Almost Done

Like many of you know, most of volume 15 is done. I just have to complete Life.5 and Life.6.

The chapters with “Episode” in them are the main story which leads to volume 16. Those chapters were already completed last week.

The chapters with “Life” in them are the short stories. It takes place before the latest volumes.


I already did a story synopsis of volume 16 in animesuki. But I’ll also add it here.

“Ise and his gang that entered the country of Vampires. There, Valerie who Gasper is indebted was reigning as a Queen. However, she was clearly mind controlled by her brother and is in a dangerous situation. Gasper decided to save her, but……”


I also want to thank many of you that donated for my laptop. I’m almost reaching the goal. Thank you.


Special Thanks to the following donators:


















Roel D.S

Athanasios .S




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30 thoughts on “Almost Done

  1. Hi

    First of all I would like to really thank you for translating DxD for us. It must be very hard work. We are all very grateful to you.
    I wanted to ask you are you planing to translate volume 16 as well.
    Awaiting your updates.

    • Thank you for reading my translation as well.
      Yup. I will be doing volume 16 as well. Well, I came this far, so I’ll do the DxD translation till the very end.

      • Hey man first I just wanna say thanks for your efforts. But I wanna ask. Do I need to be part of the staff to edit/proof read your translations? Sorry it’s just sometimes there are parts of your translation where I go ” I think it would have been better if he had said this, making the sentence flow better”. It’s not that I think your translations suck or anything considering I always understand what’s going on in the story, but its always nice to add a little shine if you know what I mean :).

  2. Im new to High School DxD, i just started watching the anime last about 5 days ago, lol….
    I have already watched every episode and read all your LN translation because i was so into the story, thank you for your hardwork.
    How often do they realease a LN and then about how long does it take to be translated just curious… TY again for your hardwork!

    • I’m not so sure about LN releases but the translation speed varies depending on how many people are working on it and how efficient as well as comprehendable it is. As far as I know Zero is translating by himself, and I think it’s been.. I believe a little over half a year since he started working on volume 15? Though the slow pace was most likely to breaking down computer. But that is just an example of how long a single light novel would take approximately for Zero.

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for your hardwork, i’m surprise u can translating with that super laptop of yours πŸ˜€ u sure a nice guy
    #sory if my english really bad

  4. Mate you’ve been a life saver …. im serverily addicted to Highschool DxD and i check this site probably 3 times a day for updates.

    ill keep donating $5-$10 here and there (so hopefully you can get ya new computer soon enough. )
    Soo keep up the good work Code. πŸ˜€

  5. Hi Code zero. You are doing a great job with the translation. keep it up. I have request can you please change the theme of your blog back to the previous one or try a newone because the current theme has made it imposible to get to the translations in my android phablet. It would be great if you can do something about it. Thanks

      • Zero once vol.16 comes out i will probably check this blog alot Mate Due To my addition! πŸ˜€
        but really , truly great work man (i know it ain’t easy to translate :] unless youve been doing it for a while like you have Zero )
        Tho i’m guessing next chapter there’s gunna be another addition to isse’s harem ! I Can Feel It

      • It seems like all the important female will have some “moments” with him.
        We had him have a moment with his future sister-in-law.
        So maybe we might have a moment with his future mother-in-law:D?

  6. Thanks you for translating this awesome light novel and a think i found a typo in the Ophis’ bio on the main page. Heres the sentence,After losing to him, it was banished and has since tryed to find a way to win over and return. Shouldn’t it be tried instead of tryed.

  7. dra5ke sos
    yo code-zero sama thanx for the translation can’t wait for volume 16 looks really intense and i really dont want dxd to end so early it must go on. but i have a question that plaugin me big time WHY DID DRAIG THE HEAVENLY DRAGON choose Ise out of all the people who are way stringer than him

  8. Thank you so much !! Code-Zero san πŸ˜€
    You have done a so so so … great work !!!
    Finishing volume 15 is really woneful, although they are full of short stories πŸ™‚ But well, the most important thing that is you have translated it !! πŸ˜€
    And we are altogether looking forward to volume 16, perfect πŸ˜€
    Thank you so much again !

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