You Should Read: 剣刻の銀乙女 (Kenkoku no Jungfrau)

Hello! Don’t worry, this is still Code-Zero’s blog. All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well, I promise. My handle is Alkenshel, and hopefully from this point on, I shall be contributing a series of weekly articles, with Code-Zero’s approval, entitled “You Should Read/You Should Dread”, in which I will post my impressions on a light novel and recommend people to either read it, or prod at it with a stick from a safe distance.

Our goal in doing this sort of thing is two-fold. Our first goal is to promote light novel titles that you may not have heard of before; there are a lot of great light novel titles out there, though unfortunately one has to dig deep in the rabble to fetch them out. More support is always welcome for the lesser-known titles! The second goal is to motivate people, who may or may not have a passing interest in reading light novels, to go out there and start reading them. And if you get inspired enough to pick up learning Japanese just so you can read these titles, then all the better! We all have to start somewhere, and if these articles can get you started, then that’s satisfaction enough for me.

Enough rambling; have at thee!
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Volume 17 done after months and now moving onto volume 18

So volume 17 is done after so many months passed since I didn’t have time for translation due to coping with certain things.

I was going to move to volume 18 after editing volume 17, but I guess I will just upload volume 17 and have the editors and readers(you) fix my stupid errors.

Now the translation of volume 18 will begin.

I was going to start doing short stories again, but I will do them after volume 18.

Oh, and if you check the site below….

Yeah. It seems like we will be getting a new volume called “High School DxD DX 1” which will be bundled with a DVD. It’s said that its coming out in March, so I guess the season 3 anime will start in April 2015. I guess this “DX” volume will be a compilation of short stories. Thank god…. It would make it much easier for me.

And there’s also the rebooted SLASH DOG. Judging from how much of it was released online, I guess the compiled volume would get released after DxD volume 19 comes out.

I’ll try and keep my translation speed up. It certainly made it easier for me to translate while watching world cups(Congrats to Germany).



I’m trying out some new translation at B-T right now. If you are interested, click the link below.