32 thoughts on “Volume 14

  1. Is it me or Ravel seems to have gotten at least 2 years older?? Ravel in this cover has her breast way to big… not that i mind =P

  2. I wonder what happened to Issei’s and Rias’ date…it doesn’t seem to be in Life 0 nor in Life 1 (so far)… I hope it’s somewhere in Volume 14 😀

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  4. Thanks man, keep up the good work. Can’t wait until it’s finished so that I can pdf it and read it at last 😀
    P.S. can you please put in the pics where they should be in the book or will you do that when you post it whole on BT

  5. A lot of thanks to you codezero!

    Hmmm? Hey guys, I just want to ask if it is possible that Ichiei Ishibumi can also see or read our comments for Highschool DxD? It would be nice if the Author knows of our existence…

    Don’t you guys think so?

  6. But, on the second thought. If Ichiei Ishibumi knows, then this blog might be forced to close.

    That means, no more DxD! OMG! I dont want that to happen…

    Maybe I should just continue commenting on Ichiei Ishibumi’s twitter account then…
    Even though I mostly dont understand the comments their being writen in Japanese…


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