Q. What is this site?
A. This site is a personal blog for the idiot called Code-Zero (Shin Code-Zero/n0m@n) where he uploads his translation for the public.

Q. When will the translation be updated?
A. Depends on my mood and my circumstance. I usually ignore such comments or questions.

Q. How long will it take you to translate a whole volume for the public to read?
A. Depends on my circumstance and mood. There was a time when I translated a volume within 1 week to a month, while there has been time it took me between two to three months.

Q. Can you translate faster?
A. No. I would slow down on my translation if someone asks me to translate faster.

Q. Can I upload the translation elsewhere?
A. No way. The only external site I upload my translation is B-T.

Q. Can I translate your translation to my own language?
A. Yes, go ahead. If the translation of a specific language has halted and you wish to restart the translation in the same language elsewhere, then go ahead. Just make sure you credit where you got the translation.

Q. Do you buy LNs or simply download them?
A. Both. The LNs I translate or promote are LNs that I have in possession of. I need to support the authors after all. Though downloading them can be helpful since there are a lot of LNs that aren’t worth buying. So being able to check them before buying it is important.

Q. Where do you buy LNs?
A. I buy them from sites (Amazon, honto, etc) , local store, or ask someone who lives in Japan to buy it for me if it’s a limited edition.

Q. Will you translate a specific series to the very end?
A. Depends. Well, for DxD I will translate to the end since the translation has passed 16 volumes already, so it would have been a waste of time if I drop it here. For other translation, that will……depend.

Q. Can I edit your translation if I see an error?
A. Sure. I will post them on B-T where anyone can edit them. Or you can leave a comment on this page. That way, I will know where to look.

Q. Can I join the group?
A. This isn’t a group or anything. It’s simply a blog where I upload my translation. I’m a LONER~.

Q. Can I make a PDF from your translation?
A. Sure. Make sure you also post a comment on downloads section.

Q. Can you translate a specific LN?
A. If you look at my translation pace in 2013, you will realise that I have become lazy. So even if I did pick it up, I doubt I would translate it to the end.

Q. What kind of LN do you usually translate?
A. LNs that has no recognition. There are hundreds of fan translators out there. So popular ones would get picked up by someone. So I prefer doing something else.

41 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. if you translate stuff that does not get recognition then how about Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica, there is no one doing it on baka tsuki and the only things that are done are volumes 1 and 4 ( and all the prologues ) ( p.s. you don’t have to but still it is a idea on that last question)

      • Someone has started translating it on B-T this January. They have the first volume and some random chapters done.

    • have they ever though of doing a audio books of HIGH SCHOOL DXD , i know it would sell very fast in English.. i know i would buy everyone of them right off the bat . as i did with the eragon books on audio and they were $ 32.00 per audio book .. but they were by they book . through a company that did it with all they voices … they would make alot of money this way on CD … money talk and it would fund all new anime movies …. you have to look to the future and go outside of the lines .. if you want to make more money … think how many people love high school dxd that is out there …. take a poll and see how many would enjoy an audio book of it …………. sound off who would like to see it done ……….. lets hear it and lets get it going on the poll ….

  2. Glad u don’t wan stop translate the DxD LN , it one of my fav
    BTW , do u know when the new volume for Seirei Tsukai n Mahouka Rettousei will be released , it been so long n they still no nees bout their newest volume …

  3. I guess it must be very annoying when people pester about translation speed,
    Why don’t you post this line at the top of the main page and pin it there?
    “I would slow down on my translation if someone asks me to translate faster.”

  4. Hello “CodeZero” I appreciate your work translate “HIGH SCHOOL DXD”.
    My question is: Can you translate the novel> HIDAN NO ARIA or ARIA THE SCARLET AMMO <?

  5. code zero. i wonder if you can translate saijaku muhai no bahamut later? i already read the summary and well i wonder what happen next? btw its already vol 3 now

  6. I was wondering if you would make all 17+ volumes available for download eventually since Sword Art Online was licensed and all the volumes on B-T got removed. I always read HSDXD whenever I’m feeling down and I really love this series so I was wondering if you would make these translations available for download.

    • I second that notion – the corporate fatcats license our favorite novels (rest in peace “Accel world”) and dare oppose the people of the internet.

      we must have emergency rations in case their greedy fingers stretch towards issei and his harem!

      dramatic speech aside – please oh please make it available for DL, zero-sama! when i saw that “series licensed – translation stopping and going down” banner on accel world, a part of me died 😦


      unrelated question – is koakuma thiiri still alive?
      are you translating and are just unable to do so either because you haven’t the volumes (didn’t release/can’t obtain) or did it get dropped and/or picked up by someone else?

      it just got good so i’ve been wondering, hehe.

      as always, thanks for your hard work – us humble translation addicts can never thank you enough for your divine grace~

    • I support this idea as well, a download page for all of DxD’s LNs just in case it were to get licensed would be greatly appreciated. Although, I’d hope you would continue to translate anyway 😛

  7. I’m sorry.
    There is something I want to confirm, whether it is right or wrong.

    Can you please tell the visual difference between both?
    So far as I’m concerned, the visual difference in Anime is that Mutation Piece is Red and Regular Piece is White.
    But the Opening shows that Both of them have red color.

    Also, from the novel, I can’t see which part described this difference.

    I’m eagerly waiting for your answer.
    Thank you.

    • Hi.
      There’s no difference appearance-wise between a normal piece and mutation piece. It was red in the anime because it belonged to Rias (Gremory=red). Actually, all of her pieces are red.
      The LN explains about the mutation piece in volume 4. The part when Rias explained about Gasper to Issei.

      • mutation piece’s have a different value then a normal piece this allows them to only use 1 pieces instead of multable pieces if Rias had a mutation piece pawn and used it on issei he would only have needed 1 piece instead of all 8. when issei’s body is destroyed it’s discovered that 4 of his pawn pieces have become mutation pieces and each have a different value (pawn = 1, knight/bishop = 3, rook = 5, queen = 9). mutation pieces have an infinite value regarding power. but the users value is still based on the piece value for rating games (aka dice game)

        so 8 pawns = 8 points but a mutation piece pawn with a value of 8 would still only be concidered 1 point in rating games. that’s why mutation pieces are rare and if used wisely can have a awesome impact on a team but since all pieces have the hidden potential to become mutation pieces this only helps a lot for newer teams before those without these pieces get the experience needed to evolve there pieces.

      • in the anime when thay were talking about gasper during the summet the bishop piece was in fact red but rias pieces are in fact white. like the one she used on asia in season 1 and the rook she uses both to “castle” dueing the summet to rescue gasper and koneko. this same white rook is the one given to rosewhise at the end of season 3 and it’s white. however weather the actual piece given to gasper was red or not was not known it was shown as red however dueing the explanation. just went threw to anime to double check.

      • on further checking into the LN about mutation pieces it appears there is no visual queue about weather a piece is a mutation or not. I believe you can probally use magic to find out though. remember when ieese was hit with samuals curse after he took the promotion test but before he was officially promoted the dragon gate returned his 8 pawn pieces to rias. when rias took those pieces to Ajuka Beelzebub not even he knew that 4 of them had changed straight away until he “inspected” them. this implies that according to the LN there is no visual difference between normal and mutation pieces. they may have made then red in the anime to make them stand out or it may have been red duing the retelling to make it stand out, however in the anime at the very first episode in season 1 at the beginning rias is playing chess with her queen and on the board are White Black and RED pieces. this may indicate that mutation pieces are RED in the anime. sorry for the large number of updates on this but it took awhile to go threw and reread all relevant chapters to be 100% sure on this.

  8. Hi Code-Zero! You may not know me but I am a huge fan of HSDxD. I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work in translating all of the volumes. It must be stressful.

    I was also wondering if you are still going to continue with the translating. I will understand if you have other things going on and stuff and you don’t have the time yet to do any translating. I am just wondering that all. I look forward to hearing your reply.

    Again, Thank you for all that you have done. 🙂

    • because by this time ise and rias feelings for each other are well known and since the gremory are a ranked family and hyoudou is not tradition dictated that ise will marry into the gremory family instead of rias marrying into the hyoudou family. this is also the reason that on the second day in the famiy home of rias in volume 5 the tutor and servents refered to ise as young master to indicate his position in the family and to show approate respect. thought ise didn’t understand any of it.

  9. Hello Code Zero, I am looking to learn Japanese but I have a few problems. First of all I live in a small town in the US that is only known because a famous country musician grew up here, This is a major problem since no one in the area knows Japanese. The second problem is that I am busy with work and don’t have enough money to travel or pay for classes. This has lead me to look for a home study option. Can you give any recommendations on books or software that I can use please. Thank you for any advice and for all of your hard work on the DxD translation.

  10. I figured I should ask permission before I start doing this so here it goes. I have recently started a blog to post PDFs that I make of light novels. So far I have done the first 9 volume of Campione! and the first 7 of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. I am currently working on the remaining 9 volumes of Campione! and hope to do Highschool DxD when I’m done. I will be making the PDFs for personal use either way, but I would like permission to post download links for the volumes on my blog. I create a separate Credits PDF, so I won’t be taking credit for the translation (though I will for the PDF), and I don’t take money (not even donations). I’m American so I will be changing some of the spelling and words from British English to American English and also using the standard paper size for America (8.5in. by 11in.) instead of the size that zxzxzx uses in his PDFs. I really hope that you grant me permission to do this and I’m sorry my comment is so long. I have already put this request into zxzxzx, but would like your permission as well.

  11. saiunkoku monogatari is one i’ld love to see translated it’s been stalled on BT for over a year and whilst there is a fan translation site out there the last update was more than 3 years ago. and it stopped 2 volumes before the end it’s really sad not knowing how a story ends…….

  12. “Vali explained about his fishing plan and invited Vali who had visited the Hyoudou residence in coincidence”

    this is a line in the latest update and doesn’t read well.

    since the one who came up with the fishing plans was issei’s dad….. also why would Vali invite himself.


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