Late Parcels and Reviews

Damn, ended up getting FF15 late. And add that with spending so many hours playing the trial version before the release…. Will start playing in few days (though not in the mood to start playing it right away). Here is the picture of books that arrived for Late November (and some early December) release. I rarely show what manga I buy but I actually don’t buy much LN as before since I only been buying series which I have been following since before so I haven’t picked up that much new series this year.


The items above includes:

  • Fire Emblem RD: Tellius Recollection Vol.2 (Data& Art Book)
  • Jump-Ryu! (21): Togashi-sensei
  • Final Fantasy 15 (PS4 game)
  • ToLoveRu Darkness 17 (Manga)
  • Dragon Ball Super vol.2 (Manga)
  • Yuragi-sou no Yuuna 4 (Manga)
  • Shokugeki no Soma 21 (Manga)
  • Eirun Lastcode 5 (LN)
  • Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut 11 (LN)
  • High School DxD DX3 (LN)
  • Harem Guiild (Ero LN)
  • Elf-yome to Shinkon Slowlife (Ero LN)
  • ToLoveRu volume 1 (Bunko-version Manga)
  • ToLoveRu volume 2 (Bunko-version Manga)

Fire Emblem Tellius Recollection(s)

The first volume came out months ago. I can’t resist buying most FE related merchandise (though I barely buy things related to FE Awakening and Fate). Was pretty hyped for Fire Emblem PoR and RD getting its own illustration books after a decade. Below is volume 1 (which I bought months ago) and volume 2 (which just arrived).


For volume 1 you have Ike who is the MC appear in the front cover.

…And for volume 2 you have Micaiah appear in the front cover (Fuck, I hate her. I also don’t want to admit that she is the main character). If you turn the book around you will have…


Elicia on the volume 1 rear cover and Ike (RD version) appear on the volume 2 rear cover. Personally volume 1 cover was designed well to have Ike at the front and Elicia at the back. …For volume 2 they should have put Ike (RD) on the front and Micaiah (despite my major dislike towards her) on the back.

These two artbook is recommended for any FE fans since you will be reading/looking it for hours. Volume 1 should have reprints by now so you guys can purchase it if you missed it out. Love the fact that the staff notes how the pairing ending at the end of RD is a available ending and not canonical ending.

Instead of getting right into FF15, I’m still replaying Vestaria Saga which is a free-game created by the original creator Kuga Shouzou.

Illustration Value: ★★★★★

Entertainment Value: ★★★★★

Collection Value: ★★★★★

Data Value: ★★★★★ for volume 1, ★★★★ for volume 2.

Dragon Ball Super manga


Dragon Ball Super. It’s not drawn by Toriyama Akira. But it is drawn by Toyotaro. The man who was behind Dragon Ball AF (a Dragon Ball doujin).

The cover of first volume is based on the volume 1 of the original Dragon Ball. So it has a nice touch to it. Though the cover for volume 2 is based on one of the covers used on Dragon Ball AF.

If you look at the two books from the side…


you can see that it will create a continuous illustration just like the original tankobon manga. I know not much people appreciate Dragon Ball Super anime. But it doesn’t hurt to try it out. The number of copies of each of these books are low. In fact volume 1 sold out on the first day of release. So if you have the first editions one like mine, you can sell it for 5 times the amount you originally paid (Now that’s a collector’s item).

If you remove the cover you will have the same picture as the cover with different colour tones…


But if you turn it around then you have…


a new illustration which is linked to the front cover!

So at the front of volume 1 you had Goku riding on Shenlong. But at the back you have Vegeta riding on Porunga!

For volume 2 you have Universe 6 fighters with Goku at the background. Instead at the back you have Universe 7 fighters with Hit at the back.

It’s pretty neat looking at these. The manga itself is also interesting when you see the several difference it has with the anime.



I thought I might give the ToLoveRu bunko-manga version a try even though I already owe the original one. Here is the difference between the two versions.


  1. The tankobon is approximately 190 pages longs. The bunko version is 340 pages long. So you almost have two volumes of tankobon in 1 volume of bunko version.
  2. As you can see from above, the bunk version has more pages. So it will have less volumes than tankobon. Tankobon was 18 volumes long. Bunko version is expected to be 10 volumes long. Two volumes of Bunko version will be released every month from November to March.
  3. Since the number of volumes are different, you get a new cover for the bunko version.
  4. The bunk version removed the omake pages available in the tankobon as well as author’s statement.

So the front cover of volume 1 has Lala while volume 2 has Haruna.


Even at the back you have a picture of them in a different attire.


But this isn’t the only thing bunko version has to offer. Yabuki-sensei did it again! Because when you remove the cover from the book…


You have both Lala and Haruna in their stripped form. Praises to the original Chichigami-sama.

Likewise for the rear…


ERO Light Novel

Yes, there is a thing called Ero Light Novel. The official name used in Japan is Juvenile Porno lol. So unlike LN series which far surpasses DxD in terms of ecchiness like Shinmai and HxH, Ero LN does the ‘actual thing’ till all the way. The Harem Guild shown in the very first photo is part of this major Ero LN franchise called the “Harem series” and is the 57th volume of its series(new volume getting released every two month). I found out recently that it is being translated by JS06 so you can give it a shot at his website below.

JS06 ERO LNs site

The other ERO LN on the photo is written by Wakatsuki Hikaru who is famous for writing “My” series which is illustrated by Miyama Zero. Though the one on the photo isn’t “My” series and is illustrated by Yasaka Minato.