Volume 17

So volume 17 is finally out. Well, it was only 4 months apart from volume 16 so the wait wasnt long. And it seems like we will have a non-short story volume for volume 18. That will be awesome. So my favourite character finally takes the spotlight in volume 17. Though it felt like Saji was the other heroine of this volume… I wrote some spoilers at animesuki-forum for those who are interested. http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?t=112092&page=101 I didn’t put any spoilers here since some people hates reading spoilers. I realised that there are those who doesn’t know that I use the name in n0m@n on animesuki and Code-Zero on Baka-Tsuki lol. Now I just need to wait for my hardcopy to arrive before I translate…

Edit(06/03/2014): And my shipment has arrived~.


Seriously. Tony sure does draw the most beautiful illustrations… I wished it had more illustrations of the characters since there were only few illustrations. Though it still had more illustration then DxD which only had 1 new colour illustration and two non-colour illustration.

The books on the pictures are: Miyama-Zero illustration, Shokugeki no Soma(Got it a month ago), Shuujuu keiyaku v2, karakurionigami akatsuki v1(Got it a month ago), DxD v17, and rakudaikishi v3.

126 thoughts on “Volume 17

  1. First of all, you’re awesome. I’ve read translations from 2 or 3 different groups (Never got to actually finish the book cause it just wasn’t what i was expecting), but i gotta say, waiting for you to translate it is sure worth it.

    I’m eager to read this 17th volume, and even more so now that I heard 18th is on the way fairly soon. Keep it up with the good work.

    Also, I really hope some more either hot or really /ecchi+romantic scenes come up with Ise and Rias, they haven’t had much of “that” ever since they became a couple. Anyone got a clue bout why ?

    That’s… Pretty much it, thanks for doing this man, we really appreciate it!

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