other might improve the effect”!

—! Then that phrase comes back to my mind…… Great-Red-sama, please give me a break! Will it make a similar cry when I see it again!? It will be embarrassing!

Sensei is making a bitter smile when he is looking at me who is having a hard time with hallucination.

“You have to stay even more calm and fight. You can do it if you try, you know? It’s your weak point to lose your calm and act differently. You know how you did a thing which totally wasn’t like you in the Bael-match against that [Queen] by being pissed? If it was the usual you, wouldn’t you have used Dress Break on her and observed her naked body? You probably got heated up with having your comrades being taken down……but if you do that against someone who is stronger than you, you know that you’ll get killed?”

I got a warning from Sensei. ……Yeah, I have a habit to lose my calm and go forward sometimes. It’s my bad habit. ……So I should have defeated the Bael’s [Queen] with Dress Break? When I think like that, I suddenly got depressed because I couldn’t see her naked body…… That was the best thing I was capable of doing at that time.

“Well, you are a kid who’s only 17 years old. Rias, you, and everyone else in the group are still young. If you say it’s normal for you guys to still be incomplete, then it’s a normal thing.”

So will I be able to calm down if my sexual desire also becomes that of an adult? I can’t even imagine it! I also want to be lecherous even ten years or hundred years later! It’s certain that Rias’s breast will become beautiful after ten years!

Ugggh. I should think about that later and ask Sensei.

“Sensei, when are you planning to leave?”

“For now, I will discuss it with Rias first. This is a good opportunity, so I will negotiate with the Vampires side or else it will become troublesome.”

If it’s possible, I want to pray that nothing will happen.

Since Kiba and Sensei will be with her, Rias probably won’t be dragged into the worst situation…… Even so, I’m still worried.

Rather, I hope this meeting with the Vampires will head towards the most peaceful direction there is.

Actually, we still have the thing about the pact with magicians, but it seems like the Gremory group always encounter troubles.

……Ddraig, please return to your usual self. Like I thought, I won’t be able to give my all without you.

My partner—. Let’s go straight ahead together again!

When I was staring at my gauntlet as if I’m speaking to it, Sensei sighs.

“Take care of the legendary Dragon, okay? Even if what’s left is his soul, you do know that he is a valuable legendary Dragon-sama right? Do you know just how many Dragons there are that haven’t even been sealed into a Sacred Gear and even the whereabouts of their soul is unknown?”

E-Even if you say that…… Of course, I will take care of Ddraig! W-Well, I did trouble him quite a lot with all that Oppai Dragon stuff!

Sensei pounces his fist on the palm of his other hand as if he remembered something.

“……Oh, I should tell you this as well. I received some information from Vali?”

“From Vali?”

“You do know that he is travelling around the world investigating mysterious things right?”

Just like Azazel-sensei who raised him, I hear that the Hakuryuukou-sama who takes interest in and investigates things is travelling around the world and looking at mysterious things.

“It seems like he encounters the members of the Khaos Brigade quite often at his destinations.”

“But that isn’t to execute the Vali-team who became “wanted” right?”

Vali is in a situation where he is being chased from the Khaos Brigade for the crime of sending Ophis to us without any permission. Rather, he was originally on bad terms with the other factions of Khaos Brigade, and I heard that they didn’t like him.

Sensei continues.

“What Vali was searching was……types of brutal monsters that are thought to be extinct. It seems like he was searching for them with uncertain evidence of them being alive. If his journey to find strong foes even exceeds to that level, even I start to think of them as a group who is very bored with nothing to do. –And this is where it starts. Among the extinct monsters, it seems like besides Vali and his group, the members of Khaos Brigade who are the groups of magicians seems to be mainly coming to the region where the extinct Dragons originally lived in. ……It’s not once or twice that they encounter each other, so it isn’t a coincidence.”

“The extinct Dragons…… What kind of famous Dragons are there among them?”

“I’m not sure if you know them, but I guess it would be the “Crescent Circle Dragon” Crom Cruach, “Diabolism Thousand Dragon” Aži Dahāka, and the “Eclipse Dragon” Apophis. It sure brings back memories. They were quite dangerous. –They were either sealed or killed for being too brutal. Other than them there are Níðhǫggr from the Norse, and the ferocious Grendal that is said to be slain by the original Beowulf. There was Ladon who was protecting the legendary fruit was also a Dragon but was defeated by the original Heracles. And in Japanese there was Yamata-no-Orochi.”

They are mostly names which I haven’t heard before. The ones I have heard of are Yamata-no-Orochi and Crom Cruach though I’ve only heard the names before. So there are that many extinct strong Dragons huh.

“……Especially Crom Cruach, Aži Dahāka, and Apophis, whom are “Evil Dragons” that are now extinct. Vritra is also an Evil-Dragon, but he’s cute if you compare him to the three I just named.”

Evil Dragons—. Just hearing it scares me. But they are extinct huh.

“Those three, were they that dangerous?”

“Even Vritra had his soul cut into many pieces and was sealed into the Sacred Gears right? Evil-Dragons were so powerful where you would have to do at least that much in order to completely annihilate their existence. Vritra regained consciousness by having the Sacred Gears merge. It makes me wonder just how tough those Evil-Dragons are. And among them, the ones which were the most brutal and were standing at the top were Crom Cruach, Aži Dahāka, and Apophis.”

Wow, even Vritra-san gives me the creeps but they are above him huh. ……They seem scary.

“……Are they stronger than the Two-Heavenly Dragons?”

“The red and the white one in their primes will definitely be stronger. But all of the Dragons did try to avoid fighting the Evil-Dragons as much as possible. I heard that they found it really troublesome to fight the Evil-Dragons and those affiliated with them. So that means they are bad news if you confront them.”

……Touching an Evil-Dragon will bring misfortune huh. Sensei continues while putting his hand on his chin.

“But it’s been a while talking about the extinct Dragons, especially the “Evil-Dragons”. But you understand it right? –Dragons that have strength and that like to go around wild were eliminated without exception. Tiamat who is said to be the strongest among the Five Great Dragon-Kings must have a good point then. It seems like she has blended in well with the current world and is living as she likes.”

Dragons which go wild huh. Ddraig and Albion were also one of them. And they went around too wild that they were taken down by the Three Great Powers.

“I prefer a Dragon to stand tall and with dignity like old man Tannin. He seems like a Dragon-King, and I think he looks cool.”

Yeah, old-man Tannin seems like the king of Dragons the most out of all the Dragons I have met. I have respect towards him when I see his posture of using his body to protect those Dragons!

Sensei also agrees to my opinion.

“Yeah, you are right. It won’t be a waste to hang around with that guy among the currently active Dragons. That’s what a king of Dragons is supposed to be. A Dragon like that doesn’t exist anywhere else, so observe him very well.”

Yes sir! In the future I will become a splendid Dragon like old man……no no, I will become a Harem-King Dragon!

“Either way, it seems like the terrorist group is plotting something behind the scene. ……Something bad might happen again, so just be prepared.”


Sensei then rests his hand on my head.

“Sorry. I might end up having you guys get the bad end of the bargain again.”

“Seriously, it sure does tire me out. But if they are to come at us, we will have to overcome them. We have always been going straight ahead like that.”

I’m not Koneko-chan, but we will just have to defeat them if they are to come at us. In order to survive, we will get even stronger, and I feel that we have to continue breaking all obstacles. That is the Gremory group! No, that is the Occult Research Club of Kuou Academy!

“Well, I’m also busy with my own business in the Underworld as well.”

“Did you start something?”

When I asked, Sensei suddenly puts on a lecherous smile. Ah, that’s the expression when he is plotting something.

“Yeah, I’m selling some territories.”

Territories huh.

“Even you know that the Underworld is split into two sides of the Devils and Fallen Angels right?”


“The truth is, comparing the Fallen Angels side to the Devils side, there are many free areas if you were to compare it with the number of residents. The ones living in the Fallen Angels sides are the pure Fallen Angels, the races which have a relation to the Fallen Angels, and the halves born between Fallen Angels and other races.”

That’s right. Sensei and others who are the part of the Grigori decided not to make the reincarnation system intentionally. They can make one if they try, but they chose not to.

According Sensei, “The evil Angels can just end with us”.

“—And, so. By using the free lands, I’m making a resort area for the factions who made an alliance with us. We have a major plan for building businesses and casinos as well. We have already received an order from celebrities of different factions that want to have a mansion. I’m sure this will turn into quite a big industry. Well, the Fallen Angels also need a budget, the money, for many things so we have to make business.”

I-I see…… The Fallen Angels, the Grigori, have started to do business huh. I also hear that the majority of the source of income for the current Grigori comes from their research.

Sensei seems like he will be suited to becoming a sales person.

—Then there is a knock on the door. The one who enters is Rias.

“Azazel? Did you finish examining Ise? Let’s make a schedule for leaving Japan.”

“Oh, that’s right. Rather, if we are going afar, there’s something I have to tell Asia personally…… Can Asia join?”

“Yes, I don’t mind. It’s about that right? I’m glad it’s going smoothly. Looks like having Ophis acting in the middle of it made it succeed.”

Asia’s case……? It really makes me wonder. Is Ophis related to it?

Like this, the discussion about the departure of Rias, Sensei, and Kiba begins.


“……“Even if you are the Sekiryuutei, a mere servant that doesn’t have any qualification has no right to question me, correct?” huh.”

On the morning when the sun still hasn’t risen—.

I’m having a shower in the big bathroom located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence. I, who have woken up early, left my room and came here without waking up Rias and Asia.

What I was recollecting in my head is the thing the Vampire from the Carmilla faction, Elmenhilde, said to me yesterday.

……A mere servant, the Sekiryuutei who doesn’t have the right to speak……

She’s right. Despite being called “Oppai Dragon” in the Underworld, I am just seen as the “Sekiryuutei who is the servant of Rias Gremory” from the other factions. That is the reality and I have no comment regarding it.

But when a diplomatic thing like this is involved, I’m useless.

I made a good relation with Odin the geezer from the Northern Europe and the Youkai in Kyoto, but they are special. Normally, from the perspective of those from the other factions, I’m just a mere Middle-class Devil that doesn’t have any right to speak.

……It’s not like I was getting elated. But I’m really frustrated that I can’t become of any use for Rias and Sensei in situations like that.

……Damn it.

My precious junior……even if I want to protect my precious Gasper from the front, I need something besides strength.

……No, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. I……should just protect my comrades when I have to. The diplomatic affairs are Sirzechs-sama and Sensei’s job. I should just do what I can do.

I bite my teeth due to frustration. The warm shower makes me comfortable.

“I’m such a small guy. ……Shit, I will definitely become a High-class Devil…… No, I made a promise with Kiba.”

That’s right. He and I made that promise before the Middle-class Devil test.

—That we will become Ultimate-class Devils.

“He will become the strongest [Knight], and I will become the strongest [Pawn]—.”

When I said the words of my determination.

The door to the bathtub opens. When I turned around—Ravel who just entered and is naked is standing theeeeeeeeeere!


“Ah, sorry! Since it’s early in the morning, I didn’t think anyone was going to use it!”

I can’t do anything to help myself but apologise! That’s because the girls are basically using this bathtub! I use it as well, but I have the girls use it first! Of course, I do encounter them at times and bath together!

This will be rude to Ravel who is a guest and who is also my junior! I should get out now!

B-But the naked Ravel! Even though she has a small body, I can only say that she has a proper body of a woman……! Her oppai is quite big! Since she has her usual drill-like hair down, I have a different impression of her! No, this isn’t the time for it!

I was thinking hard and Ravel says to me.

“……I-I will wash your back!”


My mind went blank at the words I didn’t expect to hear.

“……How is it?”

“Ah, yeah. I think it’s okay……”

Like that, I’m having my back washed by Ravel. I’m having her rub my back with a towel.

……I thought she would have burned me with her wings of fire while saying “Ise-sama you ecchi!”…… And she happens to be quite daring this morning! I’m getting confused!

I didn’t want it to be silent while she’s washing my back, so I started a conversation about the Vampires from yesterday.

“……That was my first time meeting a pure-blood Vampire……but there are still things I’m not sure about…… I was able to become friends with Gasper-san right away……”

Ravel must have mixed feeling as well.

“……It’s also because they appointed Gasper-san who is my friend as the requirement for the deal, but also their ways of not caring about anyone besides them…… But this may also be part of their politics. ……This certainly is a hard issue. Of course, I think it’s not a good idea to hand over Gasper-san recklessly to them. ……But Devils are also logical, and we put purebloods above everything else. I’m also a pureblood Devil.”

That’s right. Ravel is a princess from the House of Phoenix. She’s also the only daughter. She is a pure High-class Devil who has been living in the upper echelons of society.

“Even pureblood Devils are able to choose their own friends. Koneko-san, Gasper-san, and my classmates, are also treating me well. Though, I’m sad that I have to hide my identity from them…… I think it will be a wonderful thing if you can choose friends despite being from a different race.”

She usually acts sharp, but she is actually an innocent good girl.

But hiding your identity, huh.

I can’t tell Motohama and Matsuda that I became a Devil, and telling them will bring them into danger. At least, I want a peaceful time while I’m at Kuou academy.

“But I realised just how small a person I am. I’m frustrated that I wasn’t able to talk back. I will become a more splendid Devil and make them acknowledge me. That is what I have started to think this time.”

I thought of aiming for the top once again. I won’t allow it to end with them looking at me with those scornful eyes.

After having my back washed away with hot water, Ravel asks me.

“Ise-sama……h-have you decided about your future servants?”

“Servants? Ah, you mean when I become a High-class Devil? No, I still haven’t decided yet.”

You can have 15 servants at most with Evil Pieces right? I might end up using several of them depending on the person.

“Asia and Xenovia are saying that they will follow me, so there is a talk about having a trade with Rias, but even doing that isn’t decided. When I become independent, taking Asia and Xenovia with me will allow me to take actions right away, and it will become easier to do our job. But that will mean that 3 members will leave from Rias’s group right? How to fill those missing holes, even those parts aren’t clear yet.”

I then have a thought after saying that much.

That having Ravel remaining as my manager even in the future will be a strong support.

Ravel says it as if she responded to what I was thinking.

“……I want to continue being Ise-sama’s manager.”

“Yeah, I’m happy. That will sure be reliable.”

It happens when the atmosphere became good.

Splash! There is someone who got out from the bath!

“I, went under for 30 minutes.”

……It’s Ophis. Dragon-God-sama got out from the bath. And did you go under there for 30 minutes!?

And Ophis’s clothes weren’t in the changing room, you know!?

Did you perhaps come from your room fully naked!?

Give me a break, Dragon-God-sama! Being naked inside the house isn’t also allowed! You are a former Uroboros Dragon after all~!

“Fufufu, I can never win against Ophis-san.”

Ravel is also laughing.

You are right. We sure are no match against our Mascot-sama, also known as Ophis-chan.

Wizard for Khaos Brigade.

“How is the final confirmation with the stray magicians?”

“There’s no problem. It seems like they will enjoy themselves as well. That’s why they were exiled from the association.”

“Hahaha, we are magicians who are placing ourselves among the terrorists, so we aren’t in a situation where we can say that. —Anyway, is our leader really serious about doing this?”

“If that is the will of the ones at the top, then it can’t be helped.”

“This is crazy. Shalba and Cao Cao were also crazy, but the thing we are about to do this time is also insane.”

“The things that we always do are insane. We can’t turn back anymore.”

“The leader called and said that the preparations are set. Well, if they weren’t here, not just the organisation but even we would have been finished. So we can only follow them. —We can’t have a proper life. Then we have to enjoy it to our liking.”

“I’ve felt fate since we have encountered Vali and his group in the places we go to.”

“Dragons that is said to gather strong foes. Then they should just dance with each other. —Among Dragons that is.”

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