Volume 16 Preview

Now here’s the preview of volume 16. I have to say this. Fuck! Finally we’re getting proper story instead of the annoying short stories. Seriously, having two recent volumes being a short story was fricken annoying. Oh God.

Anyway, here’s the preview.

――Rias Gremory-sama, what does that look like to you?


――That is something you can’t neither call it a human nor Vampire.


――It simply only has a form of one.



The Head of House of Vladi that spoke of Gasper……only carried fear in his expression. ――Rias Gremory



High school D×D 16

《All of you should be killed. I’ll even devour your souls.
――Gasper Vladi



If you can’t call him neither a Vampire or a human, then that means he’s a Devil. He is my servant.――Rias Gremory



You still don’t know Gasper’s curse.



I will unleash my power here for the sake of Gya-kun. ――Toujou Koneko



Can you still call him your friend after you that?



The school Sona-san will be building in the Underworld. It seems interesting. ―Rossweisse



She started believing that teaching is a job worth doing.



Oh my, Gasper. You sure got bigger. You know, they’re saying that I’m going to become the King of Tepes. ――Valerie Tepes



That girl also happened to be a unexpected thing for the Vampires.



You’re telling me Irina started researching for a way to make a child without falling……!?―Xenovia



That information was a very shocking news for her friend.



…………So this is the curse that the wielder of Gram receives……――Kiba Yuuto



That was something which had a very high risk for wielding――



I, am not so cheap where I will work for a single panty――Fafnir



He’s mostly likely asking for two—.



Guhahahahaha! It hasn’t been that long since we last met! Ddraig-chaaaan!――Grendel



The world of Vampires are getting tainted with fresh blood――



Fufufu, I’ll teach you about Japan, Xenovia!――Shidou Irina



She’s a girl raised in Japan who you still can’t come to trust.



The ill intent and the evil of that person will fall equally on everyone. To all of the Devils, the Angels, and the humans. ――Euclid Lucifugus



The existence of that person completely denied the existence of Ise.



Gasper-kun is part of our Gremory group after all.――Himejima Akeno



The negotiation with the House of Vladi proceeds to the final stage.



Sob, Opanty-time will began noooow!――Asia Argento



She starts to move on as the user of the legendary Dragon.



Please take two of my two new servants to the scene.――Sona Sitri



The combo of the Sitri’s new servants that was unknown shows their power.



There’s no way you can come to understand my pain! I’ll never forgive you!――Sekiryuutei Ddraig



Of course there’s no way anyone can understand a Dragon who is suffering due to breasts.―



I understand. Let’s go with that regarding your magician.――Ravel Phoenix



She finally approved.



I’ll take you to where Grayfia-san is! ――Hyoudou Issei



The Sekiryuutei challenges that man to prove the innocence of the one who will become his sister in law.

Why did you show up in a time like this……!?――Former Governor of Grigori, Azazel



It was someone that definitely shouldn’t have appeared ――



Ah, I really wanted to see you…… Now I can finally kill you……!!――Vali Lucifer



The only person Hakuryuukou holds a grudge against――



Now then, I’ll be declaring my return the battlefield right here then.――First Generation Sun Wukong



The evil deeds they do finally makes the legend take his action――



HAHAHA! Holy Grail and the Holy Cross! Then what will happen if I bring the Holy Spear in there?――Sakra



The Holy Relics of the Longinus that appeared in this era was all tainted with darkness――.



Ise, Evil Dragons are persistent and tough. ――Dragon-God of Infinity, Ophis.



Even the Dragon-God understood well enough of their brutality.



The thing that was taken place in the shunned world was an evil deeds――



What will begin from the shunned world will be the feast started by the ominous group.



And what is released from the shunned world――is something that shouldn’t had been awaken―




High School DxD 16



Coming out an 19th of October.



The『D×D』is starting to begin from there――