Volume 17 done after months and now moving onto volume 18

So volume 17 is done after so many months passed since I didn’t have time for translation due to coping with certain things.

I was going to move to volume 18 after editing volume 17, but I guess I will just upload volume 17 and have the editors and readers(you) fix my stupid errors.

Now the translation of volume 18 will begin.

I was going to start doing short stories again, but I will do them after volume 18.

Oh, and if you check the site below….


Yeah. It seems like we will be getting a new volume called “High School DxD DX 1” which will be bundled with a DVD. It’s said that its coming out in March, so I guess the season 3 anime will start in April 2015. I guess this “DX” volume will be a compilation of short stories. Thank god…. It would make it much easier for me.

And there’s also the rebooted SLASH DOG. Judging from how much of it was released online, I guess the compiled volume would get released after DxD volume 19 comes out.

I’ll try and keep my translation speed up. It certainly made it easier for me to translate while watching world cups(Congrats to Germany).



I’m trying out some new translation at B-T right now. If you are interested, click the link below.



42 thoughts on “Volume 17 done after months and now moving onto volume 18

  1. thanks for all the hard work! ill be sure to donate something again next month!

    don’t burn yourself out now though!

  2. Isn’t the SLASH/DOG reboot going to be a free web novel?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your translations. Really looking forward to volume 18 and now we finally have an idea of when season 3 will start!

  3. a giant thank you Code Zero !!!!!! its been wild trying to guess what is going to happen next and saji getting balance breaker like he did just blew me away . Ise is finally starting not to be so thick about the women in his life (so nice).

  4. Thanks a lot Code zero for your hard work and I’ve already made a donation. I’m looking forward to volume 18

  5. Thank’s for the quick translations.
    Dude I really feel you should turn on Advertisement on your blog to yield a few profit , I mean this is among the few sites I have Adblock Turned off , but I see no adds…

  6. Dear #CodeZero
    I’m so greatful for what your doing for me and all of the other DxD fans. I think what your doing is great and honestly unconditional. I love this series and if not for you i don’t think any of us would be reading these any time soon. I do how ever have a question. Do you sell these novels translated and if so how much. You can reach me at my Facebook or my email 116clique01@live.com

    • Dude, r u new to LN translations?Fan Translators don’t sell their translations as the series doesn’t belong to them, Zero does it for all us DxD fans who can’t read Jap. If he tried something like tat, the japanese publishers will likely be breathing down Zero’s neck which would result in him taking down all his translations and forced to cease any further translations.

  7. Thank you code-zero for your hard work if i can help you please tell me because i too can speak japanese in noryokushiken i’m at N3 and this i will try N2 hope i can pass even though i can’t write kanji but i can read it and translate it

  8. firts thing first thank u Zero for all ur hard work u rock and also was wondering when ever you translate udo u get excited of what u read in the volume? also i hope for hope for more rias and issei romance as well as issei and akeno to faviorte girls right there.

  9. Great job, Code-Zero! Thanks for your hard work. I look forward to Volume 18 being finished. Also, will you be translating the new version of SLASHDOG?
    Anyway, I know you said you’d leave it to the editors on Baka-Tsuki and I even mentioned this on the project’s talk page, but I feel I should point out this one mistake: you left a line out in the last part of Life 2, right after the line “I approach Rossweisse-san without care and then tell her.” In the raw it’s 「伺を言っているんですか。」

    • There’s also a line missing in Life 2’s beginning:

      “Seriously, our pact certainly is going smoothly thanks to you, Ravel.”

      When I said that, Ravel takes out an animal’s plate and candles which is used for the custom for this ritual (Apparently it’s a Chinese soft-shell turtle she got from a small restaurant).

      “No, it’s because you were blessed with making a pact with someone capable like her which is the sole reason why this went smoothly.”

      Receiving such praises, Ravel starts to wriggle her body.

      There’s a line by Ise missing in between the last 2 lines.

  10. Code-Zero-san, here are a couple more important fixes for v17 that I’m not sure how to fix:

    Fafnir then puts the Diavola Asia-tan’s Fried Pantie in front of him!
    [Now then, I will dig in. Bite and gulp.]
    He gives his impression after he puts it in his mouth and starts chewing on it.
    [—I want you to stay as you are.]

    Is that supposed to be like that or is there a line missing in between the last 2? Maybe I just misread it and that’s why I didn’t make sense of it. And the other one:

    What Emperor Belial said at the end actually is bought in volume 3, so if there is anyone curious about it, do check it (It’s regarding the person who was in charge of Rias’s territory previously).

    Is ‘bought’ supposed to be ‘based’ or some other word?

    Aside from those 2 and the 2 missing lines mentioned in the post above, those are the only major errors I could find. Thanks for all your hard work.

  11. Thanks code zero for your hard work like always don’t push yourself to hard and take a break if you need it, and if this LN peeked your interest I don’t see why not, so I’ll give it a chance 😀

  12. Thank you for your hard work. One question though, will you actually finish translating Sekai no Owari no Encore? I got hooked on the story immediately, so I was kinda hoping you’d actually finish it along with DxD. Well, I would like to thank you once again for your hard work and I do hope that you would continue doing it in the near future, Zero.

  13. Hi…
    I want to thank you for all your hard work, excuse me if I bother you, but I want to make a non related question, Do you know any project about the Ben-To! LN? I’ve been searching for a while with no results, excuse me again if bother you…
    Have a nice day!

  14. Loving Encore so far, although some of the newly posted chapter dissapeared before I could copy and paste it. Keep it up my friend, both Encore and DxD. ~Code Zero For Life!~
    Your fan

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