Another translator’s opinion on quality and progress

This was posted in the chinese UMD translation journal:

8/25 Finished the epilogue, the whole book is completed. I have mentioned before there is almost no one within the group who wanted to participate, and basically one person had to finish half the book by himself. Not to mention there is only one editor, so undoubtedly the speed will be extremely extremely slow. There seem to be some kids at certain rehosts were unaware of such, and believe that once the project has began there is a responsibility to finish it at high speeds with great quality. The only thing I can say is, I am only the same as everyone else who like the story, and hope to share it with those who can not read Japanese. We do not have the duty and responsibility to absolutely finish the translation project at high speeds efficiently. On top of that, only those who have had participated in such work understand how difficult it is. I hope the kids who think we are too slow, unkind, irresponsible can carefully think about such an issue. As for the Unbreakable Machine Doll 14 released at the end of September, if nothing special comes up, I will continue to work on it. Of course, efficiency is not something I can gurantee. If there are kids who do not like it, I dare you to come punch me!



[Note: I am not codezero]

14 thoughts on “Another translator’s opinion on quality and progress

  1. It really makes you appreciate even more the work Zero-kun does in translating DxD for us. Not only is he committed to translating the entire series, but he’s really fast and does a superb job. Thanks for all your efforts Code-Zero, it’s greatly appreciated.
    Also, people who annoy the translators by asking them to hurry up are annoying in and of themselves. They don’t get paid for this, they do it out of their free time and from the goodness of their hearts.

  2. Is there any word on how Code-Zero is doing? I know he typically likes to do some kind of update, whether it’s more translation or not, but it looks like he hasn’t said anything since July. Busy with life I assume?

  3. Is there going to be any update on the status of Octobers Dxd Progress. you said you would start working on it again this month but nothing has happened yet and this month is nearly over. I appreciate the translations very much and would like to continue reading them but that can’t happen unless it gets finished. thank you for your hard work and please release vol 18 when as soon as possible.

    Ps when doe’s volume 19 get released in Japan.

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