Half way done

Half way done with the translation of volume 15. Seriously, not having your own laptop sure is a pain.
So what does my laptop look like now? Check for yourself.


Hmm. Nothing is more dangerous than a noob(In this case myself) opening his laptop. I had to do it because the fan stopped and some smoke came out from the inside…….

I’m currently doing translation on my dad’s laptop and at uni. But it sure is scary since people might see the words such as “breasts” on the screen.

Im looking for a part-time job but still no luck. So I made a donation button since lots of people suggested I should.

So hopefully, I can save up enough to buy a laptop which can atleast play VN…(Cough…eroge…)…….

Donate Button

44 thoughts on “Half way done

  1. He has promised us to post pictures of him crossdressing if donation exceeds $500USD. For every additional $150 usd he will take off a piece of his crossdress attire.

  2. Well 20 bucks well spent, thanks for everything Code-Zero and hope you get that laptop. Also, that date with Rias better happen next issue.

  3. Only a tip for the next time you try something like dissembeling your Laptop:
    1. Inform Yourself beforehand.
    2. Take pictures of each step.
    3. Mark where you remove which screw type (thick, thin, long, short).
    3. Mark where you have to place back the screws after you are done.

    With the help of those steps i managed to dissemble my own laptop for now 3 times because the fan was broken.
    hope it will help you.

    (This has been written with the intent to provide a manual for future trys to dissembel and reessemble a laptop).

  4. emm… Code Zero-san… are you have a ORC aplication for scanning japanese light novel?
    i want to join with baka-tsuki for translate the novel…
    but i am so hopeless since i can’t find any free aplication for my windows 7…
    for indonesian like me, my japanese are truly bad…
    and for a highschool boy i have’nt much money to buy the full version application… (i’m so hopeless…)
    so are you have some hint for me? T_T

    • you want an orc then you should download smart ocr lite edition i downloaded mine for free i dont know if it still free though

  5. I would donate some bucks to you BUT, right now i have a debt of $3200 and im breaking my head thinking on how the hell i will pay that the next month lol, maybe i should start selling my ass for whoever is crazy enough to pay me for it lol

  6. I made a paypal account just for this bro! thanks for all your hard work. For some reason i have to verify some stuff before i can add money to my account and donate to you but my 30 is on its way in a few days!

  7. Thank you Code-Zero for being an awesome translator! When PayPal is done verifying my account you’ll have $30 coming your way!

  8. Thanks for writing these I will donate as soon as I get payed giving you a bit o money just so you can do something for us that you r will to do for free is well worth it plus I love your writing style thanks so much

  9. From the look at the screen could have been your hard drive that finally gave out or just needed reseated. Having run into similar things in the past I know the feeling. If there is a desktop you maybe able to still salvage the hdd if there was anything special that wasn’t backed up to the server. You may be able to piggyback it on the desktop to access data that was vital for you. If I hadn’t paid this years tuition in advanced I would have been able to donate this month. Sorry but if its needed by next couple weeks I will donate. Though in retrospect it would be easier to just send one of my refurbished laptops that I fixed anyway that being said I will keep an eye out on here and see if its needed when I get paid again

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  11. I was wondering if you have ever thought of translating Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica by Tetsuto Uesu if you get some free time. I know a lot of people really enjoyed the anime and would probably like to read the LNs as well. And I also wanted to thank you for all of the translations you have already done.

  12. Dude, good luck with your laptop, I haven’t pass it because I have a computer but I know it’s a pain in the ass (experience with my father’s laptop). If I could make a donate I would but I am brazillian and it’s another country and coin. Keep going, I really like your translation in High School DxD light novels and hope to see volume 15 soon

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