New Translator

Like the title says, we have a new translator! Though some of you were already aware of it

He has already started translating from where I left off and is almost done with his second chapter! Nice~

He will be finishing off volume 18. He’s waaaay faster than me right now so getting him to take over from where i stopped was a great help

He has uploaded his translation on his site

He will be uploading them on B-T once completed, yay! (Where’s the emoticon when you need them??)

Hopefully the DxD will become up to date like two years ago

I’ll still be translating stuff. Having another translator sure will make this alot easier from now on^-^

PS. It’s hilarious how DxD anime turned into ZnT 2.0. Can’t stop myself from laughing ever since I saw the changes to the latest episode. So Fenrir who was in the top 10 strongest in his prime is getting pushed around by the Gremory group who would be considered weak huh. Well, the season 2 pretty much implied that Sirzechs, Azazel, and Michael were too weak to enter the fight between Issei and Vali so I wont be that shocked.

Edit: Just waiting for his link to be fixed

Edit 2: Added link to Zxzxzx’s translation

Edit 3: Just for those that asked in the comments below. I started v2 of Encore. The prologue is already up on B-T

68 thoughts on “New Translator

  1. yep the new anime is complete garbage. during the scene when he gained his full balance breaker i just raged and stop watching. it was so horrible…

    • I wouldn’t say “garbage”, but it isn’t that great. You kinda had to figure that though because if you try to translate it exactly it would be hentai, not borderline hentai. But I watch for Koneko, she’s number one in my book!!

    • i understand how you feel… calm down and massage some oppai if you can or eat snickers…
      at very least the main plot[not that] is inserted and no massive skip are made….
      and it is too early to STOP!!! at very least wait for fighting scene….
      since i also cursed like you do,

      • I appreciated the fight with loki as they removed the weird conversation with the oppai goddess. But to jump straight to the next volume without a comic relief episode in between was disappointing. At least we’ll see ophis this season though!

      • @koneko44: You’re fine with omitting things from the story? From official novel canon? I’m sorry, but I’ll have to disagree. No matter how weird it may have been, it was still part of the official canon and them not having been able to include it is the real disappointment here. I hate Fillers, so it’s good that they didn’t add any.

      • To top it off, it’s one of those things that a lot of people was looking forward to. It’s also an important plot factor for when Rizevim appears…so I guess they don’t intend to keep the anime up for that long. Well, I’m kind of not sure whether I’m happy or not with that. If they would change more and more (like they seem to do), I think they’d just be better off making original anime with similar theme. It wouldn’t be that bad once it would be released from the “adaptation” shackles.

  2. eeehhhh you are quiting, the first time I’ve heard of this..
    thanks for your hard work all this time, you deserve a special place in heaven!
    still the anime is shit!!!!!
    and once again than you for your hard work all this time!

  3. Well, it’s good to know you approve of the new translator. I was scared for a moment that a fight or something would break out, so I’m glad there’s nothing to worry about on that front.

    On the anime, I don’t really think it’s that bad, but I at least understand that if they didn’t do it like this, future seasons would be the ones to get screwed up thanks to Volume 7 being that one novel and Volume 8 being a short story compilation.

  4. They did what I expected of them. Normally 2 volumes are in a DxD season, but those 3 volumes after vol 4 or the events after season 2 or at least the volume with the fight against Loki wouldn’t fit as part of anything else and would not fit in the 12 episodes of another season without changing that one. And Vali teaming up with everyone against Loki was always weird to me. The vol where issei gains his trident forms and true queen and tithe second death and new body is the perfect season that is super epic. This season would have to change some stuff in the novel and combine 3 volumes into a season and remove some stuff so that next season would be the best season of all. If you think about how the anime is paced previously and how it would be best to pace future seasons you would see how this has to be the plan they need to follow. Combine those three volume and omit some stuff. All of it did happen just not in the same order and place and time. Some parts were removed but I think the rating games will stay the same with the season likely ending after issei gain juggernaut.

    • Well I am talking about how people currently don’t like the anime since they changed some stuff and moved the events of the Loki fight after vol 6 into the middle of vol 5.

    • Completely agree. This was the only way to fit 3 volumes into 12 episodes. Volumes 9 and 10 should be their own season (plus since rias and issei become a couple at the end it would be a good stopping point if they decide to stope doing the anime but I hope not. Season 11 and 12 should definitely be their own season two because while issei’s death would be an epic cliffhanger it would kill everyone if they ended a season with that. I’m not sure how they should treat volumes 14 and up though since volume 15 is half short story half present story

      • I’ll have to agree with you on what would happen if they were to end a Season with Ise “dying”. They should make that Season in such a way that it won’t after Ise’s supposed death.

        It’d also be great if they continued the anime after Ise and Rias become a couple. Ending it there would just suck.

    • I still want to see Vali teaming up with them against Loki.

      And let’s not forget that in the novel, it was Ise who noticed that something was wrong with Koneko; the anime changed that and had Kiba be the one who noticed. That’s screwed up. Although I’m fine with most else they’re doing, I just didn’t like them changing that. Adding Fillers and/or otherwise changing things in the story are no good and I don’t like it.

      Granted, Fillers are needed to help the manga or novel get ahead again when the anime is catching up too soon, but there’s no reason to change things in the canon storyline.

      • There might be one volume that is completely gotten rid of and assimilated into other volumes. Some of that volume was already added to season 1. And they already completely got rid of the rating game between Rias and Sona. The Loki fight was rushed and he was ill prepared to fight him which is why Issei got injured.

  5. I dunno what to think of the anime atm, i mean i like the idea there tying to somehow get the arcs into one season by swapping it around a little. But i do agree that sometimes doesnt make alot of sense. I’ve known about the new translator when i checked reddit and its nice to now we now have a possible 2 translators sharing the workload (it doesnt say his quit).

    Also whats ZnT?

    • I think ZnT=Zero no Tsukaima because the last season plot is a mess because the original LN it self not finish because the author is RIP

      • Not exactly. The last season is a mess because they messed too much with the plot in the previous seasons (changing the order of things, adding some original content and removing parts; in the novels, when they are about to crown Tabitha queen, her secret twin sister appears and takes the role, while in the anime that doesn’t happen, for example). The author died a year or so after the anime ended, leaving behind a second-next-to-last volume in the last phases of corrections, a next-to-last volume on the workings and a fleshed out plot for the las volume, none of which have seen the light even as alternative adaptations.

  6. Well Zero, thanks for the heads up! Just a heads up to people, 3 of the virus software I use flagged that link, so be careful. Another thank you to Zero for doing this for us and I hope the new guy is as good as you! (Ps for the anime, it’s not bad, they went into Koneko’s story quite accurately and brought Akeno’s to light quite well!)

  7. I muts say that i`m happy that you are happy having a little more time and the translation pleases you , because there were thoughts that you wont like this fact that he started your project

    Now for the rest , his site won`t be accesed not because some DDos , that guy must pay in order to increase hisbandwith . if he reads this post i suggest him moving on another host , hostinger is a shitty host ( i did have it as well and i was very dissapoitn

  8. I can help him hosting his blog . I hav unlimited subdomains . So if he wants to talk to me to help him , i will gladly accept . just to contact me on skype . id is nitenryuu

  9. Hey code zero do you think you might let this translator finish nekomata ninja scroll side story for you or do you think you’ll still finish it? Just curious

  10. Hey what is the new Translators name? Zero only called him by “He” and i know we crashed his site but i was just curious as to who he is and maybe I’ve seen some of his other work.

  11. When will you be translating Sekai no Owari no Encore volume 2 ? I’m really looking foward to it hahahaha !

  12. hey
    can anyone give me he link to the new translators site please?

    also volume 18 is being updated on baka-tsuki as well by this new translator, it is up to date with zero’s blog

    also someone please give me the link to the new translators site

  13. Its good to know that the progress with DxD will improve. I am kind of disappointed in the third season of DxD but i hope they can do something later to kind of recover.
    You will continue to translate stuff so i am kind of curious if KOAKUMA THIIRI TO KYUUSEISHU!? would ever get volume 1 completed?

  14. thats good news 🙂 sad that you will not be TL-ing this like those days but glad you are still a part of the team xD wont you place your new TL here? thanks again

  15. i absolutely agree…anime garbage..what they want to make with it i wonder…and there are too many people who saying it awesome/best anime etc even without knowing the real plot,reading L-N !! i hate how they making it Oppai only anime..what they made my super favourite L-N !! i just want to cry..
    anyway its great news that another translator joined..and its going to be up to date..and thank you for all your works on it till now..hope you continue translate some parts i really liked your translations up till now 🙂

    • Yeah, I also hope you continue to translate as well, CodeZero-san! It’d better to have two translator instead of just one, no? So yeah, hopefully, the two of you will work as a team on the translations. That’d be great.

    • >Oppai-only anime

      The entire first half of BorN has barely had any breasts. Also, I can’t confirm yet but I heard that episode 6 resolved all the earlier plot holes, so TNK’s doing a great job. First half was meh but second half is going to be fucking amazing.

      Zero-kun did say that he’s still gonna be translating stuff, and “Having another translator sure will make this alot easier from now on^-^” implies that he’s still translating DxD just not right now.

      zxzxzx will be translating v19 after 18 is finished, confirmed today.

      • I’d like to agree with you about the anime, but I’ll have to get caught up again first.

        As for the translations, it’s good to have a heads-up on who’s going to be working on V19. I wonder if Zero will work on V20 or not.

  16. @Code-Zero: You must’ve heard of the LN series Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi, right? It’s been stalled on Baka-Tsuki for some time now, and I was hoping it could be revived by someone so I and others who like it could continue reading it.

    If you won’t pick it up, could you try asking someone you know who could be interested? Thanks in advance.

    If there’s someone on here who knows good enough Japanese to be able to help out on Baka-Tsuki, that’d be a big help too.

  17. Is there a chance you will continue translating? Waiting continuation for Sekai no Owari no Encore or maybe some new project from you..

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