New Translator

Like the title says, we have a new translator! Though some of you were already aware of it

He has already started translating from where I left off and is almost done with his second chapter! Nice~

He will be finishing off volume 18. He’s waaaay faster than me right now so getting him to take over from where i stopped was a great help

He has uploaded his translation on his site

He will be uploading them on B-T once completed, yay! (Where’s the emoticon when you need them??)

Hopefully the DxD will become up to date like two years ago

I’ll still be translating stuff. Having another translator sure will make this alot easier from now on^-^

PS. It’s hilarious how DxD anime turned into ZnT 2.0. Can’t stop myself from laughing ever since I saw the changes to the latest episode. So Fenrir who was in the top 10 strongest in his prime is getting pushed around by the Gremory group who would be considered weak huh. Well, the season 2 pretty much implied that Sirzechs, Azazel, and Michael were too weak to enter the fight between Issei and Vali so I wont be that shocked.

Edit: Just waiting for his link to be fixed

Edit 2: Added link to Zxzxzx’s translation

Edit 3: Just for those that asked in the comments below. I started v2 of Encore. The prologue is already up on B-T