Just for fun

This new ecchi series from Sneaker.

First Shinmai, then HxH, and now this lol.

Came out 6 days ago. So on 1st of April.

It would have been a great April fools joke lol.

Anyways here is the info of this series:


Writer: Touka Takei

Illustrator: Mataro

Mecha Design: Daiton



The former hero who has no place to go despite saving the world———

The next battlefield he found is the “Wizard Formula Grand Prix” which is the event where veteran Sorcery Knights compete against each other.

The racer and the navigator form a pair to drive the “Wizard Formula” which is a superfast machine which can go over 700km/h.

And the more the ecchi feelings of the drivers increases the more speed it will gain……!?

The next challenge of the amazingly talented Touka Takei is the extreme-speed×sensational formula car race battle!!

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The preview for the Opening chapter and the Prologue is done for your eyes.

Volume 1
1. Opening
2. Prologue

And you can find the coloured illustration (plus the mecha data) here: Click!!

Personally it was nice quick read. No brainer at all. And the ecchi content is stronger than the first volume of Shinami perhaps (No idea about HxH). Don’t wanna spoil too much here so…

I may do Chapter 1 soon depending on the reviews of the readers.