The one month I had since finishing Life.3 and this post. I was using all my spare time to play all these retro games before the release of FF15.

Yeah, I’ll accept all the hate:D Though I did finish my share of translation so I did fulfill the requirement.

Anyways for the updates of my translation.


Volume 22:

Okay. So with the end of Life.3 which was uploaded a month ago, the Fourth Story Arc is finally completed!

Fourth Arc began from volume 13 (14) and went upto half of volume 22.

The remaining half of volume 22 is the Fifth Arc. Zxzxzx will be doing it as we planned. He has updated his site since his exams are over.

Please do not urge him to do the translation faster. The Chinese translation which he translates from was quite slow for this volume for some reason. When you guys got Life.3, the Chinese translation just finished Life.1 back then.


Other translation:

I said that I will continue Encore when I’m done with my share but another group showed interest in translating the series. So they will be translating Encore from now. Good luck to them.

I will be finishing of Theeri volume 1 since some people has been asking me to finish it off. So I won’t be starting another series for now.






17 thoughts on “Update

  1. code zero is a FF15 comrade, man I cant wait for it to release on Tuesday. As always I appreciate your translations for DxD, also when you get the chance can you properly upload it to BT as I saw someone did it but it was missing illustrations.

  2. ROFL well since I can’t wait for the 29th myself I guess I can’t really blame you 🙂 thanks for coming back though I was beginning to worry that you may have been ill or something good to know your allright

      • man I’m not happy I getz my copy and get all the way home as giddy as could be to discover they gave me the Xbox-1 version not the ps4 version I payed for so I had to go back. and when I finally get it home there is a 9 GB patch I mean shit it only came out today and there is a 9 GB patch…..

  3. thx for your hard work dude. i only want to ask, was that all of the the chapter “It beginns Feast” it felt so short xD and have fun with FFXV when its out.

    Waiting for something to enjoy it its the best.

  4. code zero, you said encore was translating by another group,. there are really doing it right. Sorry for asking this thing again, but I hooked up with encore that much I can’t wait to know will happen next.. when you said you are translating it, you have no idea how did i feel, but when did you said another team was translating it kinda depressed me..they surely will translate it, right. I can even wait for a year, I just want a hope that someone out there is translating it. that’s all.

  5. zero are you going to be translating the new volume of dxd or is zxzxzx doing it? also who’s doing encore translation?

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