One year and 3 months since last post….

Time sure flies.

It’s already been 1 year and 3 months since my last post.

So decided I should write something.

Anyways, Zxzxzx has finsihed volume 21 which was the last volume of last story arc! (Just the afterword left!)


So here’s a present.

Volume 22 Life.0

Comparing Encore with DxD in terms of translation…. DxD is much easier possibly because of translating 10 volumes + in the past.

Currently trying to get the feeling of “translating” again by doing volume 22 so I can start on Encore again. Well, it’s obviously due to my laziness.


60 thoughts on “One year and 3 months since last post….

  1. Im one of your biggest fans man! Thank you for all the hard work you are doing! I was just wondering when next post on vol.22 will be :/ Im dying to know the continuation! Its starting to go so far as to me trying to learn chineese so that i can translate for myself 😛 Needless to say it aint goin to well! SO PLEASE SAVE MY LIFE 😀

  2. Wow your alive, you were inactive for so long that i thought something had happened to you. Welcome back. So whats your schedule for updates? ZXZXZX’s blog has a nice feature where he gives a general idea of when the next update will be, so i was wondering if you could do something like that? How many volumes are in the last arc and how many will u be translating?

  3. Just to comment: I believe that you should use “term” and “school term” instead of “semester”, as “semester” means “six months” and for school is used for the ones that have two terms a year, while in Japan they have 3 terms of uneven lenght a year.

  4. In life 2 I found a minor error. “Yes, this certainlu may be the right time. The “u” for a “y”. Anyways thanks for the hard work.

  5. thanks for the update nice so 3 trades. ravel asia and zenovia all 3 were expected. I wonder if there are any supprize’s coming though issei is well know now I wonder if other will approach him…

  6. Code zero unlike before you have not specified any dates for next update or even if you will release life 2 remaining part first or both life 2 remaining and life 3 together

    It will be helpful if could tell me what exactly are your plans

  7. Hello Code-Zero! I just wanna say thanks for all your hard work!! Thanks to you, I am able to catch-up and follow along the lives of my favorite Devils!!! ;D Thanks a ton!!! P.S. can’t wait when till volume 22 is finished being translated.. this book seems reeeally interesting! I’m all hyped!! XD

  8. What is happening with the rest of Vol. 22 chapter 2? When are you gonna post the rest? Did something happen in your life or something? Please let us know when u will have the next update up, like how zxzxzx adds the general date when the next update occurs.

  9. it sucks that this is the last arch i wanted to see them comeback from the fight in the closed area. maybe in a few years or sooner the writer will make a new series about highschool dxd based later in the years

  10. i am very sad this is the last arc of highschool dxd. hopefully the writer makes a second part. im hoping that it could possibly be about the future so we can see what has changed and what happens and or happend to the main characters. that would be nice

    • I would advise you to read High school DXD EX on BT. it’s about ise’s children comeing from 30 years into the future to fight a time traveling loki and invaders from another world as explained at the end of volume 21 (this was a special story created and distributed with the 3rd anime season to explain the difference between the LN and anime , aka different timelines due to loki’s time traveling) you will not meet all of ise’s children only those old enough to fight that is. also expect spoilers as to future harem members if you haven’t expected yet.

      • @ timothy white. I don’t beleave this arc will be peacefull. there has never been a truly peacefull one. however life 2 gives an indication as to what will be happening over the next arc expected to run for 1 year in ise’s time.

  11. thanks for the translations Zero. and for those who keep asking about when he’s going to finish life 2 just wait i know sometimes it’s not what we want to do but zero’s just getting back into translating so we can’t pressure him to get it done faster will just make him not want to work on DxD or encore

    • “Draft” means that it hasn’t been QC’d for typo’s, punctuation or clumsy wording. It’s a first effort that may, and probably will be, slightly changed in the future.

  12. When I was looking for some of the names in “Team Members” (I don’t know what’s doing there since it doesn’t really tie perfectly with what seems to be the end of chapter 2, which adds to my question), I found in a brief summary at the wiki that in Life 2 there should have happened something between Issei and Rias that doesn’t show up in your draft; also I believe that last time I checked Life 2 before completion it ended at the same lin. Is the uploaded draft complete or are you waiting to turn the draft into final version to upload what’s left?

  13. thanks zero! i’m glad you’re still alive. quick question, how long do you think it will take you to finish translating volume 22? not trying to be an ass, but zxzxzx post a rough time-table for the complete translation of DxD. maybe you might consider adapting somthing similar for your blog site.

  14. hey guys, I think he’s dead. I’m not trying to be an a** , but no postings in a month? I can completely understand RL problems but he can still at least try to let us know what’s up with the translating, right?

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