Yeah, I did start translating volume 18. Though I need to increase my translation pace.

Oh yeah. Just got my late-November LN series.


I ordered two series from the new label Dash X since two amazing manga-authors are doing the illustrations for the new series.

Yabuki (Black Cat, ToLoveRu) and Kawashita (Ichigo100%).

And Yabuki never dissapoints his fan!

(Prepare for nosebleed)


Nice right? Now this is how a real ecchi illustration is drawn!

And Im lucky enough to get postcards and such with the books.

Naga is getting released today in Japan but I was lucky enough to have my package sent earlier.

Just felt like posting to share the illustration above for all Yabuki-fans.

158 thoughts on “Random

  1. Are you almost Done Yet. You Translation Speed is Much Much Slower then Normal and Volume 18 is 90days late over due as promise for it’s release by you. by the time you finally release 18 volume 21 will be out if not already. I like your translations of Dxd but you could pick up the pace a little. like what you said you was going to do back November of 2014. Sorry if i sound like a Ass but I don’t read Japaneses or Chinese otherwise i would buy the raws myself to read them so i have to wait on these very slow Translations. And Yah I am Back to Tell you all LOOK NO VOLUME RELEASE YET AGAIN. See you in a couple of weeks to repeate the same Reply of I told you So No Change.

    • AFAIK since DX1 is a compilation of short stories, it gets the same treatment (meaning, only translated when main volumes up to date, if he has the time and the will).

    • He was waiting to translate short stories, knowing that DX.1 onwards will compile them. So once we’re caught-up main volume-wise, I’m sure he’ll translate it when he gets a chance and wants to.

  2. Have tried to read ginkou no kishikunshou which I can see your post. Took an interest once I saw the name of the same author of Madan no Ou and decided to see how it’d turn out. To my great disappointment, comparing this 2 is like heaven and earth, and I was wondering how a prolific writer like Kawaguchi can produce a good and gripping story as in Madan, but at the same time create a run of the mill and boring story like in Ginkou. My brain turned off somewhere in the mid of 2nd volume even though I hoped sth interesting would happen, but throughout the story there’s nothing appealing – the main protagonist is just some mediocre lance boy with a little bit of skills, but other than that doesn’t outstand in any way; in the setting, apart from magical beings, they’re no special skills, tacticss or whatever which might add some flavor to the story (characters just chase after each other and swing with their weapon); the idea for the plot is just so dull as for vol.1 (and guess vol.2 as well).

  3. Still Nothing Again. either he is MIA or He gave up beginning a Translator since he can’t deal with it after vol 19 is more then 6 months over due. If you can’t deal with the pressure of begin a translator and juggling real life at the same time don’t become one in the first place. sorry but you had it coming.

  4. G.F.Y.S we are all human and all have RL’s. Just because vol 18 is done by another Translator don’t mean Shit because it’s not Zero’s or begin posted in Baka-tsuki. besides that there is only 1 active translator besides zero but they have not posted either but the BT site shows the Highschool dxd novel page was updated 3 months ago and that’s a lie too. No updates have been posted on that site since volume 17 got updated from Zero. My last comment stands as the truth. He has given Up his work as a translator since he can’t juggle RL and this translation problem of his.

    • The other translator has already uploaded complete vol.18 to B-T, as Code-Zero mentioned that would be done). Life 0 and first extra scene from vol.19 are also up. Life 1 is on the works.
      I’ve read the work of zxzxzx and, while it’s true that a Japanese to Chinese to English translation is bound to a certain extent of information corruption, it’s still of decent quality. From all we know, Code-Zero has passed the baton and will only return to this series, if any, for random short stories.

  5. If it’s not too much trouble, can I know the names of all the light novels you have read/are reading. And also the name of the new series with To Love-Ru artist(of the awesome pic above).

  6. hello I’ve moved over from zxzxzx’s blog since your doing volume 22 I was just wondering if at all possible you you could add an ETA to your next post/update to the LN. I understand that real life happens and I know good things take time but an ETA will help so I don’t have to come back everyday when the DXD withdrawl gets really bad.

    ps. you can always change a ETA if the post takes longer than expected.


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