LN Review 2

Title: Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut,

Author:  Akatsuki Senri

Illustrator: Kasuga Ayumu

Teaser 2 


Synopsis (Taken from Volume 1)

Lux, who was a prince from the Empire that was destroyed five years ago due to the revolt, met with the princess of the new Kingdom, Lizsharte, by accidently breaking into the bathroom of the girl’s dormitory.

“……How long are you planning to stare at my body, you fooooool!”

The ancient weapons found from the ruins, the Drag-Ride. Lux who was called the strongest Drag-Knight in the past was now known as the “Weakest Undefeated”, a Drag-Knight who doesn’t attack at all. After the duel that started by the challenge from Lizsharte, Lux ended up entering the girls’ school that raised Drag-Knights……!

Lux’s story where he is surrounded by the noble girls from the academy is about to unfold.

The “ultimate” academy fantasy battle where the right and the might cross passes now begins!




Among the LNs that is thought to be the successor of IS (due to its past hiatus or its current failure); this one is definitely the series that I enjoy alongside Gakusen. The story where the boy enters all-girls school isn’t quite original (yeah, there’s too much of it recently).

Well, I did the teaser and the story synopsis so you would know what kind of story it is. But there’s also a mysterious entity called the “Abyss” who happens to be human-kinds natural enemy. Also it’s not that men can’t use Drag-Ride, but women tend to have better compatibility then men, hence stronger than them.

Unlike IS where it seems like the men are fine with women being superior to them (yeah, I just said that), the men in this series are actually are dissatisfied with women acting mighty after the revolution five years prior to the story. So you will often see them trying to do something about it which in my word is gold. …Yeah, as a fellow man, I can understand how they must feel. Not everyone can become like Ichika (who acts as if he has a dignity of being a man but his action gives me a different impression).

Story: 7


From the settings, it certainly sounds similar to IS due to the powered suit and a boy that was thrown into all-girls school. But having the MC being a former prince who actually destroyed the old empire is a good addition to the plot. Having a serious matter as such included makes it better since situations invling his past and the old empire spices up the story as a whole. Just being in all-girls academy wouldn’t be too interesting after all.

Originality: 6


The illustration is done by Kasuga Ayumu.

He does illustration for other LNs too. His touch to his character designs are quite nice. So far I like the design of Kurulucifer who is on the cover of v2 and the girl on the cover of upcoming v3.

The dragrides looks pretty decent as well.

Illustration: 7

A lot of the characters that appears in this LN are likable.

So far we don’t have the lead getting beaten up for having a moment with a girl. Not yet anyway.

The girl called Kurulucifer who had the main spotlight on volume 2 has a good character plot. She isn’t just a transfer student, but something more “special”.

Even though Lux goes to the all-girls school, he mainly fights male characters who has bad intentions and evil motives. Something we couldn’t see in IS lol.

I’m not sexist or anything, but seeing the lead only fight against women is too boring and it makes the lead look like a simple girl basher…

Characters: 8

There are the normal drag-rides and it has three types.  They can be customised too. Though there are dragrides above the normal ones and totally superior to them. But I tend to favour grunt robots whether its Gundam or any other mecha series. And I love characters who can fight against those who are using superior robots.

Mecha: 8

Overall Score: 8 out of 10

Yup. It’s one of the few LNs I follow in GA. So I have a high opinion about this one.

Here’s a teaser to have you experience a bit of the story.

Click Here

And don’t worry. I have already started on DxD volume 17. Here is the prologue. A start of it anyway~.

Let’s see how many people would be posting a comment which would go, “Haven’t you started on volume 17 yet!?”.

(…It means that they haven’t read this post properly).

75 thoughts on “LN Review 2

  1. I could make a joke and pretend that I didn’t read the bottom sentences but with how many people have been whining about it I’ll hold my tongue. lol

    Anyway, is this an LN that has already been translated by someone? It sounds interesting enough

    • Oops, never mind. Seems not, but definitely is interesting after reading some spoilers.
      (Is there any way to learn Japanese besides an actual teacher? Would love to help out since I’ve been wanting to learn anyway.)

    • Code-zero sama I’m a big fan, I reali appreciate wat u do, hope everythn iz okay on ur side. I have a fabour to ask I’m a big time light novel fanatic I wana order the books online lyk all the volumes (I’m currently learning japanease) so can u send me sum light novel book shop websites I reali want to start a collection. Thanx (a South African Fan)

  2. From what you’ve said so far, this is a really interesting story. Especially if the main is nothing like Ichika Orimura.

  3. Code-zero in this novel how is the main char compare to other harem main lead? Lecherous like Ise (DxD), unbelievable blockhead like Ichika (IS) or hypocritical like Godou (Campione)?

  4. Thanks for taking the time to share your recommendations. Gonna repeat the question people have been asking, exactly how does the MC act in terms of personality? The fact that he’s a prince is telling, so I guess he can afford to be a little arrogant. As far as profiling goes, though, I won’t judge anything till I see for myself. Thanks for the teaser but any predictions on how he develops personality-wise?

    On the issue of DxD, thanks for the prologue. I shall read with gusto.

  5. Umm Code-Zero-san can you do review for Rakudai Kisi no Cavalry if it is not a bother to you? Although I have not read the novel (since I don’t know Japanese), it looks pretty interesting to me and might be a good prospect in the future in baka-tsuki to be translated.

  6. From the things here, the spoilers that have been posted on baka tsuki and animesuki, this sounds pretty good. I just hope someone will decide to translate it. I know riki from animesuki said he might but if he doesn’t, might you pick it up code-zero?

    • He has already started, but no thanks to the great understanding, patience and support of comrades like you.
      Seriously, I do not blame him if Code decided to stop to translate.
      On the other hand, Code-Zero, make sure that the vast majority of those who access your work is very grateful to you and will support you when needed. Do not let yourself be discouraged by some trolls.

    • Very rude you are, lets see you learn Japanese and help out hmm? Its not exactly easy translating and when someone continues to ask something like that it makes it very unsatisfying to continue. Show some respect.

      If you can’t be patient like everyone else learn Japanese and stop hounding the translator. Simple as that.

      • Lol, it most mostly a joke. To quote:
        “And don’t worry. I have already started on DxD volume 17. Here is the prologue. A start of it anyway~.
        Let’s see how many people would be posting a comment which would go, “Haven’t you started on volume 17 yet!?”.
        (…It means that they haven’t read this post properly).”

    • if you really cant wait just search for the raw and translate by yourself using machine translation ~
      well 25% of the content readable if lucky … and 75% for imagination …

      • @arcsol93
        Okay, now I really question the attitude of this blog’s community. Why can’t people joke around (like VNReader), post their opinion (whether its criticizing the author or praising them) and why do fans have to flame/respond to obvious trolls and feed their lies? It’s courtesy to thank translators (like Code-Zero) for taking time out of his schedule and make LNs possible for us English-speakers but it shouldn’t discourage criticism because that’s how people improve; as opposed to being told that they’re perfect everyday.

      • Sorry buddy, if these responses to a troll were disturbing. For the sake of peace I will not answer that kind of posting again. However understand that certain jokes should not be made, some forms of criticism, when said in the wrong way, are more harmful than beneficial, both for the people who work and for those who watch the work with patience.

        If my previous comment was too harsh I apologize.

  7. Code Zero -san i need your help as i want to buy the volumes of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan and since i live in Australia and not Japan, and since you already bought your copy so i was thinking can you recommend me a site where i can buy light novels online and ship it here to Australia? I was thinking if i can get the raws i myself can start translating it as i am interested in this series. It would be great if you can help me regarding this. Cheers~

  8. I don’t mean to sound Rude in any way and i am very greatful for everything you have done but do you plan on coming back anytime soon this month from your RL Crisis to resume where you left off on Vol 17 of Highschool Dxd LN like the box at the top right hand corner on this site reads. it is April 24 2014 and there has been no Update of your progress of Light Novels or anything to let us know how you are doing. hope to hear from you soon and hope your doing fine as well.

  9. It would be great if you decide to translate these series. I really like your taste to choose (Seems to be pretty similar to mine).

  10. Are you Doing Well? Odd you said u would return in April but it is almost June and No Word from you. Please Return and Recover Soon. Miss Reading your wonderful Translations on Dxd. Just finished reading Volume 16 and Can’t wait until 17 is Done. Cheer up and get well or whatever bothing you soon. Please Keep up the Great Work

  11. 4 Little words Freezing. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

    He’ll come back when he wants to. If you want to read the novels so badly, there are other ways of doing that rather than hounding n0m@n, who, at this point, probably a shit ton on his plate due to college (I think) and the two funerals he mentioned in April.

    I apologize if I got any of this wrong n0m@n, but, yeah…

    • And i have a few words for you Poodi cus Asshole.(No FLAMMING!)

      1st off there where questions not demands so Fuck off and go to hell you SOB. 2nd I only read the box in the upper right hand corner that said’s he would be back in april. I did not know anything about the Funerals because i did not join this blog until the END of April so I could not have read about his RL Issues. 3nd there is no other place to read or download the LN’s of Dxd on the Net that I have found and if there is another website where they translate them Please let me know the website because i can read Fucking Japanese Yet because it takes a really long time to learn Japanese if you don’t live in japan like i DON’T. Sorry if i like a bad person but people like you piss me off. And to you Code-Zero this is not directed to you in anyway only to the Jackass the commented on my post above. I will check back soon and hope to hear from you when you finally come back and sorry for any trouble.

      • You know, insults for literally no reason make you come off as the bad guy here. Not to mention, if you checked a few posts above in this very blog post you would notice Code-Zero mentioning he had 2 funerals to attend. You just need to be patient and don’t bother him by repeatedly asking him when he is going to return and continue the translation.

      • Camom, Code Zero make this for free. I also wants to read DxD 17 but he have a life to live. So, stop asking, ok? Why you don´t translate it? Or, maybe, starts to learn japanese. The bad guy here are you, Freezinganimefan. If someone needs to apologyze is you and not Poodi cus.

  12. WTF you god damn People always turn on me for no F***ing reason when all i was doing is Asking a Damn Question. I read the box in the Upper Right hand corner of this page that reads ( will return in April to resume Volume 17 of LN due to facing RL Crissis.) Its now JUNE and no updates have been made to this blog or anywhere. what i was replying is Code-zero could come to the site and update the box at the top of this page with Be back ASAP to Resume working on LN. Not just leave it reading be back in April because its no longer April so it is incorrect Information. FYI lucasg07 i have started to learn how to read Japanese and it is not that easy you Know. been going on 3 months now and only learned to read a few words and it is hard to do. PLus it is not just Code-zero Having a RL Crissis it seems that the other Baka-Tsuki LN sites all of the Other Translater’s have gone MIA at the same time for the past 6 months with a RL ISSUES as well . Cuidense i think Not. Strange I Think yes i think to have every Translater MIA at the Same time. because there has been no updates on any other LN site there either. apologyze Why? have done nothing wrong only asking me to update his statues box at the top right hand corner not asking for a chapter or volume release date or anything of that sort.

    • I don’t follow other B-T translations, but I’m pretty sure their statuses don’t have anything to do with Code-Zero’s absence other than the fact that everyone is taking final exams at this time of the year, so you just need to be patient. He’s probably very busy right now, and he will update when he has the opportunity to.

      Btw, Life.2 has already been 33% completed if you only check his status message up there.

      • You may not follow other BT translations but I do a dozen of them and it seems really fishy that every TL from BT is MIA All at the same time for the past 6 Months and don’t tell me they are doing finals either . when i asked about when will the TL come back to resume where they left off on a LN they tell me to stop asking then the site project editor gives me a Temp ban for Harassing the TL because it unmotivates them to not do the work. well to me if they are not updated with any new chapter release in 4 or 5 months in the first place they where already unmotivated to begin with so how is it my fault. I understand the 2 Funnels and you have my respects Code-Zero but final exams don’t take 3 months and also it only takes 1 minute to Change a box reading from be back in April to Be back ASAP.

        Btw Life 2 has already been 33% completed. ?????? And how long has it only be at 33%.
        Where did you find that because i don’t see any Status message reading that on this page here. I don’t see anything about LN Status.

      • Dude, you need to understand that translators of all kinds have a life outside of translating. Majority of them don’t get paid for this outside donations, so they still need to work, not to mention being busy with college. From what I’ve seen, DxD is the fastest translation on B-T after Index; a lot of other translations may take a month to finish a single chapter, while Code-Zero is able to finish an entire volume in a few weeks when he’s not as busy. It might take just a few seconds to update the box, but wouldn’t you rather Code-Zero spend that time possibly translating the latest volume instead? 🙂

        Since May 6th. You should actually hover over the words in the navbar that say ‘High School DxD’, navigate down to ‘Story Arc 4’, over to ‘Volume 17’, and check the latest status that way. It’s only been about a month since the last update, and that is most likely due to finals being around that time for everyone. See? Finals don’t take 3 months after all .3.

  13. Dude I understand that the TL has a life outside of the LN and so do we ALL. I myself work 2 diffrent jobs a day at 45 + hours a week but still manage to find the time to check emails and post daily before work and in between breaks . Yes i would rather have Code-Zero update the Box instead of possibly doing the Translations on the LN if it can give us the readers a heads up on how and what he is doing and when he will offishial be retuning because how know what he is doing or if he has resume working on the LN as of yet.

  14. He has posted on anime-suki has recently has 5/28 so he is clearly around. He is probably working on the translations and just not updating this site or he is just tired of all the assholes bitching that he isnt working fast enough and got tired of it and stopped translating. Either way people bitching about it or people trying to kiss is ass wont make him go any faster, so just say thanks when he does update and then stfu the rest of the time.

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