Volume 16 Done and Volume 17 coming out in few weeks…

Volume 16 is done. I will go through them again to fix and edit the errors I made (To be added to B-T once the edits are done).

Volume 17 is coming out in few weeks but the preview hasn’t come out yet. I will put the preview once it comes out.

I also need to finish several short stories that needs to be completed…

Edit: The preivew came out 8 hours this post so I will add it here.
――She is a real genius.

――To the extent that she’s too good for all of you.

――For that reason, we, the Qlippoth, will have her.

High school D×D 17

……If I were ever to be used by them……, will you please kill me if that time comes, Ise-kun?

Rossweisse’s grandmother is a famous magic user.――Rias Gremory

For Rosweisse, her grandmother who is a former Valkyrie is her big aim as well as an obstacle.

Then we will begin the pact!――Ravel Phoenix

Hyoudou Issei and Le Fay Pendragon moves on to the official pact.

Now then, let us head to the school Sona-kaichou built.――Himejima Akeno

The Occult Research Club all heads to the school built in the Underworld!

……I won’t let you drain my life for free, Demonic Emperor Sword Gram. I will definitely master you!――Kiba Yuuto.

In order to master the Dragon-Slayer Gra—you would need resolution.

……Kiba-kun, please don’t push yourself……――Shinra Tsubaki

Will her words reach the Holy-Demon Knight……?

Alright, the result of my test is good. With this I have come closer to my target. ―Xenovia

Her aim that she confessed is something that shocks the ORC memebers.

I have to summon……Fafnir-san during the experience learning!?――Asia Argento

What the innocent children witnessed is――the Pantsu Dragon King

《Are you telling me the same relic wielder is trying to misuse the Holy Grail……! 》――Gasper Balor

His stubborn feeling of wanting to save his saviour pushes the beast of darkness to act.

If it’s Shirone’s current jutsu, then I’m sure it will work on the Evil Dragons――Kuroka

Her training she went through with her sister makes her evolve further.

Are they really trying to revive the Trihexa……!?――Azazel

Yes, for that reason, they need “her”.

I have levelled up as an Angel!――Shidou Irina

The self-proclaiming Angel got closer to a real Angel once again……or has she?

The truth behind the Juggernaut Overdrive huh. I feel it’s something very close, yet far away. ―Vali Lucifer

In order to defeat his grandfather who he despises, the power the current Hakuryuukou seeks for increases even further.

It should be okay to have a understanding with O-pantie――Gigantis Dragon Fafnir

The Opantie Time after school――

Peace sure is the best.――Le Fay Pendragon

By joining the 『D×D』, she is able to have a peaceful life at the Hyoudou residence.

Now, I can’t do anything about the Victims Club…… The influence of Hyoudou Issei is great.――Hakuryuukou Albion.

……Seems like I must talk to the Victims Club directly. ――Sekiryuutei Ddraig

The desperate convincing of the Two Heavenly Dragons towards the “Sekiryuutei’s Victims Club” begins――.

Rossweisse-san, can I please have you become the teacher of this school?――Sona Sitri

Even though that offer is something thankful, it’s not something she can answer so easily.

Rossweisse, please come with me. ――Euclid Lucifugus

An unexpected recruitment troubles her.

My brother  Euclid, my other brother is strong. ――Sirzechs Lucifer

I know that, brother. For that reason I am going to fight him.

……I won’t let you go to that school!――Toujou Koneko

The dream her precious comrade built――、it has a value of risking your life.

Guhahahaha! So you must be the next heir of the Great-King who fights with his body!――Grendel

Evil Dragon Grendel, I confirm you as an enemy of the Underworld!――Sairaorg Bael

What happens there is a fight against between enormous power and power where there is not a single magic and techniques――.

……I can’t become “Hyoudou Issei”. But, I……!――Saji Genshirou

Will the boy be able to discard his concern?

Uhyahyahyahyahyahya Uncha! The big plan to destroy things by grandpa Rizevim is going to S~T~A~R~T~――Rizevim Livan Lucifer
Hey, Oppai Dragon. If I also attend this school, will I also be able to become a “Hero”?――Lirenkus

Perish together with that school!Hyoudou Issei! I will use Rossweisse better than anyone can! –The Fake Sekiryuutei Euclid Lucifugus

……I won’t allow you to destroy the school the  children desired for. I will have Rossweisse-san back……! And you are the only one I can’t calm myself against unless I beat you up! ――The Crimson Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei

The final battle of the second semester which will be ending soon.

――That battle became the beginning of the fierce war between 『D×D』 and 『Qlippoth』.

60 thoughts on “Volume 16 Done and Volume 17 coming out in few weeks…

  1. Thanks a lot for the translations zero .While i was skimming through the highschooldxd wikia gallery i found a pic named ” A Bath for Two”, i don’t think it is from the anime series . So where is it from? is it fan made or part of the highschool dxd season 3?

  2. With the preview volume 17 feels like it will be very long. Volume 16 was cool but I hope it’s not completely serious this time around.

    Anyway Code Zero thanks for all the translations!!

    • I hope that Rossweisse will not be some sort of brainwashed in an instant. I really hate that sort of things. It’s one thing when someone goes to the other side or when someone is broken over few weeks+. It’s horrible when someone is brainwashed with a single spell, few hours or something like that.

      • oh yeah I really don’t want that. Well if they do some kind of brainwashing it better not be just one simple thing it better take some effort. But Hopefully they won’t go down the brainwashing route at all. It might be like what they tried to do with Asia. They tried to use her power without actual brainwashing before

      • I really doubt Ishibumi will have Rossweisse be brainwashed by Euclid, that’s not their style and it’s certainly not his either. It’ll be more of forcing her to use her powers against her will.

        That said, Volume 17’s preview deserves 2 words: EXTREMELY EPIC.

      • I’m worried because it is too common for my tastes in works from Japan.

        Bleach, Air Gear, Date A Live, Fairy Tail goes that path now, right now there is an anime about wizards where one organization apparently does it (knowing the “wizard” theme, pretty sure it’s a “super spell” kind). It’s also in games (Valkyria Chronicle for PSP is the first that comes to mind that I know of).

        It’s basically used whenever there is some sort of magical/weird technology theme and the author doesn’t have any idea for a cool and strong antagonist. Bam, he can brainwash overday. I hate this sort of stuff. It really doesn’t take any effort to write something about brainwashing. And why those brainwashing guys just never happen to brainwash the one guy that is out for their blood?! Keh.

        I’m fine with forced awakenings, rage-induced rampages and such are fine. I’m not exactly happy when something like that happens to the main charcters, but actually breaking someone with effort over long period of time is fine too. But it doesn’t seem to be one of those, from this preview. I hope I’m just overthinking it.

  3. Thanks Zero for your hard work, wow I didnt know the volume 17 was just around the corner better finish volume 16 but he still have a lot of time, take your time Zero, you´re the best xD

  4. So Rossweisse will be added to Issei’s harem then? …There’s too many. Issei will go impotent trying to keep all of them satisfied. And we’re not even taking into account Issei’s future peerage.

  5. Nice! Can’t wait for Vol. 16!

    And 17 sounds like it’s gonna be pretty epic.

    Again, thank you for translating this series!

    • since there is no editing i have to double-post.
      I just had probably the worst image of how this ends. probably not going to happen, but still.
      if Rizevim ends up making this whole ruckus to unite all the mythologies i’m gonna rage-quit.
      i’m aware that it has probably no chance at all (more like hope so), i just had to write that down, it was too much to bear alone.

  6. Zero-san, i extremely appreciate your work, and hope you keep on doing so in the near future~ 😀
    i just wanted to ask you…are you going to try to translate “Ore to Kanojo ga Gebokude Doreide Shujyuukeiyaku”? or is it just something that you would just read for fun?

  7. thank you so much i love this series but cant read shit in Japanese also do you if anyone is tranlating maburaho and Tenchi Muyo! GXP Shin Tenchi Muyo! Ryoki Gaiden also Samurai Girls also thank you so much for volume 16 and thank for the new vol 17

  8. I haven’t followed Zero for a Long time but just asking for those who have how long does it usually take to Translate a Volume of DxD I seen that V-14 took him exactly one month to do while 15 took 2 months ( Though he has Computer Problems) and Volume 16 took 3 however it was over the holiday season. so what i’m asking is does it usually take about a month like 14 or what? I’m not saying he should rush by no means I just want a feel for what to expect

    • well he does this in his spare time , so when its done its done lol ! im just happy that he is still willing to do the translations after doing 16 volumes . kudos Code Zero thank you for your hard work and your spare time.

  9. thanks for all the hard work! can’t wait till vol 17 is finished !
    finally the valkyrie gets added to issei’s harem ❤
    i also donated 10 usd to show my support! ^^

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