3 more weeks!

Roughly about 3 more weeks till Volume 16 is released. Here’s a new synopsis.

Hetare Vampire Gasper Vladi(Cross dressing boy) will show his manly side!

A coup d’état occurred in the Kingdom of Vampires and now I can’t get in contact with Rias!? We, the Occult Research Club, goes directly to Romania. In that land, Valerie who had been charmed by the Holy-Grail was waiting for us. Gasper who stood there astonished due to the change in his saviour.

“I……I want to save Valerie!”

A single person stood in front of us, the one who stood up to respond to Gasper’s desperate plead. His name is Rizevim—. Rizevim Livan Lucifer. And he is our true enemy.

The devilsh school love comedy battle fantasy. This time its more serious than usual!? –It can’t be.

Wow. Looks like we will have a pure blood Devil who happens to be a Lucifer appear!

Now, thats what I call awesome.


PS. The translation will start from end of October. I’ll try and do few short stories if I can.

Oh, and I got my new computer! Thanks to all of you who donated to help me purchase my new computer! I” update the the names of the people that contributed once again after wards. Thank you.


64 thoughts on “3 more weeks!

  1. Then you know Vali has to show up somewhere for a battle of the Lucifer clan. Rizevim is probably the one who killed Vali’s parents for diluting the blood of Lucifer. Can’t wait for anything you can put out, CZ. How about a pic of the new comp?

  2. YES YES YES!!
    Its just as i thought! The Guy who vali hates! the super devil Azazel talked about and the true villain is Vali’s Father, The one who abandoned him, the Guy who is son of real lucifer(if you don’t know; “vali is supposed to be true lucifer’s grandson”)
    Even though its not confirmed yet, its highly possible that my theory is correct!!

    • I think its Vali`s brother
      since Vali`s parents abadoned him because they were afraid of him, and I can`t see someone who is afraid of his own son has the caliber to become the new head of Khaos Brigade.

      • did you forget gasper’s parents abandoned him because 1st he was half human(just like vali) and 2nd they were afraid of him because of his scared gear and latent abilities (again, just like vali)
        and asia was also abandoned by her parents because they were afraid of twilight healing.
        then why is it any different for vali? devils who strongly regard things like bloodline and pureblood, specially those from original 4 maou’s time are old minded enough to kill their own child if it was a half human, is what i think

      • When you put it like that it makes sense, though I’m not so sure why Asia’s parents abandoned her…

  3. I want say this, and is aplicable to the vampires too. If all you saying is true

    In my opinion, everyone have the right to decide what is good or wrong (whetever for him/her or the world), but no child is guilty of the “incorrect actions” of their parents

    Who know if Vali and Gasper are really a monsters, but they are the result of the world’s selfishness. Anyone don’t have the right to criticize any action done for his survive and well-doing. I think the same for the people borned in this novel with “dangerous” sacred gears, the curch should remember that is result of the “God’s action”. According to his opinion, would be theGod’s will

    • true, unless thats affected by the fact that in this series God is dead just throwing it out there. But I agree with you

  4. Congrats on the new computer! Maybe post a picture sometime in the future? Lucifer as their true enemy… this will definitely be interesting. I can’t wait for Issei and co. getting serious, DxD is getting an even more badass plot! I wonder how many more story arcs the author has planned though, because I don’t want DxD to end anytime soon!

  5. In my opinion, this new enemy is probably a Vali’s cousin or uncle

    Respect to others coments I don’t want that DxD finish soon, but I would like that the author do a new arc, whose the demon world or government plan to realize big internal reforms (constitution, laws, ethics, etc), including restrictions for get new servants, implying to punish the devils that oblige the humans and/or others races to become in servants (or maybe threaten or blackmail for get that accept unconditionally)

    I know that sound a boring hipotetic arc, but if the devils really wish for the peace, they have to propound accept their errors

      • No

        I just say that the autor should work this theme in some future arc

        And maybe, just before to finish this history, someone offer to Ise and the others former humansthe oportunity to back be humans

        However, If this become smilar to other fantasy series, they should to pay a price, probably their memories

    • To your comment about Ise offered a chance to be human. I seriously doubt that would happen. Ise seems content having powers and 10,000 years to live and the ability to make a harem. But we all have our hopes for DXD. Also the devil government will probably reform throughout the arcs but just won’t get the spotlight. Unless Ise has to fight against corrupt devil government, that might be kinda cool actually.

      • I say that get the chance, no that happen

        I just say that though Ise is happy with his new life, sometimes there are devils that trick or force somehow to the humans to convert in servants, just for get slaves

        I know all the history about “devils are logical beings”, but if the devils really want get the peace, they must recognize their error

        Respect to how get this. I’m sure that Ajuka Belzebub can invent a method for obtain this. Even if not exist the method, It’s have anothe possibility: time control

        We’ve seen sacred gears that can stop the time (Gasper) and Cao Cao speak about a member that can accelerate the time. Probably It have another sacred gear that can “back the time”

  6. hey cant wait for the new translations and i was just wondering how much u edit whats being said and if u think its worth learning enough japenase to read and if so what one of there alphabets would i need to learn to read light novels o and is there any other light novels that a like hoghschool dxd you recomend reading i read seirei no blade dance as well sorry for asking so many questions thanks for translating again

  7. @Code Zero. It seems that Yen Press is gonna license High school DxD. Are you gonna continue translating until they told u to stop or just stop translating once they announced it? Either way im gonna be very very sad T.T

  8. Seriously, I tell you this volume will be the most epic volume in regards of its information revealed with 14th longinus, issei’s power-up, team dxd, vali’s ancestor and koneko’s grown-up version? (I tried to show as little spoiler as possible) -source from n0man from forums.animesuki.com- 🙂

  9. Just wondering but have you already gotten a copy of volume 16 yet? I know you will start translating at the end of the month, but just wondering if you already have it.

  10. so Gasper becomes more manly mentally, question is, does he still have feelings for issei? since its been pretty much confirmed he likes issei that way, just as kiba does too. So will his new mentality change his feelings for him or not?

  11. I am really anxious to read the next volume-especially considering I am playing a DnD campaign and grabbing some of the sacred gears from highschool dxd to add some spice to the madness- the information will definitely come in handy for the long run. Also, it would be sweet if he could force the other four pawn pieces to mutate for the divine dividing’s new power ups, with the queen adding a ninth state of combining both queens into a state surpassing any other…Would definitely be a sweet change-and a good use of a super charged body made of dragon flesh- Well Zero I am rooting for your success ^_^

  12. I know its not about the topic, and you don’t need to aprove my comment, if you like you can just send me an e-mail.
    But you didn’t traslated the novel 5, so I have one problem.
    The Rias’s mother… Her name its like Venerana or Venelana to you? Because we have the 2 in the internet. Can you tell me that? Thanks 😀

    • HI. Yes, I wasn’t the one who translated volume 5.
      For the spelling, you can use either. On B-T, volume 5 has it as Venerana . But I’m not saying that Venelana is wrong either. Its more of a preference since a name like that doesn’t exist after all. So there isn’t actually a “right spelling” for her name.

      • Yeah, I understand that and appreciate your answer, but when do you talk that name, you think its better with “L” or “R”? Because using the “google translator” (I know, I’m a noob) and you listen that, it’s like “R”. And we have guys with “Venerana” name at facebook, so what do you think?
        Again, I appreciate your answers and sorry about that trouble.

      • The reason for R is because in Japanese, they only have “R” after all. Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro……
        So it will be the context of the name itself, whether it’s Italian or whatever it might be…
        otherwise it’s pure preference….
        Correct me if wrong…

  13. Hey, Zero. I’m curious – where do you purchase your light novels? Amazon.jp? Someplace else? I was wondering because the Amazon.jp rates at least are comparatively expensive. So wondered, as you seem to purchase a lot of light novels.

    • Thought I will put my source as well, I got my set from honto.jp. For around 8 books, ~4900 yen for the books and ~1440 yen for delivery to Singapore. Since it’s economic SAL, it is around 2-3 weeks to reach my mailbox.
      The prices you see at the website include tax but after purchase, and if you are from overseas, it seems the tax is removed.
      Hope this helps… 🙂

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