New Computer

Hi everyone.

I’ve received many messages from people asking me to upload my new computer so here it is.


Lots of people suggested that I should get a desktop instead of a laptop. Since I’m a noob at computers, I decided to follow everyones suggestion and advice to buy a laptop. So again, thanks to everyone who donated to help me buy my desktop. Looks like I have to translate DxD till the very end now.

Oh, and here’s photo of books I received this morning.


I’ll start the translation from 31st of October since I have to do all these things which is pain in the ass….. Seriously. October was the worth despite being my birthday. I lost half of my games due to moving to a new place, most of my GUNPLA broke because my friend put a heavy desk on top of the box with all my Gunpla inside, my cat got ran over by some fucktard ten days after we settled to a new home, and got fined 300 bucks for driving when the signal was red(Well, this was my fault)……

Anyway, DxD volume 16 was a good read. I mean the last three volume was…how should I put it? Anti-climatic? And two of them was a short story compilation. Its not on the photo, but I also had another LN called “Ore to Kanojo ga Gebokude Doreide Shujyuukeiyaku“. My mate got horny over the illustration and ran away with it(I hope he reads it quickly)….. Maybe I should write a LN review on few books I bought since some of them hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Anyway, see you next week!(I hope volume 16 would be available on the internet by then)

3 more weeks!

Roughly about 3 more weeks till Volume 16 is released. Here’s a new synopsis.

Hetare Vampire Gasper Vladi(Cross dressing boy) will show his manly side!

A coup d’état occurred in the Kingdom of Vampires and now I can’t get in contact with Rias!? We, the Occult Research Club, goes directly to Romania. In that land, Valerie who had been charmed by the Holy-Grail was waiting for us. Gasper who stood there astonished due to the change in his saviour.

“I……I want to save Valerie!”

A single person stood in front of us, the one who stood up to respond to Gasper’s desperate plead. His name is Rizevim—. Rizevim Livan Lucifer. And he is our true enemy.

The devilsh school love comedy battle fantasy. This time its more serious than usual!? –It can’t be.

Wow. Looks like we will have a pure blood Devil who happens to be a Lucifer appear!

Now, thats what I call awesome.


PS. The translation will start from end of October. I’ll try and do few short stories if I can.

Oh, and I got my new computer! Thanks to all of you who donated to help me purchase my new computer! I” update the the names of the people that contributed once again after wards. Thank you.