New Computer

Hi everyone.

I’ve received many messages from people asking me to upload my new computer so here it is.


Lots of people suggested that I should get a desktop instead of a laptop. Since I’m a noob at computers, I decided to follow everyones suggestion and advice to buy a laptop. So again, thanks to everyone who donated to help me buy my desktop. Looks like I have to translate DxD till the very end now.

Oh, and here’s photo of books I received this morning.


I’ll start the translation from 31st of October since I have to do all these things which is pain in the ass….. Seriously. October was the worth despite being my birthday. I lost half of my games due to moving to a new place, most of my GUNPLA broke because my friend put a heavy desk on top of the box with all my Gunpla inside, my cat got ran over by some fucktard ten days after we settled to a new home, and got fined 300 bucks for driving when the signal was red(Well, this was my fault)……

Anyway, DxD volume 16 was a good read. I mean the last three volume was…how should I put it? Anti-climatic? And two of them was a short story compilation. Its not on the photo, but I also had another LN called “Ore to Kanojo ga Gebokude Doreide Shujyuukeiyaku“. My mate got horny over the illustration and ran away with it(I hope he reads it quickly)….. Maybe I should write a LN review on few books I bought since some of them hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Anyway, see you next week!(I hope volume 16 would be available on the internet by then)

57 thoughts on “New Computer

  1. First Congrats on your new PC zero sama, and yeah the desktop is better that laptop in every aspect excluding the ease in mobility of the laptop.
    And the best part is you can always change a part if it malfunctions unlike the laptop which get ruined all together.
    And sorry hearing about your unlucky encounters, you can rest and resume working on DxD when you see fit, we’re in no hurry.

  2. Don’t Mind what people are writing on the Volume 16 Novel Illustrations page. Take your time and do what you will. Since you’re not getting paid for this… For the stupid people who read this (これらの日の周り申し訳ありませんがあまりにも多くの馬鹿). Donations do not count as getting paid there a thank you gift for Mr Zero’s hard work.

    – Retired Translator, B-T’s Roaming Editor. sirgoodguy

    PS: Woot volume 16 OMFG the story is moving OMG :L Anyway What you think about Miss Grimreaper? I have a feeling she will end up in Issei’s harem being a major fan and what not.

    • Yeah, the story finally progressed. Finally…. It feels like the story didn’t progress at all due to the last few volumes…
      About the new girls, Im sure they may take a liking to Ise, but I think the author wont be planning to expand the harem for a while. So maybe in the next story arc, it will be possible.

      • thanks for ur effort in bring this novel translated, even if its not my lenguage i really enjoy reading it in this blog 🙂 i can only hope to read this novel soon but i know that good things take a while so u dont need to rush for it also congratz for u new pc and im sorry about ur cat and :/ well anyway ill be waiting for u to translate this novel =D thanks for all and keep whit ur god work bro n_n

      • I can’t wait to read the rest of the story… But for Le Fay and Bennia its probably a given that they will join the Harem, even if its not “official” until later. Heck Le Fay’s brother has already given his approval after all. 🙂 The question is do they only join the harem or should they also join as Issei’s servents? I don’t know why but I like the idea of the both of them becoming his knights. Although I can’t remember if its ever been mentioned what Le Fay’s magic skills are? Such as Offensive attack spells, defensive, or support? I know V15 they say was specific types of magic classes, or brands, such as norse and fey, and others but has it ever been said how that magic is then used?She’s to help summon Fenrir and the “Gog(?)” golem thing but I don’t remember if it was ever mentioned how her magic is used besides that.

        Just wondering what others might speculate as to Issei’s future servents might be from the people/groups/factions mentioned so far in the stories?

        I like Le Fay and Bennia as knights, someone from the vampires as a rook (not gasper’s girl I’m not a fan of NTR), Asia and Ravel as bishops, and members of each of the original old Maou clans as pawns (I can’t help but think that’d be really interesting). That’s not a full set yet, but I still think that’s a pretty interesting mix for entertainment and fighting ability.

  3. Gratz on your new desktop Code zero!! Look nice.

    Sorry for your….. misfortune during this whole month. Didnt know some1 could get that unlucky…….

    Anyway whats that LN next to DxD? the 1 in the middle

  4. Nice… Congrats for your new PC… i’m will wait until you start translate vol 16 and post it in your blog…
    like the last one, i would like ask your permission to re-translate your work like SS-Go to Onsen to my country language since alot people really waiting this volume 16 of DxD as soon as you posting it in your blog 😀

  5. Good stuff you bought there. Congrats for your new pc.
    Do your thing on your own time, nobody is rushing you and would be cool for to make those reviews, there are a lot of LN that aren’t getting the love they deserve.

    • Thanks. Yeah. So much LN that hasnt been mentioned. I’ll simply do reviews on the ones that hasnt been translated and mentioned since doing a review on something people knows wouldnt be interesting to read.

  6. Congrats on your new computer!
    Thanks for all your hard work in translating DxD, we really appreciate it.
    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate events this month, but happy belated birthday and may better luck come your way!

  7. Huuray! Banzai! Congrats on your new PC. . .
    Umm… Can anyone tell me whats the Jap. title of this LN and its Eng. title too if its ok guys… I’m just a little curious about it…

  8. Sorry about everything that went down this month for you, congratulations on your new computer! When you’re ready to translate we’ll be here 🙂

  9. I’d like to know if you have this pic in HD. I used to have it but my HardDrive recently brooke and i lost everything.
    Please contact me if you do have it =) ^^

    By the way, thanks for your translations ^^

      • Yeah, you really should of asked us for more input on the computer buying, granted the specs on it are probably fine, since Dell has to have comparable specs to stay competitive in the market. I’m sure many that visit the blog know about computer buying or building computers. Though I have no idea where you live so options may or may not be limited.

      • Dell may not be the best brand, but it should do you fine. Personally I’d have gone with Gateway/HP/Acer, but it does depend on what kinds of brands are available to you.

      • Actually, Dell PC’s spec should be sufficient enough if the machine is not intended for heavy gaming. Plus, you can call them to fix your computer whenever you want. In my country, they will go to your home to pick up your computer that they can’t fix on the phone and replace them accordingly. So, please abuse your authority during your warranty period ( IIRC 3 years unless you pay extra to extend the period).

        In the end, thanks for your translations and happy belated birthday. XD

  10. Hi code-zero, i wanted to ask you something regarding these short stories.
    Dragon Magazine
    Short stories that will eventually be compiled into a volume.
    Abduction ERO!
    Oppai is the Sun!
    Chichiryuutei’s Pleasured Adventure
    The Student Council’s Decision
    Let’s Go For an Adventure!
    Love Song to the Reincarnated Angel
    Worship ☆Dragon-God Girl
    Precious of Asia
    The Ordinary Days of Sekiryuutei
    Nekomata☆Ninja Scroll

    Dragon Magazine Special
    Short stories that will never be compiled into a volume.
    Pawn’s Identity
    EROKOME(Erotic Comedy) Anthology
    Stop!! Yuuto-kun!
    Having a Mad Tea Party!

    Its stated here that all but the last 4 stories will be compiled in to a new vol, is that right? so we can expect another vol compiled of these short stories?.
    My other question is about the last 4 stories that will never be compiled in a volume, are you considering translating those?

    • Yeah, they would be compiled into a volume eventually hence the low priority for translating them. For the ones that wont be compiled, yes. I’m planning to translate them. After volume 16, I’m planning to do half of them by the end of this year as well as completing Thiiri volume 1.

  11. What is normally the length of time it takes you to translate each chapter? not asking when its done, just asking how long it normally takes you to translate a chapter. ^^ nice computer by the way.

  12. Ummm… That first book below is “Walkure Romanze” right?
    Just want to ask if that’s a Manga or LN version, it’s just that I don’t really know if it has an LN version…

  13. Hello

    I just want to say thanks for tranlate this novel. And two questions

    1. If you find the slash dog novel, you will translate this?

    2. There are many short histories. Is it have someone which argument be the underworld and some type of politic reform. Is the author announced some similar argument in a future arc?

  14. gratz on the desktop cant wait till i can read this finally not a short stories its like a filler for anime and manga sort stories would be cool once in awhile but not two in a row
    thanks for translating again your brilliant .
    o and do you think its worth learning kanji to read.
    probly only do this if some licenses it in english thanks.

  15. Finally a Volume about Gasper. This is long awaited. A Nice powerup for him and we can finally find out whats inside of him. Not to mention without going into spoilers How Isse will perform.

  16. Feel bad about your car man my mom got arrested once because she threw a scolding hotpot of coffee at someone who ran over our cats she was a from our neighborhood and was going 50 in a our small neighborhood. But Its good to have a cop as a best friend who testified on her behalf and got probation(first offense though) so take your time and mourn your cat trust me I know my cat got eaten alive before my eyes as a little kid by a bear. I was lucky to make it out alive. Just like the old nursery rhyme goes “If you go in the woods today you better not go very far because the teddy bears are having their picknick.”

  17. I really enjoy seeing the translate text of Highschool dxd. If you have free time, how about you translate a light novel called Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica? Or know anyone who is willing to translate it in English?

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