Volume 16 Preview

Now here’s the preview of volume 16. I have to say this. Fuck! Finally we’re getting proper story instead of the annoying short stories. Seriously, having two recent volumes being a short story was fricken annoying. Oh God.

Anyway, here’s the preview.

――Rias Gremory-sama, what does that look like to you?


――That is something you can’t neither call it a human nor Vampire.


――It simply only has a form of one.



The Head of House of Vladi that spoke of Gasper……only carried fear in his expression. ――Rias Gremory



High school D×D 16

《All of you should be killed. I’ll even devour your souls.
――Gasper Vladi



If you can’t call him neither a Vampire or a human, then that means he’s a Devil. He is my servant.――Rias Gremory



You still don’t know Gasper’s curse.



I will unleash my power here for the sake of Gya-kun. ――Toujou Koneko



Can you still call him your friend after you that?



The school Sona-san will be building in the Underworld. It seems interesting. ―Rossweisse



She started believing that teaching is a job worth doing.



Oh my, Gasper. You sure got bigger. You know, they’re saying that I’m going to become the King of Tepes. ――Valerie Tepes



That girl also happened to be a unexpected thing for the Vampires.



You’re telling me Irina started researching for a way to make a child without falling……!?―Xenovia



That information was a very shocking news for her friend.



…………So this is the curse that the wielder of Gram receives……――Kiba Yuuto



That was something which had a very high risk for wielding――



I, am not so cheap where I will work for a single panty――Fafnir



He’s mostly likely asking for two—.



Guhahahahaha! It hasn’t been that long since we last met! Ddraig-chaaaan!――Grendel



The world of Vampires are getting tainted with fresh blood――



Fufufu, I’ll teach you about Japan, Xenovia!――Shidou Irina



She’s a girl raised in Japan who you still can’t come to trust.



The ill intent and the evil of that person will fall equally on everyone. To all of the Devils, the Angels, and the humans. ――Euclid Lucifugus



The existence of that person completely denied the existence of Ise.



Gasper-kun is part of our Gremory group after all.――Himejima Akeno



The negotiation with the House of Vladi proceeds to the final stage.



Sob, Opanty-time will began noooow!――Asia Argento



She starts to move on as the user of the legendary Dragon.



Please take two of my two new servants to the scene.――Sona Sitri



The combo of the Sitri’s new servants that was unknown shows their power.



There’s no way you can come to understand my pain! I’ll never forgive you!――Sekiryuutei Ddraig



Of course there’s no way anyone can understand a Dragon who is suffering due to breasts.―



I understand. Let’s go with that regarding your magician.――Ravel Phoenix



She finally approved.



I’ll take you to where Grayfia-san is! ――Hyoudou Issei



The Sekiryuutei challenges that man to prove the innocence of the one who will become his sister in law.

Why did you show up in a time like this……!?――Former Governor of Grigori, Azazel



It was someone that definitely shouldn’t have appeared ――



Ah, I really wanted to see you…… Now I can finally kill you……!!――Vali Lucifer



The only person Hakuryuukou holds a grudge against――



Now then, I’ll be declaring my return the battlefield right here then.――First Generation Sun Wukong



The evil deeds they do finally makes the legend take his action――



HAHAHA! Holy Grail and the Holy Cross! Then what will happen if I bring the Holy Spear in there?――Sakra



The Holy Relics of the Longinus that appeared in this era was all tainted with darkness――.



Ise, Evil Dragons are persistent and tough. ――Dragon-God of Infinity, Ophis.



Even the Dragon-God understood well enough of their brutality.



The thing that was taken place in the shunned world was an evil deeds――



What will begin from the shunned world will be the feast started by the ominous group.



And what is released from the shunned world――is something that shouldn’t had been awaken―




High School DxD 16



Coming out an 19th of October.



The『D×D』is starting to begin from there――

68 thoughts on “Volume 16 Preview

  1. i am getting overloaded by excitement. can’t wait for vol15 release and now 16 is comming out. love your work. thanks for keeping a DXD fan alive in this life. you rocks . keep up your great work.

  2. Thanks Code-Zero-sama for this preview i’ looking foward to see your tranlations. Is only my guess but i think this is going to become to be the best volume so far i just hope this isn’t going to become the last arc because what ishibumi said last time about last arc i really want to read about rias and everyone else fist official RG and how is going to end the harem.

    • forgot to add

      so “DxD” starts here huh?
      my guess is that vali died near the end of this arc (which i strongly hope that im wrong) and albion next host turns out to be ise surprising every1. Ise then combine both boosted gear and divine dividing into a single sacred gear or atleast combine both sacred gear into a single balance breaker making every1 calls him “Dragon of Dragon”

      • yeah that would be epic, but…..vali dying is something nearly impossible, ise will try to help him no doubt even if he’s his enemy, though a fusion between ise and vali at both of them at dying stage might be fun

      • Vali dying certainly would be a nice turn of event. None of the main characters died yet. Actually not even a single character in Ise’s side died. I dont count Ise and Asia’s death since they got revives right away.
        So yeah. Vali dying certainly would be a nice twist.

      • btw the one valli hates is the ”true Lucifer” his father right? i mean he abandont him because he was afraid of him and callt him a monster or is there someone other that he hates?

      • yeah that will be really awesome but i think ishibumi will not kill vali or at the very least he’ll give a “restraint” like Issei and his lifespan and of course everybody are waiting the battle “Harem King Issei and his True Queen vs Emperor Vali and Juggearnut Drive ” (that’s at least what i hope) but it makes more sense something like a Great Evil Dragon viewing how now the Evil Dragons are reviving, maybe some plot like: “After Ophis left the dimension Great Red took his/her place there but a devil dragon in equal power as him decide to fight him but failed.” That will explain why it says “And what is released from the shunned world――is something that shouldn’t had been awaken” plus the “The DxD starts from here” but maybe it isn’t like that and the truth it is Great Red’s Dad!!!

      • No man, This story won’t be named DxD for Great Red, This is Story of Hyoudou Issei, he might become the dragon of dragon in the end but remember this,….this will always be a story of Hyoudou Issei!!

  3. Thanks for the preview… and at the same time you earned a bit of my enmity for it ’cause now I’m even more impatient for Volume 16 to come out. 😛

    On a different note, I forget when exactly but a while ago I discovered that your translation of the name of the Balance-Breaker of True Longinus “Polar Night Longinus Chakra Valdine” is most likely wrong. It should be “Polar Night Longinus Chakravartin” (see the wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakravartin). It explains where both the “Seven Treasures” (bottom of Jainism section) and Azazel’s comment after Cao Cao first reveals it in Volume 11, “From the name of it, are you implying that you are the ideal ruler!?” (first paragraph of article), come from.
    I figure it is best to tell you, both so you can make the changes to your blog and so that you could “officially” change the name on Baka-Tsuki project page (much like the change from “House of Phenex” to “House of Phoenix”). I’m willing to go find and edit all the actual appearances on Baka-Tsuki, but I’m afraid this change is more likely to be reverted without your support.

    • Hi.
      Well, volume 4, volume 5, and volume 9 are the only ones I didnt translate. They were done by 3 other translators.
      Volume 4 was done by Akuma and Eternal Dreamer.
      Volume 5 was also done by Eternal Dreamer.
      Volume 9 was done by Zzhk.
      I didnt include those translation here because it isn’t my translation.
      Hopes that helps:D

      • Oh… Yeah, that really helps 😀
        Thanks for you comment, but I have one more question to you (sorry).

        I’m doing a translation to my home language using your translation (don’t worry, I gonna put credits to you :P), but I have just one trouble with all.

        “My nose starts to burst blood like a waterfall with Buchou’s sweet sound! I’m going to die from blood loss! But no matter how many times I touch Buchou’s oppai, I never get bored of it! Her smooth skin which is like silk and is elastic is so soft that it can bounce and bounce!”

        In my home language, an elastic skin doesn’t make sense… You can give me a better example about that? If you don’t care, of course.

  4. Can’t wait for Volume 16! LOL @ Fafnir, Irina and Issei might get somewhere if she figures out how to have a child without falling, and YAY FOR A FULL VOLUME OF BADASS STORY PLOT!!! The short stories were good but now we’re back from the V12 excitement break with more awesome storyline! Volume 16 looks like it’ll be one of the best volumes yet – looking forward to it!

  5. so I was searching for worst possible demons and found this, gives a better idea about gasper’s sacred gear
    4 . Balor – the Celtic demon king
    Balor is the demonic God of Death in Celtic
    Sporting one eye and a single gigantic leg , the
    evil creature was King of the Fomori, demons
    who lived in the dark depths of lakes and seas.
    Balor can kill someone just by staring at them
    with his evil eye , so he kept it closed most of
    the time , so as not to constantly be tripping
    over dead bodies .
    The God of Death would provide his Fomori
    with victims, but the evil race was left to their
    own devices when Balor was killed by his son
    Lug, who shot him with a slingshot.
    Now the Fomori have returned to their waters
    and transformed into sea monsters who prey on

  6. Code zero sama. How much more volumes can DXD go from now? I love this series ( actually my most favorite) ,so I don’t want it to end now. So what could you think from the current story and fan service and media , how much more volumes can ichiei – sensei could possibly release in future?

    • Actually, it would be from the Lesser Key of Solomon… But, anyway, all those demons have numerous variations on their names and going by the originally Japanese text, the chosen forms for the names came out like that. “Phoenix” and “Phenex” are translated differently.

      • Uh, no. The Ars Goetia and the Lesser Key of Solomon are basically the same thing. Moreover, Phoenix and Phenex are both フェニックス (fenikkusu) in Japanese, so I’m not sure what drugs you’re on. I think “Phenex” would be a better translation as well. Since it’s the surname (and thus a house of demons), although yes, both ‘phoenix’ and ‘Phenex’ are the same in Japanese, as a surname, ‘Phenex’ makes more sense.


  7. Do you think your going to translate some more short stories of Dxd or the other series you started translating until Volume 16?

  8. These teasers are very teasing. I hope Yuuto’s backstory gets done soon to fully enjoy 16th once it comes out (and you translate it, we both know you’ll do it).

  9. Thanks for translate this novel

    I woluld like ask if you have any intention to translate short histories again (I’m specially interested in the chapter whose appear poseidon)?

    Can I do a question (probaly spoiler)? I have enough with yes or not

    I the lasts novels, the narrator (or Issei, I’m not sure) talk abou sometimes the devils turn humans into servants against their will or lied them. All for his own egoist ambitions.

    We have also seen in Rias case that Issei, Asia and Yuto (and surely Gasper too) that no seem necesary his consent for the rebirth (just put the piece and begin)

    It don’t coment in any short history about that this activity is illegal (or propound the possibility to compensate them or turn back to humans)?

    • Well the whole being brought back against their will doesn’t really apply to Ise, Asia, and Yuto to a certain degree.

      When in comes to Ise, he was bleeding out on a sidewalk about to die, then somehow his wish went to Rias to save him. Now since he was brought back to life as a devil he is excited since he can make a harem.

      Now with Asia. Her wish was to have friends and to be around Ise. In the end Reynare ended up killing her. So again she was brought back to life ‘against her will’, but now she can spend all eternity with Ise.

      Finally there is Yuto. Since the short story for him isn’t translated yet not much to say. But he was just about to die, lying in the snow outside of the church after running away from the experiments with the ‘Holy Sword Project’ (I think that’s what it was called). Rias brought him back to life and now he is able to enact his revenge on those people.

      I reality yes, all 3 of them were reincarnated without their permission. But didn’t they all end up with the best side of the bargain? I mean hell, if I was on the verge of death and was offered immortality and the chance to make all my dreams come true I would take it. Wouldn’t you?

      • But is a fact (explained in the volume 10 for Azazel) that sometimes there are humans transformed against his will. This is one of the reasons for the “underworld crisis”.

        In my opinion, it shouls exist a law (or rule) whose let the unwilled contracs be cancelled and turn back to be humans (I’m sure that is posible). If It not exist, the devils are not differents of the heroes fraction and his brainwashed

        The people should think who are the true terrorists

      • Yea! To Code Zero

        Then yeah Irina I completely agree there should be laws and such, and I remember reading that. But all I was saying is that Rias didn’t really do it against their will.

      • konnorsan, maybe Rias isn’t a bad person, but dont change the fact that her initial intention was use these powers for her own profit

        I’m sure that Ajuka Belzebuub would can design a method to cancel the evil-piece power. For luck, the heaven can’t do the same tactic/method, because if the reincarned angel feel unstisfed and/or angry, s/he can transform a fallen angel. with his base theory of “pure heart” the serafhin need willing people

        Pd: I’m sorry If I’m not very clear. English is not my language

    • u do realize that they are devils right? DEVILS. Even rias said that they are beings that think logically and rationally. Why would they care what the servants think if they can bring profit. Its like being a CEO of a big company. They would do anything if it brings them profit regardless of the law. The reason rias (and a few other devils) treat their servant like family is because the gremory is a devil/household that has a lots of love ( said by rias)

      Concerning the law. Even if sirzechs or the 4 maou wants to make that law they can’t because even if they did make the law they would receive strong opposition from the High class devils

      • Don’t get me wrong. Personally I’m a very cold and logically person, and I understand (whether I like it or not) the actions of these devils

        I just say that If they choose this lifestyle, they don’t have the right to named terrorists and cruel to the hero fraction and his brainwash. Essencially is the same

        This is comparable to various religious and racial conflicts in our world. Sometimes is necesary(or think that is) use the brute force or some worse for a good reason. But is someone choose this method/tactic must to be concious that s/he won’t be different of terrorists

  10. Code Zero do you know anything about the short story “Records of the Breast Dragon Emperor’s Pleasure Trip”? I heard about it on DxD’s Wikia but it’s not in the list on Baka Tsuki.

  11. “Seriously, having two recent volumes being a short story was fricken annoying.” I agree, though I thought the visit from Rias’s nephew/ Ise’s familiar, and the explanation for how Akeno met Rias were actually good for helping out with the story line. But besides those yeah, I would have much preferred they just contine the story.

  12. Code Zero, I have a favor to ask, a very important one.
    This phrase here, I took it from ishibumi blog http://ishibumi.exblog.jp/21043431/ and I don’t want to make an assumption based on the translation from google translate, but is it true that that this phrase indicate that dxd new anime this season is gonna be the final season?

      • So it is a misunderstanding, just like what I had hoped for. Well, I cannot wait for the announcement for the next season though. This series has the potential to reach season 3 and more. And keep up the good work, really love your translation. And btw, I read yours first until volume 12 before I watched the 1st season dxd anime and I really do hope you continue it till the end. Of course as a fan, I will continue supporting you from behind. 🙂

      • I Read the light novels for the story and plot = Epic
        I hope ishibumi keep’s writing but he should really watch his health
        even so
        I watch the anime For Fan service and fights because there animated 😀
        I definitely think there’s going to be more season’s for sure 😀

      • You are right i don’t want to hear about Zero no Tsukaima accident again ( If you don’t know the autor died of cancer with 20 of 22 volumes released)

      • CammoEckert (@Cammo_Eckert__) i agree with u but a lot of my friend dont like dxd because the anime has too much fanservive which really makes me sad T.T Dxd is a really good LN with great story and plot but the anime has too much fanservice which makes ppl think its porn rather than an anime

  13. Why don’t you translate “psycome” as a spodatic project. It is a great series just started in this fan,3 vols released and received many awards . But unfortunately no one has pick itup due to lack of infinformation. I really wanna read that but waiting for some great person to pick it up. I also have the draws up to date for illustrations. Hope you find it good.

  14. When do you think you’ll start to do some more of the dragon magazine short stories? because i really enjoy those and there isn’t another person on the web that translates, as good as you, or translates this series at all really.

  15. You people are assuming Big Red might have something to do with (DXD Starting now) and I admit there’s a chance that he could, but did you guys forget that Ise is both infinite and dream now? No one knows what that means not even Azazel. DXD could probaly mean Ise has surpassed Ophis and Big Red( just assuming ), after all this is the first time that this has ever happend, and now Ise is a small true dragon who got his soul and body back by the help of Big Red and Ophis ( not to mention also Draig ) it technically means he has both Dream and Infinite powers mentioned by Azazel. It probaly means he has awakend to those powers. Yet again(dont hate) this is just my assumption. It all comes back to the writer anyway. The only thing to do right now is wait and be patient for the release of the new volume. Also dont forget about Ophis who had her powers stolen. DXD starting now could also mean the creation of a new Ophis. Last time as well dont hate appreciate.

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